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[Then add,]

May the power of the Father govern and protect me! May the wisdom of the Son teach and enlighten me! May the influence of the Holy Ghost renew and quicken ine!

O Lord, I beseech thee, watch over my soul; strengthen and sustain my body; exalt and refine my appetites; compose my passions ; regulate my manners; bless my undertakings; fulfil my petitions ; suggest to me holy thoughts; pardon what is past; direct me in what is


present; prevent me in what is to come.

NOW unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly, above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us; unto him be glory in the Church, by Christ Jesus, throughout all ages, world without end. Amen


for the EVENING,

Having passed over the day, I "render hearty thanks to thee, my God, for thy good providence. The evening now draws on, make thou it comfortable.

But, as each day hath its evening, so likewise hath human life. Life's evening is old age; make thou this also comfortable.

O cast me not away in the time of age; neither forsake me when my strength faileth me.

Even to hoary hairs do thou carry me. Thou hast inade and last sustained me hitherto, continue still to support and w deliver me.

Abide with me, my Jesus, for the time is far spent; year the shadows of the evening are stretched out, and the day is declining upon


Let thy strength, now especially, be made perfect in my weakness : For, as the day, so life is near its end; a life wherein we scarcely live.

The night posts on apace; so doth that death, of which night is the image; a night, after which, in this world, we must expect nomorning

In constant remembrance, and due sense whereof, I earnestly en. treat thee, blessed Lord, to order such an end of this life for me, as may bę tệuly Christian; acceptable


to thee, perfectly void of sin, and shame, and, so far as thou seest fit, free froin extreme pain too. So gathering me to the remainder of thy elect, in peace and innocence, at thy own time, and after thy own way; only let it be free from guilt and from reproach.

LET me always be mindful, that the days of darkness are many : And let this thought excite me to finish my work with diligence, before that night overtake me, wherein no man can work.

Judgment moves also towards me; grant me, good Lord, a favourable issue at that most awful and important tribunal.

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