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appeared disposed to hear all that we had manner. First, one of the Ambassadors to say; and, before we left, they said held forth, and intimated that the peace they should pull over in the morning, and would not hold good, because a Chief of perhaps might go up the river.

his People had not been killed, as an March 17, 1830—At sun-rise, observed equivalent for Shunghee; and that he a great number of canoes, and that many

should be afraid to remain at his own were pulling towards the entrance of the place, and would go to live at Kaipara, river. Launched two boats, each having a river to the S.W. He was followed by a white flag; and pulled to the canoes, several others, some of whom spoke to which had landed.

the purpose, and some not to the purpose. March 18—The Natives, who went up And when this was over, the different with us yesterday to make peace, came Tribes mustered on a rising ground and down this morning with some from the had a war-dance. It was a larger body Pa, on their way to Kororarika, to ratify of fighting-men than I have seen before the peace. We acompanied them, in at one time, amounting to about 1000 two boats, as yesterday; and every mark men, more than half of whom had muskets. of native respect was shewn us. The The three Ambassadors remained in the speeches were much better than yesterday. Pa for the night; which part of the cereThe happy accomplishment of mony was to be repeated the next day by

the people of the Pa. their object is thus detailed by Mr.

March 18—The Ambassadors returned W. Williams :

this morning, with three others, from March 17-The minds of the Natives, the Pa; and calling at our Settlement, in reference to peace, having been ascere we accompanied them to Kororarika. A tained, both parties equally manifesting a similar scene occurred to that we witdisposition to put an end to hostilities, it nessed yesterday. The final ratification of was fixed that a meeting should take the peace, as far as I could understand it, place to-day, according to the native cus was the following:- A Chief from Ururoa's tom. At an early hour, we observed se- party repeated a long song, with a small veral canoes in motion from Kororarika stick in his hand, which, at the conclusion, towards the Kauakaua ; and immediately he broke, and threw down at the feet of we put off, in two boats, to meet them. one of the Ambassadors from the opposite The party amounted to about 300, which party: the meaning of which was, that advanced till within a mile of the oppo hostilities were broken off: the latter site party; when the Ambassadors of Chief then repeated a similar form of Peace, three in number, proceeded with words, and cast down his broken stick at us to the Pa. On landing, we proceeded the feet of the former speaker. The Natowards the principal Chiefs; when all tives speak of this peace as made by the sat upon the ground, leaving a narrow Europeans; and I believe they have been space for the Speakers to walk backward much influenced herein by, the presence and forward, which is always the native of Mr. Marsden.


The Instructions of the Committee embarked for New South Wales, on board were delivered to Mr. William Ridsdale

the Craigievar,” Capt. W. Roy, on the on the 27th of July, on occasion of his

14th instant. departure to Ceylon to take charge of the

PROCEEDINGS OF ASSOCIATIONS.. Society's Printing Establishment at Cot

Bedfordskire-August 1. Sermons at Westoning ta ; to the Rev. J. A. Jetter and Mrs. and Haslington by Rev. F. Leicester, Coll. 31. 8s. ld. Jetter on the 6th instant, on occasion of Devonshire - July 19: Meeting at Sidmouth, J. Ken.

naway, Esq. Chn., Coll. 117. (s. 1d. - July 20: Meettheir departure to Syra; and to the Rev.

ing at Teignmouth, R. Joyce, Esq. Chn., Coll. J.J. Weitbrecht and Mr. James Thomp 91. Os. 4d.- July 21: Meeting at Torquay, Rev. R. son on the 24th inst., on occasion of their

Gee, Chn., Coll. 101. 108. 4d.- July 22: Meeting at

Brixham, Y. Buller, Esq. Chn., Coll. 67. ls. 6d.departure to Calcutta. Mr. Ridsdale em

July 23: Meeting at Dartmouth, Col. Seale, Chn., barked for Ceylon, in the “Morning Coll. 61. 148. 2d. - July 25: Sermons at St. Andrew's, Star,” Capt. Adler, on the 2d instant;

Plymouth, Morn. by Rev.J. Hartley, Coll 121. 128.5d.

