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they are dissenters from the popular sy: power of working them. One said, he
stem of Idolatry: At noon, we left did so out of modesty : this statement
their village, and came on to another was turned against him, to prove that he
nearer home; where we met a crowd made Mahomed a liar, by denying a
of the most respectable of the village, power which he possessed.
and ten or twelve Brahmins, who heard Jan. 21–Mr. Wilkinson having come
what Christian read, and what was from Gorruckpore, we went with David,
spoken, with greater attention than Thakoor, Nicodemus, and Matthew, to
expected: they accepted of Tracts, and Runjeet: after crossing the river, we
entreated to have a School. I promised stopped at a new Temple which is erect-
to see them again.

TWO Fondo
pomeA od

ing, and spoke to the Devotee who is buildJan, 14, 1829-In morning, walk ing it. He became very angry, though ed out with Mr. Smith, who had come he was spoken to with mildness; and

met with no oppor- replied, that he was not to be decoyed by tunity of speaking to the people : in the me; that he would follow his own system afternoon, all went to the Bazaar, where of religion, though it led him to hell: the Readers and Mr. Smith addressed he was told, notwithstanding, that he the crowds, A learned Mussulman and could not prevent us from feeling grieved another attacked poor Bukhtawen, for for

or him; and that we had done our part siding with and defending the Christian in warning him. At the village, ThaSystem against Hindooism and Maho- koor read, and I argued with several medanism : they said that he was nei Nicodemus exposed their system, by ther one thing nor the other, and, cons quoting freely from their books; and sequently, could not be trusted in what gave an account of the change that had he said : he admitted he was not what taken place in his own mind, &c. The he ought to be, nevertheless thought it owner of the house, which seemed the his duty to defend and plead for Christ best in the village, is anxious for us to and His system,

to Oru sans ce true one.

up house for Jan. 1601 Early the mominence Early this morning, ac

Jan. 25: Sunday-To-day, Mr. Friend companied by Messrs. Friend and Smith, preached a Sermon in behalf of the went to a village three miles distant; Church Missionary Society, and a Colwhere Br. Smith addressed crowds; and, lection was made of about 100 Rupees. at the river-side, met two friendly De. During the day, three Brahmins from a votees : one offered me a pot of sugar, village came: they had seen and heard and the other defended our system : they me before: they now heard Thakoor have hatha tlong ago, offered

themselves readra sin no Trife, and admitted the express, no compunction for sin, and do System, approved of Christianity, and

the feelings. I could not encourage them. seemed perfectly aware of the

persecuTo-day, Nicodemus came with a poor tion which they should be called

to suffer Hindoo w oman, whom he has been la- for favouring this Religion.

Diary binow bouring to bring to the knowledge of the Jan. 26 — Early every morning, as Truth, telling her that he had embraced usual, the young Ġosaen reads the New Christianity, and that Christ was the

the Testament to several others, in my study, only Saviour, In the Bazaar, people where the Catechumens assemble, and heard, but would not accept of books : are catechized. several asked for the Geeta and the Jan. 29 — This evening had a MeetRamayan, when they were shewn the ing for the formation of a Missionary evil tendency of the doctrines contained Association, for Chunar and its Vicinity. in them. sim 2x[ood, atidiajeih

Neither of our Benares friends could Jan, 17 At the Bazaar, this morn come over to assist us. I sincerely hope ing, Br. Smith addressed a number of that this Association will be of essential Mussulmans, and read to others : a crowd benefit to the Europeans and other Progathered, and heard. Again, before noon, fessing Christians at Chunar, as well as at the Schools, there was a good oppor- to the Heathen around us. Hitherto, tunity of addressing numbers, and argu- all have kept aloof, as if they had nothing ing with Mussulmans : they spoke of to do with the publication of the Gospel Mahomed's Miracles, when it was shewn among the Heathen ; and the professors that Mahomed disavowed possessing the of Christianity seemed to act as if they

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A shop- long argumentations Court was his

had nothing to do but to mind their own village, thence to Benares ; and returnspiritual concerns.

