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since He is a spirit; and no man ever did, dent hope that our labours will not be or ever could, see a spirit;' the old man in vain. attempted to reply, but in words which I Jan. 21– Visited Lahota : our Concould not understand. What he said, gregation was smaller, but more attenhowever, was evidently unsatisfactory to tive than usual. I recognised two or the people around us.

three faces which I had seen in the crowd Jan. 14, 1830–To-day we visited La- before. This augurs well; for, when hota, where we were listened to with the people come again and again, it betokens usual att ion. The small Mud Chapel, some degree of interest in our Message. which we wish to build in this village, is I do trust, that when we shall have erected not yet begun.' The Rajah of Benares the Chapel in this village, which is now has now, however, promised to throw no in progress, the Lord will work some hindrance in our way; and, as the ground wonders there. is fixed on, I hope that the next time we The walls of my Female School are go the building will be in a state of for now nearly completed; and I do not an· wardness.

ticipate burthening the Society with any Jan. 17-On Friday last, a Mussul- further expense than 60 rupees, which man came to my Bungalow, and en I have already drawn. When finished, treated to be admitted to Baptism : no it will be a neat and compact place, thing occurred, in conversation with him, easily convertible into a Christian Inwhich bore the semblance of sincerity. I stitution, if, after a few years, an Estadiscovered that he had been residing blishment of that kind in Benares should with Mr. Smith, the Baptist Missionary: be deemed necessary. I wrote accordingly to Mr. Smith on the subject; and, from the answer, it ap

Chunar. peared, that the Mussulman had been Extracts from the Journal of the Rev. dismissed from under his instruction for

William Bowley. confirmed drunkenness. This is not an A general account of this Staindividual instance of attempt to obtain tion, and copious Extracts from Mr. Baptism ; four individuals having now Bowley's Journal, were given at applied within a few months, not with any view to the salvation of their souls. pp. 40 and 121—133 of our Volume. In what need a Missionary stands of We now lay before our Readers some the spirit of power, of love, and of a

further Extracts, which bring down sound mind !--of power, to exhort and the account of Mr. Bowley's prorebuke the Heathen with all authority; ceedings to the close of last year. of love, to bear with their gross sins and

Services and Schools. frequent infirmities; of a sound mind, to detect their fraud and hypocrisy.

There are three Services in the week Jan. 18 — Visited, this morning, my

with the Native Christians: one in the Hinduwee School, near the Permit Office.

Bazaar Chapel, which is conducted by This School is in a conspicuous situation,

Mr. Macleod, assisted by one of the

Readers; a Catechetical Meeting every and consequently very suitable to our purpose of attracting a crowd to listen, · Saturday Evening; and one Evening first to our examination of the Scholars,

with the Europeans.

The Schools for Heathen Lads, are and afterwards to our address to themselves. I can truly say, that the more I visited daily : beside these are two Adult enter into my Missionary Labours, the

Female Christian Schools. In the English more I am attached to them.

School there are, at present, but 10 Boys: This morning, as Mr. Robertson was

in the Persian School, 30; in the Hinduspeaking to about 50 hearers, I marked

wee Chapel School, 53; and in that under their countenances, to discover, if pos

Matthew Runjeet, 30. Since the rains, sible, what impression his words made on

the Village Schools have been closed, in their minds. Most of them appeared to

consequence of the Boys being employed gaze on us with listless unconcern; others,

in the fields, and not being at leisure to

attend. with curious inquiry what these things might mean; and one or two manifested Notices of Inquirers and Converts. a hopeful attention to his words. Thus August 1—Matthew Runjeet spoke of we sow the seed, and leave the rest to a Devotee who resided in the village in God; and, though we have done but which he lives, who died in the Faith of little, anticipate the future, with a confi the Gospel. He said he had spoken

several times to Mr. Friend to baptize 1. Martyn Byjnath, a Hindoo, about him, but it was deferred to my return: 19 years of age; was formely a Devotee; however, the poor man was called away and was met by our people at Swargabout a fortnight since. The others of the dham's village, 12 miles hence. They village, who disputed with him, seem to spoke to him; and he was prevailed be satisfied that Christianity is the supe on to follow them in December last. rior Religion.

