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Ireplied, that “these Books contain things , Books, and got a copy of each of our

the next morning, and promised to conto and embrace the Religion; give up the to the Fair to meet Oh, that I could Gunga, Ram, &c.; throw off Caste &c.' have waited at this place for-some days ! as much as to say, "If you hearken to Every thing was encouraging, and the reasons you &tes no friends to the gods people seemed at the threshold of Christ of your fathers, to your Institutions &c. tianity. Don's hits 689 101979 He, however, did not at this time obtain b Nov. 16, 1828: Sunday. All forenoon, his objects for lere were some noble inweak and faint. 1. In the morning, David dependent minds, who were not to be Thakoor took a bundle of single Gospels carried away by such an bugbear they and Tracts, and sation the sand reading to saw that what they had now heard was the people and distributing books : were better, and more reasonable and forcible, he not here, I could have done nothing, than all the Pundit could says and they as Kurrum Messeeh returned to Buxar gladly accepted of the Books and Gospels to meet his people, and I was too ill to which we had for distribution. One man take an active part. . To-dayınk. saw quoted a verse, to defend their erroneous what a blessing it is to shave a Native systemiku Truth was to be found, but only Christian to assists I heari one saying by diving, into deep waters for it. This that what Thakoor is reading is Atheism was turned aĝainst tiem; and they were In the morning, a great crowd collected shewn that all their evils arose from their round Thakoor ; and some of the Gooroos, not entering ankle-deep in these waters. would have an interview with me, though One Devotee took several Tracts, and sat

I could hardly speak without injuring close by; reading them aloud ; nor would myself. I went up to them twone asked, he be laughed out of them, and was cont'

What was that called East and Westis tent to take up his lodging by my tent North and South ? He was told that during the day and night, reading and I was too ill, and that we did not come inquiring, and was also present at our here to trifle away our time we came Family Prayer, 2 03.rani zuieb s 1134 to point out to sinners the way of Salva* No: 17Very early this morning, the tion and to replytos questions regarding Devotéel came into my tént; and heard the soul &cus Several Pundits and others. Thakoor téad Matthew vid and vii. and shrewd med, attacked me, at onces isome pray he seemed much gråtified. During wanted to know what these (books cons: the day, the Devotee spent several hours tained which was not in the Shasters : in his poojah, then read and beard our not at all stated in the Shasters : for in Trácts. A great crowd collected to hear stance, the Shasters make God the anthorı mezi but, alas !! I was too unwell to do of eyili”. I quoted the Geeta and Rami much for them. 8ėveral respectable and mayan, the most celebrated of their works, learned Mussulmáns came and received which they could not gaốnsay. o I added, books, and promised to come to-morrow, "LOur Books, as well as reason, shew that to put some questions. In the afternoon, God is holy, just, and goods and that sina I was rejoiced to see my little boat arrives, is the transgression of God's law thats with Christian Tryloke froni Chunar, and man was created a freei sagent, free to Kurrum Messeeh from Buxar, and felt evil, as, welkoas te geodiz and with full thankful that some Assistantsħad arrived." power to cleand to that which is good, to carry on operations during this great which he does not now possesso". My: Fair. Feeling so very ill; and not know? quotation from the Geeta brought on & ing what might be the resalt, after leavlong discussion; & clever Pundit came ing proper instructions, books, &el, I left? forward with all the contempt imaginable, the Fair in the night, and came on, in two and went on sin afsummary way, liker days) and nights, to Chinar, nearly 100 others who have nothing substantial to miles, I could not but reflect on the adduce. b He said that all that we were good hand of God, in pořmitting Natives saying was intended. to lead the peopler according ito mys mindi to carry on His astray from the truth :sand, when one of 2 work-among their own people when I his own people put a book into his hands was compelled to quit the field. 11 Chris to read, he threw it down contemptuously. I tianna Trylokes Kurrum Messeehti and it was again put into his hand and her David Thakoor werelengaged, during the was compelled to read a portion. Finded number of days which the Fairelasted, in ing that he eould noty by all ibis endea si arguing with the most learned and shrewd Voursz set the crowd against us, he went among Pundits and Devotees, distributing more hoffestually about, saying,0" Read the words of Eternal Life, and in reading

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from it, and that she sity must have drawn the crowd this should be admitt. Wo 'other Candidates

to the people. Such a thing, I believe, Charles's Father, who is just come from has never before taken place out of Cal. Br. Wilkinson ; "he left him at Ghazeecutta, of a body of Heathen Converts poré, engaged with the myriads of that thus devoting themselves in the midst of place.