ed to us to-day, sorry for the step which Jan. 31, 1829 - This evening was an he had taken the other man was too interesting one, passed in reading to haughty to return. Felt a good deal crowds and arguing with a Mussulman uneasy since they left; but somewhat Devotee. In the Chapel, Br. Wilkinson consoled to-day, as the young lad has preached in Hinduwee. Thus has the learned to read well since he Lord preserved us to the close of another to us. month. May the seed sown redound to


Sunday – In the morning His glory, and to the good of many souls ! could not go out, but felt well enough to

Feb. 1: Sunday- Last night, had little go to estaba good deal of uneasiness, from Bazaathe afternoon Service, and to the

Swardgham , the absence of the Devotee Lad, who other Christians. has, for the last six weeks, been pre Feb, 24-— To-day, Christian and Wilparing for Baptism : he was led astray, liam Churn departed to Mirzapore, to and was found asleep in my palkee visit the Schools, and to read and to disthis morning : he came very early, and tribute Books.

19WB919 read the Gospel with others. To Feb. 25-Went to Benares in a boat; day, entreated for Baptism. I positively and stayed with Br. Smith, and accomrefused, stating my reasons.


panied him on the following morning to Feb. 8- This afternoon, spoke to a the Ghaut, where he addressed the peolearned Mussulman from Benares, who ple and spoke to some cavillers, and attended Hindoostanee Service : he pro- distributed books. The people mani mised to come and inquire.

fested great desire to hear the Word. I Feb. 9— A Rajpoot, who had heard told them who Christ was, and what He of Christianity, came from Benares, and did to save sinners, and that faith in gave himself to us : he was put with one Him and in Him alone for salvation was

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of our Readers.
od 10 por or

indispensable. One rich man, with gold Feb. 12. This

morning, accompanied ornaments about him, came forward, and by Br. Friend, crossed the river, and said, the Hindoo Books predicted a went to the village where Matthew time e when all should be one, and our Runjeet is Schoolmaster : we were over coming to propagate Christianity proved taken by a shower of rain, and it conti the time to be at hand. I replied, nued wet during the time we were out: Yes, and this would introduce the we were led to an upper room, on ac Julyajoog, Golden Age. count of the bungalow being filled with regretted not having our Readers here. guests, where the Boys were assembled. Disposed of all the books which we Here a great crowd was collected to brought with us.

en qed 107 9. BODABO hear us, and I argued for full three March 1: Sunday Very early this hours with an unreasonable man, the morning, the Reader, who accompanied bad effects of which I felt in my chest Christian to Mirzapore, came into my almost immediately after ; and, though study, and gave a most pleasing account

he would yield to nothing that was said, of their proceedings. The first stage on ! I trust many of the hearers were bene- their way, they put up at a large village, fited by it.

where they had crowds to hear them Feb. 20 – Two of our Assistants have and they gave away many books. Again, been reading to the people in our neigh- at the Ferry, many heard gladly and bourhood : at first, a good deal of enmity accepted of Tracts. At Mirzapore, they was "shewn; but

a better spirit is now found upward of 70 Boys in both the manifested, and several have come for Schools: they went out regularly, morning Books. David Thakoor has been re and evening, to read to the people and to moved to Chunar ; where he will read to distribute books. Among the Court Offithe people daily, and have opportunities cers and people collected, they had for his own improvement.

the Lalla found keeper seems to be inquiring of late, that the Nazi of though he manifests too much conceit for Brother-in-law's Brother: with him he Cuveer's System, and pride in his own had much talk concerning his embracing cunningness.

