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a part of his village as a gift to the ciety. I likewise looked over my ChroMission. At the beginning of last year, nology of Universal History, which I I was told of his intention to do so, but the have sent to the Corresponding Comopposition of his neighbours seems to mittee for printing; and revised an Enhave prevented his hitherto executing his glish Pronouncing Vocabulary, which I wish: at last he has made a firm resolu- had formerly compiled for our English tion, notwithstanding all their threats. Schools. He is childless, and has otherwise no May 7-A busy time with the Catesuitable relations; and rather than that, chists and Schoolmasters as usual; and after his death, the whole should fall the pressure of business increases with into the rapacious hands of his neigh- every month. Who is equal to this great bours, he wishes to present a part to

work ? the Mission, valued at about 101 Rupees : May 19 - This evening, set off for He desires that a School be established Mooneinjahpettah. on the Estate. He meant to gain Hea May 29 - Arrived safely again in ven by this charity; but I undeceived Palamcottah. I visited, in this journey, him on this subject, and told him, plainly, the Congregations in eleven villages. that without the grace of our Lord Jesus In Mooneinjahpettali I baptized the Christ he could not be saved.

old sick father of our Catechist there, The Congregations exhibit an encou who had long been in the service of the raging increase during the last year. Tanjore Mission as Schoolmaster, but There are now 53 Catechist Stations, who had become impressed with the truth with 205 Villages ; 1855 Families or of Christianity, by reading the TranslaHouses, containing 6243 souls, which tion of the New Testament and our form now our Congregations. This is Tracts; and who had requested his son, an increase of 1938 souls in the course

before he knew that I would come to his of the year, since July last. May the place, to convey him in a cart to PalamLord Jesus Christ be soon glorified cottah, that he might receive Baptism throughout this land !

before his death, which he is expecting.

He had, before this, often requested BapExtracts from Rev. B. Schmid's Journal. tism, but we deferred it. In Kaloogoovi.

April 9, 1829-Whilst instructing the ley, I baptized 15 Adults and 1 child; and Preparandi, a man from Tutecoryn came in Poodoor, 2 men, 1 woman, and 6 childin, who had a charm tied round his arm, ren of persons who had formerly been and asked for the Gospel of St. Luke, admitted to this Ordinance. Most of saying, that he had St. Matthew and those in Kaloongooviley had wished for Mark in his possession. As, on exami- Baptism for one or two years, and I was nation, I found that he was entirely un greatly pleased with their Christian knowacquainted with the contents of these two ledge, although none of them can read. Gospels, I thought it useless to give him One, very poor and unable to work, a third, and exhorted him to read the whose wife had just met with a serious others with more attention; but offered accident which brought on her a dangerhim a little Tract, explaining and ap ous sickness, spoke so joyfully of the salplying Christ's Parable of the Merchant, vation of Christ, and of the care of the who sought and found the precious pearl. Creator, that I was astonished. Another He looked at it with great contempt, and said, that he had been greatly shaken said, Of what use is such a little book ? in his mind, by hearing in a PrayerThis is not the Vedam; this verse has not Meeting the verse Blessed are the pure been revealed by God, but only by in heart; and that he had obtained the Christ:' and in this strain he went on assurance of the forgiveness of his sins. for some time. Intending to speak with Another, after his awakening, began to him more fully afterward, I requested learn the Alphabet from the Catechist, him to sit down and hear my instruc- by attending the School when his fieldtions, which he did ; but when, at the labour allows it. The Catechist related conclusion, I knelt down to pray, he dis to me many pleasing instances of a total appeared, as if afraid of some enchant- change of mind and conduct. Of the ment.

two men whom I baptized in Poodoor, April, 30-During this month I was one is on the brink of the grave : he demuch occupied in revising my Transla clared that the worship of the Father had tion of the Homily on Pentecost, for the given him no blessing, but that he was Calcutta Prayer-Book and Homily So- convinced that, through the Son, Christ,


