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Contribution List.

L. ... ASSOCIATIONS IN AND NEAR LONDON. Norfolk and Norwich.............180 OO

Li 8. d.
Thetford .....

...... 14 16 0 City Sunday School :

194 16 0 Teachers and Friends.

5 2 8

Northamptonshire: Kettering Mr. Hooper

1 0 0

Nottinghamshire : Tuxford................ 5 10 0 Mission Box

2 0 5

Oxfordshire: Chickenden .................. 2 3 6

8 3 1 Somersetshire : Wellington ................ 63 3 0 Clerkenwell: Pentonville Ladies....

34 11 10 Surrey : Dean Street Manufactory

.v.. 10 6 6

Carshalton and Croydon, (includPercy Chapel :

ing 51. 58. to Building Fund)... 203 5 4 Gentlemen's Committee.

15 16 Chobham and Vicinity.......... 27 47 Queen Square Chapel

7 15 0

6 1 9
St. Antholin's
6 5 7 Mordon...

5 6 5

-241 18 1 ASSOCIATIONS OUT OF LONDON & VICINITY. Sussex : Bristol .600 0 0 Chichester

100 0 0 Cumberland : Carlisle.. ..120 00 New Shoreham

1 1 0 Demerara.. 74 0 0

-101 1 0 Devonshire :


18 3 10

5000 Plymouth and Stonehouse, in


53 00 cluding 36 contents of a Mis

85 00

Wiltshire : sion Box at Plymstock

15 00
33 3 10
Warminster: Benefaction, “ J. R."

5 00 Derbyshire:

Worcestershire: Chesterfield-Coll: after Sermons by

Evesham-Coll. after Sermons, Rev. P. Gell.......... 21 4 4

by Rev. R. Garrard

2 90 Rev. T. Hill.......... 2 6 10 Annual Meeting

2 2 0 Meeting. 8 14 3 Subscriptions

17 11 6 32 5 5

22 2 6 Measham

7 11 10
Yorkshire : Pontefract.

20 0.0 39 17 3 Durham : Barnard Castle 18 00

BENEFACTIONS. Edinburgh: Collection at St. Mark's Episco


5000 pal Chapel, Portobello

3 13 6 || By an Affectionate Son, in memory of his Essex: Lambourn

8 16 0 beloved Parents, by W. Harding, Esq.... 3000 Glasgow 17 10 6 Bardgett, William Esq., Old Jewry.....

... 10 00 Gloucestershire:

Baxter, Nadir, Esq......
Acton Turville...

7 7 0
Bexley, Right Hon. Lord..

50 00 Campden..

36 9 6

Clay, William, Esq., Isle of Wight
43 16 6
Holcombe, Mrs W....

....... 10 10 0 Hampshire :

Mount Sandford, Lord
East Tytherly.

3 00
Palmer, A. Esq., Fenchurch Street..

10 00 Guernsey

.132 10 0
-135 100
Pemberton, Rey. E. Belchamp, St. Paul's .. 5 0 0

50 00 Herefordshire

Raikes, Rev. H., Aldwick

50 00 Hertfordshire: Bushey..

500 Rashleigh, W. Esq., Fowey, Cornwall.....

5 00 Kent: Ashford

COLLECTIONS. 5 3 1 Canterbury

Bowen, Mrs. James, Bridell, Cardiganshire, 800

44 2 9 Ditto, Jamaica Fund

Buck, Miss, Penton ville

2 3 0 1 1 0 Chatham and Rochester

Godde, Mrs, Kensington

900 41 14 6 Hawes, Mrs Ann, Kingscliffe ...

5 00 Cranbrook

4 2 10
Mountain, Miss, Snow Hill..

2 2 0 East Peckham

6 6 0 Gravesend .......

6 6 2


16 18 3 Lenham and Ulcombe...

At the Thirtieth Anniversary:

8 1 8 Rainham....

After a Sermon at St. Bride's

11 10 8 Sundries

Church, by the Very Rev. Dean
4 13 1
-150 00

of Salisbury, including the usual Lancashire:

Donation of SOL

..... 171 6 7 Manchester and East Lancashire..

39 3 2

At Freemasons' Hall .......... 156 15. 8 Lincolnshire : Lincoln.... 104 7 6

328 2 3 Middlesex :

Hadley and South Mims......... 13 0 0
Hampstead-Coll: after

Bagnall, Mrs Sarah, late of Ringe,
Sermon, by the Lord

near Leek, Staffordshire, by T. Bp. of Chester...... 6200

Lea & R.Sterling, Esqs. Executors, 2000 Meeting..

