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rest of the Sabbath; to make this day of the Lord, a refreshment after labour, an interval of recruit to our feeble and wearied bodies; a merciful cessation to servants and beasts, our fellow-labourers; a constant return of thy solemn worship, by prayers and praises, by hearing thy word, and administration of thy sacraments in the publick assemblies of the Saints, and the house where thy honour dwelleth; and a figure and pledge of that better rest hereafter, which still remaineth to the people of God: O grant me so to use these days of rest, and of publick worship in this life; that I fail not of a part in thy eternal rest, and in the continual hymns of Angels and blessed Spirits in the life to come.


An Act of Confession,

Mencirui. and compassionate, long-suffering and patient Lord God, I have sinned, wretched man that I am, I have frequently and grievously sinned against thee; by trusting to vanity, by following deceit, and being occupied in ungodly works, with

them that practise wickedness. I come not now before thee to cover or extenuate my guilt by frivolous excuses; but, with full purpose to give thee glory, by an ingenuous and free confession, that I have many ways offended against thy holy laws. For thus, O Lord, F and

and thus have I done.—[Here you may be particular.] Oh! how have I provoked thy Majesty! And yet thou hast not dealt with me after my sins, nor rewarded me according to my iniquities. . . . . . And now, O Lord, what shall. I. say, or how shall I open my mouth? Behold me, without plea, without. excuse, speechless, and, self-condemned; for I, even. I, have destroyed myself. Unto thee, O Lord, belongeth righteousness, but unto me confusion of face, because thou art just in all that is come upon me: For. thou hast done right, but I have. done wickedly,


And now O Lord, what is my hope? Truly my hope is even, truly my hope is only in thee. - * O let the multitude of thy mercies triumph over the multitude of my sins. - Remember, I beseech thee, what thy servant is. I am thy creature: despise not then the work of thine own hands: I am thy image, made after thy likeoness; and hast thou made thine own image for nought? For nought, most certainly, if thou destroy that image; and what profit can there he in my destruction? They indeed that hate thee, will rejoice at it; but gratify not them with my destruction, neither let those that are E 2 thine thine enemies, as well as mine, triumph over me ungodlily. I am the price of thy Son Christ's blood, called a Christian after his name, a sheep of thy pasture; a son of the Covenant; look then upon the face of thine Anointed, look upon the blood of thy Covenant in him, behold the propitiation set forth for the sins of the whole world, and be merciful to me, a sinner, be merciful to me the chief, the most miserable, of sinners. For thy name's sake, O Lord, pardon my iniquity, for it is great, it is exceedingly, it is unspeakably, great. For that name's sake, besides which none other under Heaven is given unto men, whereby we must be saved; and for the - - sake

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