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ruptible things, with incorruptible; their temporal, with eternal.

Shed thy grace upon all those pious souls, who devote themselves to thy service, by a life of austerity and abstinence, by voluntary virginity, strict purity, or severe mortification ; and on those also, who use the world, as not abusing it, by a discreet and moderate enjoyment of the most lawful pleasures, under the constant direction and restraint of religion, and godly fear.

Think upon every Christian lae bouring under any sort of affliction, distress, pain, or grief; and standing in need of thy pity and assistance : All our poor brethren in captivity, in chains, in bitter and barbarous slavery; grant to the exiled, a safe


I was shapen, and the sin wherein my mother conceived me:

In his sufferings, I thankfully contemplate the bitter things which I deserved, but he condescended, in my stead, actually to undergo :

In his Cross, the curse of the law abolished: By his Dying, the sting of death taken out: in his Grave, the corruption of mortal bodies buried: in his Descent into Hell, the prevention of our perishing there:

In his Resurrection, I see the pledge of my own, and the first fruits of all them that slept:

In his Ascension, the necessity of his going to prepare a place for

US :

· His coming again I assuredly expect, for receiving to himself those that are his:

And his judging the world, at that great day of recompence, when every man shall be rewarded according to his works.

In the Holy Ghost, I believe a power from on high, by operations supernatural and invisible, but yet with efficacy undeniable, transforming and renewing the soul to holi.


In the Church, I consider a mystical body, composed of persons, called from all quarters of the world, and united by the distinguishing common band of a sound faith and holy conversation,

In the communion of Saints, who are the true members of this body, I promise to myself a right, and mutual participation, of Sacraments, and other means of grace, for conferring on me remission of sins, and justifying my most steadfast assurance of this body being raised, and my whole man translated to the life everlasting

For all these things, O Lord, I rely on thy truth and goodness. How excellent is thy mercy, which hath dealt so bountifully with us! Establish, I pray thee, my heart in thy word, that I may keep that good thing which I have heard of thee, concerning thy love, which is in Christ Jesus, and let me not be disappointed of this my hope.


FURTHERMORE, I intreat thee, O Lord, that thou wouldst remember every one for good.

Have mercy upon all, and be reconciled to all. Establish tranquillity among thy people every where; remove all things that offend; and make all wars to cease. Put to shame the innovations of heresy, and schism, and fill our hearts with thy peace, and thy love.

O God of our salvation, who art the coufidence of all the ends of the

earth, be mindful to crown the year . with thy goodness, and let thy clouds drop fatness : For upon thee do wait the eyes of all, and thou

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