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Church Missionary Becord.

No. 12.]


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reading the Scriptures diligently, and of At Cochin, where I arrived on the whom Mr. Ridsdale has strong hopes, 12th of March, I was rejoiced to find the though he wisely forbears to speak largely Rev. Mr. Ridsdale faithfully and dili of them at present. gently employed in the several objects Among the Roman Catholics he has of his Missionary Labours ; and, I trust, been more successful. The Church of the uniformity and consistency of his Rome here offers the best possible adChristian conduct have gone far to re vantage to an assailant, for it is literally -move the difficulties which a series of divided against itself. The higher Orders painful circumstances have hitherto of the Clergy are quarrelling with each thrown in his way.

other, and are generally despised and No Chaplain being at present sta feared by their flocks; and, wherever the tioned here, he has very kindly given his people can find means of escaping from gratuitous services to the Congregation, the iron hand that oppresses them, they which amounts to about 200, who would are eager to join our Communion. This otherwise be deprived of all Means of observation is true of the whole of the Grace. These voluntary labours are of Peninsula ; in every part of which there great value to the interests of our vene appears a simultaneous movement of the rable Communion, and are gratefully Romish Converts, to escape, where it is acknowledged by many of those to whom possible, from the trammels of Ignorance he ministers : and it will be highly gra and Exaction. The Committee have a tifying to the Committee to be assured recent instance of this, under their own that he does not, on this account, remit immediate observation, in the neighbourin his exertions among the three several hood of Madras. The same is still more Classes to whom his Missionary Labours remarkably seen in the accession of seare immediately directed, viz. the Jews, veral Roman-Catholic Villages in Tanthe Roman Catholics, and the Heathens. jore to our Communion: and similar in

The number of White Jews that have stances, in Dindigul, Travancore, and left Jew Town in the last two years is, Tellicherry, abundantly testify that one 16 Men, 11 Women, 7 Children; Total feeling of dissatisfaction pervades the 34. The number now there is, 40 Men, most distant Congregations of that cor76 Women, 92 Children; Total 208. rupt Communion. Mr. Ridsdale is much

The number of Black Jews that have assisted in his exertions, among the Poremigrated in the last two years is about tuguese, Christians, by Mr. Lima, late 100. In a very short time, the Colony, Franciscan at Goa, and Resident for the at least the White Jews, will probably last six months at Cochin. He is an exbe extinct. The sight of the Services of cellent preacher, earnest and imprestheir Synagogues, under such circum sive; and his character has not only been stances, is full of most melancholy re without suspicion during his stay here, flections.

but his labours have been unwearied, The number of Converts from Heatlien-, especially among his former Brethren. ism is but 'small; but attendance at the The Committee have already kindly acMalayalim Services, both in the Church' ceded to Mr. Ridsdale's request for an and in the Bazaar, is occasionally con addition to his salary; and I feel assured siderable ; and there are other promising that he will prove himself worthy of the circumstances in his Mission, particu- confidence reposed in him, and be a valarly in the great interest lately excited luable, Auxiliary in the Mission. among the Cokanee Brahmins, who are I examined Mrs. Ridsdale's FEMALE [Record, Dec. 1830.]

2 M

SCHOOL, in which there are 20 Children.

wood, may be permanently fixed with These, as well as Mr. Ridsdale's Boys' them. School, are boarded in their own premises. I have only to entreat your indulgence Many of them are poor Roman Catho- for the length to which this Report has lics, whom their parents have entirely extended; and to assure the Society of given up. The Girls make lace, for my cordial satisfaction in all I have witwhich Cochin is famous, and sew plain nessed of the prosperity of their Missions work : their reading in Malayalim, and throughout the Archdeaconry, and my knowledge of Religious Truth, is very earnest prayers for their increasing and pleasing ; which is one, among many other abundant success. testimonies to the unwearied zeal of this excellent woman, who, in the midst of

Tinnebelly. many discouragements and great per

The Missionaries, finding the opsonal suffering, has exerted herself in all his plans of usefulness, even beyond her portunities of extending their ope strength.

rations in this District growing far COIMBATORE.

beyond the means with which the Before I conclude this Report, I beg Committee have been enabled to leave to bring to the notice of the Com- supply them, have published an Admittee a small but very interesting Colony dress, in which they earnestly apof Native Christians, whom I found at Coimbatore, and whom I am anxious to peal to the Christians in India for

This Address, commend to their fostering care. They enlarged support. are Settlers from Tanjore; and are chiefly which we subjoin, is signed by the the family and connections of Francis

Rev. C. T. E. Rhenius and the Rev. Mallah Pillay, who has been for many Bernhard Schmid, and is dated years Sub-Treasurer in the Collector's May 3, 1830. Office. Their character seems to be quite irreproachable. Francis came to