Even. by Rev. J. Hatchard, Coll. 41 88. 2d. : at and Mr. and Mrs. Jetter, on board the Charles Church, Morn. by Rev. R. Mayor, Coll.

‘Jane," Captain Radcliffe, on the 9th 81. 38. 3d.; Even. by Rev. T. Carne, Coll. 47. 08. 2d : instant. Mr. James Preece, having been

at St. John's, Devonport, Aftn. by Rev. R. Mayor,

Coll. 41. 98. 9d.; Even. by Rev. J. Hartley, Coll. set apart for the New Zealand Mission, - 121. 108. 9d.: at Stonehouse, Morn. by Rev. R. Cox,

Coll. 121. 148. 3d.; Even. by Rev. R. Mayor, Coll. Hertfordshire-August 8: Sermons, by Rev. Prof. 61. 58. 8d.: at St. Budeaux, by Rev. S. Rowe, Coll. Farish, at Cheshunt, Coll. 251. 78.; Meeting, Rev. 31. 28. 6d.-July 26: Meeting at Plymouth, H. Wool M. M. Preston, Chn., Coll. 121. 138. 2d. combe, Esq. Chn., Coll. 121. 58. 1d.—July 27: Meet * Leicestershire - July 17: Meeting at Kegworth, ing at Devonport, Rev. T. M. Hitchins, Chn., Coll. Coll. 31.58. — July 18: Sermon, at Lockington, by 51. 88. – July 28: Meeting at Hatherleigh, Coll. Rev. B. Ward, Coll. 31. lls. ; at Hathem, Coll. 51. 28.-July 29: Meeting at Bideford, C. Smale, Esq. 11. 158. — July 19: Meeting at Wimeswold, Coll. Chn., Coll. 21.108. 8d.

31. 38. 6d. Dorsetshire-July 18: Sermons by Rev. J. Hartley,

Shropshire - July 20: Meeting at Sutton.- July at Sherborne, Coll. 81. 28. 6d.; Barwick, Coll. 61. :

25: Sermon, by Rev. B. Ward, at Pulverbatch, Coll.

91. 18. by Rev. John Hatchard, at Cerne, Coll. 61. 14s. 8d. ; Buckland, Coll. 31. 178. 7d. ; Hasleburg, Coll. 51.

Somersetshire-July 15: Meeting at Yeovil, Rev. - August 1: Sermons, by Rev. John Hatchard,

R. Philips, Chn., Coll. 171. 68. 3d. - July 16: Meeting at Wareham, Colls. Morn. 51. 28. 2d. ; Aftn.

at Kingsdon, Coll. 61. 18. 10d.-July 18: Sermon, at 21. 13s. 5d. : by Rev. J. Hartley, Morn. at Wyke

Yeovil, by Rev. J. Hartley, Coll. 141. 8s. Regis, Coll. 161. 12.s.; Aftn. at Radipole, Coll.

Wiltshire - July 13: Sermon, at Warminster, by 21. 18. ; and Even. at Preston, Coll.41. 98. 60: by Rev.

Rev. J. Hartley, (Coll. 161. 138. ; Meeting. Rev. W. S. Robins, at Poole, Coll. 141. 18. ld. - August 2: Dally, Chn., Coll. 241. 78. - July 14: Sermon, at Meeting at Poole, Rev. P. W. Joliffe, Chn., Coll. Hindon Church, by Rev. J. Hartley, Coll. 81. 101. 188.7d. - August 3: Meeting at Wareham, Rev. August 8: Sermons, at St. Thomas's Church, Salis. R Fayle, Chn., Coll. 61. 28. 8d.-August 4: Meeting bury, by Rev. J. Hartley, Morn. Coll. 111. 128. 6d.; at Weymouth, Rev. G. Chamberlain, Chn., Coll. Even. Coll. 102 78. 3d.-August 9: Meeting at Salis151. 38. and a Donation of 201. from T. F. Buxton, bury, Rev. Prebendary Lear, Chn., Coll. 161. 08. 4d. Esq. M.P.-August 5: Meeting at Lyme, Rev. G. Yorkshire - July 11 : Sermons, at Trinity Church, Glover, Chn., Coll. 171. 148. 8d.; Sermon, by Rev. Ripon, by Rev. E. M. Hall, Morn. Coll. 191. 118. 6d.; John Hartley, at Longbredy, Coll. 81. 28. 2d.-August

