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The Same.


whose education they are the appointed Mr. Ward's Letter to the Grand Mo


250 guardians.

[The Same,

Report of the Colombo Bible Assoc.
Further Openings for Schools.

Messrs. Lambrick and Selkirk. If we were permitted by the Com

Translations. mittee, we could, in a very short time, The Translating of the Scriptures has double the number of our Schools. The been continued in a progressive state people of villages around us, and many since last year's Meeting, except with of them as near and as accessible as those

the intermission occasioned by the diswhere some of our Schools are now si missal of the Native Assistant, which tuated, frequently depute their Headmen continued till the vacancy was supplied. to come to us, and say, “Sirs, the people Not long after the last Meeting, Mr. of our village are living in ignorance and Lambrick and Mr. Selkirk commenced sin : they are worshippers of Idols : they labouring together in this work. The have no knowledge of the God whom you Revision of what had formerly been done speak about: will you establish a School by Mr. Lambrick alone has proceeded, in our village, that our children may be and is prepared for the Press, so far as taught, and that we ourselves may also the middle of St. John's Gospel; which, learn something about another world ?" when finished, will form a connected When thus appealed to, is it not a little Series of the Books of the New Testahard to be compelled to say to them— ment, from the Gospel of St. Matthew to not, perhaps, in so many words: “We the Epistle to the Romans inclusively. cannot pay attention to your request: Genesis only has been printed of the we cannot give you any assistance: your Old Testament; and we purpose, if the children must get learning how they can, Lord will, to proceed next with the and of what sort they can: they must Psalms, and afterwards to return to Exoeither continue in their present state of dus, and go through the Pentateuch and ignorance, or they must imbibe, now in Historical Books in order. their childhood, all the errors which you yourselves have learned, and which are contained in your own books. We can

Congregations. not afford to take them under our charge, tions, though far from what we could wish

The present state of our Congregaor give them an Instructor to communicate unto them one ray of heavenly

it, yet, compared with what it formerly light from the Book of Life.” At present Communicants has increased during the

was, is encouraging. The number of we are often obliged to answer their re

last year. They do not all manifest that quests in this manner. [Red, J. Selkirk.

decided change which it is desirable to Press.

find in them; but as they are persons of The Press has been fully employed, in

correct moral conduct, as far as I am printing the Scriptures-the New Testa able to ascertain, who wish to commement having been carried to the middle morate the death of their Saviour, I of St. Luke's Gospel-and several Cin- do not think it right to exclude them. galese Tracts, together with a Treatise In one or two instances I have felt on Arithmetic, in English, for the use of myself called upon to do this, as the the Youths of the Institution. The number persons desiring to be admitted to the of copies of each work is as follows :

Lord's Table never came to Church exEpistle to the Romans.

750 cept on that ocsasion ; for though their St. Mark

750 moral conduct in other respects might be St. Luke (to the 12th Chapter]

750 Cingalese Catechism

irreproachable, their total neglect of the

500 Mr. Selkirk's Tracts against Idolatry.. 2000

Ministry of the Word marked a mind Treatise on Arithmetic in English... 250

little interested in Divine things. A few Allegory on the Gospel Scheme, in Cin

of the Communicants afford me great galese Verse, by Mr. Trimnell 500 pleasure, by their steady attachment to Cingalese Spelling Book, 1st Part 250

the good ways of the Lord, and an inRules of the Colombo Pettah Library. 100 creasing desire to benefit their fellowEnglish Letter to the Modeliars... 50

(Rev. T. Browning. The Fourth Commandment,inCingalese, 2000 Mr. Bailey's English Hymn Book. 500

Indifference to the Means of Grace. Assembly's Shorter Catechism... 200 Mr. Browning's Cingalese Letter to

It is often a source of deep regret to Protestants in Kandy...,

100 me, that I have so few to preach to, Tract containing the Lord's Prayer,

whilst hundreds around are perishing for Creed, and Decalogue ....


lack of knowledge; but they will not



come to Christ, that they may have life. I assertion : now I see it: now I rejoice frequently admonish those who, by any oc in it: God's Holy Name be praised! casional Service, are induced to assemble The Children are indeed a motley group, together, of their neglect of the Sabbath consisting of Cingalese,Portuguese, Dutch, and the House of God: some appear Malays, Malabars, and Half-castes; of careless, others ashamed, and others Buddhists, Gentoos, Mahomedans, Cathoseem to say, by their looks, and some lics, and Protestants; but they all, for times they do make the assertion, “We the most part, understand the Cingalese will attend to these things better in fu- Language, in which the Service is conture:” their subsequent inattention, how ducted, and join in the exercises of prayer ever, shews that such impressions were and praise to Him who is no respecter neither very deep nor lasting. Some of of persons, and who will gather into His the Communicants in the Portuguese kingdom a people from all nations. Congregation have proved a great trial