Nicodemus has be

been with his hundreds of thousands, boldly standing son, Daniel Doss, for the last twelve forth as champions for the Truth, without months, constantly with Br. Wilkinson. a Missionary to encourage and stand by At 4 P. m. went with Br. Friend to the them. This will shew the multitudes Bazaar, Charles and Kurrum Messeeh that'their System is tottering, and drops accompanying; read the Poem' in the ping stone by stonë, as out of an ancient streets, and argued with several; about edifice; and that the remains must, sooner forty heard. In the morning, a Hinduwee or later, yield to the mighty influence of Teacher, of the Writer Caste, came with the Divine Spirit.

a Note from a Gentleman at Tirhoot, sayNov. 19, 1828 - Reached home," no ing that the man has been a Teacher of worse than when I left the Fair. Blessed

his Hinduwee School for the last five be God!

months; in the course of that time has Nov. 21 - All last night restless, and felt read and heard of the way of Salvation very ill. 'I find that, during my absence, by Christ; and wishes to be baptized.* my Pundit used all his influence, and The man gave pleasing and succeeded in preventing a poor deluded satisfactory account of himself, and woman from committing herself to the appears, beyond á donbt, to be under funeral pile of her husband.” Attending the teaching of the Holy Spirit.' The her sick husband, as a Native Doctor, first Tract that got into his hand was our he saw preparations making for her to Hinduwee Poem, which won his heart; devote herself to the flames; he'strongly he has been supplied with the Gospel, remonstrated, reasoned against' it, and and has had the advantage of being inshewed that it was suicide ; that no be structed by his Employer, who seems to nefit could accrue f

have spared no pains. He had portions would disgrace, rather

than "honoter, of the Oordoo Prayer-Book, written out relations by it. By this act of bénévo- by himself, and dictated by his Master, lence, he e got the ill-will and reproach in the Kythee Character ; he seems truly of many, and was

branded as a Chris- pious, and possesses“ zeal to draw in 'tian &c. &c.

bthers. He was recommended to remain Nov. 29 - Preaching in the Bazaar here some days, to see and to have ih

Converts here, and came from Buxar, and Charles assisted was told, that, "on Br.Wilkinson's arrival, each other; the Chapel was full . Curio- both himself and

into the Church, by evening, as we are usually thin. Baptísm. I shall state a few questions

Nov. 30 : Sunday The Archdeacon to the man, and his replies - Missionary: performed Divine Service, Morning and Why did you 'come here?”? Ans. In Evening, in English ; and Kurrúm Mes- order to obtain Baptism." Miss. “Why seeh and Charles took the Hindoostanee, do you want to be baptized ?" Ans." Bereading a Sermon,

eause I know that Jesus Christ is the Dec. 3 At noon, crossed the river; only Saviour of sinners:

I formerly and at the Village, spoke to Thakoor's professed Ramanundeism and Cuveerism; Uncle, who promised to become a Chris- but am convinced that both are false.” tian. Left at 2 P. m., and went on to

to Miss. How did you come'to the knowBenares.

ledge of this pie Ans. By reading Dec. 4-Met Mr. Friend, who is just Christian Books." Miss. "What Books 'arrived to strengthen our hands : felt have you read ?"*** Ans. The Poem, much gratified, and spent most of the Sin no Trifle,’ in Hindoostanee, a Cate day together, in talking over Missionary chism in Oordoo, and St. John's Gospel." matters. Came down purposely to see Miss. ** Have you' witnessed Christian Br. Wilkinson, who ought to have been Worship?" Ans. Yes, Sir, I attended here before this; but, finding his coming my Master's English Service; and used uncertain, returned next morning with Mr. to get off the Hindoostanee Prayers, Friend to Chunar, in order that we might which were dictated to me by him." "He be more together during this interval, here produced what he had copied. Both went and heard the Boys of Charles read English; after this, saw Nicodemus, the Record for February, p. 10.

