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ber must be reduced, or the former als home, in visiting the Parochial Schools. lowance renewed. The great impor The salaries of the Boys in the Printtance of these Schools to the Mission ing Office are very small, and have arises from hence, that it is their only never been increased. Mr. Bailey has direct means of instructing the people, spent much of his own money on the from the very circumstance of their Mis- Press; and one of the six Presses is his sion having no establishment of Catechists. own entire work. He recommends an I promised to represent this circumstance increase of their salary. to the Committee; and to recommend I was particularly pleased with the the renewal of the original sum, as soon good sense and Christian feeling shewn as the Funds will admit it. It would be by the Brethren, in the discussion of better if Syrian Masters could be em these subjects : and the more I saw of ployed in these Schools, instead of Hea them, the more reason I had to be satisthen, as is now the case. The Nair fied with their moderation on the great Schoolmasters are certainly the best at and delicate question of the Syrian Church, present; but it must have a pernicious in its dependence upon Antioch, as well influence on the Boys, to be taught as the real and fidelity of their MissioChristian Books and Principles by men nary Labours. I have looked very narwho disbelieve and contradict them in rowly into that point, as one of vital imtheir lives. This may be remedied gra- portance distinctly to ascertain ; and it dually.

is evident to my mind, that they enjoy Abraham Catanar, a young man of the confidence of the Church and people very great ability and piety and zeal, at large, and that they are doing nothing who has been teaching for some time to forfeit that confidence. gratuitously in the College, and whose OCCASIONAL VISITS TO TELLICHERRYservices there are of the greatest use, is where the Society has Schools, formerly strongly recommended to the Committee, *established by the Rev. F. Spring, but for a salary of 20 rupees per mensem, for no Missionary Establishment. There is that duty.

a great opening for usefulness, both MALAYALIM LITURGY.-This is printed there and at Cannanore, 15 miles distant, in an imperfect state, and needs further especially among the Roman Catholics ; revision. I represented to them the and the Committee requested Mr. Baker great importance of putting the whole to visit it now and then. He went once, into a more perfect state, for general use ; and reported to the Committee: but it is and especially of preparing the Psalms, quite impossible, during the absence of the Vox Ecclesiæ, which at present are Mr. Bayley, and the probable 'absence necessarily omitted in the Public Service of Mr. Doran, that this can be repeated. Mr.Bailey promises to leave the Revision It remains, therefore, for the consideraof the Services, which is now ready in tion of the Committee, what provision his hands, with Messrs. Baker and Do can be made for that important field of ran; who engage to prepare them, and labour; and, if possible, for the permaalso to revise the whole of the Psalms, 'nent services of an European Missionary without delay, for the Press. The ex of our own Church. pense of these Revisions, and of a new Their la bours are of immense imporand complete Edition of the Book of Com- tance, in their probable-I had almost mon Prayer, will be met by certain said, certain-effects, in the regeneration Funds of the Prayer-Book and Homily of this Venerable Body; and thus, ultiSociety, 564 rupees, now in. Mr. Bailey's mately, by their agency, in that of the hands, and what I have collected by Cir Parent Church of Antioch: and there is cular; and for what is further needed, no Mission of the Society which costs reference is to be made by me to the the Committee so little. Committee of the Prayer-Book and Ho Mr. Doran's wish to return to England, mily Society in Calcutta.

by way of Persia and Syria, is already PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT.-On the de- before the Committee. I had much and parture of Mr. Bailey for England, Mr. earnest consultation with him on the Baker kindly undertakes the charge of proposal; and, after viewing it in all its this department, on condition that a man bearings as carefully as I was able, I do is provided to superintend the workmen, not hesitate to recommend its adoption. on a salary of 10 or 12 rupees per men The necessity for his temporary absence