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he would obtain salvation, and had al- rapidly as we could wish, yet I think I ready found joy and peace. I gave him, can say more so than we could expect, in Baptism, the name Koomâradasen considering the depth of ignorance and (Servant of the Son). The other man the power of habit from which they had been, some time back, recommended have to come out. Often I was con by the Congregation as a Schoolmaster strained to say to myself, Of a truth, for their Children: I took him to Palam- this is the work of the Holy Spirit !” cottah to learn the system; and here he In all the Stations which I visited, I approved himself so well, that he has conversed with Heathens who had just been received among the number of Pre come forward, and several of them atparandi, that he may become Assistant tended Divine Service for the first Catechist. The woman who was there time; especially in Mooneinjahpettah, received into the Christian Church is and Kaloongooviley, or rather in its vicilikewise very old : she had been for- nity, there seems to be a stir amongst merly much addicted to the worship of the Heathens; and in Tadenkoollam, the the evil spirits, attending at all sacri- Mahomedan, Meerâmienâ visited me, tofices and dances, and was very quarrel- gether with the Son of the late Priest some: since she became acquainted with and several Mahomedan Youths, and Christianity, she removed to this place, discussed about Mahomedanism and and has become quite an altered charac- Christianity for more than two hours, ter, according to the united testimony of many Heathens listening. I offered them the Congrogation. In Kaloongooviley, suitable books, which they took with hesifive Soodras attended the Service, and tation ; but afterwards they came again, said afterwards to the Catechist, “ Your and earnestly requested more. Meerâ Minister speaks very fair: this Religion menâ, I hear, is resorted to by the other is so holy, that no man can live as he Mahomedans of the village, as their arbisays: does he himself live as he says ?” ter and advocate : he is an intelligent The Catechist replied, “ By the grace of and temperate man. God all men could live so, if they be May 30, 1829- All the Schoolmasters lieved; and that faith is the gift of God.” from the neighbourhood of Palamcottah In Veeranalloor, where I arrived quite and many other people were assembled. unexpectedly on Sunday night, I found After having finished some business conthe Prayer-House in such a state, that I nected with the School, I gave an account concluded that there had not been Divine of my tour; and, after having requested Service performed in it for several days one of the young Heathens, whom I am past. The Catechist confessed this; and preparing for a Schoolmaster, and who has alleged as the cause the very busy time of accompanied me, to relate what he had the Shanars at this season of the year. observed among the Christian CongreWhen the people heard of my arrival, they gations, I concluded with an earnest Adcame together for Prayer : in my Ad dress to the Heathen Schoolmasters, not dress, I took occasion to tell them that to let their time of Grace pass away by the Lord would not bless their labour if continuing to halt between two opinions. they neglected the Means of Grace en They seemed to go away with thoughtful tirely: to which the Headman replied in countenances. a lively manner, “ That is true : we have May 31: Sunday-Performed Divinie experienced this last year, when we Service in Tinnevelly, and baptized likewise neglected Divine Service: the the infant of a Native Christian. The Lord sent fevers, whereby we lost more, Service, and the Introductory Address, even in a temporal respect, than we were attentively listened to by many gained by not coming to Prayer.” Several Heathens standing outside. others expressed their conviction of the June 3—Received application for sevetruth of this declaration; and they promis- ral Schools, but could not accede to the ed that this should not occur again. It was request, particularly because there are no evident to me that it is the Catechist's fault; well-qualified Masters. and he was sharply reproved. This was June 20 — Six Brahmins, from a the only unpleasant circumstance which I village where a School has been estawitnessed during the tour among the Con blished at the request of four Brahmins gregations; and I have returned with the there, came to me, and complained that clear conviction, that Divine Knowledge the Soodra Schoolmaster, who had been and Divine Life are steadily increasing placed there on their own recommendain all the Congregations ; although not so tion, did not prove clever; and requested

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me to employ one of their own number as assistance of a rich Pariar and his de Schoolmaster. When I observed to them, pendants, it is believed the Cars could that I had not seen some of them be- not have been drawn through the streets fore, nor had they subscribed their names as usual; and once, when the great Car to the request for the School, they replied, was so much shaken that the Idol had that they had not then known what almost fallen down, the people made vaChristianity was; but that since, by read- rious remarks on the vanity of these Idols ; ing our books, they had been convinced and a Brahmin said, “We see that Christ of its excellency. It appears to me, that gets the upper hand.

