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Three after Noon.

Othou, who didst vouchsafe, about the ninth hour of the day, to taste death for the sins of every man, mortify in us our members which are upon the earth, even all things contrary to thy holy will, that we also may be crucified unto the world, and save us.

O thou, who, at this solemn time of prayer, didst magnify the power of thine Apostles, by the cure of the impotent man at the gate of the Temple; who didst also, at this hour, manifest thyself to Cornelius praying in his own house: hear us, O Lord, in this and every hour,


whether of public or of private prayer, and grant the desires and petitions of thy servants, as thou kniowest to be inost expedient for us; and save us.

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Four after Noon.


who about the tenth hour of the day, didst fill thy Apostls Andrew with joy, for having found the Messias : Discover thyself to us who seek thee; fill us with the same holy joy for finding thee; and admit us to come and abide with thee, the whole remainder of this day, and of our life, and save us.

Five after Noon.

O THOU, who didst not disdain, even at the eleventh hour, to send labourers into thy vineyard, and agree

with them for their hire, after, they had stood all the day idle: Be likewise gracious unto all that turn to thee, though they come late, though at the eleventh hour of life;, and give us all grace, to make up the time which we already have misspent or lost, and save us.

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Sir after ·Noon.

Orov, who at the hour of cating the Passover, didst institute the Sacrament of thy Supper, a holy and perpetual memorial of thy precious body and blood: Make us thankful and diligent partakers of the same; that we may eat and drink thereof, never to condemnation, but always to the obtaining remission of our sins, and all other benefits of thy passion, and save us.

O thou, who also wast, about this hour, taken down from the Cross, and laid into the Sepulchre, kill in us, we beseech thee, the body of

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