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Minds various in their capacities, and, like different soils, susceptible of

various degrees of culture, 105—effects on education from incidental circum-

stances, 106—importance and power of early impressions, 107—the outlines

of character given by female teachers of common schools, 108—physical edu-

cation, 108—the common branches of instruction, 108—what children belong

to these instructers, 109–teachers must understand their characters and wants,

109—teachers reasonable in what they require, 109—should teach children to

think, reflect, discriminate, to express thoughts in their own words, 110-

books for reading and study adapted to the capacities of children, 111-they

should be early induced to exercise their own powers, 111—undue dependence

and timidity to be guarded against, 111-laudable curiosity encouraged, 112

-advance in studies should correspond to mental advancernent, 112—care in

selecting books for reading and study, 113—not the quantity, but how, read

and studied, that makes the scholar, 114-reading a very essential branch of

intellectual education, 114–care in first pronouncing the letters, in the right

position of the organs of speech, &c., 115—bad habits in reading difficult to

correct, and formed by bad teaching, 115—distinct pronunciation indispensa-

ble, and how secured, 115—uone qualified to teach without knowing the

proper use of accent, emphasis, modulation, pauses, &c., 116—reading de-

serves more attention than it receives, 117—moral instruction early given, 117

—the iinportance of the love and observance of truth, 118_children taught

falsehood, 119-should have no deceit, 119-parents, teachers and children

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The subject interesting to teachers, 145—they are called upon to do much
for the cause of civilization or intelectual action, 145-nations abounding in
riches and splendor deficient in civilization, 146—the same may be said of

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