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ANALYSIS OF THE BIBLE. sect, 'very rigid in their ob

a reddish colour, approachservance of the mere cere ing a white.

monies of religion. Sardonyx, a precious stone Phylacteries, small boxes or resembling both the Sar

rolis of parchment,on which dius and the Onyx. were written certain words Scribes, writers and expoundof the law, those the Jews ers of the Mosaic Law. wore on their foreheads, Scrip, a small bag.

Shekel, its weight was about Piece of Silver, its value was half an ounce, value about about 57 cents,

50 cents. Pound, its value was 14 Dol- Stoicks, a sect who contended lars.

that all events were deterPublicans, Roman tax-gath mined by a fatal necessity. erers.

Talent, its weight was about Ruby, a precious stone of a red 114 lbs. and its value about

purple colour, very hard. 1517 dollars. Sadducees, Jewish infidels. Tetrarch, governor of a fourth Sapphire, a precious stone of part of a kingdom.

a beautiful pure blue, se Time, the Jews began their cond only to the diamond in day at sunset, the Romans

lustre, hardness and value, at midnight. Sardius or Sardine, a gem of Topaz, a yellow gem. ANALYSIS OF THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS.

Books in the Old Testament, 39.-Chapters, 929.- Verses, 23,214. Words, 592,439.-Letters, 2,728,100.- Books in the New Testament, 27.—Chapters, 260.--Verses, 7,959.-Words, 181,253.-Letters, 838,390.--The middle chapter and the least in the Bible, is Psalm cxvii.-The middle verse is the 8th of Psalm cxviii.-The word And occurs in the Old Testament 35,543 times.- The same in the New Testament also occurs 10,684 times. The word Jehovah occurs 6,855 times.-The middle book of the Old Testament is Proverbs.-- The middle chapter is Job, xxix.—The middle verse is 2d Chronicles, chapter xx. 17th verse.-The least verse is 1st of Chronicles, chapter i, and 1st verse.-- The middle book in the New Testament is ad Thessalonians. The middle chapters are Romans xiii. and xiv.-The middle verse is Acts xvi. 17th. - The least verse is in John xi. 35.- The 21st verse, chapter vii. of Ezra has all the letters of the alphabet. The sixth ch. of 2d Kings and xxxvii. ch. of Isaiah are alike,

Two chapters in the Old Testament, and one in the New Testament, read each week-day, with six chapters in the Old Testament, and four chapters in the New Testament, read each sabbath, will give an annual perusal of the Old

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HARMONY OF THE s. The Genealogies of at Bethlehem. Matt. ii. 16Christ. Matt. i. 1. Luke iii. 18. v. E. N. 37, 38. 23, to the end. Matt. i. 2-17. S. Joseph returns from V. E. N. 22-24.

Egypt. Matt. ii. 19.23. s. The angels appear to Luke. ii. 40. Bef. 3. the Shepherds. Luke ii. 8- N. 39-41. 20. Bef.

V. E. 5. N. S. History of Christ at the 25.

age of twelve years. Luke S. The Circumcision. Luke ij. 41-52. 7. N. 42. ii. 21. N. 26.

S. Commencement of the S. The Purification-Pre- Ministry of John the Baptist. sentation of Christ in the Matt. iii. 1-12. Mark i. 2-8 Temple, where he is ac- Luke iii. 1-18. – N. 43-47. knowledged by Simeon and S. The Baptism of Christ. Anna. Luke ii. 22-39. Matt. iii. 13, to the end. N: 27-28.

Mark i. 9-11. Luke iii. 21S. Offering of the Magi. 22, and part of 23. 26. V. E. Matt. ii. 1-12. N. 29- 26. N. 48 50. 34.

s. The Temptation of S. The Flight into Egypt. Christ. Matt. iv. 1-11. Mark Matt. ii. 13-15. - N. 35, 36. i. 12, 13. Luke iv. 1-13.

S. Slaughter of the children. N. 51-54.




S. Further testimony of s. The Buyers and Sellers John the Baptist. John i. 19-driven from the Temple. 34.v. E. 26. N.1-6.

John ii. 13,10 the end. - N.14. S. Christ obtains his first S. Conversation of Christ Disciples from John. John i. with Nicodemus. John iii. 35-41. N. 7-9.

1-21. N. 15. S. Marriage at Cana in S. John's last Testimony Galilee. John ii. 1-11. V. E. to Christ. John iii. 22, to 27. N. 10-12.

the end. N. 16. S. Christ goes down to S. Imprisonment of John Capernaum, and continues the Baptist. Matt. xiv. 3-5, there some short time. John Mark vi. 17-20 Luke iii. 19.

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