* The Baptism of this individual was noticed in

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Dec. 6, 1828-To-day, a Hindoo Con- years, and has frequently attended our vert died and was buried ; she was about Hindoostanee Family Worship; and pro75 years of age, and was baptized some mised fair long ago : but it is only during years after her husband Jamrutdas: she the last four months that he has expressed was a Communicant, and a steady Chris- his wish to be baptized, and has since tian, for years. During the day, visited þeen under a course of instruction: he the Schools. In the evening, the Chapel has renounced all intercourse with his in the Bazaar pretty well attended; own connections, any further than eating Christian and Charles took the Service. with his mother, and has regularly atBr. Friend was with us t)

throughout the tended Church, and other Meetings, like Dec. 7: Sunday - Early this morning, this for months, yet was he permitted to

DATOS 61891 to any of the Christians. Though he did techetical Service of the Native Chris- announced ; to-day his mother and a tians, and took the English Duties. number of relations waylaid him, and

Dec. 8 = Hearing of Br. Wilkinson's went into the Church weeping, and say. arrival at Benares, Mr. Friend and my- ing they would destroy themselves if he self left Chunar after 123 reached Be were, baptized, and would , force him nares at 5, and met Br. Wilkinson in the away: but he was enabled to resist all, Serai, where travellers, put_up: we and they were put out.

The third, brought him to the Mission Bungalow, Simon Hingum, a young man about 25 and remained at Br. Friend's.

years of age, a Mussulman, came to Dec. 9 Examination of Jay Narain's us some months since, leading a blind School ; I was too unwell to go. A large Christian man about : on being put party of Clergymen and Missionary to learn the Catechism, it so won upon Friends met at Mr. Eteson's.

him, that he also set himself to learn Dec. 10 T The forenoon was spent in it, attended all the Means of Grace, and discussing Missionary matters. In the entreated to be baptized : he has since evening, at Divine Service, the Arch- been, in our service, and is one of tlie deacon addressed us.

bus omiile most active and willing men we haye. Dec. 12 At 4 A. M. left Benares with Br. Wilkinson, and came to Chunar. Dec. 17 -At 4 P. M. Br. Friend accon

Dec. 137 To-day, the Archdeacon and panied our Readers to the river-side, Messrs. Friend and Eteson came. In where several Devotees have for some the afternoon, all went with our Readers time taken up their quarters. Finding into the Bazaar, where crowds heard the that they were not disposed for disWord; thence went into the Chapel, éussion, got Christian and Thakoor" to when Christian and Charles shared the read our Hinduwee Tracts. They would Service between them. Kewal Messeeh, not accept them, lest it should lower from Gorruckpore, a Brahmin who was them; however, a crowd of about 150 baptized at Chunar when Mr. Corrie re collected around, and heard the Word. turned from England, sung a most ani- David Thakoor and Michael Penshun mating Hymn: a very great crowd was returned from Swardgham's village, drawn together, out of curiosity, To-day, bringing a young lad, a Devotee, whom

; has been with my daughter for the last some money left him by his Gooroo, who two years, was married to one of Br. died about a year-and-a-half since. It Wilkinson's Converts. bih woh

was through the persuasion and kind atDec. 14: Sunday-Br. Friend accom

tention of our friends that he was

was prepanied me to the Morning and Evening

to come here. He seems a Hindoostanee Services: he read Prayers; fine young lad, about 18 years of age ; Br. Wilkinson preached; and I baptized can read a little of Hinduwee.

