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make me cold and remiss in the great and important work of my salvation. I have been guilty of manifold neglects and omissions of my duty towards thee, and have not served thee with that

purity of intention, with that sincerity of heart, with that fervency of spirit, with that zeal for thy glory, with that care and diligence, and constancy, that I ought.

Lord, if thou shouldest be extreme to mark what is done amiss; if thou shouldest call me to a strict account for my life past; how should I be able to stand in thy sight! If thou shouldest deal with me as I have deserved, I could expect nothing but the severities of tlry wrath and displeasure: but, O gracious Father, thou hast revealed thyself to the sons of men as a God merciful and gracious, forgiving the transgressions and iniquities of the repentant sinner : remember then, I beseech thee, thy tender mercies, which have been ever of old, and for the sake and merits of my blessed Saviour, forgive, I humbly pray thee, all the sinis and vanities, the follies and indis

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cretions of my life past. O! reserve not my sins to be punished in the day of thy wrath and displeasure, but blot them out of thy remembrance, that they may never rise up to my confusion here, nor to my condemnation here after.

Oh! enable me, by the assistance of thy grace, to reform whatever thou seest amiss in the teinper and disposition of my mind, or in any of the actions of my life; that I may love thee more, and serve thee better, and do thy will with greater care and diligence than I have yet done.

O Lord! keep up in my mind a lively sense of my duty towards thee, and of that great account, which I must one day give. Suffer me not, I beseech thee, to fall into a careless and unthinking state, nor to be unmindful of that one thing needful; the salvation of my immortal soul. Make me so sensible of those dreadful tlireatenings, which thou hast denounced against sinners, that whatever else I leave undone, I may make it


chief care and concern to secure an interest in thy fa

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And, O merciful Father, be thou pleased, of thy great goodness, so to assist my weak and feeble endeavours, that I may not be unsuccessful in a inatter of such vast concern.

Root out of my heart, O God, by the powerful efficacy of thy grace, all sinful and corrupt affections. Wean me from the vanities and pleasures of this world ; and give me a full conviction of the uncertainty and insufficiency of all things here below. 0! let me never seek for happiness in the enjoy. ments of this life; but grant that I may daily aspire after that eternal and unchangeable state of felicity hereafter, which thou hast reserved for thy faithful servants; to which, I beseech thee, of thy infiuite love and mercy, to bring me, through the merits, and for the sake, of thy dear Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Extend thy mercy, O God, to all mankind: in a more particular manner, I

pray thee to be gracious to these sinful nations to which I belong; to par. don our great and crying sins; to avert the judgments which we have most



justly deserved; and to put away from us the spirit of profaneness and infidelity, of malice and uncharitableness; that thou mayest delight to dwell amongst us, and be our God, and we thy people.

Bless and preserve our sovereign 'lord King George, and grant that all who are in authority under hiin may faithfully endeavour to promote thy glory, and the good and weltare of this church and nation.

Look with pity and compassion upon all thy afflicted servants; be a father to the fatherless; heal the sick; supply the wants of the poor and needly; and grant that whatsoever is wanting of outward comforts to any one, may be abundantly made up by the inward consolations of thy Holy Spirit.

Bless all my friends and relations, especially-; reward all who have done me good; forgive all who have done or wished me evil; and vouchsafe to every one of us, from the highest to the lowest, whatever in thy great wis. dom thou knowest to be neexiful both for our souls and bodies:

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And now, O'most merciful father, from an humble sense of thy great goodness, I adore and praise thy glorious name, for all the manifestations of thy love and kindness vonchsafed unto me.

I bless thee for my being; for my reason, and all the endowments and faculties of my soul and body; for my health, friends, food and raiment! and all the other comforts and conveniencies I enjoy; for thy cone tinual care and watchful providence over me, through the whole course of my life; and, particularly, for the preservation and protection of me the day past.

Give me grace, I beseech thee, to make a right improvement of all thy blessings, and be thou graciously pleased to take me, and all that belong to me, this night under the care and protection of thy fatherly providence. Give thy holy angels charge over us; and grant us such refreshment of soul and body as may enable us chearfully to go through the duties of that station wherein thou hast placed us. And when thou shalt be pleased to reinove

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