[The Same, Jan. 20, 1830. to me, by absenting themselves from Pub

State of the Heathen.
lic Worship. The Sunday after Christmas The views of the unhappy-Idolaters
I had purposed to administer the Lord's around us are, alas! unchanged by Missio-
Supper, and had given notice accord-

nary Exertion. The Name of Jesus is ingly; but not one Communicant was

not yet precious to them, nor is His present. Thus they plainly shewed that salvation desired by them: the sweet inthey loved the carnal festivities of the vitations of mercy seem lost upon them, season better than the feast of love and the calls to repentance and newness which the Saviour instituted in remem of life appear to be made in vain : they brance of Himself. The few Communi still continue devoted to superstition and cants in the Cingalese Congregation walk idolatry, the willing slaves of ignorance, very consistently. MayGod confirm them sin, and Satan. Yet it may be hoped in the Faith, and add many more to their that the gradual diffusion of knowledge number!

(The Same. among them will tend, under the guidance Schools.

of God's Holy Spirit, to enlighten their The state of the Schools, 10 in num minds, to remove their prejudices, and to ber, connected with this Station, is pro- convince them of the fallacy of Idolatry, mising : the number of Scholars on the and of their need of a Saviour. I someLists is 199, with an average attendance times think, when examining the Children of 131. The plan adopted of paying the in the Schools, and hearing them answer Masters according to the actual improve 80 promptly questions that effect the ment of the children, and of rewarding fundamentals of their system, or when the most attentive scholars every six hearing the sons of the Kandian Chiefs months, has proved of great service, in translating into English the Tract against stimulating the reluctant, and encou Idolatry or Mr. Ward's Letters to the raging those who are inclined to exert Grand Modeliar, that, surely, the imthemselves. While one Master has re pressions made on their tender minds by ceived eighteen or nineteen dollars in these instructions cannot be easily efa month, another, possessing equal ad- faced. The blessing of God alone can vantages, has not realized five; and, make such means effectual: but, while while some children have reaped the re we use them with faith in Him, wo may ward of their diligence, by receiving a hope that He will not withhold His piece of cloth, or some other little present, blessing.

(The Same. at the end of six months, others have

Want of a Fellow-Labourer. borne the shame of their inattention, and I have still to urge the plea, already received nothing.

(The Same. again and again and again repeated, Altendance on the Week-day Catechetical namely, my ardent wish that more efforts Lecture.

could be made for the evangelizing of the The Congregation of Children on Wed. Kandian Country. Could another Missionesdays is the most numerous, and in nary be sent to Kandy, an interesting some respects the most gratifying part scene of labour would open before him; of my Ministerial Labours. If I had been and we, so far separated from Christian told, a few years ago, that I should see in Friends, should rejoice in the society of a Kandy upward of a hundred Children Fellow-labourer like-minded with ourassembled for Catechetical Instruction, selves.

[The Same. and joining with apparent devotion in the Liturgy of our Church, I should have

Ministry of the Word. found great difficulty in crediting the We continue, as usual, to visit the


people from house to house; and also

Female' School. preach, as often as we possibly can, at

The Girls' School continues to go on the Schools, where we generally meet tolerably large Congregations : and, al- pretty well : the attendance is very fucthough we do not perceive any fruit of our

tuating. In the seasons of sowing, weed. ·labours among them-although we doing, and reaping, very many of them

are required to work in the fields, or to not know of any turning from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto

keep house whilst their parents are laGod-yet we rejoice to say, that there is

bouring there : when, however, they ata glimmering light breaking forth amidst improve, both in reading and needle

tend School, they appear desirous to the gross darkness which covers the

work. people. [Rev. Messrs. Trimnell and Faught. Scriptures in their own language with

Many of them can read the Schools.

considerable fluency. Mrs. Trimnell has We have established 5 Schools since selected from the Girls two who appearour last Annual Meeting; and, including ed to be well disposed; and has taken the Boarding and Day Schools, have 13: them entirely under her care,as Boarders, the average attendance of the Scholars,

on the Mission account: they have hitheron a week-day, is 275; and on the Sun to conducted themselves with propriety. day, 219. These continue to afford us

[The Same. increasing satisfaction. The children are by no means deficient of intellect; on