Christianity, and exhorted him to do so. Feb. 21-The young Gosaen and the The Nazi felt grieved that he had, by Rajpoot left this, in a pet, three days this disgraced his family: he reago. The Gosaen went to Swardgham's plied, My connection with you was

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but for a few days, and must then be him, that he threw his books and gods dissolved; and I have to render an ac aside, and left off eating; and whien Mr. count to God." The man then asked Smith, in his perambulations, went there what he got by embracing Christianity: a day or two after, he found the man in he replied, “The knowledge and obe deep distress, with his face covered with dience of the True God are worth more a blanket 'The man's disciples now than all other riches: this is what I came up to Mr. Smith, and told him all have obtained." In the course of con- that had taken place since he read the versation, Nicodemus came in with Tract—that the Gooroo had been put Swardgham, who is just returned from out of his right mind; and entreated his village, and said, that he felt grieved him to use his influence to dispossess him, for the remains of sin which he finds in or deliver him from the charms of his himself, and seemed to doubt of its con- book. On hearing Mr. Smith's voice, the sistency with grace in the soul. On man jumped up, and acknowledged him being told that a Believer never obtained his Gooroo : Mr. Smith spoke to, and perfection in this life, he replied, " For prevailed upon him to eat: he would, our consolation, this should be remem- however, forsake all, and follow Mr. bered; notwithstanding," he continued, Smith. On seeing this, the Chilas (dis

I feel a desire ană anxiety to be freed ciples), like the Ephesians of old, cried from all sin in the body.” He was told out to the Devotees for help; saying, that that should be the aim of every that the Gentleman had bewitched their Christian; he then directed his conrer. Gooroo, and was now going off with him. sation to Swardgham, saying, that he felt I crowd of blood-thirsty fellows soon asgrieved that his voice was gone; time sembled with bladgeons, took the Gooroo was, when he used to sing the songs of away by force, bound him hand and feet, Zion day and night, and was generally and detained him before the idols. Mr. melted in love; whereas, singing two or Smith deemed it prudent to say nothing, three hymns now tired him.

but retired. In the afternoon, all went March 5,1629–To-day, busied in send to the heart of the city, where they read ing things on board a boat; and at 7 P. M. and distributed books. left Chunar, with my daughter and her March 8 — Early this morning, all two Native Girls; and came up to Chris- 'went to the Ghant, and read and gave tian's Village, where his wife and sister, away books. and Thakoor's mother, who is still a March 10—In the morning, went with Heathen, came on board. When they Br. Smith to the Ghaut; and, after breakleft us, Christian, Swargdham, Thakoor, fast, finally took leave; Thakoor and the and the Lalla, came on board, and pro Lalla accompanying me in my boat. ceeded on to Benares during the night. March 12-Reached the City of GhaAbout 7 the next morning, got to the zeepore, where the Readers read to great Ghaut, where crowds of Hindoos were crowds; and both at the Ghaut, as well

bathing." Christian Thakoor and the as in the Bazaar, gave away many Tracts. cłalla read, and I answered several ques. Many entreated us to remain four or five tions. In the afternoon, the Readers days, in order to inquire ; but we could w went to the same Ghaut; whilst Mr.Smith not comply with their request.

and I went in a little boat, and read and March 13-At two large villages, the distributed books.

Readers gave away many books. In the March 7— Early, Thakoor, the Lalla, evening we arrived at Buxar. and Swardgham read; whilst Christian March 14- After Prayer this morning, expounded the Tract, in verse, to crowds went, with Kurrum Messeeh and the at the Ghaut. On being told of the effect other two Readers, to the Bazaar; where which this Tract had on Christian, Mr. they stood at the corner of one of the Smith said, that last year, at the Fair streets, and read alond the Tract in

opposite Dinapore, he saw a Devotee verse, “Sin no Trifle, and a Tract in absorbed in reading the Geeta with manuscript, and gave away books. At tears : he offered him a Tract : the man 9 A. y. left Buxar, Kurrum Messeeh acrefused with contempt, adducing his own

companying us. book in preference: next morning he Afarch 15 : Sunday – To-day cảme went again to the man; and the man him- pretty near to, Chuprah, at the mouth self desired the book which he had offered of the Ghogra. At 3, all went into ļim. Mr. Smith gave him the Tract in the Grain-Market Shed, and read to verse ; and it had such an effect on crowds, and gave away many single Go


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spels and Tracts both here and in the 1 P. M. Blessed be God, for what He Village We met several respectable has enabled us to do, and for the encouMussulmans in the village, who heard ragement which we have met with! May and accepted of the complete Testament, He cause the seed thus sown to bring the Book of Genesis, and Tracts. Re forth fruit plentifully, to the praise of

911997 a turned to the boat at 6 A. M., and went His Holy Name !