Duty and Expenses .........

2 & 6.
........ 12 96

74 96
87 96

Kennedy, Mrs. M., late of Kingsland Cres-
Monmouthshire :

cent, Middlesex, by the Exors., H. Tay. St. Arvan's and Vicinity,

lor, and H. Winkworth, Esqs....

47 15 0 Coll. after Sermon,

Peirson, Mr. Robert late of Coleman Steeet, by Rev. J. Ditcher, 8 5 6.

by the Exors., Thomas Richardson, Esq. Meeting ......... 16 37

Mrs. E. Peirson, and Rev. John Addison, 24 91

1001. Three per Cent. Consols. (Duty free) 92 17 6 Caerleon, Coll. after Sermon, by Rev.W. Co

SCHOOL FUND. nybeare..

4 1 2 Meeting

Pearson, W. Esq., for Thos. Norton, 3d year' 5 0 0 12 5 9 Coll. at Llanhenock Church Sermon by

INDIA-FEMALE EDUCATION FUND. Rev. T. R. Garnsey.. 2 15 9

Baxter, Nadir, Esq...

50 0 0 19 2 8 Carey, Miss, Cadogan Place ..............

2 3 6 43 11 9 Glasgow Association...

1 1 0

.. 10 00

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17 116

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Church Missionary Kecord.

No. 6.]

JUNE, 1830.

[Vol. I.


Chunar. EXTRACTS FROM THB JOURNALS OF THE REV. WILLIAM BOWLEY. Some notices of this Station appeared at pp. 40, 41, in our Number for February; and mention was made of the state of Mr. Bowley's health, which had interrupted his labours, and which subsequently compelled him to go to Calcutta, with a view to its restoration. We give the following Extracts from his Journals previously to his leaving Chunar for Calcutta.

Oct. 24, 1828-Circumstances not per- worthy characters; consequently, with mitting either Charles Doss or Christian them a double caution is required. Tryloke to accompany me, I took David Oct. 25-Set out this morning, before Thakoor, the Brahmin Convert residing day; walked some miles, and arrived at in Christian's village, and Kurrum Mes. Jaunpore at 11 A. M., 18 miles : pitched seeh from Buxar, whose health has failed our tent in the Caravanserai, where we very much of late: his being with us had it last year, as being the most public would therefore answer the double pur- and resorted to by travellers. Jaunpore is pose, of benefiting his health, and fur well known, as an extensive city on both thering the Cause in which we are em banks of the River Goomtee, united by barked. They set out, by a different noble substantial bridge, with little shops route, yesterday; and last night I left on each side of it : the major part of the Chunar in a boat, and took up Chris- population are Mahomedans, amongst tian at his village; proceeded all night, whom are not a few of the most learned and early next morning reached Raj and bigoted of that faith. However, it Ghaut. Here we breakfasted; and about was pleasing to find that a revolution had noon recommenced our journey, Christian taken place in their feelings on this accompanying me to Jaunpore: we ar head; and they could bear calmly to be rived at Foolpore in the evening, 22 told by us, that neither the Korân nor miles. The state of the country, being Mahomed were from God; whereas, inundated, the roads, and broken-down some years ago, they were almost ready bridges, pointed out that we had com to sever one's head from the body for menced our journey too early. In the such assertions. The remainder of the evening, with assistants, walked through day, and the whole of the Sunday, were this. petty place; addressed a few; and spent in reading and arguing with crowds got some to accept of Tracts. That of Hindoos and Mussulmans, and in which makes Foolpore worthy of notice, distributing books. Met with the Molwee is the pucka-walled Caravanserai, and a who had, more than two years ago, when substantial Treasure-house, built by Go- told that Christians did not believe in the vernment, with upper rooms for Gentle- divine Mission of Mahomed nor of the men. The village itself is miserably tiled, Korân being the Word of God, submitted and not of any extent. At this place met a Paper, questioning Christians in gea Hindoo Lad who came to me at Chu neral as to how they proved that Manar, about a month since, soliciting Bap- homed was not a Prophet of God, nor tism; but, not abiding the course ap the Korân His Word ? An answer was pointed for instruction and probation, he soon after written ; but he was not visi. left us; and would join us now, if I would ble till now, though a Tract in manuagree to admit him forthwith, without in- script was sent him at Mirzapore a few struction. Persons of this description are , months ago. He now admired it greatly, almost universally suspicious and un seemed much pleased, and said that he [RECORD, June, 1830.)