This is indispensable, on account is much to be lamented, but this necesof Mr. Bailey's frequent absences from sity is unavoidable :- and his present


plan will make his return to England mation as to their actual numbers and the probable instrument of great future their condition, both Ecclesiastical and good to the Churches both of India and Civil. Syria ; and will be the almost certain The want of Baptismal Registers in means of acquiring much valuable infor their Churches makes a Census difmation, the possession of which will be of ficult; but he suspects that their numthe greatest service to him in his future bers are very much underrated in the labours. The object, indeed, is suffi common accounts. He believes that ciently important to have warranted a the number of those who, resisted the distinct Mission of the Society for that Church of Rome amounts nearly to especial purpose ; and the circumstances, 100,000 souls. They have certainly under which Mr. Doran undertakes it, much increased, of late years ; but I not only exempt the Society from any should think his calculation is too libeadditional expense, but offer such ad ral. Should even the lowest number be vantages as could not otherwise have correct, who can calculate the value of been enjoyed. Previous to his depar our Mission in such a field ? May God ture, he means to spend two months in endue them ever more and more with travelling through the Churches of Tra- wisdom, fidelity, and zeal, and give them vancore, and obtaining accurate infor- hereafter an abundant harvest !

(To be continued.)


The Financial Situation of the Society having long occasioned the Committee serious solicitude, they have felt it their duty to publish an ADDRESS TO THE MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY ON THE DIFFICULTIES WHICH IMPEDE ITS

OPERATIONS. The Committee of the Church Mis by raising a sufficient income to meet the sionary Society have been induced, by increasing expenditure, or by reducing the present situation of the Society, to the expenditure within such limits as submit to its Friends and Supporters the will obviate a recurrence of the present following statement.

difficulty, On reviewing the history of the So In reference to a reduction in the exciety, it will be seen, that, under the penditure, it should be clearly underDivine Blessing, its pecuniary resources stood by the Members of the Society, have, for a series of years, progressively that the Committee specially appointed increased; and that it has been enabled, last year to investigate the whole of that from the year 1804 to 1822 (inclusive), expenditure, at home and abroad, found to undertake Nine Missions in various it impracticable to recommend any maparts of the Heathen World. For some terial diminution of expense at home. years, the income of the Society was If, therefore, the Committee should be adequate to its expenses ; but, recently, compelled to a reduction of expenditure, the expenditure connected with the Mis the only mode of effecting it would be by sions has exceeded the income ; and the the contraction or abandonment of some small reserve possessed by the Society of the Foreign Operations. Unwilling to and which heretofore enabled it to meet relinquish any of those undertakings the contingencies to which it is conti which, in a greater or less degree, have nually liable, is now nearly absorbed. been marked by the Divine Blessing, the It should also be observed, that this dis Committee have felt it their duty to bring proportion between the income and ex the subject before the Members of the penditure has not arisen from the esta Society at large, and appeal to them for blishment of any New Mission

a decision as to the course which is to be having been undertaken since 1822—but pursued. The present misery of the from the tendency to enlargement which Heathen, the fearful danger of their imis inherent in Missionary Opérations. mortal souls, the dishonour done to God These circumstances render it necessary by their idolatries and superstitions, the for the Committee to take some effectual glory of Christ in saving them from the step towards relieving the Society from ruin in which they are involved, must its present embarrassing situation, either have been among the motives which


prompted the disciples of Jesus to engage and has, on an average of the last five in this work. Are these motives less years, annually added 9 persons to the constraining than they once were ? Are number previously sent out, the probable they less binding on the heart and con extent of the demands which may be science, than when they first led us to made on the Society's funds from this make an effort for the benefit of the quarter becomes a subject of no inconperishing Heathen ?

Or rather, now siderable solicitude; and calls for the that the Lord is gone out before us, open adoption of some measure, which may ing doors of utterance among the Heathen avert the evil' already experienced by and blessing our labours, ought they not another Society in the absorption of the to be felt with double energy? Let each whole of its direct Contributions in liquiChristian consider the question as per-. dating these demands, and may enable sonally addressed to himself: let him the Church Missionary Society, as far as survey, in its awful reality, the pitiable adequate funds are concerned, to constate of the Heathen: let him feel, in its tinue its present labours with vigour and blessed fulness, the love of the Saviour efficiency. who has redeemed him to God by His The Committee, therefore, confidently blood : and means will not then be want- hope, that individuals, whose circuming, under the Divine Blessing, for the stances enable them, will contribute tocontinuance, or even extension, of those wards the Fund which has been formed labours in which the Society is engaged. for this specific purpose. They feel it

