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Early in the morning do I cry unto thee; for in thy Word is my trust. O satisfy me with thy mercy, and that soon; so shall I rejoice, and be glad, all the days of my life.

Blessed art thou, O Lord, who didst, as on this day, command the waters to bring forth abundantly, the moving creature that hath life; the fish, and fowl, great whales, and winged birds; and didst bless them, and give them power to increase and multiply.


Blessed art thou, O Lord, who didst, as on this day, return to thy Father's throne.

Set up thyself, O God, above the Heavens: And thy glory above all the earth. And, by thy ascension, so draw us after thee, that we may henceforth set our affections on things above, not on things on the earth.

By that salutary and venerable Sacrament of thy most holy Body and most precious blood, which thou, on this day's evening, wert pleased to institute, have mercy upon us, and deliver us, good



An Act of Confession.

O Thou, who hast most solemnly declared, As I live, saith the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of a sinner; but would rather that he should turn from his wickedness, and live: turn ye, turn ye, from the evil of your ways, for why will ye die, O. house of Israel ? Turn thou us, O good Lord, to thee, and so shall we be turned. Yea, turn us from all our iniquities, that they may not be our ruin.

I have sinned, I have committed iniquity, I have done wickedly and have rebelled; even by departing from thy Commandments, and thy Judgments.


Unto thee, O Lord, belongeth righteousness, but unto us confusion of face, as at this day; because of our trespass, which we have trespassed. - O Lord, unto us belongs shame and reproach; to our Kings, to our Princes, and to our Fathers," because we have sinned against thee. O Lord, according to all thy righteousness, I beseech thee let thine anger, and thy fury, be turned away, and cause thy face to shine on me, thy sorrowful and penitent Creature. O my God, incline thine ear, and hear; open thine eyes, O Lord, and see my great affliction: O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive; O Lord, hearken, and do; defer not for for thy own sake, O my God: For thy servant is called by thy name. In many things we offend all: Lord, when thou bringest my sins to account, let mercy rejoice against judgment. If I say that I have no sin, I deceive myself, and the truth is not in me. But I will confess my many and grievous offences, that thou mayest be just aud faithful in forgiving my sins, and cleansing me from all unrighteousness, And, for this purpose, I have an advocate with thee, thy only begotten Son, Jesus Christ the righteous; O let him be an effectual propitiation for my sins, who is a sufficient propitiation for the sins of the whole world !


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