Redeeming Culture: The Other Side of the Coin

Xulon Press, 2008 - 184 páginas
In the last two decades, increasing openness towards Native people within the Church has become prevalent. Repentance and reconciliation between Non-Native and Native people was introduced in many Christian-conferences across North America. Many non-Native churches are becoming aware of the injustices of the past, concerning Native people, and are moved in their hearts towards them. They are endeavoring to make Native people feel welcome in their churches. They are beginning to recognize Native ministers/ministries and to realize the importance of their role within the Body of Christ. Objectives are weighed regarding how to reach the Native population with the Gospel of Christ. One of those objectives is to welcome traditions of Native culture within our churches. Although not all, numerous Christian organizations embrace this idea. Several non-Native ministries are confused about this matter. They welcome Native people and want to reach them with the love of Jesus, but are apprehensive with questionable elements of Native culture in general. By the same token, many Native ministers/ministries are deeply concerned when they see non-Native churches embrace those traditions. This book hopes to address this very issue and looks to answer the questions that many have regarding the redemption of Native culture through Christianity. This book is the result of my own spiritual journey and desire to communicate what I believe the Bible teaches about redemption and culture. It is my prayer that this book will also help you. Velma White is a Cree First Nations missionary who currently resides in Ft. Providence, Northwest Territories, Canada. She has achieved a Master's Degree in Theology. She ministers and travels to several Native villages across Northern and Western Canada with New Testament Outreach Ministries International. She is a worship leader and teaches at a Discipleship Training Bible School with N.T.O.M.I.

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