In connection with the operations of their duty to add, that the present disthe Society, the Committee regard it an proportion between the Society's Income imperative duty to make some provision and Expenditure renders it quite impracfor Disabled Missionaries, and Missio- ticable to provide for these claims, with-, naries' Widows and Children. The whole

out proportionably restricting the Sotime of persons engaged in Missionary ciety's Foreign Operations. How dework, in connection with the Society, pressing this would be to the spirits of being dedicated to the prosecution of its those who are spending their strength objects, with a salary only sufficient for among the Heathen, is fully shewn in their necessary expenses, they obviously the Address of the Missionaries in Tindo not possess the means enjoyed by men nevelly, which was printed in the April in other situations of life, of providing Number of the Record, pp. 87, 88. The for a season of sickness, for their Widows Committee would further remind those, in case of death, or for the education of who haye already shewn their love to their Children. That those who, by the Christ by sending forth the Messengers

appointment of Divine Providence, are of the Churches to the Heathen Nations, dependent on them for education and that the subject which is now brought besupport cannot be neglected without the fore them is intimately connected with violation of a moral obligation, is evident; the spiritual interests of the Missionary. and if their whole time be devoted to the His work is confessedly trying and arSociety's objects, on a salary not more duous; abounding, through the artifice than sufficient to meet their necessary of Satan, in temptations drawn from the expenses, the Society seems' bound to

objects around him, from his own infirprovide for the fulfilment of that obliga- mities, and from the more amiable feeltion, which, from the very nature of his "ings of his nature. And what temptacompact with the Society, the Missionary tions can be reasonably expected to asis incapacitated from personally fulfilling. sail him with greater force, than those In the early proceedings of Missionary which are connected with her who has Societies, when the number of their left the land of her fathers to soothe his Agents in Foreign Lands was compara- , anxieties and to share his toils, and with tively small, and claims for the support the offspring entrusted to his care? For of their Widows and Children rarely oc- the education of his Children in the nurcurred, little difficulty was experienced ture and admonition of the Lord, the in providing for each particular case, as wretched condition of Heathen Children it arose : but as Missionary Labourers makes the Missionary anxious in a tenmultiplied, the difficulty of meeting these fold degrée. His situation therefore, in claims has been found continually to in regard to these objects, claims, in a pecrease : and when a Society, as in our culiar manner, the sympathy and aid of own case, has more than 80 European the friends of the Society. Missionaries and Catechists, besides their Under these varied considerations, the Wives and Children, connected with it, Committee urgently appeal to their Chris

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tian Friends for enlarged support. While

-Oct. 1: Sermon, by Rev. W. Thompson, at Cam

borne, Coll. 21. 58. – Oct. 3: Sermons, by Rev. W.. grateful to their Heavenly Father for all

Thompson, Morn. Phillach, Coll. 31. 58.; Aftn. that has hitherto been done, it is their St. Ive's, Coll. 31. 28. 7d. ; Even. Towednack, Coll.. conviction that the Christian Church is

11. 128. : by Rev. H. Simcoe, Morn. at St. Ive's, Coll.

31. 08. 7d. not yet duly awakened to a sense of the Cumberland - May 23 : Sermon, by Rev. H. Monkmagnitude of this work, and has not yet

house, at Shap, Coll. 21. 158. 2d.-Oct. 17: Sermon,

by Rev. H. Monkhouse, at Newchurch, Coll. 41. made efforts corresponding to her high

Hampshire-Aug. 15: Sermon, by Rev. J. 0. Zillresponsibilities and the many talents en wood, Morn. at St. John's, Portsea, Coll. 131. 18. 2d.; trusted to her. While the prospects of

and Even. at Gosport, Coll. 51. 128. 3d. : by Rev. E.

Bickersteth, Aftn. and Even. at St. John's, Portsea, an enlarged blessing on the labours of the

Coll. 131. 138. 5d. - Aug. 16: Anniversary of SouthSociety never were more encouraging, ampton Association, Rev. Dr. Wilson, Chn., and never also were the exigencies of the So

Even. Meeting for Labouring Classes, Colls. 331. 08. 6d.

-Aug. 17: Meeting at Gosport, Rear-Adm. Austen, ciety, from the want of pecuniary sup Chn., Coll. 41. 168. 4d.--Aug. 18 : Meeting at Ports.. port, more urgent. The Committee, mouth, Rear-Adm. Austen, Chn., and in the Even.

for the Labouring Classes, Colls. 172. 88. therefore, feel it to be their duty to make

Hertfordshire-Oct 28: Anniversary of the Hertthis statement and appeal, before they ford and Hertfordshire Association, Sir H. Verney, resort to the painfully distressing step of

Bart. Chn., Coll. 91. 6s.

