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forward. A Tamul Geography and His far as the xxth chapter of Numbers. The tory are now in the Madras Press; an Book of Proverbs also is ready for the Introduction to the Scriptures, a Volume Press. on the Evidences of Christianity, a Tamul Beneficial Influence of Publications, Grammar, a Tamul Hebrew Grammar, Both the Gospels and Tracts have a Tamul Latin Grammar, an English been widely circulated, and have proved Grammar, and a Chronology, are finished the means of blessing to many. A Brahand preparing for the Press. When these min having read one of our Tracts, has are printed, the study of them will be more been convinced of the folly of Astrology, easy and rapid ; and some of the Elder and frankly declared it. Other BrahStudents may then take the place of mins and Soodras have, by reading the Teachers in these branches : each boy Tracts, been led to request Christian will then have a copy in hand; whereas, Schools in their villages ; and Soodras, now, he must make himself one, with pen Shanars, and others, have renounced Idoand ink on paper, or with an iron pen on latry, and embraced Christianity. The Palmyra-leaves: this certainly has some Tracts have been the means of removing advantage, but the progress, on the whole, much prejudice against Christianity is retarded. They are all fully employed; among the people: they are, however, but they must now do in two days that regarded by some with enmity: such a which, otherwise, they might do in one. person, once highly displeased with them, Making these allowances, we are fully tore one in the presence of the Native satisfied with the state and progress of the Teacher. Seminary; and if others make the same,

Concluding Remarks. they will be so too. Moreover, in the Reviewing the transactions of the Mispresent state of the Country, our aim with sion during the last year, we must acthe Seminarists is not to make them great knowledge that some further considerable Astronomers, highly-expert Mathema advances have been made in the great ticians, or profound Philologists—to this work of destroying Satan's dominion, and neither our time nor our abilities are

extending the Kingdom of our Lord and adequate--but to make them, generally, Saviour Jesus Christ among high and well-informed men, sound reasoners, and low, rich and poor, old and and young. able Theologists, of whom this Country Considering the strong entrenchments stands, at present, in great need. If Pro which Satan has around his dominion vidence favour us with the accomplish in this part of the world, and by which ment of this object, we shall be thankful, so many of our fellow-men are held secure, and leave the rest to the next generation. in ignorance of themselves and their God, The Press.

in lies and all other ungodliness—and Besides the Tracts which we have no considering the feebleness of the Instruticed on former occasions, we have re ments which are engaged in overthrowing cently addressed one to the Mahomedans, them, like David before Goliah-we do the first of the kind, which we have not hesitate to say, from the fullest conpublished by the Tract Association in viction, that every degree of success in these parts; likewise the First Part of this grand undertaking is solely to be the 28th Homily of the Church of Eng- ascribed to the powerful influence of land, translated into Tamul, and printed Him, who ascended on high, and led cape for the Calcutta Prayer-Book-and-Homily tivity captive. Society. The Address to the Mahome May we be but strong in faith, and dans shews, as kindly and carefully as not cast away our confidence in His prepossible, the difference between Christ sence, care, wisdom, and power ! Very and Mahomed; with the impossibility of much is still to be done; and who is sufobtaining salvation by means of the Ko- ficient for these things? We tremble rân. When it began to be circulated, when we look on ourselves in this consome Moormen were made attentive to test: but our Lord is with us. Every the subject; others got angry; and there valley shall be exalted, and every mountain is reason to suppose that the persecu and hill shall be brought low ; the crooked tion just now in a village, by the Maho- shall be made straight, and the rough places medans united with the Heathen, before plain. And the glory of the Lord, shall be noticed, is partly owing to the reading revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; of this little book.

for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken il. In the Translation of the Bible into They shall not be ashamed that wait for Tamul, Mr. Rhenius has advanced as


' No:

and mary

Extracts from the Journal of the Rev. Manikam went, when they finished reading C.T. Rhenius.

the Gospel. The Merchant being pleased July 2, 1829— Yesterday afternoon, the

with it, told him now to go to an open Catechist of Vattakaiviley, with the Head place and read to the people; to which man, brought a cart-load of Idols, which Manikam expressed reluctance, fearing they have ceased to worship: the group

that the other Moormen would beat him ; consists of the Corlsegarapatna Rajah but the Merchant encouraged him. He riding on a horse of stone, his Wife, a went and read. A crowd of Moormen Cobra Capella with Krishna, a .single heard for a time, when some of them beCobra, and a kind of large Rat. The came angry, and one man actually beat Rajah and his Wife seemed to have been him. He then went and told the Mermade about 100 years ago : they stand chant; who consoled him, and asked if he near my Study, to be worshipped no

would go and make complaint against more! The heathen cartman felt rather the offender. Manikam said, backward to transport them, fearing that many Christians have been thus illsome disaster would happen to the cart treated; and we must bear such things paon the road; but all came safe; by which, tiently.” The Merchant asked him, wheSuperstition has received another blow. ther his Ministers taught him such forSome of these Idols I hope to despatch to bearance? He replied, “ Yes, England : those who formerly worshipped more such good things.” The man was them are greatly ashamed and astonished pleased, gave him ething to eat, and that they should ever have thought these

told him that he would come and see his things to be gods.