Even. Coll. 101. 128. ld.: Sermons, by Rev. J. Casson, 6: Meeting at Dorchester, R. Williams, Esq. Chn.,

at Peckhill, Coll. 61. 28. 2d.; at Skelton, Coll. 31.78.4d.: Coll. 171. 68. 7d.; and 51. for the Islington In Sermon, by Rev. R. L. Sykes, at Oldfield, Coll. stitution, from the Rev. W. Walter. - August 8: 11. 118.6d.: Sermon, by Rev. S. Barbutt, at KnaresSermons in Charmouth Church, Coll. 541. 48. 8d. : borough Church, Coll. 151.98. — July 12: Meeting Sermons, by Rev. John Hatchard, at Cheselbourne,

at Ripon, in Trinity Church, Rev. William Gray, Coll. 81. 28. 61.; Trinity Church, Coll. 81. 4s. ld. ;

Chn., Coll. 101. 4s. 7d. - July 14: Meeting at HarroFordington, Coll. 51. 188. 8d.

gate, Rev. T. Kenyon, Chn., Coll. 121. 163. 3d. : Meet

ing at Knaresborough," Rev. A. Cheap, Chn., Coll. Esset- June 20: Sermons, by Rev.J.Hartley, Morn.

111. 28. - July 18: Sermons, by Rev. E. M. Hall, at Purleigh, Coll. 31. 16s. ld.; Aftn. at Danbury, Coll.

Morn. at Bradford Church, Coll. 161. 98. ld. ; Aftn. at 121. 128. 10d.; Even. at Woodham Walter, Coll.

Calverly Church, Coll. 31. ; Even at Bradford Church, 41.78. 6d. -June 21: Annual Meeting at Chelmsford,

Coll. 71. 108. lld. – July 19: Meeting at Bradford, Coll. 94 9s. 2d.

Rev. H. Heap, Chn., Coll. 31. 118. 8d,


West-Africa Mission Advices have having declined, he quitted Sierra Leone been received from Sierra Leone, to the on the 23d of May, in the Mary,” 9th of June. We regret to state, that Captain Hodsoll, and landed at Chatham they announce the death of Mr. Edmund on the 24th of July; having been authoBoston, on the preceding day. The Rev. rised by the Committee to take this step, G. W. E. Metzger, who communicated to should the state of his health render it the Committee the painful intelligence, necessary. states

Mediterranean Mission Letters have He was taken ill with fever, followed by a severe

been received from Malta to the 3d inst.; attack of dysentery, about five weeks ago; and when we had some very faint hope of his restoration at sea, from Syra to the 6th of June; and from we were upon the eve of calling a Special Meeting, Caïro to the 25th of that month. A reon Certificates having been obtained from the principal Medical Officer, Mr. Robinson, and from the Co. port had reached Caïro of the safe arlonial Surgeon, Dr. Boyle, who attended him since rival of Rev. Messrs. Gobat and Kugler he was first taken ill, to sanction his immediate re

at Adowah, in the Province of Tigrè; and turn to Europe: but, behold! the All-wise God, who doeth all things after the counsel of His own will,

that they had met with a favourable rethought differently from what we did ; and His ways ception from Sebagadis, the Governor of were not our ways, and His thoughts were not our that Province. thoughts : in His sovereign design, our Brother was

The Rev. T. Mueller has resumed his to die amongst us, and not at sea; which indeed was a merciful dispensation for his afflicted Widow and labours in Egypt, in connection with the Child.