Lancashire - Oct. 13: Warrington Anniversary, further curtailing their Missions. They

T. Greenall, Esq. Chn., Coll. 31. 188. 6d.-Oct. 31; cannot but trust that the liberal love of Sermon, by Rev. G. Hornby, at Bury, Coll. 141. 118. their Christian Friends will not only re

– Nov. 1 : Formation of an Association at Bury,

Rev. G. Hornby, the Vicar, in the Chair, Coll. 101.108. move the necessity for thi step, but en

- Nov. 8: Meeting at Hindley, Rev. H. Evans, Chn., able them to advance much further in the Coll. 138. 9d.-Nov. 10: Meeting at Standish, Rev.blessed work of proclaiming the Gospel

Whitelock, Chn., Coll. 11. 2s.6d.-Nov. 11: Meeting

of Collectors at Wigan, Rev. B. Powell, Chn., Coll. 11. of Christ in the Heathen World.

Norfolk-Aug. 18: Anniversary of the Yarmouth

Association, W. Barth, Esq..Chn., Coll. 171. – Oct. (By Order of the Committee,)

10: Sermons, by Rev.J. Hartley, Morn. at St. John's EDWARD BICKERSTETH,

Norwich, Coll. 71. 158.; and Even. St. Gregory's,

Coll. 51. 178.; by Rev. E. Sidney, at St. Lawrence, THOMAS WOODROOFFE, Sec.

Coll. 51. 148. ; by Rev. J. D. Wawn, Morn. and Even. DANDESON COATES,

at Wymondham, Colls, 131. 128. 2d. ; and Aftn. at

Carleton Rode, Coll. 51. 138. -Oct. 11: Sermon, by Church Missionary House, Salisbury Square,

Rev. J. D. Wawn, at St. Simon's Coll. 31. 08. 6d. November 8, 1830.

Oct. 12: Anniversary of the Norfolk and Norwich Association, J. Weyland, Esq. M.P. Chn., Coll.

531. 158.60.-Oct. 13: Sermon, by Rev.J.D. Wawn, at PROCEEDINGS OF ASSOCIATIONS. St. Lawrence, Coll. 21. 158. 5d.-Oct. 17: Sermons, by Berkshire-Oct. 10: Sermons, by Rev. F. Leicester,

Rev. J. D. Wawn, Morn, at St. Nicolas, Lynn, Coll. at Maidenhead, Colis. 111. 168. 11d. - Oct. 11: Meet 2. Bet tad ju ken. catur Margaret's Coll. 81. 18. ing at Maidenhead, E. Sawyer, Esq. Chp., Coll. lll.

and Aftn. by Margaret's, . 48. 6d.

121. 43. - Oct. 18: Meeting at Lynn, Rev. J. Hare, Buckinghamshire-Oct. 12: Meeting at Marlow,' Chn., Coll. (including 101. Don. by D. Gurney, Esq.)

311. 188. 3d. Rev. H. C. Ridley, Chn., Coll. 161. 138, 8d. Cheshire-Oct. 10: Sermons, by Rey. T. E. Alder,

Shropshire-Oct. 10: Sermons, Morn. by Rev. T. at Little St. John's, Chester, Colls. 111. 18s 6d.-Oct. Woodrooffe, at Madeley, and Even. by Rev. R. 13: Sermon, by Rev. H. Stowell, Coll. 161. 78. 60.

Mayor, Colls. 221. 08. 7d. ; by Rev. T. Woodrooffe, Oct. 14: Anniversary of the Chester and Cheshire

Even. at St. Alkmond's, Shrewsbury, Coll. 141. 185.Association, the Right Rev. the Bishop in the Chair,

Oct. 11: Anniversary of the Shropshire Association,

T.Whitmore, Esq. M.P., Chn., Coll. 131. 168. -Oct.12: at Birkenhead, Rev. A. Knox, Chn., Coll. 71. 98.1

Madeley Meeting, W. Austin, Esq. Chn., Coll. 81. 168. Cornwall-Sept. 16, Penryn Meeting, Lieut. Lam

--Oct. 17: Sermons, by Rev. R. Mayor, and Rev. C. brick, Chn., Coll. 31. 28. --- Sept. 17: Falmouth Meet

Lloyd, at Whittington, Colls. 71. 48, 8d, ; and at Se ing, Coll. 41. 108.- Sept. 19 : Sermons, by Rev. T.

lattyn, Colls. 71. - Oct. 18: Meeting at Chirk, Col. Fisher, Mörn. Helston, Coll. 8l. ; Aftn. Stithians, 21:48. 3d. ; and ati Whittington, Coll. ll. - Oet. 19: Coll. ll. 58, ; by Rey. T. Woodrooffe, Morn. Şt.