Minister. July 5: SundayThis evening we had July 23 – Report arrived, to-day, of the Lord's Supper with about 60 Na- horrible outrages in the South, by the tive Brethren: new encouragement, I Maravers, both against Christians and trust, was imparted to all, to go on with Heathen in Padookkeipettah, in revenge renewed vigour in our warfare against for their informing against them. Some Satan's kingdom. The Catechists were Christians have been seriously injured in dismissed to their Stations: the Semi- their heads and limbs: two Christians narists, also, went to their homes, on the

and two Heathens have been taken away half-yearly vacation.

by the Maravers, and have not yet been July 11–At this time is the Moharram

found. The consternation among the Feast of the Moormen, which even they people is great. themselves pronounce disgraceful. David July 24 - Some straying sheep of related this evening, at the Missionary Streevygundam have returned to the fold: Prayer-Meeting, that several of these they are Roman Catholics of the Kadeimen have spoken against it; and one ser Caste, who several years ago turned Moorman particularly said, that it would back to the world. The man who was soon be dropped, more especially because here to-day, to request re-admission into Christianity spreads so fast. There are the Church, seemed much humbled on actroubles in Nedooviley and Kadoovaka- count of it. About 12 men of the Tinneritchy.

velly Congregation came for instruction July 13—The Seminarist, Manikam, about Baptism, which they are desirous reported this evening, at the Missionary to receive : among them is also the old Prayer-Meeting, that he had been sitting

Subahdar. in his village reading Tracts, when several July 26 : Sunday-This was a great day Mahomedans listened; and one of them, for Tinnevelly : I had the pleasure to a respectable Merchant, told him to baptize 15 persons, including the Subahcome the next day to his house. He dar, who has served forty years in the accordingly went; when, besides other Company's Army. It seems that his books, the Merchant made him read the long acquaintance with Europeans, his Gospel of St. Matthew, of which he had travels in various Countries, and general received a copy from Mr. Winckler at acquaintance with things, had made him Tutecoryn, A crowd assembled before long ago indifferent to Idolatry: about the door, and heard his reading : some of two years ago, he began to pay me visits, them expressed their displeasure at the and to hear more about Religion ; receiving Merchant's having brought this boy into Tracts, which made him think seriously on his town; but the Merchant quieted them, the subject, and gradually produced in him and told the boy to come again next day. the resolution to become a Christian. (RECORD, Sept. 1830.]

2 D


He is a Gentoo Man; and has many Aug. 3— This forenoon I marked the connections in Tinnevelly, who have principal Christian Villages on a Map: hitherto tried many means to shake his it was a pleasing task. Though the vilpurpose. Some time ago he gave once lages are many, and all could not be inway to them, on a particular family oc serted for want of space, yet they are casion, by putting the mark on his fore- still but few, when compared with the head; which he did from a persuasion whole of the district. It shewed me that it was of no importance. Soon after, how much darkness there is still around he came to me, when I explained the Let God arise ; and let His enemies evil of it; which made him very sorry, be scattered ! and he immediately went and remon Some people of Vaanaramutti, of the strated with his relations. His determi- Etiyapooram Zemindary, are here, and nation was strengthened ; and he desired shew a remarkably intelligent mind; payBaptism more earnestly than ever. He ing much attention to the Word of God, was named Cornelius. The other people from which the Catechist, Nganadesi, adwere from among the Weavers, mostly dressed them this evening, on, He that young men. Many Heathens were pre- loveth father or mother more than me, is not sent; among others also, the Brahmin worthy of me. It suited them well; and, from Manur, mentioned some time ago : unless they are very great deceivers, he attended the whole Service. I en- they exhibit much grace, and very strong couraged them all to do likewise. I faith against all the persecution which is mentioned to them some false reports coming on them: they have now been with which the enemies try to frighten prohibited to till their lands. The new the people against Baptism. One of people from Elanganadapooram, near Sothem is, that we take a human scull, leikudiyiruppoo, have applied for a Caput dirty water in it, and make the techist; and several other places ask for Candidates drink it. “Yes,” said the assistance, to build Chapels. Brahmin, “I also have heard it ; but I Asirvadam and his companions returned have now seen it to be a lie.” This is from the Shingampetty Zemindary, among commonly reported : and a Heathen this the mountains, whither they went to atmorning, when he saw clean water put tend the great Feast there. Many Tracts into the basin, expressed his surprise to have been distributed among the IdoDavid.

