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man's self from the world, and coming “ to God; like leaving a clutter of busi. “ness, or breaking away from the mixt

company of people, offensive and dan

gerous, or at the best nauseously ceremo“ nious and vain, to solace himself with s one friend alone, who is particularly dear “to hiin. And the diligent performance “ of this duty leaves so sensible a satisfac. “tion behind it, gives such a different turn “ to the soul, and inspires such heavenly

dispositions, that the exercise of the tem. “ ple, and the retirements of the closet, “never go off without a grateful relish and “ powerful effect, except either too seldom,

or too negligently repeated.” And again, a little after, " The nearer we approach to “God our Saviour, by a spiritual Commu“nion in Prayers and Sacraments, and all * other Holy Ordinances, the better we « shall know him; and the better we know " him, the more we shall be sure to love. * him. And were that love entire, did he

« but reign in, and possess our hearts, with « out a rival, we should then feel the best " sense of that


verified to the utmost, “ in a spiritual regard, and in our own par“ ticular cases. That the Work of Righteouss ness is Peace, and the Effect of Righteousness, Quietness and Assurance for ever."

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To the account given of the Dean of Canter. bury in this Preface, it has been thought proper to add the Inscription upon his Monument,erected for him by his Widow in the Chancel of the Church of Lewisham, in Kent, where he lies buried.

In Memory
Of the very Revd. GEORGE STANHOPE, D.D.

38 Years Vicar of inis Place, and 26 of

the Neighbouring Church at DEPTFORD; Constituted Dean of CANTERBURY, A D. 1703; And thrice PRO LOCUTOR of the Lower House

of Conyocation.
Whose Piety was real and rational,

His Charity great and universal;
Fruitful in Acts of Mercy, and in all good Works:
His Learning was Elegant and Comprehensive,

His Conversation Polite and Delicate,
Grave without Preciseness, Facetious without Levity:
The good Christian, the solid Divine,

and the fine Gentleman,

in him were happily united ;
Who, though amply qualified for the Highest

Honours of his Sacred Function,
Yet was content with only deserving them.

In his Pastoral Office a Patiern to his people,
And to all who shall succeed him in the Care of them.

His Discourses from the Pulpit

Were equally pleasing and profitable;
A beautiful Intermixture of the clearest Reasoning

with the purest Diction,
Attended with all the Graces of a just ELOCUTION;
As his Works from the Press have spoke the Praises
Of his happy Genius, his Love of God and Men;

For which Generations to come

will bless his Memory. He was born March the 5th. He died March the 18th, 1723:

Aged 68 Years.

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MORNING Prayers, at first Rising 1 EJACULATIONS and PRAYERS proper to

be used when up and in our Closets



13 An Act of Confession

17 Prayer for Grace

25 Rules of Caution, or Helps to Obe

dience: called by some, The
Hedge of the Law

28 An Act of Faith

30 An Act of Intercession

37 An Act of Praise


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