These things the wearing off of their prejudices has also admonish us to be now more cautious encouraged the Brahmin Schoolmaster than ever before, in our proceedings; but to offer his services to us. I examined at the same time to abound also in prayer him: he understands Tamul; and, as the and zeal, forasmuch as we see evidently Soodra Schoolmaster is really not clever, that the Lord has arisen, and exerts His I ordered him to come with me to Satang Mighty arm to assume to Himself the koollam, and appointed the Brahmin in victory: let us only quietly and humbly his stead. They declared, without hesi follow His hints, and boldly enter where tation, their conviction that Idolatry leads He openeth. In Tinnevelly itself a to many sins, but that Christianity is a crisis in the conflict between light and holy Religion. More Brahmin Boys darkness, or rather between Christ and already attend the School than Soodras: the Wicked One, seems to be drawing this is certainly the Lord's doing, for near. May God grant that it pass over which we ought to be thankful and take without violent conyulsions ! courage.

June 26,1829.-General Examination of The great Heathen Feast has been 10 Schools which are nearest to Palamcelebrated in Tinnevelly; during which cottah : 212 Children were present. A the decay of Idolatry in this District be. novel appearance it was, to see some nice came more evident than ever before: Brahmin Boys amongst the Children : very few, comparatively, came from the some Girls were also present. They villages to draw the Idol Cars; and when were rewarded with money and clothes ; the Police Peons called on the Brahmins and when we gave, at the conclusion, a and other influential persons in several number of Children's Tracts to the best villages to send their people, they are readers as additional rewards, the childsaid to have replied, that the inhabitants ren pressed with such eagerness round of the different towns ought to draw their the table, that we were obliged to give own Cars; and when the Peons impor two large parcels of Tracts to the Masters tuned them, they threatened that they for distribution amongst them at their diswould become Christians. Without the cretion,


ABSTRACT OF THE REPORT. An Abstract of the Annual Report, in One Sheet, has been prepared for the use of the Associations, as intimated in the Circular of the Committee of the 10th of August last. Such Associations as may wish to use this Abstract, for circulation within their respective Districts, instead of printing a Local Report, are requested to apprise the Secretaries, as early as possible, of the number of copies which they may require. Should the Abstract be thus used generally by the Associations, a considerable saying would, it is conceived, be effected to the Funds of the Society.

PROCEEDINGS OF ASSOCIATIONS. Yorkshire-May 9: Sermons by Rev.T.Woodrooffe'; Morning, at St. John's Church, Hull, Coll. 271. 6s. ;

