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L. 8. d. Beccles

32 1 5 Camberwell, Peckham, Dulwich, and Brix


2 12 0 ton Ladies ..

22 16 0
Debach .............

2 12 6 Clapham Ladies..........................

20 4 2

23 1 0 Clerkenwell Ladies .......................

29 11 0
Hadleigh and Kersey.

21 11 0 St. Antholin's..

12 00
Holbrook, friends at..

4 10 6 St. Stephen's

28 98

Ipswich and Vicinity.......... 70 38 ASSOCIATIONS OUT OF LONDON TICINITY.

Little Stonham................

19 10 5 Melton......

5 14 0 Bristol : Chewstoke

3 0 0 Cornwall : Falmouth

20 40
6 7 0
Nedging and Naughton.


Old Newton... Penzance

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........ 90 8 1

96 15 1

10 10 0 Denbighshire and Flintshire,including 201.68.

240 17 S from Wrexham

30 6 0 Warwickshire: Devonshire: Devonport 15 00 Nuneaton..

500 Dorsetshire :

Wiltshire: Charmouth.......... 7 15 8

Marlborough-Coll. at Preshute, Lyme.. 2 19 3

after Sermon by Rev.C.Davey, 4 9 6 Anonymous, by Rev.


........110 00 W. L. Glover....... 20 0 0

Warminster Ladies.

......... 15 00 Sillefant, Misses, for Al

129 96 lepie Schools 1 0 0


81 14 11 Sherborne, including sl. 78.

Bewdley – Coll. after Sermon

by Rev. J. Cawood............ 42 1 6 Coll. after a Sermon by Rev.


6 2 8 J. Hartley

24 18 4

Worcester Ladies.. ........... 18 30 Wareham ............. ........ 20 00

66 70 76 13 3

Yorkshire : Essex : Walthamstow

7 197 Gloucestershire: Cheltenham.

Sheffield, including 167. 168. 1d.

56 0 0 Hertfordshire : Hitchin

from Dronfield, and 301. from
30 0 0

.274 01 Huntingdonshire: St. Neot's...

24 0 0 Kent:

.........100 00

574 01 Blackheath Ladies, including 98. 9d. for Tinnevelly Station, 17 16 2

COLLECTIONS. Canterbury.

26 11 0 Chatham and Rochester ........ 7 12 6

A. H. G., Miss, Mission Box

0 10 0 Dovor

5 10 0 23 94

Carrington, Mrs., Thames Bank Goudhurst z 10

3 100

Drury, Miss, Bow...... Lenham and Ulcombe..........

4 0 0 E. A...

6 15 6 Maidstone..

0 15 0 5 9 6

Ewins, Mr. D., Northampton Street....... Malling

3 0 0 2 11 6

J.H. H., Brompton Margate .......

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Young Ladies at Miss Kennion's School,

1 11 5
Mecklenburgh Square

1 30 Rolvenden.

...................... 15 14 6 Shorne.. 6 5 8


4 4 0
Anderson, Mrs. Ann..

'5 0 0 Teston..

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20 0 0 Annual Meeting

15 10 6
Olive, Rev. J., Wadham College

5 0 0 Sundries 3 0 7

6 00 142 16 2 Middlesex :

INDIA-NATIVE-FEMALE EDUCATION. Hadley, Barnet, and South Mimms ..... 10 1 1

Monmouthshire : Newport

40 00

3 5 10 Northamptonshire :

Hill, Mrs. J. B..........

1 1 0 Rowell and Desborough

9 30 Nottinghamshire:

CINGALESE-SCHOOL FUND. Newark and Vicinity, including 221. 38.

Yorkshire : coll.after Sermon by Rev.-FynesClinton, 27 0 0 Sheffield -" Thomas Sutton".

