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several times, and then set her up again; then he got up, and away they went till they come to a stately house, into which he had her, and so into a chamber where the young lady was in her pains. He then bid the midwife do her office, and she demanded help; but he drew out his sword, and told her, if she did not make speed to do her office without, she must look for nothing but death. Well, to be short, this old midwife laid the young lady, and a fine sweet babe she had. Now there was made in a room hard by, a very great fire: So the gentlemen took up the babe, went and drew the coals from the stock, cast the child in, and covered it up, and there was an end of that. So when tne midwife had done her work, he paid her well for her pains, but shut her up in a dark room all day, and when night came, took her behind him again, and carried her away, till she came almost at home; then he turned her round and round, as he did before, and had her to her house, set her down, bid her farewell, and away he went; and she could never tell who it was.

This story the midwife's son, who was a minister, told me; and also protested that his mother told it him for a truth.

Atten. Murder doth often follow indeed, as that which is the fruit of this sin: But sometimes God brings even these adulterers and adulteresses to shameful ends. I heard ot one, (I think a doctor ot physic), and his wnore, who had three or four bastards betwixt them,

and had murdered them all, but

-e at last themselves were hanged

for it, in or near Colchester. It

came out after this manner: The whore was

so afflicted in her conscience about it, that

she could not be quiet until she had made it

known. Thus God many times makes the

actors of wickedness their own accusers, and

brings them by their own tongues to condign

punishment for their own sins.

Wise. There have been many such instances; but we will let that pass. 1 was 'once in the presence of a woman, a married woman, that lay sick of the sickness whereof she died; and being smitten in her conscience for the sin of uncleanness, which she had often committed with other men, I heard her (as she lay upon her "+ bed) cry out thus : I am a whore, and all my children are bastards; and I must go to hell for my sin : and lcok, there stands the devil at my bed's feet to receive my soul when I die.

Alten. These are sad stories, tell no more of them now, but if you please shew me yet some other of the evil effects of this beastly sin.

Wise. This sin is such a snare to the soul, that unless a miracle of grace prevents, it unavoidably perishes in the inchanting and bewitching pleasures of it. This is manifest by these and such-like texts.

"The adulteress will hunt for the precious life. Whoso commiteth adultery with a woman, lacketh understanding; and he that doth it, destroyeth his own soul. An whore is a deep ditch, and a strange woman is a narrow pit. Her house inclines to death,, and her paths unto the dead. None that go in unto her return again, neither take they hold of the path of life. She hath cast down many wounded; yea many strong men have been slain by her: Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death."

Atteu. These are dreadful sayings, and do shew the dreadful state of those that are guilty of this sin.

Wise. Verily so they do. But yet that which makes the whole more dreadful, is that men are given up to this sin, because they are abhorred of God; and because abhorred, therefore they shall fall into the commission of it, and shall live there: "The mouth (that is, the flatt'ring lips) of a strange woman is a deep pit, the abhorred of the Lord shall fall therein." Therefore it saith again of such, that they "have none inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God." Atten. Put all together and it is a dreadful thing to live and die in this transgression. Wise. True: But suppose, that instead of all these judgments, this sin had attending of it all the felicities of this life, and no bitterness, shame, or disgrace, mixed with it, yet one hour in hell will spoil all. O; this hell* hell-fire, damnation in hell, it is such an inconceivable punishment, that were it but thoroughly believed, it would nip this sin, with others, in the head. But here is the mischief, those that give up themselves to these things, do so harden themselves in unbelief and Atheism about these things, the "punishments that God hath threatened to inflict upon the committers of them, that at last they arive to, almost, an absolute and firm belief that there is no judgment to come hereafter, else they would not, they could not, no not attempt to commit this sin, by such abominable language as some do.

I heard of one that should say to his Miss, when he tempted her to the committing of this sin, if thou wilt venture H- thy body, I will venture my

Desperate soul. And I myself heard as words. nother say, when he was temp

ting of a maid to commit uncleanness with him, (it was in Oliver's days), That if she did prove with child, he would tell her bow she might escape punishment, (and that was then somewhat severe;) say, saith he, when you come be4_ fore the judge, Than you are

with child by the Holy Ghost. I heard him say thus, and it greatly afflicted me; I had a mind to have accused him for it before some magistrate; but he was a great man, and I was poor, and young; sa I let it alone, but it trpubled me very much. Atten. It was the most horrible thing that

ever I heard in my life. But how tar off

are these men from that spirit and grace that

dwelt in Joseph!

Wise. Right: When Joseph's mistress tempted him, yea, tempted him daily; yea, she laid hold of Chaste on him, and said, with her Joseph, whore's forehead, '« Come, lie with me j" but he refused: He hearkened not to lie with her, or to be with her. Mr Badman would have taken the opportunity. And alittle tocomment upon this of Joseph.

1. Here is a Miss, a great Miss, the wife of the captain of the guard, some beautiful dame, I'll warrant you.

2. Here is a Miss won, and in her whoreish affections come over to Joseph, without his speaking of a word.

S. Here is her unclean desire made known; "Come, lie with me," said she.

4. Here was a fit opportunity; there was none of the men of the house there within.

5. Joseph was a young man full of strength, and therefore the more in danger to be taken.

6. This was to him a temptation from her that lasted days.

7. And yet Joseph refused, 1. Her daily temptation : 2. Her daily solicitation; 3 Her daily provocation, heartily, violently, and constantly: For when she caught him by the garment, saying, "Lie with me," he kit his

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