Afternoon, at St. Mary's, Coll. 81. 178. ; Evening, at Drypool, Coll. 91. 168. : by Rev. R. Mayor ; Evening, at Christchurch, Coll. 15l. 6s. : by Rev. B. Ward, Morning, at Beverley Minster, Coll. 61. 108. ; Afternoon, at St. Mary's, Coll. 71. 88. : by Rev. J. Graham, at Malton, Colls. 81. 175. 6d. — May 10: Anniversary of the Hull and East Riding Association; Rev. T. Dikes, Chn., Colls. after Morning and Evening Meetings, 661. 168.-May 10: Sermon by Rev. B. Ward, at St. John's Church, Coll. 221. 18. - May 12: Anniver. sary of the Beverley Association, Rev. W. Gilbee, Chn., Coll. 131. 38. 4d.-May 12: Meeting at Hesle, Rev. J. Scott, Chn., Coll. 41. 138. 6d.-May 13: Anniversary Meeting at Whitby; Richard Moorsom, Esq. Chn., Coll. 81. 168. 7d. - May 14: Malton Anniversary, Rev. – Binns, Chn., Coll. 61. 28. 6d.-May 161: Sermons by Rev. F. Leicester; Morning, at St. Saviour's, York, Coll. 261. 108. 5d. ; Afternoon, at Holy Trinity, Coll. 71. 148.; Evening, at St. Michael-leBelfrey, Coll. 291. Os. 10d.: by Rev. T. Woodrooffe ; Morning, at Tadcaster, Coll. 91. 78. 20. ; Afternoon, at (St. Crux, Coll. 141. 8s. Id. : by Rev. B. Ward, Morning and Afternoon, at Thirsk, Colls. 121. 98.

- May 17: Tadcaster Anniversary; Rev. T. Richardson, Chn., Coll. 77. 128. 10d. – May 18: Anni.

versary of the York Association ; W. Gray, Esq. 61. 128. ; and in the 'Evening at Newark, Rev. J. Chn.; Colls. after Morning and Evening Meet Storer, Chn., Coll. 121. 38. 6d. --May,20: Retford Assoinge, 1201. 18. - May 19: Meeting at Easingwold ; ciation; the Senior Bailiff, Chn., Colls. after MornRev. W. Gray, Chn., Coll. 41. 138. -- May 20: Meet

ing and Evening Meetings, 181. 48. 6d. ing at Thirsk ; Rev. - Metcalfe, Chn., Coll. 77. 108. Leicestershire-May 2: Sermons by Rev. J. Owen, - May 21 : Association formed at Richmond, Rev.

Morning at Upper Broughton, Coll. 21. 178. ; AfterBarnes, Chn., Coll. 81. 108. 3d. – May 23: Ser noon at Grimstone: Coll. 31. 28.- May 9: Sermons, mons by Rev. T. Woodrooffe, Morning and After. by Rev. J. Babington, Morning, at Burrow, Coll. noon, at Middleham, Colls. 121. : by Rev. B. Ward, 21. ; Afternoon, at South Croxton, Coll. 11. 168. : by Morning, at St. Paul's, Leeds, Coll. 421. 08. 4d.; and Rev. E. Hoare, at Keyham: Coll. 31. 18, ; by Rev.W. Afternoon, at Roundhay, Coll. 101. 10%. Ild. -- May Richards, at Cosby, Coll. 31.-May 16: Sermons, by 24: Anniversary of Leeds Association ; - Hall, Rev. E. Bickersteth, Morning, at St. Martin's, LeiEsq., Chn., Coll. 71. 88. 4d. – May 25 : Anniver. cester, Coll. 261. 8s. 6d. ; Afternoon, at Barkby, sary Meeting at Middleham; Rev. E. Otter, Chn., Coll. 87. 88. 6d. ; Evening, at St. Mary's: Coll. 251. Coll. 41. 8s. 6d. - May 26: Sermon, by Rev. F. 108. 4d. ; by Rev. R. Mayor, at Desford, Coll. Leicester, at Boroughbridge: Coll. 121. Os. 2d. - 71. 28. 9d.: by Rev. G. Bugg, Morning, at Cossing May 27 : Association formed at Boroughbridge. ton, Coll. 51. 18. 6d. ; Afternoon, at Rothley, Coll. May 23: Sermons by Rev. G. Hazlewood; Morning, Bl. 68. 6d. : by Rev. J. Sankey, at Stony Stanton, at St. Paul's, Sheffield ; Coll. 171. 8s. 3d. ; Afternoon, Coll. 51. 08. 2d. ; by Hon. and Rev. H. D. Erskine, at at Attercliffe, Coll. 41. 188. ; Evening, at St. Philip's, Oadby, Coll. 61. 18.-May 17: Leicester Anniversary Coll. 81.38. ld.-May 24: Anniversary of the Sheffield Meeting, T. Babington, Esq., Chn, Coll. 61. 138. 5d. Association, Henry Walker, Esq. Chn., Colls. after --May 18: Rothley Meeting, T. Babington, Esq.. Morning and Evening Meetings, including 78. from Chn., Coll. 61. 148. Ad.--May 19: Lutterworth AssoPark Boys' Sunday School, 231. 68. 6d.

