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thens : a few of them, however, are re to one of these occasions, Mrs. Bägular in coming.

renbruck writes The number of Christians attached to

I happened to be in an adjoining room, the Mission is 68; consisting of 25 Men,

and heard them sing : after which, one 19 Women, 10 Youths, and 14 Children.

read a Chapter from the Scriptures, eviThe Communicants vary from 25 to 28. In the course of last year there have feeling; and another offered up a prayer,

dently with much thought and devotional been seven Heathens received, by Bap- which certainly I did not hear without tism, into the Christian Church; three of them Adults, and four Young People: of them a few years before had bowed

gratitude to God. Considering that some the Adults who have been baptized are

before Idols, it is undoubtedly matter of all Communicants.

great thankfulness.. Schools.

General View. There are 30 SCHOOLS connected On a review of the proceedwith the Station, containing 1508 ings at his Station, Mr. Bärenbruck Scholars: in two of these, the English writes and Tamul Languages are taught; There is not a day passing but, in one in the others, Tamul only. Mr. way or other, the Heathen about us have Bärenbruck expresses his satisfac- ample opportunities of hearing and being tion at the general attention and informed of what concerns their salvaproficiency of the Scholars; and tion; and, in which, exertions are making states, that, of those who have passed to instruct them: yet we must remember,

that we are but workmen of the Lord, through the Schools, some have

and are waiting for the life-giving breath turned out good Assistants and to descend on the dead bones. Till then, Masters of Schools.

many a deaf ear is turned, not only to Seminary.

our well-intended exhortation, but to the In the SEMINARY there are 24 their own consciences; for we frequently

Word of God itself, and the voice of Youths, of whom Mr. Bärenbruck

see it as a matter beyond all doubt, and writes

they confess it to be so, that their own Their moral character is unblameable; consciences do testify against them at they live together in peace as brethren; times, when we are the organs of deand, during the whole year, there has claring to them the Word of God. not been one day that they have caused He adds me grief, or deserved punishment for ill conduct; neither have any of them ap- feelings of the persons engaged in the

I am sure that I am expressing the plied for leave of absence on visits to

Mission, in saying that we want more their parents, out of the time of their va

divine grace, faith, and heavenly-mindcations.

edness, and judicious zeal in the work He adds

of the Lord. I am happy in bearing a Four of the Students in the First Class good testimony to them all ; or rather, have been appointed to take a part in praising God for that grace which we our labours since August last; so, how- have enjoyed, and for our concord and ever, as not to interfere seriously with brotherly love : we are united as a fatheir studies, but only to give them some mily; when one suffers, all suffer; and practical instruction in speaking to the when one rejoices, all rejoice. One thing, Heathen, and in catechizing and instruct- however, still gives us pain—the remains ing the Children, to which they devote an

of attachment to Caste in some of the hour daily.

young : this, indeed, is to be regretted;

but I trust, by the grace of God, it will Female Christians. Mrs. Bärenbruck has for some time given instruction to some of the Female Christians, two of whom are In the Summary View of this now able to read the Scriptures; Mission, given in our April Numwhile the good effects of her labours ber(pp. 86—88), it was stated, are visible in all. They meet toge- that there were, in June 1829, in 205 ther once in the week. Alluding Villages, 1855 Families, consisting

be done away

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of 6213 persons, under instruction. and have been much troubled by one or By the Returns since received, it another of their own number, either from appears that 30 individuals were pride, envy, avarice,or carnal-mindedness. baptized in the following month, These appearances, however, when careand that 4 additional Catechists had fully improved and watched against

, have

served to awaken the Congregations to been engaged; making the total greater earnestness in Religion. We · number of Catechists and Assistants have all been tried by the unfaithfulness

57. The state and circumstances of two Catechists, whom we have been of the people will be seen from the obliged to dismiss from their office. The following particulars.

case of one was particularly painful, as

he was once a very efficient, zealous, and Sufferings of the Concerts.

pious Labourer, enduring even afflictions Some parts of the District north of for the sake of the Gospel. Carelessness Palamcottah are just now in a state of in bad company seems to have produced great trial. The Word of Truth has

one neglect of Christian duty after another, there entered some villages of the Zemin- till he fell into gross sins. Since his dary of Etiyappooram, where a number dismissal, he seems greatly to repent of of Families in each have lately embraced his fall : from sorrow and shame, he roved Christianity: the Zemindar will not about as a fugitive; and went to Mr. allow the people liberty of conscience, Knight in Jaffna, to whom he freely conand treats them most cruelly : they are fessed his sins, and requested comfort and forbidden to reap their crops, and to sow aid. He has lately returned to these and plant their fields: the carpenter, parts, and applied to be received again ; smith, and other mechanics of the village, but we do not feel ourselves at liberty are prohibited from working for them; to comply with his request. the shopkeeper is ordered not to sell Increase and Improvement of the Conthem rice or any other food; the washer.