laters: the Zemindar's relations, and July 27,1829–A Heathen Boy came this other great men, took Tracts with much afternoon from Pettey, asking for a Go- pleasure: some of the people langhed spel of St. Matthew. He had got, some these Messengers to scorn; others mur. where in the street, a Catechism, of mured that this Vedam had come which he could tell me several parts by thither also ;” and some tore the Tracts heart. I was much struck with the de. before their faces. sire which he had read these books ; Aug. 5—This evening we had the and when I hesitated (on purpose) to Lord's Supper in Tamul; after which the give him a Gospel, he cravęd exceedingly Catechists were dismissed. There were for it, saying, that he wished to become two or three cases, among the Congregaa good boy. I could not refuse him; and tions, which were rather painful, and marvelled at the various ways in which the caused us much trouble. We want seHoly Spirit works on the minds of men. veral Labourers, and there are none

Aug. 2: Sunday — This evening, we ready. May the Lord provide them! had the Lord's Supper in English; Aug. 9: Sunday-Several Heathen atand last night, a Missionary Prayer- tended Divine Service. Meeting. The Catechists have assem Aug. 10-From Alvarneri, a village bled, and reported an increase in various about 8 miles south-east from hence, places. The new Congregation in Vaa came half-a-dozen men, with the Catenaramutti, in the Zemindary of Etiya- chist of Aaneiyappapooram, requesting, in pooram, has suffered a diminution of six the name of 20 families (Shanars), to be families, being frightened by the perse- received into the Christian Church. This cution of their enemies; but five fami- idea has been in their minds these four lies seem to be very steady, and suffer months, having been often spoken to by very patiently. No artificer can work the Catechist. I was much pleased with for them : no bazaar-man must sell them them, and rejoice at the grace of God any thing: they are prohibited from vouchsafed to them. They have many drawing water, &c.

Idols, which they will presently destroy;


and their small Idol Temple they will Aug. 24—A Roman Catholic, from the convert into a Chapel.

West, near Kalladeikooritchy, came and Aug. 11, 1829—The six men from Alvar wished to hear the Word of God: he had neri signed their names to serve the Lord. heard some Heathen Soodras read some During the day, a Letter arrived from a books of ours; which had pleased him so Modelliar in Alvar Tinnevelly, complain much, that he could not be any longer ing against these very people; saying, without the Word of God. I told him that, by a certain agreement, they owed that he might stay and hear, but asked him some money, and that if they became whether he had brought money with him Christians the Circar Revenue would de for his support. He said that he had

I wrote him back, that this not, but that he did not expect me to promatter had nothing to do with their be vide for him; that he would only stay some coming Christians; and that if they in days, and then go again to his business : anywise dealt unjustly towards him, he he seemed to be greatly in earnest. knew where to apply for justice. Ex Aug. 25—This morning the Brother-inamining his messengers in presence of

law of the old Goldsmith in Kalladeikoothose men, I had evidence enough to con ritchy came, with two other Youths, reclude that the whole was a trick of the questing books for some people there, who Modelliar.

desired to read them: I accordingly gave · Aug. 14 - This evening I instructed them some. some women who wish to be baptized. Aug. 27-A man from Pudukotei, near We assembled in a Moorman Bungalow Pannikoollam in the North, came and recently purchased; which is


advan asked for instruction in the Christian tageously situated for our people when Religion, as he had no good whatever the Church is too far for them, particu from Idolatry. He is a Weaver of the larly for the women. The purchase was low caste, and has received these good made quite privately by our people; so impressions by conversing with our peothat the Heathen knew nothing of it till ple in Pannikoollam. I have sent him to this evening, otherwise they would have the Catechist there. To-day, a Soodra done every thing in their power to hinder Boy also came with his Mother, from the it: about 20 men and 8 women assem Fort, begging very much to be received bled, with some female children. I was into the Seminary. He looked a sprightglad to find that the women had so far ly lad, and very promising. I told overcome their former shame, as that they them that there was no Idolatry allowed can now be talked to, and that they ap here, &c.; to which the mother replied, pear desirous of instruction. I explained that they knew this, and that the boy was to them what state of mind was necessary very desirous to know the True Religion. for Baptism, and exhorted them to seek As he had not been in any of our Schools, after it.

I asked him whence he had got the new Aug. 23 : Sunday-This day I had the idea ? He said, from our young Seminapleasure of baptizing two Young Men of rist, Isaac; who, when in the Fort, had the Seminary, Nganavuejer and Aanan often told them of our books, and read den, and of receiving two Roman Cathos them to him. I have received him. lics into the Christian Church: a number Aug. 29 — The Catechists have asof Heathen were present; and I trust the sembled; and this evening we had a MisLord imparted His blessing.