Want of additional Female Schools. the contrary, they have very retentive I stated, in a former Letter, my intenmemories, with a great aptness to tion of establishing Female Schools; and learn. Mr. Faught, who superintends should liave done so, if the late Regulathe Monthly Examinations, which, in tions of our Society had not prevented consequence of the increase of Schools, me: one of which is, Not to increase require five days, at least, in every the permanent expense of our Mission month, is obliged to limit the Boys to Station.” I do sincerely regret the being Thirty Lessons, which is about equal to obliged to relinquish the plan of Female 75 verses of the Gospels. We consider Education; but see the propriety of it, this plan more advisable, as the quality under existing circumstances. Oh! that rather than the quantity is to be attended

our Ladies at home would seriously reto; and, as each class is separately exa flect on the deplorable condition of those mined by Mr. Faught, he can conse in the East, whose sex, in a special dequently spend more time in impressing gree, demands their sympathy. The on their tender minds the truths of our Females here are not much superior to Holy Religion. The answers of the child the beasts that perish. Let British ren at each Examination encourage us

and Irish Ladies remember that they to hope that our labours are not lost on

have immortal souls. them.

[The Same.

[Rev. G. S. Faught, July 13, 1829. Boarding-School for Boys.

Effect of Disappointments. Three of the most promising Boys have We often meet with disappointments been selected from the Day-Schools and in those of whom we had hoped well : admitted on the Boarding Establishment, sometimes some of the Boarding Boys, or and give satisfaction. The total number Schoolmasters, or Servants, of whom we is 13; ten of whom make very satisfac have entertained good hopes, and who tory progress in their various studies, appeared to have spiritual feelings and and are not deficient in knowledge of to walk well for a time, have, by some the Scriptures and Christian Doctrines. expression of their sentiments, or by Their conduct, in general, is good ; but evil conduct, led us to fear that our hopes they manifest very little concern for the of them were too sanguine. Such fresalvation of their souls. It is a great quent disappointments tend to make us grief to us to find these Youths, who excessively suspicious : we are ready to have so long-many of them for some conclude, when any one makes any proyears-enjoyed spiritual privileges, ap- fession of Religion, that he does so from parently still without spiritual life. Some some worldly motive, and that it is only of them afford us more encouragement hypocrisy. We endeavour, however, as than others; and we are willing to hope much as possible, to divest ourselves of that the time will come when we shall this undue suspicion, and to hope the best entertain no doubts or fears of their of those who profess to know or seek the knowing and loving the Lord. [The Same.

Lord. [Rev. G. C. Trimnell, Oct. 10, 1829. (RECORD, Aug. 1830.

2 A


obtain salvation, and desiring to be inMinistry.

structed and conversed with on the subPermission having been obtained from ject of their souls' welfare. Besides frethe Magistrate for our administering Re- quent separate conversations with them, ligious Instruction to the Prisoners con eight of them have since continued to fined in the Jail, on our return from the

meet together on the Sunday, immeAnnual Meeting a Sunday-Morning Ser- diately after the Morning Service; and vice was commenced, and has since been Br. Knight or myself are usually present. continued; Br.Knight and myself attend. Of some of them I have good hope, that ing alternately; or if prevented, a pious the Lord is drawing them to Himself Native is sent. We obtain, by this with the cords of love. The case of means, an Adult Congregation, varying others is more doubtful; but they all from 60 to 70 persons; and cannot but

thus become more especially the objects hope that the faithful appeals thus made of our concern, and the subjects of our to them from the Word of God may be prayers.

[Rev. W. Adley, Dec. 7, 1829. accompanied with Divine Power, and

Schools. made a blessing to their souls.

The Free Schools continue, as it re[Rev. W. Adley, Dec. 7, 1829.

gards numbers and management, nearly State of the Congregations. the same as stated in our last Report: You are aware of the sudden removal they are 19 in number; and contain 739 of one of our Church Members, Br. Ad- Boys, and 84 Girls, exclusive of those ley's Horsekeeper, by death, in conse who form the Spelling and Alphabet quence of the bite of a snake; leaving an Classes. Their progress in learning has honourable and impressive testimony to been, on the whole, as satisfactory as in the truth and transforming influence of any preceding year. the Christian Religion, and to the since A few changes have been made in the rity of his profession. His Wife, whose Boarding-School, by the advancement of first thoughts of Religion may be ascrib some of the Lads to higher classes; and, ed, under Divine Grace, to his efforts in the early part of the year, three and example, has recently received Youths were admitted, to complete the Baptism, and joined the little band who number, viz. 30, as allowed by the So profess to have forsaken all for Christ. ciety. Each class has made consideraMay she be enabled faithfully to tread in ble progress in their studies during the the steps of the Saviour, and thus follow year. Besides giving much of their time her deceased husband ! Two others have to Geography and English Translation also been received into Christian Commu- and Composition, the First Class have nion during the year-one of them, Br. proceeded through the more advanced Adley's Cook, whose case was formerly Rules of Arithmetic, and the Second Class alluded to, as being of a very hopeful na- through the first four Rules. The proture; the other, a Young Man who has gress of the lower classes has been been engaged to assist in the tuition of equally satisfactory. the Youths of the Boarding-School. One