ciation, Rev. R. H. Johnson, Chn., Coll. 251. 128. 10d. Derbyshire-May 9: Sermons by Rev. J. Hartley,

Edmonton-June 13: Sermons by Rev. F. LeicesMorning, at St.Werburgh's, Derby, Coll. 251. 158.9d.;

ter,' no Coll. - June 15: Anniversary of the AsAfternoon, at Langley, Coll. 81. 98. 6d. ; Evening, at

sociation; Rev. T. Sale, Chn., Coll. 72. 108. 2d. St. Michael's, Coll. 41. (s. 5d.: by Rev. G. Hazle.

Godstone- June 13: Sermons by Ven. Archdeacon wood, Morning and Evening at Ashbourne, Colls. Hoare,' Colls. 211. 58. 10d. - June 16: Anniversary, 311. 08. 7d. ; Afternoon, at Parwich, Coll. Ill. 19s. Ed. : Ven. Archdelteon Hoare, Chn., Colls. after Morning by Rev. R. Simpson, Morning and Evening at Mat

and Evening Meetings, 311. 118. 2d. lock, Colls. 141. 158. 7d.; and Afternoon at Bonsal,

Hackney -- June 2: Anniversary Meeting, Sir Coll. 51, : by Rev. P. Gell, Morning and Evening at George Rose, Chn., Coll 1411. 68. 3d. Chesterfield, Colls. 211. : by Rev. T. Hill, Afternoon, Dover- June 15 : Formation of Association : Pres. at Bolsover, Coll, 21. 58. 104. – May 10: Meeting J.P. Plumptre, Esq. ; Vice Pres. James B.Wildman, at Staunton, Henry Smith, Esq. Chn., Coll. 121.

Esq. ; Benjamin Harrison, Esq. ; Treas. J. Finnis, 9s. 5d. -- May 11: Anniversary of Derby Associa Esq. ; Secs. Edward Knocker, Jun., Esq. ; William tion, Sir Matthew Blackiston, Bart. Chn., Çolls.

Wickes, Esq. : Coll. 181. 28. 6d. after Morning and Evening Meetings, 684. 168. 20. - Rochford -- May 2: Sermons, Morning, by Rev. May 12: Ashbourne Meeting; Sir M. Blakiston, - Bailey ; and Afternoon, by Rev. R. Mayor ; Colls. Bart. Chn., Colls, after Morning and Evening Meet Jincluding 21. 178. 10d. collected at Meeting', 151. ings, 21. 18. 5d. - May 13: Matlock Meeting, Ed. 108. 6d. ward Radford, Esq. Chn., Coll. 111. 1s. 6d. - May 14: The following Associations have been formed in Anniversary of Chesterfield Association, Rev. T. South Wales :Hill, Chn., Coll. 81, 108.-May 16 : Sermons by Rev. Brecon --May 20: Pres. --Vaughan, Esq. ; Treas. G. Hazlewood, Morning at St. Peter's, Derby, Coll. and Sec. Rev. R. Bevan, Coll. 31. 108. 8d. 21.48.7d. ; Afternoon, at St. John's, Coll. 281. 118. ld. s Merthyr-Tydvil - May 21 : Treas. Mr, George Evening, at Ockbrook, Coll. 261. 8s. Ild. i by Rev. Pierce ; Secs. Rev. E. Jenkins, and Rev. J. Jones, G. Woodhouse, at Melbourne, Coll. 131. 158. 6d. Coll. 31. 108. 10d. Sermons, in English and Welsh,