A man,

sionary Prayer-Meeting. Many StaMichael, who had been a Roman-Catholic tions have had an increase during the Catechist, arrived from Aanirkudiyirup month : among others, seven Roman-Capoo, with a Letter from Catechist Sa tholic Families from Peykoollam. varimuttoo, requesting me to receive him Aug. 30 : Sunday A large Congreas a Preparandus. He had five months gation. A number of new people from ago been led to renounce Popery, having Alvarneri came, during Divine Service : heard and read the Gospel; on which the they flock like the doves to the windows. Priest had ejected him, because he had We had Isaiah xliv. Mr. Coombes rethe cursed way.

When his turned this morning from his tour; and threatenings did not bring Michael back, has, on the whole, been much gratified. he at last used milder means; and offered Several new people, of several new vilto receive him again into the office, if he lages in that quarter, have subscribed would return. Michael replied, that as their names to serve the Lord. When he had once gone into “the cursed way,” Mr. Coombes is at home, he assists in inhe would not return to him.

structing the Preparandi.

gone into


Sept. 2, 1829-This evening we had the have been frightened by such cruel treatLord's Supper with our Native Brethren: ment, and have gone back. Five or six the Catechists were dismissed to their families only stand fast, and seem reStations. Yesterday we had the Tract- markably courageous. I have sent them Society's Committee Meeting, when we some provision. resolved to have the Anniversary on the Sept. 12 - Yesterday and to-day a 30th of this month. We likewise resolved number of Maravers from Mela paleyam on printing, in the new year, a Course of and the surrounding villages came, and Short Sermons on the principal subjects expressed a desire to become Christians. of Religion, chiefly for the use of the I examined them very particularly as to Catechists and the Congregations. They their motives and designs, and found were very glad of the proposal; and en reason to be satisfied with them. Howgaged to pay half an anna for each Ser


time will shew whether they are in mon as it comes out of the Press, besides earnest. If they resolve fully to be their regular subscriptions. Various testi- worshippers of Jehovah, our ground in monies shew that much good is done by Melapaleyam, formerly bought for a means of Tracts : it is undeniable that School, will serve excellently well for many have, by their instrumentality, been building a Chapel. led to know the Truth, and to forsake Ido Sept. 14-A busy day. New people latry. Titus, among others, related, that from three or four different villages when he was lately reading Tracts, and were here, requesting permission to join speaking about Christianity, a Maraver the Christian Church : four men were said, It is true: these are all good Roman Catholics of low caste; the rest things; and Christianity spreads: the Shanars: some of the latter were from Idols perish: it has such an effect upon places in the Etiyapooram Zemindary. the people, that now even a sheep can They happened to come together; and stand fearlessly before a wolf.” It as they could not wait till the Evening brought to my mind the words of Isaiah, Prayer, on account of urgent business at The wolf shall lie down with the kid ; though home, I had prayer with them immethe man's words did not go quite so far. diately. The Chapel is rebuilding at About seven families of Pudiyaputtoor, Mooneinjahpettah; but the head Rettiyar, near Ota padaroom, north-east, have left the Miraskaren, opposes it, and was Idolatry. This is one of the places which here with some of liis people. We had Mr. Coombes mentioned: the Headman long discussions on the subject; which at was here, and gave me much pleasure by last ended in his offering us a piece of the state of his mind. This village is in land for the building of a Place of Worship the Etiyapooram Zemindary; and several on another 'spot. This I accepted; and others there have opened the door to the so there is a hope that we shall have Gospel. What will the Zemindar say to peace there on that score. all this? Whilst he is endeavouring to Sept. 15— Again a day full of business, stop the irruption in the first place, as well as yesterday; which prevented me Vaanaramutti, the fire breaks out in from doing any thing in translating. The three or four other quarters.

Maravers of Mela paleyam came again, Sept. 10—Some of the people of Vaa to speak about their being instructed in naramutti have applied again to the Christianity. The Headman mentioned, Collector for help against the oppressions that the owners of the village, having of the Etiyapooram Zemindar's people. heard of their determination, have threatTheir difficulties are great: their crops ened them with deprivation of all their have been cut down by the enemies: advantages, if they become Christians. they are prohibited from plowing and This has evidently frightened them. I sowing : the village carpenters, smiths, informed them, without reserve, that, in &c. have orders not to do any work for such a great affair as that of their salvathem; the shopkeeper must not sell them tion, they must not mind such losses, not any rice, &c.; and all other inhabitants even of their lives. These were hard have been prohibited from talking with doctrines to them. I gave them still them. They have been thus situated many more time to consider the cost well, days, without any prospect of relief from before they begin building. Two Sooman. Their whole case we have espe dras from Parattipettah, about ten cially committed to the Lord: He alone miles south-east, near Aaneiyappapoois our help and our shield. Many of ram, arrived just when I was speaking those who came forward in the beginning with the Maravers. I advised them

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