Meeting at Oswestry, the Vicar in the Chair, Coll. 51. Anthony, Coll. 3l. 28. 6d.; Aftn. Mawgan, Coll.

-Oct.20: Meeting at Ellesmere, Coll. 11.58.-Oct. 21: 21. 188. 6d.; Even. Mullion, Coll. 11. 18. : by Rev. W.

Meeting at Selättyn, Coll. 21. 168. 7d.- Oct. 24: SerThompson, Morn. Wendron, Coll. 11. 55. 6d.; Aftn.

mon, by Rev. R. Mayor, at Kinnersley, Coll. Breage, Coll. 21. 48, ; Even. Marazion, Coll, 21.

81. 188. 6d. Sept. 20; Marazion Meeting, Rev. – Pascoe, Chn.,

Suffolk-Aug. 15: Sermons, by Rev. W. Burgess, Coll. 21.' 178. 6d. - Sept. 21: Helston Meeting, J. Morn. at Kirtley, Coll. 51. 28. 6d. ; Aftn. at Bakefield, Borlase, Esq. Chn. Sept. 22: Sermon, by Rev. W. Coll. 81. 98. 5d.- Aug. 19: Meeting at Lowestoft, Rev.

F. Cunningham, Chn., Coll. 151. 88. 5d. - Aug. 20: T. Woodrooffe, at Perranuthno, Coll. ll. ls. Meeting at Beccles, Rev. D. Owen,Chn.,Coll.51.48.6d. Sept. 23: Sermon, by Rev. T. Woodrooffe, at Perran,- Oct. 3: Sermons, by Rev.J. D. Wawn, at Ipswich, Coll. 8s. 9d.-Sept. 26: Sermons, by Rev. T. Wood Morn. at St. Helen's, Coll. 51. 58. 2d ; Aftn. at St. rooffe, Morn. Penzance, Coll. 81. 10$. ; Aftn. San Margaret's, Coll. 11. 168. 6d. ; at St. Clement's, Coll. creet, Coll. 178. 6d. ; Even. Paul, Coll. 21. 98. 7d. : by 61. 198. 6d.-Oct. 4: Meeting at Old Newton, Rev.C. Rev. W. Thompson, Morn. Madron, Coll.

51. ; Aftn Bridges, Chn., Coll. 101. 148. 7d. Oct. 5: Meeting at Penzance, Coll. 41. 158. 3d.; Even. Morvah, Coll. 21. Stow Market, Rev. J. Bull, Chn., Coll. 61.-Oct. 6: -Sept. 27: Penzance Meeting, Rev. C. Le Grice, Little Stonham Meeting, Rev. J. Paget, Chn., Coll. Chn., Coll. 31. 68.-Sept. 28: St. Ive's Meeting, Coll. 21. 158. 10d.-Oct. 7: Meeting at Debenham, Rev. G. 21. Os. 8d. - Sept. 29: Redruth Meeting, J. Magor, Smally, Chn., Coll. 81.-Oct. 8: Anniversary of Ips. Esq. Chn., Coll. 21. 178. Sept. 30: Camborne Meet wich Association, R. Fitzgerald, Esq. Chn., Coll. ing, E, W. Pendarves, Esq. M.P., Chn., Coll. 31. 128. 111. 78. 10d.

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Warwickshire-Oct.31 : Sermon, by Rev. R. Mayor, - Sept. 6: Meeting at Westbury, the Vicar in the at Great Harborough, Coll. 31. 138.