5 00 Shropshire: Whitchurch - Legacy of the late Miss



Oxfordshire : Staffordshire: Burton -upon-Trent

Wigginton, by Rev. D. Wilson........... 5 70 Coll. after Sermons by

Surrey: Rev. F. Leicester :

East Moulsey, by Rev. W. Allan, includ. Holy Trinity Church, 18 10 O

ing ll. from Mrs. Miller

2 50 Stapenhill Church... 7 16 4

Warwickshire : Public Meeting...... 17 0 0

Fenny Compton, by Rev. Mr. Thorpe... Ladies Contributions, 11 11 6

FUND FOR DISABLED MISSIONARIES, THEIR 54 17 10 Disbursements ...... 2 11

52 6 10

Chambers, R. J. Esq., Keppel Street, 1001.
Yoxall, Hamstall, &c., including

3-per-cent. Consols ....

87 0 0 61. 168. 6d. from Rugely

100 00 ...... 26 16 6

In remembrance of a departed Relative

79 3 4 Smallbone, Mr. W., Lewisham ............ 5 00 *** The Committee thankfully acknowledge the receipt of Three Paper Parcels from Cheltenham; also a Box from a Family at Rainham; and Sundry Fancy Articles from Miss Ireland, Miss Lowther, Miss Voysey, and Mary Gardiner, of the Clerkenwell Ladies.

Church Missionary Becord.

No. 11.)


[Vol. I.

"We are

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April 14- This evening, three MussulExtracts from the Journal of the Rev. mans called on me for books; when the Ralph Eteson.

following conversation ensued. “Why Some account of the Services and do you wish for a Gospel ?” Schools at Benares was given at acquiring Arabic Literature: if we read

the Gospels, we shall then be acquainted pp, 39, 40 of our February Number. Mr. Eteson, who has sole charge of this account we wish to read the Gospel

with the histories of all the Prophets : on the Station, appears to have made and Psalms.”-“But you cannot undersufficient proficiency in the Native stand either of these books, unless you ask Language to render himself


wisdom and mercy from God.” Why rally intelligible, both in preaching not ?" Because you are in darkness : and conversation. The following your hearts are blind with sin; unless Extracts from his Journal furnish

God open, who can understand ?” “We

have read much, in our books, of Adam, many painful instances of the blind

and Abraham, and Jacob, and Isaac, and ness of the Heathen, and of the Joshua, and Zachary, and Moses, and the power of that Evil Spirit who detains Prophets-peace and benediction upon them in bondage.

them! When we read your Book, why April 6, 1829 — To-day was the con may we not understand about Jesus the clusion of the Ramasan. My Chawkudar Prophet-peace and benediction upon requested permission to attend the Pray- Him!”–* Amen! But you speak of ers which are usually offered up in public numerous Prophets: what do you mean by on this day. When he returned, I in a prophet? Instruct us, Sir, what quired of him what he had been doing. you mean by a Prophet.' A ProHe replied, that he had heard the Mol- phet is a person instructed and sent of wee read the Book. I asked what it God, to teach mankind such necessary was he read. He did not know: all that knowledge as they could not otherwise was required of him, as well as of all the have obtained.”

In this way, you, Sir, hearers, was to be attentive to the Mol are a Prophet.” “I do not call myself a wee's actions, to bow when he bowed, Prophet, because I have not heard with to sit when he sat, and to rise when he my own ears the words of God. I have

The ignorance of the Mussulmans, learned what I and you and all mankind as to their own Religion, is unparalle must do to be saved, but not of myself: led: I have been often surprised to find I have learnt of the Book which I have even respectable persons among them ig given you; and I know that that Book is norant of the very name of their Prophet. true, because it is established by arguThey tell most stupendous stories of ments of learning ; because I feel its inHassan, Hosein, and Fatima: but of structions exactly suitable to my heart: Fatima's father they know nothing; I it makes me live in content and joy, have heard, from some of them, that his which it could not do, if it were not from name was Moses. One day, when I God.”—“If you, Sir, are a Teacher, why was addressing the Hinduwee Schools, a do you not come and preach to us ? How Boy replied to what I had adduced, by shall we learn, unless we are taught ?” saying, that God made Three Sects, who You hear that I can scarcely speak would each be saved, by their own Re- your language. The Padre is absent: I ligion ; viz. the Christians who followed have his work to do. Another Padre is Jesus; the Hindoos who followed the coming, you shall then hear more about Vedas; and the Mussulmans who follow it." Where is Jesus Christ ?” “In ed Moses.

heaven.”-“In which heaven?” “There (RECORD, Nov. 1830.]