Lincolnshire-May 16: Sermons by Rev. J. Hart by Rev. D. Rees, and Rev.J. Jones, Colls. 81. 168. 5d. ley, Morning, at Navenby, Coll. 61. 38. 4d.; After. Swansea-May 23: Sermons, by Rev. E. Jenkins, noon, at Ancaster, Coll. 41. 108.; Evening, at Silk. in English and Welsh, in St. John's Chapel, Colls. Willoughby, Coll. 121. 178.--May 18: Lincoln Asso 51. 198. 20.-- May 24: Formation of Auxiliary; Treas. ciation; Rev. G. Quilter, Chn., Coll. 221. 88. 101. - 'J. Grove, Esq. ; Secs. Rev. B. Evans, Rev. H. Wil. May 21 : Gainsborough Association ; Rev.G.:Beckett, jiams, Rev. J. Phillips, Coll. 41. 158. Collection from Chn., Coll. 151. 78. 8d.

the Parishioners of Llandeevy and Llangenith, by Nottinghamshire-May 19: Meeting in the Morn. Rev. S. Phillips, 6l. ing at Collingham, Rev, J. Mayor, Chn.: Coll.



Mediterranean Mission-In a Letter, with Mr. Mitchell at Bandora, and purdated Jidda, Nov. 30, Mr. Gobat states, suing the study of Mahratta; and Mr. that he and Mr. Kugler, accompanied by and Mrs. Farrar were stationed at Bastwo Abyssinians, had, by the Providence of God, proceeded thus far on their way Australasia Mission-Despatches down to Abyssinia. It was their intention to to the end of December, and beginning leave Jidda on the 3d of December, in of January, have been received from an Arab Vessel, which would convey New Zealand; by which it appears that them to Massouah.

all the Members of the Mission were in Western-India Mission-Letters have good health. The Rev. S. Marsden, with been received from Messrs. Dixon and one of his daughters, left New South Farrar, under date of the 7th and 11th Wales on the 16th of February, on anoof January. Mr. Dixon was residing ther visit to New Zealand.

Contribution List.
ASSOCIATIONS IN AND NEAR LONDON. Wiltshire: Tilshead and Vicinity-
Bridewell Chapel..

9 90 Coll. at Church, after Sermon Camberwell, Peckham, and Dulwich :

by Rev. T. Newton.......... 5 5 1 Coll. at St. Matthew's

Ditto, at Rolston Church, after Ser. Chapel, Denmark Hill,

mon by ditto..

4 0 1 after Sermon by Hon.

Contributions: Shrewton.... 1 10 3 & Rt. Rev. Ld. Bp. of

10 15 5 Lichfield & Coventry 34 1 8


0 12 0 Expenses... 2 10 0

10 3 5 31 11 8 Worcestershire: Bromsgrove.

15 0 Benefaction: Clayton, W. esq.,

Yorkshire :
Isle of Wight

50 0 0
81 11 8

39 14 2 Islington..

GO 0 0

Hull and East Riding, 194 12 0 North-East London .......

... 258 2 8

Legacy of James AsPercy Chapel .......

27 13 6 troppe Stovins, Esq. St. John's Chapel..

30 0 0

by Mr R. Boyle, Ex. 180 0 0 Sundries....

2 4 0



70 16 Bedfordshire ...


Ripon: Basket of Ladies' Work, 21 17 6 Brecknockshire: Hay..

12 0 0

Sheffield : Cambridgeshire

...... 150 0 0

Legacy of George Ibbetson, esq. Cornwall: Penryn

3 09

late of Sheffield by the Exor. Devon and Exeter :

W. Ibbetson Horne, esq.... 50 00

42 2 8

191 11 3 Durham ....