[Rev. Messrs. Knight and Adley. of the Native Members mentioned in the Encouragements from the Progress of the last Report as being under discipline, hav

Scholars. ing, after a long trial, given satisfactory Their general advance in Scriptural evidences of sincere repentance and Knowledge is very encouraging, amidst piety, has been restored. The others

the gross idolatry and superstition that have, in general, with one painful excep- yet prevail around us. But, while we tion, continued to maintain a consistent must here necessarily painfully witness walk; and in some we think we have the sad moral degradation and awful seen considerable evidence that the Work mental bondage in which all are who are of Grace is deepening in their hearts. not made free by Jesus the Son of God,

[Rev. Messrs. Knight and Adley. we are not without many pleasing indiThe Communicants, and others well- cations that the chains by which the disposed towards Religion, had not only great Destroyer of Souls enslaved the been kept in peace and free from evil nations for nearly six thousand years are during our absence from the Station, at loosening, and the period approaching the Annual Meeting, but some little ex when our blessed Saviour shall take to citement of Religious Feeling had taken Himself His great power, and reign over place in many of them, who came, vo

all the kingdoms of the earth. luntarily, expressing their concern to

[Rev. W. Adley, Dec. 7, 1829.


continued; the Gospel has been reguThe Printing-Press has been kept in larly preached at the Station and around constant operation during the year; oc it; the people have been conversed with ; cupying, for several months past, five and many copies of the Scriptures, with persons, as pressmen and compositors, several hundreds of Tracts, have been besides stitchers, binders, &c. The ac distributed: and we cannot but trust counts exhibit an excess of income above that the seed, thus sown in faith and the expenditure, of 259} Rix-dollars.

watered by prayer, will not be lost. The The want of Tracts for distribution in reception of the glorious Gospel of the the District is felt to be very great ; so Son of God, we know, is ultimately certhat, if funds can be raised by our little tain; but its slow progress from year to Tract Society, work may be calculated year makes us more sensible of our own

from this source, nearly sufficient to weakness. May we be led to look more keep one press constantly employed, be simply to the Lord Jehovah, with whom sides what may be required for Schools &c.; is everlasting strength-to plead more which, as it regards works of Science and fervently with the Lord of the Harvest, General Knowledge, have, as yet, had for an increased number of Labourers, scarcely any thing provided for them. and an enlarged measure of success!

(Rev. Messrs. Knight and Adley. and may the happy period be hastened General View of the Station. when Zion shall be a praise in the whole The usual Means of Grace have been earth!

[ The Same.


AUSTRALASIA MISSION. The attention of the Society was the use of the Society, in the presence directed to this part of the world, in of a number of Chiefs who were asthe year 1808, by the Rev. Samuel sembled on the occasion. Here the Marsden, one of the Colonial Chap- Settlers commenced their peaceful lains in New South Wales, then on labours, in the erection of dwellings à visit to England. The two large for themselves and their families, and Islands in the Great South Sea, the cultivation of the soil. It might called New Zealand, to the East of be expected, that, in an undertaking New Holland, and almost the anti- of this nature, many serious difficulpodes of Great Britain, were select- ties would arise: the god of this ed as

a 'sphere for the Society's world would contend fiercely for the exertions. In order to facilitate the dominion which he had so long exintroduction of the Gospel among ercised over these degraded people ; the savage inhabitants of these and, at his instigation, they would Islands, it was deemed advisable to be led to acts of insult and violence form a Settlement; and, for this pur- towards those who were seeking to pose, two persons accompanied Mr. do them good.

do them good. This expectation Marsden on his return to New South has been realized in the history of Wales, in 1809.

the Mission, from its commencement Various obstacles retarded the to the date of the most recent acexecution of this plan till 1815, when counts; and those, who have been it was at length carried into effect; engaged in it, have had many seaa Grant of Land, about 200 acres in sons of painful trial. In the midst, extent, having been made to the however, of the perils to which they Society, by two Native Chiefs; one have been subjected, they have been of whom, Ahoodee 0 Gunna, was sustained and defended by Him in the King of Rangheehoo, where the whose service they were engaged ; first Station of the Society was form- He has compassed them with His ed. The site of the Settlement is favour, as with a shield; and by His in the Bay of Islands, on the north- over-ruling arm, some of the Chiefs east coast of the Northern Island: the

particularly Shunghee, whose Grant was made out and executed, name must be familiar to our readand the Land publicly set apart for ers--were made the instruments of

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