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is only one heaven ; that is the immediate their images, and exists in them; consepresence of God.”—“You affirm that quently, it was lawful to worship those Jesus is alive, and a Prophet : now a things in which God dwelt; and that they Prophet is commanded by God-let Him did not worship the matter of the image, be exalted !-to go himself and teach the but only the God who dwelt in it. way. Why does not Christ come, and April 27 - I found the Boys in the teach us? “Why does not Mahomed Free Schools had resumed the marks, come and teach me ? Mahomed is not and I had great difficulty in persuading alive, in the same manner that Christ is." them to rub them out. They however “Yet he is alive, notwithstanding.” obeyed, when they saw me peremptory. “Further, there is no necessity that In the Persian School, the Boys were obChrist should come, as He has caused to be stinate, and chose rather to leave the written in that Book whatever He would School. I was afraid that I had required bave said were He present. Why then too much ; and went to the Rajah, to tell should He come Himself? If we will not him what I had done: he persuaded me believe what that Book says concerning not to press the matter, lest I should irriHim, neither should we believe, though tate them, and excite them to disobewe heard Christ Hintself.”—“What does dience: I took his advice. It appeared your Book say of the Day of Judgment ?" to me, however, that the Boys would not Christ will raise all men alive, Hindoos, have refused me, had not the Moonshees Mussulmans, and English: they will again and Monitors instigated them. take their bodies, and together, with all Dec. 1-This morning, before breakwho shall remain alive, be compelled to fast, I rode, with the Rev. J. Robertson appear before the Judgment-seat of of the London Missionary Society, to a Christ. Those whose works have shewn Temple in the City, dedicated to Hanuthat they have not believed in Christ, man, the enormous Monkey who assisted will go to Hell: those whose works have Ram, by his strength and subtlety, in shewn that they have lived in Christ and overcoming Rawanee. In the midst of done His will, will become blessed.” this Temple is a dirty pool, supplied from “ If Jesus has power to confer all bless- a neighbouring well. This pool is suping on His people at the Day of Judg. posed to possess the property of healing ment, why does he not to-day turn my those who bathe in it, of leprosy and other heart; for power is in Him?” “This is diseases; and is therefore called, by the a useless speech. Perhaps you have Hindoos, Amrit-jhil—the Pool of Immornever asked God's mercy: and shall God tality. On inquiry, 'however, I learnt give His mercy to those who care so that not more than one in thirty are belittle for it, as not even to pray for it? nefited by its imaginary virtues; yet If your son anger you, and care so little this frequent want of success is not imfor you as not even to ask your blessing, puted to any lack of efficacy in the wado you bestow wealth upon him? This ters, but solely to the want of faith in the Book says, Ask, and ye shall receive : and sufferers. if you do not receive, it is only because In the precincts of this seat of Idolatry, you do not ask. When you arrive at where Satan reigned apparently suyour house, pray for God's wisdom and preme, Mr. Robertson has succeeded in mercy; saying, “ Lord, I am a great sin- establishing a Native School, in which ner! how shall I be saved ? Teach me the Christian Scriptures are daily read: what I must do to be saved!'”-Here this certainly indicates that prejudice is our conference ended ; and my antagonist giving way; but something more is requideparted, promising to call again. site than Christian Instruction to convert