He has, three personstwo Hindoos, and a Mus of late, resided in Benares. sulman. The first was William Churn, Dec. 18 — One of our Converts has, about 30 years of age, of the Writer for the last few days, caused us uneasiCaste, mentioned in my. Journal of the ness on account of his foolish conduct; 5th instant. The second was Duncan but to-day seemed restored to his right Baboo Lal, a young lad of the Molee mind, and has resamed his work, Caste, about 20 years of This man

Dec. 19 Christian read has been with his friends, in the garden Trifle, to the Devotees, and a great attached to the premises, for several crowd assembled at the river-side; after

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which he tried to draw them out to dis- who came to request that his Nephew cussion, when one man asked our mom might be admitted into our School; he tives for coming and reading to them. was told that our Schoolmaster, Charles, He was told, that the Gospel alone con was a Christian. He replied, that Chris tained the way of Salvation, which we tianity was a good Religion, and that all were commanded to propagate; and would become Christians- in the course that Christ alone is the Way. He re of twenty years. He asked, whether I plied, he would never acknowledge had heard of Rammohun Roy." I told Christ, no, not if he were hanged for it: him I knew him, but that, with all his on which he was told, that we could not learning, he was incorrect in his views help that; that we must not neglect to of Christianity. do the part assigned us by God; that if Dec. 31 --To-day, in the Bazaar, after we ceased to warn them, their blood Charles and Thakoor had read, a Devowould be required of us ; that, having tee came forward and argued ; when performed our part, their blood would Nicodemus came up, and related his own be required at their own hands. We experience. He told them, that he had begged that they would not be offended been a searcher after Truth for upward at us, inasmuch as we were prompted of ten years ; that, not trusting to his by love and duty.

own judgment, he took me about te all Dec. 21, 1828; Sunday. Early this morn- the noted learned men and Devotees ing, Br. Friend attended the Hindoostanee who came to the Station, thinking, that Catechetical Service ; took the English, though he himself might not have posand read the Prayers in Hindoostanee in sessed the Truth, it still might be found the afternoon, whilst I read the Lesson and among the Hindoos ; but without effect. Discourse, Yesterday and to-day, a blind He had, at length, yielded to the force man, respectably dressed, and a Ben- of Truth, and embraced Christianity; galee, have called to inquire of Christian and he entreated them also to give it an respecting the Christian Religion: they impartial investigation. pueron attended Hindoostanee Service to-day, Poor Nicodemus (Mohun Doss) feels

Dec. 25 : Christmas Day Divine Ser- a great deal for his old friend and felvice in Hindoostanee was conducted at low-inquirer, Bukhtawen Singh, who 7 A, M.; when both of us administered keeps aloof, deceiving himself with hopes the Lord's Supper to upward of 70 that he will still be saved by Christ; Native Christians. Had Service again and frequently saying, that He'swho at 4. P.m.; after which went to Christian's rescued the thief on, then cross will not village, to Thakoor's Uncle, who wished reject him, since he believes in no other to see me, He seems on the brink of for Salvation. He observed that poor giving himself up to Baptismo?

Bukhtawen rests satisfied without subDec. 26

97 After reading in the streets mitting to Baptism; whereas he felt ino to-day, one man argued violently, sayings peace or,' satisfaction in all his Relithat God was overywhere, and every gious Duties, so long as be wilfully thing was God; and spoke as if he would disobeyed one Commandment of Christ; bear down every thing before him. How nor did he feel happy till he had also parever, our Christian calmly drew up to taken of the Lord's Supper. He said, him, and asked him whether the Gunga that he could not feel easy so long as was God? To which he replied in the Bukhtawen remained in such a state ; affirmative. He was then questioned, and that he should not let him rest, nor Whether the Gunga was omnipresent? fail to pray for him daily. Thus is the

-"Was it in his heart?” “Yes.” Lord glorifying Himself out of the 'If so, why go to fetch it from the ri, mouths of these babes and sucklings. ver?” --Again he was questioned, whe- May He look down, hear, and bless the ther the Peepal Tree was the Supreme groans of His people for the prosperity Being ? “Yes,” "Was it in his heart? of Zion! Amen. Here

e he felt so confounded, in the midst Jan 5, 1829 - This afternoon, accomof an immense crowd, that he instantly panied by Br. Friend and the Readers, walked away abashed.

and my Pundit, I went to Tikore, ibeDec. 28 - A man came to solicit Bap yond the Fortseto a learned Pundit De tism; but was pursued by his Mistress, votee, who has expressed a wish to have who is a Roman Catholico i

an interview. Several rich Brahmins, Dec. 29 - Gave a Bengalee and Eng- and others of the place, were assembled: lish Book to the chief Bengalee here, they had a couple of chairs placed for us,

