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Remember, O Lord, our Christian Brethren that travel by sea or by land, or are in foreign countries, , that are in chains or imprisonment; that are in captivity or banishment, or in hard slavery.

Remember, O Lord, those that are sick, or diseased, and make haste to heal and deliver them.

Remember, O Lord, every Christian soul under affliction or calamity, and all who stand in need of thy divine mercy and help.

Remember also the conversion of them that be in error.

Remember all, O Lord, for good; have mercy upon all, O Lord; be reconciled to us all; settle the flocks of thy people in peace; remove all scandals ; make wars to cease; put

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a stop to the violence of heresies; heal the schisms of the Churches; and grant us thy peace and love, O God, our Saviour, and the hope of all the ends of the earth.

Remember, O Lord, to grant us temperate weather, moderate showers, pleasant dews, and plenty of the fruits of the earth;' and to bless the whole circle of the year with thy goodness; for the eyes of all hope in thee, and thou givest them food in due season; thou openest thine hand, and fillest every living creature with thy gracious bounty.

Remember, O Lord, all who bring forth fruit, and do good works in thy holy Churches, and who are mindful of the poor, the widows, orphans, strangers, and indigent per


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sons, and all who desire to be remembered in our prayers.

And grant that we may all find mercy and favour with all thy saints, who, from thie' beginning of the world, have pleased thee in their several generations, Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, Síartyrs, and every just Spirit made perfect in the faith of thy Christ, from righteous Abel even unto this day; do thou give them and us rest in the region of the living, in the bosoms of our holy Fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whence sorrow, grief, and lamentation are banished away, where the light of thy countenance visits and shines continually; and vouch. safe to bring them and us to the full enjoyment of thy heavenly king


dom: And dispose the end of our lives, O Lord, in peace, that they may be Christian, well pleasing to thee, and free from sin; that so, with that innumerable company, before the throne, we may sing praises evermore to thy glorious name, O Jesu, our Saviour, our Lord, and our God, in the unity of the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Hallelujah.


An Act of PRAISE.


LORY to thee, gracious and merciful God, who, when miserable man had, by transgressing thy Com. mandments; forfeited thy favour, and utterly lost himself; didst not disdain, nor forsake him, in this forlorn condition; but by many admirable methods, didst visit and pity him.

As a compassionate and tender Father, sustaining him with thy greatest and niost comfortable promise, that the seed of the woman should break the serpent's head: Opening a door of faith and of re


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