April 15, 1829–Visited all the Hin- the soul—the immediate agency of the duwee Schools, and examined the English, Spirit on the degenerate and benighted Persian, Hinduwee, and Bengalee Classes heart. At the door of this Temple we in the City School. I succeeded in per- stood for half-an-hour, conversing with suading all the Boys in the Free School about 20 Hindoos, and urging on them to wipe off the mark from their foreheads, the holy doctrines of Christianity. on the ground of its being the Devil's After breakfast, I visited my Hinduwee Mark, and not proper to be worne. This Schools. The examination at each of introduced a discussion on the propriety them collected about 20 people in the of Image-worship: the Boys asserted, that street; to whom I made known, as well although God was one, yet He pervades as my imperfect language would allow all things, and therefore He pervades me, what wonderful things God had done,

and promised, in order to save their souls. ducted us to an upper room, which was About 12 copies of Kythee Gospels, and well furnished with carpets and lookingsome Hinduwee Prayers, were distri- glasses. The feet of the bed were of buted among them. I was struck with solid silver. After we were seated, the weight and authority of Scriptural sweetmeats were presented, and conSentiments on a Heathen Mind. Thus versation commenced. The Baboo insaith the Lord, is, at all times, an impres- quired who I was, and what was my emsive introduction to such sentences, as, ployment ? This, of course, introduced He that believeth, and is baptized, sh be the subject of my Mission. When I saved ; and he that believeth not shall be told him that my sole motive in coming damned.

to India was to preach the Gospel, he Dec. 2, 1829—The Sacramental Fund said, “That, indeed, is an excellent emof this Station has been for some time ex- ployment.” In the mean time, the elder hausted: I have therefore been attempt brother was introduced; and, as they. ing, this day, to make a small collection both seemed curious to know the conamong the Residents for the poor Native tents of the Gospel, I left with each of Christians. This evening I read Prayers them a copy of the New Testament. I and expounded at the Hindostanee Cha- then proceeded to the Free School, and pel: about 14 or 15 persons present. examined the Persian Classes.

Dec. 3-In the evening, the Rev. J. Dec. 10- Visited Lahota, in comRobertson, Mr. Steward, and myself, pany with Lieut. Lyall, Mr. Robertwent to a small village called Shivpore, son, and Holwee, to fix upon the site of the Town of Siva : after having walked a small Native Hut, which we wish to about the place for a short time, and at erect for the purpose of performing tracted a crowd around us, we com Public Worship. The expense

will be menced a rather boisterous discussion, defrayed by Lieut. Lyall. This obwhich gradually settled into a peaceable scure village promises well : its inhabiconversation. The people were very tants are always kind and attentive 'to anxious for a School ; or at least two or us : yet I dare not say more ; for though three Lalas were, each of whom expect- they listen to our Message with outward ed to be employed in it; but the dis reverence, yet none of them come fortance of the village precludes all possi- ward to inquire more explicitly into the bility of diligent superintendence. One doctrines which we preach. We thought School, however, established in this vil- it advisable to exhibit before their eyes lage, would tend to win over the inha. a pattern and example of that reasonable bitants, and always afford an opportunity service which our Religion requires. We of usefulness to the Missionary.

are in the habit of calling on our hearers Dec. 6: Sunday In the morning, to worship the Lord through the mediaadministered the Sacrament to 10 Com- tion of Christ; but forget that an ignomunicants. In the evening, preached at rant unconverted Hindoo can form no the English Church, in order to afford further idea of Worship than the perthe Chaplain an opportunity of visiting formance of his own idolatrous formallChunar. I have agreed to preach for ties : he imagines that Worship is somehim on the first Sunday of every month. thing to be done, and not something to

Dec. 8~-In the morning, I took Mr. be FELT, with reference to the Supreme Robertson to one of my Hinduwee God. Fervency of devotion, and the Schools, where we alternately addressed pious affections of the heart, are spiri, about 20 to 25 Hindoos. No one produced tual things, of which they have no idea. any objection to our doctrine: perhaps Dec. 21 - Rode with Mr. Robertson they scarcely understood us, After to one of our Schools, where, after breakfast, I visited another Hindoo some delay, we collected an unusually School, and again addressed a Native large Congregation. A Mussulman came Audience. On our way from this School forward, and wished to persuade us, to Jay Narain's, we examined a large that He, whom we called God, was no gateway, painted like the gates of most other than the Hindoo Ishwor, and the houses which belong to rich Natives, Mahomedan Allah. We replied, that with different figures, such as ridiculous certainly there could be no other God imitations of English Ladies and Gen- but One; yet different Nations might tlemen. Soon after, a servant came out, form very different conceptions of that to invite us inside. The owner's bro- One God, which was true in fact. Their ther was waiting to receive us; and con- Religions would therefore differ; which