gregations. man must not wash for them; the village Notwithstanding all these trying circumwells are denied them; their straw

stances, the Congregations increase in heaps are guarded, so that their cattle every direction, and an improvement of are exposed to starvation; the Catechist character is visible. The Heads of the is insulted and beaten; &c. In one such Congregation came some months ago, and place, a number of those who recently of their

own accord acknowledged having, renounced Idolatry, and were beginning in their heathen state, connived at certo be instructed, have been overawed by tain frauds in the Government Revenue: these afflictions, and gone back-We trust now, as Christians, they could not do so but for a season : others stand fast, say- any more; and therefore discovered the ing, that they will rather die than return fraud, whereby the Government have alto Idols. Even the women are courageous, ready gained several hundreds of rupees. and cheer their distressed husbands. In all their other relative situations, also,

In another direction, a Congregation many have made progress in faith and is just now in great distress, because the holiness, in self-knowledge and heavenly. Heathen have united together to expel mindedness: the instructions from the Christianity from their borders: they blessed Word of God are not in vain have beaten the people and the Catechist, among them, and prove a sure antidote threatening to pull down their

Chapel, against their natural vices and ungodliand even to take their lives. We have

ness. But, of course, this cannot be said just obtained a piece of land, intending of all who belong to the Congregations; to settle the Christians upon it: the new nor do all of them, without exception, use village is to be called Samadanapooram, the privileges of Christian Instruction as i.e. The Village of Peace.

they ought; nor is every one of them In the South, the False Prophet has truly desirous after the pure milk of the lately united with the Heathens to de- Word of God. They resemble persons stroy a Congregation: they have mal- in a hospital, with many and various sicktreated some of the people, and the Ca

nesses, which oftentimes break out with techist, whom they had nearly strangled : greater virulence after the application of their Chapel they have pulled down.

medicine: pride, envy, love of the world, Trials from within.

and such like, frequently appear, and ocSome Congregations resemble the Co- casion us no small trouble: but timely rinthian or Laodicean Churches of old; exhortations and admonitions are blessed,

and the people gain fresh experience of this religion, by which they endeavour their own depraved hearts, and of their 'to lower it in the estimation of the peoneed of a Saviour : they are settled ple; and, when they cannot deny that more and more in the conviction that Soodras are converted, of whom there are Christianity is the only religion that is whole Congregations, and that even Brahtrue, and suited to their spiritual wants: mins are in favour of Christianity, desirthey get a perfect disgust against Idola- ing Christian Schools that their boys try, and are more and more freed from may learn this good religion, they quickly vain superstition. In the various oc find out some other reason to contemn currences of life, in which the Heathen them also. The bulk of the people, looks to the stars, the soothsayer, the however, become more and more aware lizard, &c. &c., they abandon these mise- of these falsehoods : in some places where rable props, and shew that they trust in they used to point at a Christian fellow the Living God that made heaven and with sneering and contempt, they now earth. When they are despised, ridi- address him kindly, make him read the culed, oppressed, and cruelly threatened, book which he may have in his hand, and they indeed often fear, are ashamed, and often do not let him go without giving feel provoked; but, by the blessed in- them a copy of it. While one rich Native fluence of the Gospel, they check them does all that he can to injure us and the selves, and do not return evil for evil. Cause, another rich Native favours us General Effect on their Heathen Neigh and promotes it. Brahmin Proprietors bours.

have given lands as a charity for the Among those who still remain in settlement of Native Christians.

