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O THOU, who hast most solemnly declared, As I live, saith the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of a sinner; but would rather that he should turn from his wickedness, and live: turn ye, turn ye, from the evil of your ways, for why will ye die, o house of Israel ? Turn thou us, o good Lord, to thee, and so shall we be turned. Yea, turn us from all our iniquities, that they may not be our ruin.

I have sinned, I have committed iniquity, I have done wickedly and have rebelled; even by departing from thy Commandments, and thy Judgments.


and his cordition, his wants, and his desires.

Defend, O Lord, the place wherein I dwell, and this whole country, whereunto I belong, from pestilence and famine,, rom earthquakes and inundations, invasions from abroad, and civil wars it liome.

Close up the rents of schismatical and divided Christians; restrain the rage and cruelty of Infidels: diffuse into all heart; humanity and mutual charity; and so make us all meet to be pırtakers of the inheritance of the Saints in Light.

[blocks in formation]

THE glorious Majesy of the Lord our God be upon us : Prosper thou the work of our hands upon us: Yea, prosper thou ow' handy work.

Vithout me,

BE thou, O Lord, within me, to strengthen me.

to watch me: Over ne, to cover me: Under me, to hold me up: Before me, to lead me: Behind me, to . bring me back: Round about me, to keep off mine en mies on every side.


Will the Lord cast off for ever? And will he be no more entreated? Is his mercy clean gone, and doth his promise fail for evermore? Hath God forgotten to be gracious : And will he shut up his loving-kindness in displeasure! No, these distrusts are from my own infirmity: But I will remember the years of the right hand of the Most Highest. I will meditate also on thy truth and goodness : and comfort myself with thy mercies of old time.

[blocks in formation]


Early in the morning do I cry unto thee; for in thy Word is my trust.

O satisfy me with thy mercy, and that soon; so shall I rejoice, and be glad, all the days of my



LESSED art thou, O Lord, who didst, as on this day, command the waters to bring forth abundantly, the moving creature that hath life; the fish, and fowl, great whales, and winged birds; and didst bless them, and give them power to increase and multiply.


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