He has since been under Christian InAugust 8, 1829 — To-day, Bukhtawur struction, has learnt to read well, and Singh came and received Tracts: he also for months has been soliciting Baptism. took a copy of each for his Daughter, During my absence, he has been entirely formerly our Schoomistress, who has under Christian Tryloke, who speaks lately been married, and who sent to her well of him. father to obtain some books for her. In 2. Thomas Ram Chum, of the Kshutru the evening, the new Converts met the Caste, about 27 years of age, came also Catechumen, four in number; when they about the same time with the former for repeated what they had learned, and had Baptism, and has been under instructhe Creed explained.

tion and probation ever since. Having August 9 : Sunday As usual, had made good progress in the essentials of Morning and Evening Service in Hin. Religion, and having conducted himself to dostanee, which Kurrum Messeeh per our satisfaction and earned his livelihood formed. I had a long conversation on in a creditable way, I admitted him to Religion with a Hindoo Boy who was the Ordinance. taught at our School, and is a Writer 3. Bathsheba, a Brahminee Woman, here. Were it not for the iron bar of about 25 years of age, who was married Caste, what crowds would be flocking to Matthew Runjeet, our Village Schoolinto the Christian Church! This strong- master, in March last, and has been hold of the Devil keeps many away from preparing for the Ordinance ever since. openly acknowledging Christ, and many. She is intelligent, and acquainted with more from the Means of Grace. It seems Christianity, and reads the Hinduwee pretty generally understood, that Chris Testament. tianity makes no compromise: this deters 4. George Beizbuksh, a Mussulman many from inquiring into it.

Lad, about 22 years old. He was one August 10-Had much serious conver of the boatmen who went down with me sation with two young men who came to to Calcutta, since which he has been be taught English: they seem decided in attached to Christianity: he wanted to favour of Christianity, so far as reason remain in my service then; but returned

with some of the party to Chunar, where August 11 – During the day, an old I found him attending on the Means of Brahmin, Thakoor's Uncle, came to re Grace, and residing with a Christian side with us, from Thalook's village. Family, earning his living by hard laThis unlettered old man, from his know bour. He has since proved himself a ledge of Christianity, would put many very promising young man; has a good bearing the name of Christians to the capacity, 'a retentive memory, and a blush. At Evening Hindoostanee Meet- willing mind; has made admirable proing, Kurrum Messeeh read the Prayers, gress in h!s knowledge of Christianity; and I expounded part of the Third Chap- and is making good progress in the ter of Genesis.

Gospels. August 12- As the Jew Boys of the 5. Andrew Buksh, another Mahomedan English School come to me for instruction, Lad, about 16 years of age, was brought we have generally an hour's serious con from Allahabad by our Schoolmistress's versation : two of them seem perfectly Husband, for the express purpose of convinced that they cannot be saved un- being prepared for Baptism : has given less they renounce all for Christ: being great satisfaction ; works hard for his however dependent upon their parents, livelihood, and has made good progress they say they cannot give themselves up in all that has been required of him. to Him: one of them asked for a Prayer. During the Service, the Church was well Book.

filled with Natives, to witness the OrBaptism of Converts.

dinance. Sept. 13: Sunday- At Afternoon Hin Dec, 25 To-day I baptized two doostanee Service, I baptized the fol- persons; one, a Hindoo Woman, about lowing persons :

22 years of age, who has been with the

ing goes.

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Native Christian Women for the last two with the Readers, in a boat, for the Anyears, creditably working for her liveli- nual Fair below Buxar; and arrived at hood. For some months past, she has Benares at 5 y. M. At the river side been diligently attending to the concerns spoke to several respectable men. They of her soul; and has learned the Creed, replied, that “all living in the city and the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's vicinity of Benares should be saved.” Prayer, which she repeated. The second They were asked whether that notion person was a Heathen Girl, about 14 would not excite people to commit sin years of age : has been, for the last with less compunction? “Yes.' -“How three years, brought up by a pious Lady, then can you credit such a doctrine ?" who has taken the pains to teach her to The Shasters say so.

Exercise read and pray in English, and has caused your reason: what does that say ?” One her to be instructed in Hindee also. She replied, We shall not be saved so was sent to us in September last; and much by residing here, as by good has since learned to read the Scriptures deeds :” which was denied by his neighfluently in Nagree, got off the Cate bour. Advantage was taken of it, and it chism, Creed, &c. &c., and from the com was said that they were divided; which mencement has conducted herself as well proved that they adhered to systems of as could be expected from a person religion invented by the human heart, of her age and circumstances ; so that which could not avail them in time of I can truly say, that I have not seen need, since they would not lead them to à Native Girl conduct herself better. God. She understands, and I trust feels, what Oct. 29

This morning had a Prayershe reads. She was baptized by the Meeting, in which two of the Readers, name of Anna; and the other, by that of who were with us, joined ; and at noon Mootree.

left Benares, and came to Bulea, 8 miles. State of Chunar.