Two Heathenism, a good opinion of Chris Brahmins, in the beginning of this year, tianity is taking root; the worthlessness even joined one of the Congregations; of their Idols is more openly acknow

but, as we feared they would not hold out Jedged, and their worship neglected. long, both because we suspected their Some have gone so far as to make pre motives and because they would find the sents to the Mission of parts of their persecutions of the other Brahmins too lands, for the benefit of the Christians, hard for them, so it has happened, and for the establishment of Schools, &c. We they have withdrawn. Instances have will not say that they have the purest occurred, in which Brahmins, quarrelling motives, such as Christians would have; among themselves, have threatened one but they evidently have done this from a another with becoming Christians, if conviction that the Christians have right they were not immediately satisfied acon their side. There would, perhaps, cording to their demands. Among the appear still more of this benevolent lower classes, they began, some months spirit and of this favourable inclination ago, to make superstitious use of our towards Christianity, and opposition would Christian Books. A man had resolved to be less, were there not some influential become a Christian, and had taken such Natives, who, from interest in Idolatry, books into his house : in the night, either or from other motives, set themselves up in a dream or otherwise, the evil demon as opponents; and secretly excite other told him, that unless he removed these people to opposition, by promulgating a books he would no longer be his friend number of falsehoods respecting ourselves nor do him any good. The man replied, and Christianity. They tell, for instance,

“ Thou hast never done me any good, that, at Baptism, we give the people neither will I serve thee any longer; and dirty water to drink, or that we put such these books shall remain here.” This was water into human sculls and then offer soon spread among the Heathen; when it; or that we give them cow's flesh to some came and asked for books, in order eat; or that we dissuade slaves from to keep the devil out of their houses. serving their masters, and sub-cultivators This was, of course, refused. from paying their landlords their dues, Influence on Roman Catholics and persuading them, at the same time, to

Moormen, wrest their lands from them; or that we Among Roman Catholics, likewise, the allure people to become Christians by Truth is gradually gaining ground; and promising them remission of taxes, and not a few have, in the course of the year, such like. In short, sometimes we are exchanged their superstitions for the said to be the worst people in existence: pure doctrines of the Gospel. or they say that only the low Parriars The Moormen also begin tó lend a and some senseless Toddy-people embrace more patient ear to the Word of Truth";


and thoagh they, in general, remain still ages, came together, and were instructed very obstinate in believing their Prophet on the same plan as last year. After a and his Korân, yet individuals read our short time, a considerable attention and books, and examine the nature of Chris- seriousness were observed amongst many tianity. Some have come and asked for of them; and although, in the School the Scriptures ; others have made Chris- exercises, they were treated exactly like tians read them to them. In one place, school-boys, yet the second month a a number of Moormen proposed to one greater number than was anticipated of us to have a public disputation with (not less than 15 new persons) applied their Priests about Religion : the next for instruction, and were received on day was fixed for the purpose; but the trial. Two of them, one a Physician, latter failed to attend. In another place, and the other a Merchant, had formerly two Moormen are very desirous of em lived as Wise Men, or Sanniasies, and had bracing Christianity ; but still stand been, as we were informed subsequently, back, from fear of persecution and of as well as several others of them, deriders remaining without a livelihood.

of and disputants against Christianity. Although, then, we have to pass through Conviction of the Truth is evidently invarious trials and difficulties, and through creased among them during the month : much evil report, yet, in this District, three Soodras, who had previously been knowledge is increasing in all quarters. more or less acquainted with our books, And if any District requires it, it is this ; applied for Baptism; and others, in pribecause the spirit of lies and deceit has vate conversation amongst themselves, 80 extensively and shockingly possessed expressed their conviction that Christhis people, that it has been justly called tianity is true, and that they would, after the worst in India. Christianity only a longer examination of our books, also can change this horrible state of things; come to the resolution to be baptized. and blessed be God that this glorious As, in the mean time, several pressing work is making steady progress! requests for Schools had been newly . Schools.

made, or old ones repeated, it was imThere are, in the District, under possible, not to follow up these hints of

Providence; and, consequently, in the the superintendence of the Missio- beginning of September, five new Schools naries, 55 Schools; containing, at were established, partly in Heathen, the date of the last Returns, 1360 and partly in Christian Villages ; and, Scholars, with an average atten- after a month's more exercise, eight dance of 943.

other Preparandi were appointed, in the

beginning of October, to new Schools. Applications for Schools.

One of those who had requested BapDuring the past year, many important tism was placed as Schoolmaster in his Heathen Places made applications for

own village, where he had some time Schools ; a compliance with many of back been diligently reading our books which was postponed, because of the

to his relations and other Soodras. About want of competent Masters : so that all

a month after his appointment, the vilthe 17 Schools, granted by the Committee, lage was visited by one of us, when we were not established at once. Encou

saw the fragments of two clay Idols, raged by the small School Fund, which which had been broken down by the was obtained in this manner, Mr. Schmid Schoolmaster, in conjunction with the requested, in July last, the Catechists Soodra and Shunar Inhabitants, scatand Schoolmasters of our Establishment tered about, near the Temple. Subseto look out and send, for further instruc. quently, they have destroyed a stone Idol. tion, such persons as they thought fit

Want of Female Schools. and willing to become Schoolmasters or

It will be remembered, from the stateTeachers; and, as the presence of an European Missionary seems to be parti- that the number of Girls attending our

ment in the last Report of the Committee, cularly necessary at Šatangkoolam, he assembled them there, and stayed with had increased to 84; but we are sorry

Schools was 37, and in March 1829 they them as long as he could be absent from

to add, that they gradually decreased to Palamcottah.