22 0 0

Sale of Ladies' Work 11 4 6 Essex : Chelmsford

62 13 6

India School Fund. 16 17 6 Hampshire, South:

219 13 3

778 2 5 Benefaction, being a fine for breach of contract and loss of time

4 0 0

Hereford ...

45 0 0
Bird, W. G. esq., Lichfield...

15 18 0 Kent:

Horsley, Miss, Little Hallingbury

2 0 0 Dovor

43 2 0 Hawkhurst 7 12 11

BENEFACTIONS. Maidstone....

11 2 6

Cockran, rev. W., Missionary in NorthMalling

5 16 1

West America, Arrears of Salary which Rainham.

3 1 0

had accumulated during four years... 54 8 0 Shorne..

4 16 6

Cunninghame, William, esq., Lainshaw... 10 10 0 Sundries

4 9
Gay, G. esq., Champion Hill..

10 10 0 80 0 0 Leicestershire

150 00

SCHOOL FUND. Lincolnshire: Boston

Wiltshire : Coll. after Sermon by Rev. Mr.

Warminster Ladies...

2 1 6 Simpson.....

12 12 10

INSTITUTION BUILDING FUND. Ditto, after Sermon by Rev.J.

King, Rev. T., Carshalton, Surrey..

5 5 0 Raven, at Fishtoft Church .. 2 10 3

Yorkshire : Ditto, after Sermon by Rev.

Hull: Coll. at St. John's Church, after Mr.Simpson, at Skirbeck Ch. 5 16 6

Sermon by Rev. B. Ward.............. 22 10 Meeting.....

11 16 0 Legacy of Miss Marshall, late of

LEGACIES. Beverley, by F.Cooke, esq... 10 0 0

A. B." Jersey, by Rev. P. Filleul...... 18 10 4 Sundries ...

11 4 5

Langham, Miss F. A., late of Clif54 0 0

ton, by the Executors, Rev. Middlesex :

T. S. Vigor and Rev. J. Lang. Edmonton..

48 16 0

ham Dayrell Staines and Vicinity.

.................. 100 00
8 13 0

10 0 0
57 90

90 0 0 Norfolk : Lynn.....

100 0 0

Langham, Miss P. late of Clifton, Northamptonshire: Titchmarsh

by Rev. T.S. Vigor, Sole Exor. 100 0 0 Coll. at Pilton Church, after Ser.


10 0 0 mon by Rev. J. Hartley..... 6 6 0

90 00 Ditto, at Titchmarsh Church,

Lattman, Mrs Augusta, by R. after Sermon by ditto........ 9 12 7

Marston, esq. Sole Executor Meeting...

15 16 9

1001. Reduced 3 per Cents. Sale of Work ........

8 4 8
and Interest.....

94 50 40 00 One-fourth of Residue of Estate, 449 1 0 Nottinghamshire:

543 6 0 Newark and its|Vicinity, including 61. 128.

Sturling, Miss Lucy, by W. Kindle, esq.... 5 00 from Collingham and Langford, and 61. 178. 6d. from Claypole

28 00 IN AID OF THE DEFICIENCY OF THE Staffordshire : Yoxall and Hamstall..... 15 16 6

FUNDS. Surrey: Guildford and Vicinity

......... 125 0

0 Strachan, J. M. esq., Teddington Grove, Warwickshire: Rugby ... 100 00 Middlesex......

50 0 0

The Committee thankfully acknowledge the receipt of a Paper Parcel of Fancy Articles from Mrs Sheppard, for Schools in India; a Paper Parcel from the British Ladies' Maternal Society; a Box of Fancy Articles; a Box from the late Mrs E. Nicholas, Bewdley; a Paper Parcel from

Mrs W. Williams ; a Box of Fancy Articles, for Schools in India, from Friends in Gloucestershire, by Mrs Maitland; a Paper Parcel from the Countess of Tyrconnel ; also 6 Copies of aVol. of Sermons from Rev. Warrell Fenn of Kirby Le Soken; and Sundry Books from Mrs Parnell of Dublin.

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