At the Village Kythee, the Readers read Sept. 30, 1829–Our people go to the and gave away about 20 Tracts. ChrisFair daily ; but, alas ! hardly any will tian had some arguing with a Mussulman, come near them, and they give away but who could not reply to his questions two or three Tracts a-day; whereas at without exposing his system. At SydBenares as many thousands might be pore, a much larger place, they had not distributed in the same time.

so favourable an opportunity. Chunar is truly in a deplorable state : Oct. 31–Put too, and walked in the the inhabitants seem asleep in the lap village Chinchuepore, but the people of indifference, from which no mortal were gone out to the fields. Ten miles power can rouse them : hence they keep further, our people went into Jumanea, out of the hearing of the Word, with a full where there is a Police: several of the conviction that to hear is to become a inhabitants came to the boat; and, though Christian ; and even the few that do they refused to take books in the village, manifest any concern, are afraid of the they accepted of them here. They made reproach of their neighbours. Humanly particular inquiries as to our object in speaking, there are many advantages at distributing these books &c.; and were tending the propagation of the Gospel told that Christians believed that both in such a place as Benares or Calcutta, Hindoos and Mussulmen were deluded which are wanting at less populous by religions of man's invention, and conplaces. At Benares, we might labour sequently could not be saved; and that with the greatest delight, inasmuch as the system contained in these Books was hearers might be obtained in every di the only method of salvation appointed rection, and people who would come by God Himself. After this, we came forward with a degree of confidence in on to Ghazeepore, where we arrived at their system and argue the point with midnight. you : but not so at Chunar-you might Nov. 1: Sunday Soon after daychallenge the most learned of the Hindoo break, the Hindoos came to bathe : it or Mahomedan Religion to argue, with was truly lamentable to see how they out one daring to accept the challenge. roared out the name of the god whom You may hear yourself Aattered in every they worshipped, in opposition to one direction, that none can cope with you ; another; one party crying out “Seela and then you are left.

Ram” (Ram and his Wife Seela); the Journey to Benares, Buxar, &c. oppositionists, “Rodha Krishna” (KrishOct. 28—This morning left Chunar, na and his Wife): thus they went on

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joking together, till seriously addressed God.” The poor Mahomedan replied, by Tryloke: on their attention being in distress, " That God permitted them attracted, he read the Tract in Verse; to have more partners than one, because which excited such profound respect for the Arabs, living on dates &c., needed him, that one man repeatedly entreated more, as he allowed the rich to have him to permit him to embrace his feet; more wives than the poor.” Christian saying, that to touch the feet of a person then read the Tract disproving Mahopossessing such knowledge would avail medanism, in refutation of which they to his salvation ! Tryloke, of course, had nothing to say: a great number of pointed out the sin of looking thus to persons who were assembled accepted mortals and withdrawing their mind from books. The owner of the house took a the real object of worship. After this, copy of the Scriptures, and expressed all went to the Bazaar, where four read a wish to see them again: Christian and addressed great crowds : the re thinks that he wanted to have some bribe mainder of the day, till the afternoon, held out to him. In the course of the was spent in distributing books from our afternoon, a poor Pundit, who had preboat, and arguing with the people: many viously received the New Testament, very respectable persons came. Kurrum and followed us, was a good deal perseMesseeh also joined us from Buxar. cuted and ridiculed on account of riding

Nov. 2, 1829-Early this morning, as with us and defending Christianity: he yesterday, all went to the Bazaar; and however stood firm. several read to crowds alternately, and Nov. 3— Early this morning, went gave away books. During the whole day, out towards the Cantonments, and met a people flocked to our boat for books, Pundit, who received a Testament in where a good deal of argumentation took Hinduwee and Tracts; and the Readers place, especially with a body of Cuveer- read in the streets and Bazaar, and gave ites, who seem to be pure Materialists. away books. We argued with several On being questioned “ Whom do you ac Cuveerites, who during the day came to knowledge to be the Supreme Being ?” our boat; a crowd following them. They one replied, Whom shall I say ?” said, that to will in the Deity implied -“Do you mean to say all that we see imperfection. So far as the creature are gods, that you find yourself at a is concerned, you may be right; but it loss to reply? Is there one or many ?” cannot apply to an Eternal Perfect The subject of your questions is of too Being.” Shew me the Deity.” How abstruse a nature to be discussed before will you see Him: you know that matea crowd: we shall call at your boat, and rial objects may be seen by the eye of inquire fully into it.” They took books.


but not spiritual objects.”—“Make At 3 P. M., Christian Tryloke was invited Him manifest to the eye of reason. to a respectable Doctor's: Kurrum Mes Every object before us, viz. the boat, seeh also accompanied him, with books that house, the cloth that you wear, profor the man. They were received with claim the makers of them, though we respect, and fully questioned as to their have not seen them; yet, having seen motive in distributing these books, &c. people build, we reasonably infer that He asked them what they got, in a pecu- every similar object was made by man, niary way, for embracing Christianity. and never admit a doubt to the contrary. Christian replied, “Nothing.” — “Why In like manner, when we behold the renounce the system of your forefathers ?". world, the sun, the moon, the stars, &c.