60. This diminution is principally owing Increase of Teachers and Schools.

to the ignorance of the Parents, and to In the month of July, 15 persons, the aversion of the Girls to attend Boys' mostly Heathen Soodras, of different Schools; which can easily be accounted

for, from the manners and morals of the faith, is particularly required; and if any Hindoos. It is therefore necessary, if one fail therein, he is dismissed. We we wish to benefit the Females more have often been surprised at the pains generally, to establish separate Female which they take; and the success which Schools in suitable places: but for such they have in their lessons, to which they we have not sufficient funds, and we were not accustomed before. Their selfmust appeal to the Public for assistance. denial is likewise remarkable: they leave Christians ! sums are lavished to buy a their homes for a considerable time, exjewel, which would be sufficient to make cepting occasional visits, and content many poor children intelligent, useful, themselves with a small pittance: they and happy; who would impart the bene are an important branch of our machifits, which they have received from you, nery, and require the good wishes and to many of their neighbours and their hearty prayers of all the People of God, own descendants. We evidently see that they may be taught by the Divine that the Lord is extending His kingdom. Spirit. Fellow Christians! will you still stand

The Seminary. back-cold, doubting, and unconcerned ? Since the last Return in July, 7 new

Preparation of Native Teachers. Boys have been received into the SemiAs has been stated in our former Re nary ; so that it consists now of 40 Schoports, the necessity of supplying villages lars. We think it necessary to make with Christian Teachers, according to

some special remarks on the nature of the request of those who renounce Idola our Seminary, that none may expect try, has created this class of Students,

more from it than is just. These repreparing for the service. They are

marks refer to the disadvantages under grown Natives, of various ages and castes,

which it labours. Besides Theology, Christians in heart, apt to teach, and they have been studying the Tamul, Endesirous of serving their Master, Christ. glish, Hebrew and Latin Languages,

They must have been already baptized, Geography, History, Arithmetic, Logic, though sometimes circumstances force us

and Rhetoric.

But their progress, to make exceptions; but none are em

though steady, is but slow, because of ployed as Catechists before Baptism: as the want of Elementary Books in TaSchoolmasters, they may be so.

mul. All instructions are carried on in sent, we have 15 such persons, whom Tamul; and those Elementary Books Providence has brought into our hands, are prepared whilst they are instructed. just when we feared that we should be The Hebrew has latterly been discontileft without subjects to supply new Con- nued, because of the want of Hebrew gregations. They stay with us, and re

Dictionaries : the Teacher had always ceive a small sum for their subsistence: to prepare a Vocabulary for each lesson; they are daily instructed in the Princi- which, in his daily accumulating labours, ples of Christianity, and otherwise exer

he found too much for him. And again, cised in the necessary duties of Teachers: excepting Tamul, English, Latin, and they learn the Doctrinal and Scriptural Arithmetic, which are taught by Mr. Catechisms by heart, with large portions Regel, the rest devolves on one of the of the Apostolic Epistles, which are ex

Missionaries; who is sometimes absent pounded to them: they attend Lectures from home, or otherwise so much enon the Books of Moses and the Prophets, gaged with the Catechists, which hapwhich are publicly given every evening, pens regularly eight days in the month, and especially on the Sunday. They are at their periodical assemblies, that frenearly all Soodras; which we mention, quently he cannot attend to the Seminary. chiefly because it is often said that only It is true, that the Students, in those the low classes become Christians. They days, repeat their previous lessons ; still are not learned men; neither is there it cannot but be a great obstacle to their time to instruct them in the Sciences; progress. So long, therefore, as those though they receive, in the course of in- Elementary Books must be prepared struction, also a good deal of general whilst teaching, and so long as there is knowledge: our principal aim with them no scientific map to attend constantly to is, to promote piety-to fill their heads the Seminary, the Students must be and hearts with Religious Truths, and to

viewed as under very disadvantageous fit them for teaching the same to those

circumstances. who know less than themselves. An un

The Missionaries further remarkexceptionable conduct, in proof of their Elementary Books are gradually coming

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