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Dodd, Mead, 1923 - 229 páginas

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Página 26 - Quel beau chien!" cried the French people. "Ach! was ein Dog!" cried the Spanish. The Great Detective took the first prize. The fortune of the Countess was saved. Unfortunately, as the Great Detective had neglected to pay the dog tax, he was caught and destroyed by the dog-catchers. But that is, of course, quite outside of the present narrative, and is only mentioned as an odd fact of conclusion.
Página 89 - The lovers fell into one another's arms. The Earl's proud face relaxed. "God bless you," he said. The Countess and the guests came pouring out upon the lawn. The breaking day illuminated a scene of gay congratulations. Gertrude and Ronald were wed. Their happiness was complete. Need we say more? Yes, only this. The Earl was killed in the hunting-field a few days later.
Página 24 - Great Heaven!" The Countess of Dashleigh dashed into the room. Her face was wild. Her tiara was in disorder. Her pearls were dripping all over the place. She wrung her hands and moaned. "They have cut his tail," she gasped, "and taken all the hair off his back. What can I do? I am undone!" "Madame," said the Great Detective, calm as bronze, "do yourself up. I can save you yet.
Página 82 - Rasehellfrida would say, leaning her golden head in Gertrude's lap. Even the servants loved her. The head gardener would bring a bouquet of beautiful roses to her room before she was up, the second gardener a bunch of early cauliflowers, the third a spray of late asparagus, and even the tenth and eleventh a sprig of mangel-wurzel or an armful of hay. Her room was full of gardeners all the time, while at evening the aged butler, touched at the friendless girl's loneliness, would tap softly at her...
Página 10 - Ha!" said the Great Detective, his eye kindling, "is it such as to completely baffle the police of the entire continent?" "They are so completely baffled with it," said the secretary, "that they are lying collapsed in heaps; many of them have committed suicide.
Página 83 - What a dull morning," Gertrude had said. "Qud triste matin! Was fur ein allerverdamnter Tag!" "Beastly," Ronald had answered. "Beastly!!" The word rang in Gertrude's ears all day. After that they were constantly together. They played tennis and ping-pong in the day, and in the evening, in accordance with the stiff routine of the place, they sat down with the Earl and Countess to twenty-five-cent poker, and later still they sat together on the verandah and watched the moon sweeping in great circles...
Página 72 - ... clear sweet note of the rook, while deer, antelope and other quadrupeds strutted about the lawn so tame as to eat off the sun-'dial. In fact, the place was a regular menagerie. From the house downwards through the park stretched a beautiful broad avenue laid out by Henry VII. Lord Nosh stood upon the hearthrug of the library. Trained diplomat and statesman as he was, his stern aristocratic face was upside down with fury. "Boy," he said, "you shall marry this girl or I disinherit you.
Página 10 - Ha," said the detective, "it is you!" He laid aside his disguise. "Sir," said the young man in intense excitement, "a mystery has been committed!" "Ha!" said the Great Detective, his eye kindling, "is it such as to completely baffle the police of the entire continent?
Página 55 - Guido" — and bewhiles a deep sigh rent her breast. Sylph-like and ethereal in her beauty, she scarcely seemed to breathe. In fact she hardly did. Willowy and slender in form, she was as graceful as a meridian of longitude. Her body seemed almost too frail for motion, while her features were of a mould so delicate as to preclude all thought of intellectual operation. She was begirt with a flowing kirtle of deep blue, bebound with a belt bebuckled with a silvern clasp, while about her waist a stomacher...
Página 182 - Read, John, in this hour of affliction; it brings comfort." The farmer took from her hand the wellworn copy of Euclid's Elements, and laying aside his hat with reverence, he read aloud: "The angles at the base of an isoceles triangle are equal, and whosoever shall produce the sides, lo, the same also shall be equal each unto each.

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