Society. As to the state of his mind during his illness, I

The Rev. Dr. Korck was married on cannot say much; for he was in such a debilitated state, that he could not bear to be asked many ques the 5th of May to M. Mary Philalethes, tions, nor to enter into any conversation. From the

daughter of M. Constantine Philalethes, broken sentences he uttered at times, we may safely conclude he was resigned to the will of his Heavenly formerly of Constantinople. Father, and experienced the comforts which the Go North - India Mission - a Letter spel affords to those that belong to the Family of God,

from the Rev. William Smith, dated at in times of affliction. We have every reason to hope he died in the Lord, and has been gathered into the sea, July 21st, North Lat. 23. Long. 56., garner of the Lord.

it appears that he and Mrs. Wilkinson The health of the Rey. John Raban were quite well.

Contribution List.

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L. 8. d. Bath and Vicinity

250 00 Pentonville Ladies

20 8 0 Frome, including 1l.138.6d. from Percy Chapel Ladies...

11 1 6 Rodden, by Miss E. Sheppard 23 8 0 Stepney Ladies............ 3 1 0

273 8 0

Suffolk :
ASSOCIATIONS OUT OF LONDON & VICINITY. Ampton-"A. B." Benefaction, 5 0 0
Berkshire: Sandhurst.....

8 3 0 IpswichBrecknockshire :

Flowton........... 5 1 6 Brecon-Collection at Talgarth Church,


10 00 after Sermon by Rev. D. Parry!....... 5 00

Stowmarket ....... 5 13 11 Buckinghamshire: Iver 28 15 6

20 15 5

25 15 5 Middle Claydon-Coll. afterSer.

Warwickshire: Birmingham .. mon by Rev. E. Bickersteth, 4 15 0

10 3 7 33 10 6

Christ-Church Assoc. 24 9 7 Devonshire :

Ladies' Association .. 21 7 6

Sundries............. Devonport-Colli'after

10 2 11

56 0 0 Sermon by Rev. R. Mayor, 'at St. John's 1

66 S 7

Wiltshire: Church ..... 4 9 9

Hindon-Collection after SerDitto by Rev. J. Hart

mon by Rev. John Hartley.. 8 17 6 ley, at Ditto........ 12 10 8

Warminster Ladies....... 55 4 6 Annual Meeting ...... 5 8 0

64 2 0 Sundries...... 2 11 7

25 00
Birstal and Batley..

29 16 0 Plymouth and Stonehouse...... 96 16 2

121 16 2


Brafferton per Rev. Charmouth-Coll. after

W. Gray..

8 16 6 Sermons. 54 4 8

Coll. after Sermon Ditto, Meeting 14 19 4

át Greatouseburne 69 4 0

by Rev. E. Bird .. 6 12 5 Dorchester...

.114 10 2

Contrib. Miss D. Swanage

8 2 6


06 Wareham....

11 5 4

Annual Subscrip..
203. 2 0
15 7 4

tions.... Essex : Walthamstow....

5 3 0

24 125 Hampshire

51 4 0

Bradford-Coll. at Guernsey......



24 0 0 180 40

Ditto Meetting ..... 3 11 8 Hertfordshire :

Subscriptions...... 4 150 Bushey-Coll. after Ser

32 6 8 mon by Rev.J. Fenn, 6 0 0


41 8 6 Ditto by Rev. W. Carus, 3 10 10


116 0 0 Meeting 1 1 1 Keighley

10 0 0 Don. & Subscriptions, 14 01


40 0 0 34 12 0 St. Alban's-Coll. after

Long Preston-Collection after Sermon by Rev.J. A.

Sermon by Rev. E. Thurtell, 16 17 6
Jetter ..
14 1 1

Ottley, includingo5l. 108. after
0 13 0

Sermon by Rev. E. M. Hall.. 6 0 0
13 8 1

22 7 7
48 0 1 Whitby................:

7 9 10 Kent:

846 19 6 Plumstead Coll. after Sermon by Rev. F. Leicester..... 8 12 0


0 7 6

Bebbington, Mr. H., St. Martin's Court .... 1 60 8 4 6

Everard, Mrs., Spalding, Lincolnshire ..... 5 0 0 Lancashire: Heapy

10 0 0

Ewins, Mr., Northampton Street....... 0 15 0 Liverpool

0 ....................350


Girls' School at Latimer, by Mrs. King 1 30 Manchester

Head, Miss, Bow...