95 bob 201T 918 to 999th on during the night.

Wind Mof art 9 Iedwr ar el 9 dovodio led March 16, 1829 At 3 P. M. arrived at - Mr. Bowley's Review of his Proceedings. Dinapore ; and went with the Readers On a review of his proceedings, to the Bazaar, where they read and gave

during the Journey to Gorruckaway books.

Is Early this morning, the pore and on his return, as detailed Readers had plenty of work in reading in the foregoing Journal, Mr. Bowand distributing books in the Bazaar. ley writes bop homsen bas ilgarrit One man, a shoemaker, on being spoken bor We have, through rich mercy, trato, entered deeply into the subject of the versed nearly 300

miles of ground, over controversy between us and the Cuveer- most of which the Gospel had never been ites, to whom he belonged. He appeared proclaimed, nor the Name of the only much impressed; remained till we were Saviour made known: and this is, we actually setting out, and regretted that trust in God, but the beginning of what we made no stay: he accepted of books. will be carried on at least once a-year: The Cutwal, hearing that our Readers but, if the Lord will, we have planned it were distributing books, sent for and re

to be twice; first at the beginning, then ceived some; when a Pundit came up, at the closing up of the cold weather. and told him that these were Christian 70 ezrice et Native Assistants.odw281 Books, and that as soon as he had read them he would find his mind turned a feeling sistants, he addsy vol di batlari

Vile In reference to his Native AsThe Lalla told him, that sin would lie at the Natives who has so much as suspected

I have not seen that individual among his door; they had acquitted themselves. Çame on to Patna ; and, in the evening, the Zemindar or Charles of any improwalked into the Bazaar, where we gave per motives in embracing Christianity: away but few books.

and van


mouth, wherever we went, seemed iw March 18,Walked with the people struck dumb before them. This was, of a full hour's s distanee into the


all others, the most delightful Missionary of the city. Here we took up our posts, Journey that I have had it could not at some empty shops, where three Tracts but be truly delightful, to see Three Conwere read alternately, All the Gospels verts become intelligent and able Asand Tracts that we took with us were sistants in the work of publishing Christ

Hvad distributed, except a few in Persian. to their deluded Countrymen. For the last three hours that we remained + Visit of Native Assistants to a Mela. at the Ghaut, our boat was literally as

295 We subjoin the following account sailed by, great crowds, and we pretty by Christian Tryloke, of a visit made well disposed of our supply,

feel, that so great and populous a

by himself and Thakoor to a Mela

BIRTiew bris Patna)

had been read, I thirty years after Missions have been

After two Tracts had been established in this part India, be left conversed with a Pundit: he quoted a destitute, without the trace of a Missio Sanscrit Verse, which declared that the nary having been here; whilst Missio- repetition of the Name of God blotted out paries are stationed five or six hundred all sins. I said, Respecting this, many miles further

the country.


questions may be asked : I will ask one : dozen Missionaries would hardly be no Whom do you call God? He replied, ticed at places of such dense population *Bishnu” (Vishnu). "Is he the Alas at Patna and Benares, and, I might mighty God?” “No; but he is a part of add, Mirzapore and Ghazeepore! Here God.” How do

you prove this ?” He I dismissed the Readers ; Kurrum Mes- then brought forward the usual illustration seeh going to his post at Buxar; Tha- of the Pitchers (explained in a subsequent koor to Chunar; and Lalla, through Tir- part of this little Narrative). I asked, hoot and his village,to reclaim his Family, this apply to Bishnu, or to all and then to Chunar. Left Patna at

To all men. If to all, then

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