Chair, Coll. 61. 188. 8d. Westmoreland - July 11: Sermon, by Rev. H. Worcestershire-Oct. 3: Sermons, by Rev. J. CaMonkhouse, at Appleby, Coll. 71. 158. *

wood, at Bewdley, and Meeting on the 6th, Rev. J. Wütshire-Sept. 5 : Sermons, by Rev. T. Newton Cawood, Cun., Colls. 421. 18. 6d. and Prof. Scholefield, at Westbury, Colls. 101. 38. 3d.


Western-India Mission. - Mrs. Mitchell's health having greatly suffered from the climate of India, and her medical attendant having recommended her return to England as the only probable means

of its restoration, she and her Husband embarked at Bombay on the 6th of July, with the sanction of the Committee, on board the “Othello,” Capt. Thomson, and landed at Liverpool on the 1st instant.

Contribution List.


L. .. d. Clerkenwell:

L. 8. d. Suffolk: Pentonville Ladies... 15 6 0 Ipswich and Vicinity

13 8 9 Islington Ladies... 77 13 2 Wickham Market.

28 11 3 Queen-Square Chapel..... 6 14 0

42 00 St. John's Chapel, Bedford Row........... 73 16 2 Surrey:

Mordon ...


Sussex : Berkshire: 1


100 0 0 Ashbury, including 41. 28. 7d. coll. after

Worcestershire : Sermon by Rev. W. Wells........ 10 3 3


1 1 1 Buckinghamshire :

Yorkshire : Gawcott, coll. after Sermon by

Mirfield and Hartshead.

22 1 6 Rev. E. Bickersteth ......... 7 17 6 Iver ...

32 16 0
40 13 6


Betts, Mrs. J., King's Langley.......

4 15 0 Keswick.

1 0 0
Ladies at Bow

0 17 0 Penrith, coll. after Sermons by

Mayers, Miss, Ealing Green..

4 12 6 Rev. H. Monkhouse :

Smith, Mrs., East Wickham, Miss. Box .... 0 7 3
Newchurch...... 4 0 0
2 152

6 13 2

10 10 0 7 15 2

Battye, Joshua, Esq., Coleman Street......
J. B., First-fruits of a Legacy.

5 0 0 Essex :

Twopeny, Rev. R., Little Casterton........ Saffron Walden, including 17. 08. 7d. for

500 Ind. Nat. Fem. Schools... 128 0 0 Ware, Rev. James, Wyerstone..

10 00 → Hampshire: Isle of Wight-Ryde&Newport, 162 96



Essex :
192 96
Saffron Walden

1' 0 7 Hertfordshire, including 71. 178. for Ind. Nat. Fem. Schools....116 14 0


7 11.0. Bushey

5 00



Coll. after Sermon at Chalfont St. Deal

20 00

Peter's, by Rev. J. Wilcox........ 9.08 Middlesex :

14:17 Expenses 1.147.700.......... 1.00 - Poplar.. 16 96

$9 Staines and Vicinity........... 12 18 5

29 7 11 Monmouthshire :


1 Caerleon...

10 18 7

Hume, Mrs. Sophia, of Lower Bel. Pontypool and Vicinity.. 14 0 0

grave Place, Pimlico, by John

24 18 7 Rogers and John Maling, Exors.200 Norfolk :


2 0 0 Cromer-Legacy of the

18 00 late Mr. J. Hogg... 10 00

Pearson, W., Esqa, fate of Homerton, by Mr. G Spence.... 10 10 0

the Exors. Contributions....

S. W. Loddige, Esq., John Bal 179 100

lance, Esq., and Rer w. Collison, all of 200 0 0

Hackney, for Destitute, Females in the Lynn.....

170 00

West Indies, 4007. Reduced Three-and-a37000

370 OO Nottinghamshire: 75

half per Cent. Serlby.

91 5 0

FUND FOR DÍSABLED MISSIONARIES, THEIR Somersetshire: Beckwell, by Rev. Z. H. Biddulph 18 6 4

WIDOWS AND CHILDREN. Staffordshire : 111

“Gratitu le for Mercies,l'on retiring from Tamworth, including Collection after

a Public Official Situation ...

5 09 Sermons by Rev. W. Carus, at Erdington

Holehouse, Ç., Esq., Great Surrey Street .. 21 6l. 188. 2d. ; at Seckington 6l. 18. 1d...... 35 00

M. S.....

100 00 The Committee thankfully acknowledge the receipt of a Paper Parcet from Mrs. Hare and Mrs. Gurney.

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