610 00

3 0

Moore, Miss, Kidderminster.. Leicestershire 10000

19 13 6 Middlesex : Stathes and Vicinity.

Schomberg, Rev.J., Copson, Leicestershire, 300

80 10 8 Northamptonshire:

BENEFACTIONS. Rowell and Desborough..

16 10 0 Nottinghamshire:

Clay, W. Esq., Isle of Wight..

.105 00

Fenning, S. W. Esq., Stamford Street ...... 5 0 0 Nottingham-Collection at Ep.

Jones, Miss Laura, by Rev. E. Bickersteth, 10 0 0 perstone, after Sermon by Rev.

T. M. S., Devon, by Rev. E. Bickersteth.... 10 10 0 W. Howard ..

4 5 6 Ditto, Rev. J. Storer....

16 1 0

INDIA-NATIVE-FEMALE EDUCATION. 20 6 6 Hampshire: Guernsey

4 50 Expenses...


Lancashire: Liverpool.. 6 6

0 10 0 20 00 Oxfordshire: Deddington......... 20 11 10


14 0 1

WIDOWS AND CHILDREN. 34 11 11 Hough, Rev. James, Greenwich

10 00 Pembrokeshire: Tenby..


250 00 Winchester, Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of....... 50 00 * The Committee thankfully acknowledge the receipt of a Paper Parcel from Mrs. Candler, of Chelms

ford ; and a Box of Baby Linen from “ A few Friends to the Society" At Birmingham.

Church Missionary Record.

: No. 9.]


[Vol. I.


SOUTH-INDIA MISSION. Various particulars from several of the Stations connected with this Mission were given at pp. 80–94, 114-116, 138—142, 165, 166, of our present Volume. From the Annual Returns, and other communications, we extract the following particulars relative to the Society's, proceedings.

since, I do not feel so comfortable, therefore Congregations.

sometimes I am much afraid. The Rev. P. P. Schaffter states,

Schools, that the average Native attendance

In the Schools connected with the at the Church at Black Town is Station, 25 in number, there are 1066 100; at Perambore, 60; and at Scholars: in reference to the introPoonamallee, 40. He adds—

duction of the Scriptures into the Eight Heathens and two Roman Ca- Schools, and the consequent benefit, tholics, whom I received into the Church Mr. Schaffter writes :in the course of this year, have attend All the Children of the First Classes ed Divine Service diligently, and have in our Schools in Madras, or in Schools given no reason to the adversary to speak which may often and easily be visited - reproachfully of the Name of Christ. from Madras, read the New Testament

with much correctness and fluency, and Seminary.

are acquainted with the most important There are, in the Seminary, 28 truths of the Christian Religion. They Youths under preparation : of three know incomparably more of Christianity of these, Mr. Schaffter writes

than of the superstitions of their fathers; One Native Youth and two Country- 'and, if left to their own choice, many of born Boys give evidence that the work them, I have no doubt, would embrace of Divine Grace is begun in their hearts. Christianity; but their relations are a They are examples, by their good con great impediment to their spiritual welduct, to the other Seminarists, often pre

fare. vent them from doing that which is Measures have recently been adwrong, and ask, from time to time, very opted for preparing the Native interesting questions on the Word of Schoolmasters for the more efficient God. During one of our Evening instruction of the Children entrusted Prayers, I had occasion to explain to our Seminarists the important subject of

to them: these are thus noticed by Justification by Faith. After Prayer, I

Mr. Schaffter :asked one of the three above alluded to,

Arrangements have lately, been made if he had a well-grounded hope of his for instructing our Schoolmasters more sins being pardoned by faith in Christ. perfectly in the knowledge of Christianity, To this question he gave the following of which some of the Heathen Schoolánswer:

masters are still very ignorant. In the Six months ago, while I was very ill beginning of every month, when they with my parents at Poonamallee, I was meet together to receive their salaries, I, afraid to die, and my sins laid heavy on with some of the Catechists, spend three my mind : I therefore often prayed God to be merciful to me, and I soon felt a comfort

or four hours explaining to them the truths which I had never known before : I was as

of our Religion, as contained in the Catesured of my sins being forgiven; and I de

chism introduced in our Schools. We sired to die very much, because I was sure take particular care to explain to them that God would receive me into heaven ; but those points of the Christian Religion [RECORD, Sept. 1830.)