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Dd2x10.00 and we remained with them till late; but brought on some serious remarks to all the meeting proved a sad disappoint- present; after which we left them, and mentor The Pundit was certainly a most went to read in the Chunar Bazaar. learned man; but seemed to have heard Jan. 7, 1829-2 To-day, Christian and so much of me, that he was foolishly cau- Thakoor were despatched with books to tious, lest, in whatever I said, I should Mirzapore,

to see the Schools there, entrap and expose him so that, whena and to distribute books ; so that, in the simple question was proposed, instead of afternoon, Charles, with one of replying directly, he invariably appre School-boys, read in the Bazaar. hended danger, and consequently made Jan. 8 Visited the Schools with most foolish replies. He inquired" my Mr. Friend, and expounded the Gospel motives for this and that question, and to the Persian Boys ? in the afternoon, also said, that he would go only so far whilst reading in the Bazaar as usual, a as the Shasters would permit

, and at number of young Mussulmans came, and I tend to reason no further ; which was, wanted to interrupt us, by introducing

in fact, stopping up the avenues of dis- an article of their own ; which we could cussion. Is Henwould have it, that the not admit of then, but wished to take it Shasterscoasserted nothing contrary to home, and attend to it fully! this they reason : he was shewn to the contrary, would not agree to, and we

we consequently

as usual, The crowd the Gungaþyour sins are washed away was openly nat whereas daily experieneet shews that it not Mussulmans could be saved in their has power only to cleanse the body, and present systems, and that Christ alone it leaves the mind in the same state as was the Way to eternal happiness; and when one enters

it : otherwise, rogues, they were challenged to bring forward &c. who bathe in it, would come forth their arguments top prove the truth of reformed characters. Another instance their religion. 9228 to vlugdo9q297 bm, was shewng of the Shaster prescribing seJam. 10 Thakoor and Christian re divine honours to the it Peepaki Tree z turned from Mirzapore, and found about whereas reason and experience prove, 70 Boys in both the Schools : two Genthat a rational creature should not woré tlemen, friends to the Cause of Missions, ship an inanimate thing, such as the food had much conversation with Christian, of elephants, dein However, being blind respecting his embracing Christianity. to reason, all this seemed of little avail : Christian was invited to a great man's he said, very absurdly, that every thing shop, to read to him; whilst an immense was the Supreme Spirit; though divided, crowd collected, and heard the Word. yet all was ones the soul though many, bøfan. v1: Sunday 3 Morning and yet all was one soul, existing from eter- Evening devoted, as usual, to Hindoonity : the would attend to no reason, and stanee Services closed the day at the did not pretend to know what the ra Bazaar, reading &c. "A Native Christional soul In fact, he seemed tian brought a Villager, who was desirdreadfully alarmed, lest he should be ous Yof my proceeding to speak to the exposed before the peopler; trying to people of his village, he said they had avoid which he more effectually plunged heard the Word from me before ; and into it, Isince every common understand had I continued my visits, they would ing comprehended the meaning of what have embraced the Truth as bus atid was said. At length, one was unfoldings.Jan. 13.14 This morning, accompanied the Christian System; but the poor crea- bý Br. Friend and several Native Christure betrayed a strong i determination to tians, crossed the river, and went to the abide in darkness, and would not permit village mentioned on the 11th : the peoiteir This door of hope being closed, by ple were anxiously looking out for us, his retiring to bathe, a Tractwas drawn and a crowd soon colleeted. The chief ont, and Tryloke came forward

to read speaker argued

for some time, then it to an old Brahmin, Gooroo to the yielded the point, and heard the Gospel Pundit : son seeing this, he exclaimed, method of Salvation: he made particuthat he could not attend to any thing of lar inquiries respecting Christi One the kind, that this sort of work would would have it, that he was theb same do for the Bazaarol So'saying, he got whom they worshipped, though under up and walked awayşealled me a dew different named they anxiously wanted ceiver, and told Tryioke that to eat ours a School. I havdly ever met á body of food he had become rag Christians: This Hindoost dess bigoted than these men :

(RECORD, June, 1880., 809 8 hari yoris ,9798 991Bg98 or of fool



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