Because there is salvation in no other we reasonably conclude that they have a Religion.”—“The Hindoos are nothing; Creator, whom we call God. All present but there are two systems, viz. the Ma- seemed struck with the force of what was homedan, and the Christian.” True; said, and none cavilled. They now askbut the Mahomedan Religion cannot be ed, Whether we moved in search of God, proved to be a Revelation from God; or does He move in search of us. whereas the Divinity of the Christian ' He seeks after us.' What is the Religion is proved from the Books of the reason of it?"

None, besides His love preceding Prophets, as well as from the

and mercy.

It was now shewn, that Korân : besides these, we have the testi- the whole human race is fallen and demony of our own consciences. The doc- generated, and at enmity with the Creatrine of the Korân differing so materially tor; and that had He not sought us out, from the Scriptures ... here he parti we should never have sought after Him, cularized, could not have come from nor inclined towards Him.—“How may

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we attain to happiness ?" "He has river, we came on to Buxar, and they given us full direction His Word

joined in the evening. The Readers (pointing to the New Testament). The distributed books, and had a good deal of man seemed satisfied, and happy that he discussion at three populous villages. A possessed the Book whereby he might Tehauldar (Native Collector) paid great obtain felicity, and took Tracts &c. A respect to them, heard the Word, and bystander resumed the argument; and gratefully accepted of the New Testasaid: God is in us; and He it is who ment &c. speaks, acts, &c.Here is another Nov. 5, 1829-Early this morning, acspecies of Hindoo Atheism. The former cording to custom, all went to the Bazaar; being one Sect of the Cuveerites, called where we were respectably seated by a Bhugta, admit of no God but matter: shopkeeper, who had previously heard the latter Sect, being that of the Vedant, the Word from KurrumMesseeh. A great admit of no other Supreme Being than crowd collected in the main street, and the rational soul in man, which they say heard three of the Readers attentively: pervades all nature. However, this poor there was no opposing, no gainsaying: creature's mouth was soon stopped, by in reasoning with them, they seemed shewing that he made God the Author of affected, gladly received books, and inthe bad words and evil actions committed vited us to come again. This was more in the world. Another would defend than I could expect, from such a place; Idolatry, by saying, that the Deity must since we find, that where the Word be approached through the medium of does not become a savour of life, it does inferior creatures, as we approach great of death, in hardening and stirring up men. I replied: Alas! you also speak depraved nature against it: there were, according to your Shasters, without at- however, here, indications of good. In the tending to reason; and thereby degrade evening, the Readers, with our learned the Supreme Being to the level of frail Candidate, who has accompanied us, mortals; and, by so doing, deny His were well received, and employed till omnipresence and superintending provi- late. At 10 P. M. left Buxar for the dence." All seemed to approve, and none Fair, and came on till arrested by a sandgainsayed: several appeared impress bank; and at nine next morning arrived ed, and many took books. In the after at Bullea, where the Fair takes place, noon, a Molwee and several respectable 14 miles below Buxar. Several of us Mussulmans came to Tryloke, and ac went on shore, among the Devotees; and cepted books; but studiously avoided dis sat by a Gooroo, who was engaged in putation, saying, that Reason had nothing making gods of clay. This task he perto do with Religion. It was observed, forms daily. He was seated on his bed, “ This is your only refuge, and the pre- which was a mound of earth, raised about servation of your system. Open your eighteen inches above those of his discieyes, and your system falls to pieces.” ples, who sat by and flattered the Gooroo Several present seemed favourable, and

We also seated ourselves, and got did not approve of the Molwee's evasion. the Candidate, named Shunkur, to read They said, that Christians' were, pro two Tracts: the people affected to like verbially, wise and acute reasoners, and it, but would not accept of any. We it was useless to argue with them. They returned to the boat at noon : a Boy were told, that the faculty of reason alone about 10 or 12 years of age, of the Brahmade us superior to the brute creation ; min Caste, followed, and begged I would and if that were taken away, man take him ; stating, that his Master, a would become level with the beasts that Merchant, on his way to the Fair oppoperish ; and unless they exercised their site Dinapore, finding him laid up with reason, they could not convince gross a fever, left him here. I delivered him Idolaters that Idolatry is wrong. Parts to Christian Tryloke, and administered of the Tract were read. The evening medicine to him. In the afternoon, we was spent in walking through the Bazaar, all walked round the place, read to seveand distributing books.

ral, and distributed a few books: while At night, we drifted down towards engaged in reading to a number of DeBuxar; and about midnight came against votees and others, we were joined by a sand-bank, where we remained till a young Officer, well disposed, who is on next morning ; when, after prayer, and his way to join his Regiment. In the giving the Readers charge to visit the evening, had prayer with him. populous villages on both banks of the Nov. 7-Walked out early, and ad[RECORD, Nov. 1830.]

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to us.

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