80 rupees.

was ako true: but, as God was One, than I ever possessed before. The Mis and His nature One, how could He com sionary may convince; but he is as powmand two things totally inconsistent erless to convert, as he is to arrest the how could He command us, at the same sun in the heavens. time, to love our enemies, and hate our Jan. 3,1830--Administered the Lord's enemies ? Yet the Gospel inculcates Supper to 17 Communicants. one of these precepts, and the Korân the Jan. 4—Mr. Robertson and I repaired, other: both Religions could not, therefore, as usual, to the city ; where we were be true, or agreeable to the will of shortly surrounded by a Congregation of God. One of them must be false. 50 or 60 people. At one time I counted

Dec. 22, 1829— Again rode into the city; upwards of 60: they listened attenwhere I found Mr. Robertson engaged tively; and we were on the point of leavwith a great many Natives. .We here ing them, when a young man advanced encountered one or two learned Pundits; the proposition, that all things were whose objections I could scarcely under God. I find it difficult to convince them stand, for want of an acquaintance with of the absurdity of this doctrine ; for Sanscrit. One man, covered with idola though they stoutly affirm that man is trous marks, seemed convinced that there God, yet they deny the converse—that was some truth in our words. He asked God is man; at least, they shrink from for, and received, a copy of the Gospel. imputing to Him human properties and

Dec. 24 — I have been engaged to failings. day in marking out a piece of ground Jan. 1]—Accompanied Mr. Robertson for a School for Native-Female Chris to the Temple which incloses the Amrittians : it will cost the Society, perhaps, jhil. Some time elapsed ere we at

tracted particular notice: at length, four Dec. 29–Mr. Robertson and myself or five Brahmins approached, to listen to visited our Hinduwee Schools, at each our Reader ; but their minds were imof which about 30 hearers collected pervious to our discourse. I am led to around us. At one of them, a young think that they did not clearly underBrahmin, having listened attentively for stand me. Nothing is more easy thap some time, expressed his opinion that to attract a Congregation in Benares, men and beasts are on an equal footing, where passengers will stop and listen for all actuated by the same all-pervading hours. The place itself is notoriously spirit. How truly lamentable is their superstitious; and religious discourse of Philosophy, which degrades even their every Sect is, with the Hindoos at least, own Deities to a level with the brutes ! a serious business. The Pandits in the At another School, an old man highly Temple behaved worse than I have ever approved our doctrine, saying, that, cer yet experienced: they were : doubtless tainly, whatever we English said was irritated by our approaching too near right. Several more said, that they their sacred pool, and I do not think it hoped they should remember what we advisable to go there again. Mr. Rosaid, but were afraid they should forget bertson was too weak to speak much; and it. Alas! that the impression of such I confined myself to a simple declaraimportant things should be so soon ef tion, that, according to our Shaster, the faced.

human heart was corrupt, and, as was Dec. 31–Visited Shivpore. The pub evident from the works of all men, had lic road from Benares to Jaunpore lies gone astray from God; and then to tell through this village, and this circum them the provision which God had made stance has greatly debased the charac for their recovery. One man promised ter of its inhabitants. Our hearers to call on me. amounted to about 20 : some of them Jan. 13—After breakfasting with Mr. listened with apparent attention ; others, Robertson, we visited a School in the though they approved of our words, were city, which is under his care: from 40 to evidently more disposed to ridicule than 60 people gathered around us; and of to receive them. It is grievous, indeed, these about 30 were stationary hearers, to see the natural conscience struggling some of whom listened with serious at80 ineffectually with their corrupt affec tention. One old man seriously sup: tions. Since I began to preach in the ported the worship of Idols, “ because, Bazaar, I have gained a clearer convic said he, “they are the representation of tions of the necessity of a direct influ God.” When Mr. Robertson inquired, ence from above to convert the soul, . How God could possess any likeness;


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