e came to

في ( : ده ؟

had but a slight glance of the New Tes- all concern for their souls, and rejecting tament, and wished to procure one, which the True God, one said, that “ since the was accordingly sent him. He further English have taken possession of the observed, that few amongst the Learned country, sins have accumulated greatly." could answer the Tract, nor had he his To which it was replied: True;

but it books, to do it; but that he had a few is among your own people at the different more objections to propose, after reading Courts, who take advantage of the strict the New Testament; which if answered uprightness of the laws to act so as not satisfactorily, he should not scruple to to be detected." They acknowledged embrace Christianity, Kurrum Messeeh that this was the case. and Cliristian were engaged in reading Oct. 29—Rose at midnight, but could and distributing books : and we only now not get off my people for four hours after: found that we were greatly deficient in to-day the road was yery good, and but a. supply of Oordoo Gospels, so that hyn- little water to cross, Came to Azeem. dreds of applicants, were disappointed. ghur at 7 o'clock, 8 miles, and put up in Christian chiefly read an address in the Serai, which was very damp. During Oordoo, 'Sin no Trifle, and the Poem the whole of the day, people flocked to me in Hindee. Many also heard the Ma- for books ; but, alas ! I had few in Hinnuscript Tract respecting Mahomedan doostanee, to give them. More ism &c. 3 we gave one copy, in Persian behold the strange şight of a person going to the Tasildar ;; and one in Oordoo to about from place to place, turning the another Mussulman, who argued against world upside down. After books were his own people in behalf of Christianity, taken, many were returned, to my grief. merely from the circumstance of Christ's The Missionary can hardly conceive all being now in heaven, and Mahomed that he has to encounter, till he goes being in the grave.

indiscriminately from place, to place, · Och 27,1828-We prosecuted our jour- preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and ney at dawn : the road was excessively distributing books. He is looked upon, bad, and so covered with water as, to be by many, as a deceiver, and he is at times above the axletree of the buggy, and on told so :s he has to encounter, with a face two occasions it was up to the seats: the of flint, many sneers and contemptuous men were up to the armpits in water. looks: many return and say, "What am Came to Sahebgange, a new. Seraj built I to do with these books: and, after all by Government, 18 milęs. At Badsha- that he can say, he has the mortification pore gave away Tracts and Hinduwee to see them, returned in the presence of Gospels to some who had seen our books others, who also seem disheartened, and last year: this was a good sign that what inclined to follow the example of their they had heard or seen they approved of. brethren. Some will say, "These books However, one man, of some consequence, are of no manner of use to me. I want would neither; read, nor permit his bro the Girlutan, Bostan, &c.” Some call for ther, who seemed disposed to do 80; I the Ramayan, or the Geeta; others, for felt grieved, and told him, that God had Vishnu's Thousand Names. The Misin mercy given us a light, and that we sionary, is compelled to hear, These put out that light by closing our eyes to Books will answer for pasteboards &c it, and thus bring destruction upon our They want to take our Caste He selyes &c. Soon after, many came forward wants to propagate his Religion, and to and received them. In the course of the degrade us with the lowest All will day, saw the men plowing; and the wo be well paid who embrace Christianity, men following, sowing the seed. I thought. Hence, many come to join us, to see if when will that day arrive that these poor any bribes are held out, Some sąy, All creatures, will be sowing the Word of the former Seriptures are abrogated by God in the hearts of their little ones. the Korân, which is the only rule of our

Oct. 28-Left the Serai at dawn; the conduct.” So that the Missionary's work road somewhat better, though a good deal in the field of action, if the expression of water about Came to Rana Kie be allowed, is a constant scene of trials Serai, 12 miles; all our books, tents, &c. and struggle between the old and new wet: put, up in a miserable bovel, a man, if the old man prevail, he is not þroken-down Serai.

fit for a Missionary, as case

he Yesterday, whilst speaking to the will be ashamed of his work, and shrink people of the destruction they were bring away from direct intercourse with the ing down upon themselves by casting off Natives; and he will be tempted to be