2 C


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which the Heathens find most objection Madras, to instruct them in the knowable; and full liberty is given to every ledge of Christianity, that they in their one of them to propose for explanation' turn may teach it to their Scholars. any doubt or objection which may arise When examining our Schools at Pulicat, in his mind against any point of the Chris- I avail myself of the opportunity of adtian Religion. After some questions of dressing the Heathen who are collected the Catechism have been thus explained in great numbers in and before the the Schoolmasters catechize one another. School-house to hear the examination of

their Children: they usually shew a This Station has been without a great deal of regard for the things which resident Missionary since the death I endeavour to commend to their minds: of Mr. Kindlinger; but it has been

some make objections, but always in a regularly visited every month by

spirit of inquiry. Mr. Schaffter, who spends four or five mind, with reference to Schools, he

The improved state of the Native days at each time in visiting the

thus notices : Schools and Congregation. During

When Mr. Kindlinger attempted to Mr. Schaffter's absence, the Tamul

establish Schools at his Station, he had Services are performed every week to contend with incalculable opposition by a Native Catechist. Of the state and difficulties, arising from the aversion of the Congregation Mr. Schaffter of the people to our Christian Books : writes

but now this great aversion has ceased, Congregation.

the inhabitants of the three places have Though this Congregation has been recently earnestly requested me to esta

blish Christian Schools in their Villages, for more than six years under the active

for the instruction of their Children. care of Mr. Kindlinger, it is still in a

This circumstance, I think, affords a clear very deplorable spiritual state. Some

evidence that, under the blessing of God, of the old people are so ignorant, that they know scarcely any thing of the

the labours of Mr. Kindlinger have not

been in vain, and an encouragement to Christian Religion but the name : besides the Catechist, the Schoolmasters,

our Society to continue its operations in

that place. I would however observe, and the Young People who have been

that the labours of a Missionary perinstructed in the School of Mr. Kind. linger, I really believe there are not manently stationed at Pulicat would eight persons in the whole of the Con

prove much more effectual than the gregation who could answer themselves monthly visits which are made to that

Station. the important question, What must I do to be saved? And their moral conduct

The Rev. G.T. Bärenbruck perbears an equal proportion to their knowledge of divine things : some of them forms Divine Service in Tamul do not appear to distinguish the Sabbath every Sunday; and instructs in the from another day, and live,without shame, Scriptures, morning and evening, in open and abominable sins. However, the Christians and Heathens who by the blessing of God bestowed on the assemble. labours of Mr. Kindlinger, the Children

Congregation. and the Young People of the Congregation are, in respect of their knowledge bruck gives the following account:

Of the Congregation, Mr. Bärenand morals, in a far better state. They all read the Gospel fluently, understand

The Congregation at the Tamul Sunthe chief contents of it, come to Church day Morning Service has been more regularly, and pay much regard to the steady than last year; from 40 to 60 atadvice and instructions of their spiritual tend, including a few Heathen: in the guides

afternoon, from 20 to 30 are present; Schools.

and in the evening, at the English SerThere are 11 Schools at Pulicat, vice, about the same number. The daily containing 347 Scholars: of the pre- almost constantly attended by 40 Chris

instruction, morning and evening, is paration of the Masters Mr. Schaffter tians, including Heathens : iť fluctuates, writes

from 46. to 50. The Lectures at the I have a Monthly Meeting with our Compound School, every evening, has Pulicat Schoolmasters, similar to that at been attended by from five to ten Hea


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