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This book, with some of its content taken from EW Bullinger, is all bollocks.
One example: an excerpt from the book: "In the Denderah Zodiac her name is Set, which means set, set up as a queen. In
Hebrew it is Sirra, the chained, and Persea, the stretched out."
Sirrah is actually Arabic for "navel" , Persea is a female form of Persea, as wife of Perseus. while Set, there;s no such thing as Denderah claim of Set which means "set up as a queen", what kind of translation is that. He lied to people by creating a mock "translation" so that he could connect the stars (science) with the prophecy he claimed he saw.
EW Bullinger is an ultradispensationalist theologian which tries to connect science (stars) with his "religion". False knowledge all over.

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