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28. in that

about something else, 'less degrading, less this way and that way for a chair. Seeing trying, less offensive to flesh and blood: this, I told him that we were travellers, If the new man prevail in him, he will and put up with many inconveniences ; have a tenfold inducement to redouble that he was offered the best accommodahis labours and exertions, and spend and tion we had : but he retired, with a very be spent in the great work in which'he bad grace. In the evening, read a Disis embarked." The love of Christ and eourse to a number of persons. The of souls will constrain him to work with Devotee seemed quite attached : he came all his might while it is called to-day. during the day, at night, and again at It is remarkable, that in those places in the morning before we started. where Satán rages with uncontrolled Nov. 1To-day, 'met Kewal Messway, there the Gospel Light has not geeh, the first Native Christian Brahmin dawned, and the people are ignorant of of Chunar ;''he was baptized about its contents; but, where the cloud" has eleven years since ; his wife was bapbeen dispersed from time to time'' by tized about four" years ago, and has the rays of the Word, there we have been assisting in the Gorruckpore Mission some, who seem won' over to the Cause, ever since." He was sent, by my dear and' are” ready to befriend us when we Br.Wilkinson, to assist me, but I hastened return to them. In the course of the on too fast for them. This is a most day, Kürrum Messeeh and David Tha- miserable place could do nothing. koor read'to the people. Had I books. I 11 Nov. 2: Sunday-Set out very early: should remain here a day longer. 1.7 m had to wade through a great deal of

. des , people, and set out at 5 A.M. myself, the at 8 A.M., 14 miles." ! Br. Wilkinson was road pretty good. Crossed several run- engaged with the Native Christians. In ning streams ; and came to Sahib Gunge, the afternoon we had Hindoostanée Ser16 miles, at noon. Here met a person vice : he would tave me preach, which who had seen me at Ghazeepore, and I did, and injured myself. 1**!! now earnestly entreated 'for Tracts : se ja Nov. 32X1 forenoon, engaged with verat gathered round, and heard Thakoor Mussulmans contradicting particular Doc

trines of the Christian Religion: Beveral Oct. 31 -- Set' out at dawn,' and; for were relations and friends of the old Sheik six miles, came through a tract of country whom Br. Wilkinson has lately baptized. that was under water during a great part The old man himself has a most respectable of the rains': we have set out at least a appearance, land seemed full of affection week too early. Crossed the Ghogra 'or and attachment to us and to the Hindoo Dewee River, more wide and 'rapid than Converts present. · We had the Tract the Ganges : it is now divided into se respectings Mahomedanism read: the veral streams, so that we were two hours friends seemed strengthened, and the enein getting across. Came to Gopalpore, mies lowered, by it. At 4. P. M., being 12 miles. Here several came and re- the first Monday, Hindoostanee Prayer ceived' books, especially the old Devotee Meeting : I preached from 2d Psalm. and his two Disciples; who all call them- ** Nov. 4.Great part of the day enselves Christians, though they continue gaged with several Mussulmans in Br. outwardly as the other Hindoos and Wilkinson's house, as yesterday. Had Idolaters: one man', 'however, who is much conversation 'with Christian - Trybrother to the Devotee, has "manifested loke's Sister, who is here. She seems a a good deal of Gospel Knowledge'; his "sensible, well-bred woman, but bigotedly New Testament in Hinduwee, 'given lim attached to the Hindoo System, and delast year, is his constant companion termined to follow her Gooroo even if he within and out of doors! he said repeat led her to helk." In the afternoon, accord edly, "It is''not so easy à thing to be ing to appointinent, went with Br. Wila Christian as to

people suppose. A Pun- kinson to the Sheik's house, nearly two dit, who is a good deal with the Rajah miles distant; where we found a respect here, came: he first sent â messenger to "able party assembled to teceive us, mostly "atinounce his approach; then appeared. Mussulmans: they heard all that we had He found me sitting in' my palkee ; and to say against Mahomed's delusion &e., the Devotee, and others, sitting beforé, not one standing up in defence of his syona sittringe. He was asked -to sit stem, though challenged and invited to it. down; but the poor creature looked very

The Sheik's son-in-law, who argued yesawkward; he would not sit, but looked "terday strenuously, seemed to yield the


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point to-day, and several wanted copies ed from Marko xwi. 14–16:r many Musof the Tract.ple wil mu) sulmans and Hindoos presents 19.

