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About Sun-Rising.


THOU, who, very early in the morning, about the rising of the sun, wast pleased to leave thy empty tomb, and return again from the dead; raise me, I pray thee, to walk in newness of life, by such daily exercises of repentance and virtue, as inay keep me dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God, through thee, and save me.

Nine in the Morning.

O ,

THOU, who, at the third hour of the day, didst pour out from Heaven upon thy Apostles the miraculous gift of the Holy Ghost, take not away from us the comforts of that Spirit, but fill our hearts with the riches of his grace, and

save us.

thou, who, about this hour, didst, with invincible meekness and patience, stand before Pilate's bar, and suffer a robber and murderer to be released before, thee: grant us, in all our sufferings for the testimony of thy truth, and of a


good conseience, to consider and imitate thee, who didst endure such contradiction of sinners against thyself, and save us.

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Twelve at Noon.


THOL, who at the sixth hour of the sixth day of the week, 'didst nail the sins of the world with thy body to the cross, blot out the handwriting of our sins, which is against us, and take it out of the way, and

save ús.

O thou, who at the same hour of the day, didst let down a great sheet from Heaven, filled with all sorts of living creatures, figuring thereby to Peter thy universal Church; grant, that we sinners of the Gentiles, who have been received into that mystical sheet, may with it at length be taken up into Heaven, and save us.


One at Noon.

O Thou, who, at the seventh hour, didst command the fever to leave the Nobleman's son, allay all the distempered heats of our appetites and passions, and heal every sickness of our souls, and save us.



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