Nou.5, 1828-Early this morning,roder ! Novo 10 Early, this morning, Br. with Br. Wilkinson, to a man who had Wilkinson and I, accompanied by Daniel, been standing several years, as a penancês walked about two miles to the poor he now, appears sinking ivery, sfast. A creature who was still Native Christian read a Tract, and I crowd gathered, and heard Daniel réad spoke, against the horrid system iof the Sin no trifle.: 9. Several Pundits.ars Hindoos. A Punditma great opowd being gued, and accepted of the New Testacollected argued calmly for a while, till ment and Tracts in Hinduwee. l's he forgot himself and became unreason 07 Nov. 14 - It being deemed advisable able, and angry... I now felt constrained that Br. Wilkinson should not leave his to retire from the contest, saying that Station just now, it was planned that he such weapons were too violent -før mes should meet us, after we returned from and retired. 4.1, 6,111,111 -=790 5! voup the Annual Hair at Ghazeepore. He

Nov, 6. + To-day, Br. Wilkinson, Ni, accompanied me this morning after Pray codemus, t and Daniel his son, who is er, at: 5 A.M.;' and with much difficulty Writer, in the Collector's Office here; and and fatigue came as far as Pykoulee,124 1, went to the poor Devotee, as on tyeste miles. : Here I left him to return, and terday, morning, Daniel read a Hindu-i proceeded tono my way till near 8 Po M., wee Tract alopdg and I spoke seriously 38 miles further; to Sulempore, when to the man, telling him that he was con kmet my people, quite unhinged from sidered in a dying states and entreated the jolting which I had to undergo. This him to come along with us, that every thing is a pretty extensive place. Pss 15H might be done to heal his wounds. He Nov. 12- At 6 A. m. set oat in my pak seemed somewhat alarmed, and wished to keeponotrdaring to renew the jolting. see the doctor himself, to speak with him. At mid-day, crossed the Gundhuk, which

Nov, 77. Early this morning, went to was beautifal, deep, and clear, like the him again, with Dr. Clarke. I had ar Jamna ; and stayed at Gootnee, 16 miles. Jong controversy with a Pụndit, against Here's people came, and read many of the Vedam System as well as against our Tracts's and many more, by the pers the popular system among the Hindoosat suasion of Devotees, returned them. Ins# and shewed their ineonsistency, and the Nov.18 At 5 Al M. prosecuted our absurdity of both The Pundit went ont journey :sicamel by many villages, and unreasonably, till warmly taken up by distributed many books oh somol discous another Brahmin who joined us., trLittle ragéments, from people aretuming the could be done with the poor diseased books. In the road, met ptwo Sepoys man; the inducements to continuer inl returning homes; one was willing to son his infatuated state were too is powerfuld cept of books, and took them eventuallyly He is now daily worshipped and fed at while wthe other seemed cunting, and and this he must lose, if he break throughI said, that he was aware of our object> this vow. At 4 P. M. aecompanied Bt andis we should noto ensnare him, &ck Wilkinson and our Native Assistante tol Came to Patai, 13 miles, i along the the Chapel in the heart of the Bagaarst banks of the sextensive Ghogray for up where great crowds iheard the Word, wards of four «miles. During the day, and a few received books. yrigsh| .3166 gave away, at this place, hundredsiof

Nov. 87. This morning, despatched my Gospels and Tracts, till 8 P:Msodeveni people toward the Dudree Fair. During i when I was in bed, some came for books the day, several came to hear the Word. Kurtum Messeeht and David Thakoor At A P. M. went with friends rito a Desb read thew Poem mand e other o Traets tos votee's. Nicodemus addressed liim zdien crowdsjasthilst Luset pounded odall who replied, that he had searched for many: heard seemed quitet wonlover, and called years, and never found tạo: Truthuib -Nisa me their Gobrod. The people from the codemns replied, that he was also mar shrrounding Willage also came for:bookeza seeker from his youth, andi [

hadionown ahdxxécrived them without number.woti found it among Christians 1 They seemedit 10/PE MUS& Boatmanp whor actually prout pleased and Daniel nead a Tradt,bandI fessed us Christianitys from conviction, gaye books-to a Pundit et sb to 190mwn brought me a copy of the Gospel, which

Nou. 9: Sunday At Afternoon, Beras hes had received fromca Native Christian vice, Br.Wilkinson baptized a réspects up the riverz i and said, that he was the table and learned Mussulman. Id preacht ridicule of the villageadsHe follcatted me

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