General Influence of the Mission on the

Natives, see me on my arrival, bringing with him a beautiful Pastoral Letter which they Of what use has all Preaching and had lately received from Mr. Hallewell, Teaching been hitherto ? Thousands of breathing all the Christian spirit of that rupees have been spent, in sending out excellent man. They are very earnest Missionaries, in establishing Schools, in in their petition for a Missionary: but printing and distributing Tracts and the how can one be spared at present ? A Scriptures. What has been the effect ?Catechist may perhaps be given; and the Great every way. For the knowledge of occasional visits and superintendence of the True God, of His will, and of true the Society's Missionaries on the Hills morality, has been diffused; whereby might ensure some degree of regularity thousands of Natives see and acknowin the administration of the Services and ledge the folly and vanity of Idolatry; Sacraments of our Church. There are and have become, in a manner, ashamed about 30 souls. Many Roman Catholics of it. Many, indeed, remain in the proare in the neighbourhood, wholly neglect- fession of Heathenism, particularly the ed by their Priests; and much good might rich and the wise among them, for very be extended amongst them, by cultivating obvious reasons : still, their better know this interesting family. Under the au ledge, derived from the Sacred Scripspices of Mr. Sullivan, they have enjoyed tures, is not, cannot be useless to them: many advantages. He supported, from it will find its way into their hearts; and his own funds, a School for 40 Natives, gradually produce an ardent desire for Heathen as well as Christian, in which deliverance from the chains of sin and English was taught; and many have been bad habits, with which they find themexcellently 'educated. I had the gratifi-^ selves more and more to be bound. cation of reading Prayers and Preaching Without that knowledge, how will they to them in the evening of the day which arrive at this glorious end? Without I spent there, and administered the Lord's light, how will they know what darkness Supper to 20 Native Communicants. is ? Knowledge of the Truth is, therePermit me to request, that, if possible, fore, of exceeding great importance to they may not be left destitute of the them. Besides, it is not without an Means of Grace; but that a Catechist, actual improvement in their manners under the direction of the Rey. Mr. More- and conduct. As a proof, we need

only state, that here, in Tinnevelly, many of the rest are old Heathen Temthe Gentlemen in Authority find those ples, converted by the people into Chris Heathens, in their Offices, who are ac tian Prayer-Houses.-We have said only quainted with Christianity more trust 150 Churches, but nearly every one of worthy, more intelligent, and more dili the 244 Villages has a separate Building gent servants, than those who are not for Prayer and Instruction. A poor man, who cannot read, observed We need not particularize the gradual once to us: Since the spread of Chris- steps by which this increase of the Christianity, lying has greatly decreased among tian Church has been brought about: us: and what man dares tell a lie, who they have been annually laid before the really believes that there is an Omni- Public, in the Madras Committee's Rescient and Holy God!” Is not this a ports, and in the Home-Society's Publiblessed effect of the extension of Chris cations. This summary statement will tian Knowledge ? and is not this an object suffice to shew the fruit of the Grace worthy of our most assiduous attention ? of God on the people, in the course of ten

Greut Extent of the Mission, years-small, indeed, when compared But the good effect of making known with the mass of the people that are still the Gospel in this District has not stop- in Heathenish Darkness ? but enough to ped here: we can rejoice in still greater rejoice and encourage our hearts, and to things. It is now nearly ten years since silence objections against the cause of we arrived at Palamcottah ; during which

Missions. In fulfilment of the predictime we have endeavoured, in dependence tions of the Word of God, they have on the Divine Blessing, to discharge our literally cast their Idols to the moles and duties towards our fellow men, by preach- bats (Is. ii. 20): they have come and said, ing, by establishing Christian Schools, by We will be the Lord's ;” and subscribed preparing and circulating, in Tamul Dia- with their hands unto the Lord, desiring lect, Religious Tracts and the Scriptures, to be taught in His ways, und to walk in by forming two Native Seminaries (Male His paths (Is. ii. 3. xliv. 5.) and Female), where, besides Theology, Estimate of the Influence of the Gospel on History, Geography, the Elements of

the Native Christians, Astronomy, and other Sciences are taught. But, are all these 2000 Families true When we came, we had no Congregation, Christians ? To this we do not hesitate to except the people of our households, with answer—“No; not all.” They are a a few persons of the Tanjore Mission ;, mixture, as our Saviour foretold that His and no Christian Schools, but 6 or 7. Church would be- The Kingdom of HeaHeathen Schools, which the philanthropic ven is like unto a net, that was cast into the exertions of the former Chaplain had left and gathered of every kind (Matth. for our superintendence. And now, we xii. 47). But all have renounced Idolahave 244 Villages, in each of which there try, and the service of Devils ; and put is a number of Christian Families, formed themselves and Families under Christian into 64 Catechists' Stations; containing, Instruction, to learn to worship God in in all, more than 2000, Families, consisting spirit and in truth.-And is not this a of more than 7500 souls, instructed by 64 great blessing to them? Is an exchange Native Catechist-Teachers or Catechists of a false, childish, impure, filthy, stu-62 Christian Schools; which 38 are pefying, degrading worship, for the reataught by separate Masters, and 24 by, sonable, holy, enlightening, exalting, glo-. the Catechists, in which 1300 Children rious Worship of the True God in Christ (including 112 Girls) are instructed-36 -is an exchange of the execrable stories Native Youths form a Seminary, from of wicked Gods and men, inculcating and which a number have, in the course of encouraging all kinds of vices, for the the last six years, been employed in the blessed, soul-converting, enlightening Congregations and Schools — There are histories, and holy precepts of the Scripin these 244 Villages at least 150 tures, a small thing? Will the people Churches or Prayer-Houses, of different get better, so long as they think that sizes and quality-Apretty large and sub- their Idols are Gods, their lying and stantial Church has been erected at M0o- fighting Gods worthy of imitation, and roogenkooritchy, near the Fort of Palam, their filthy stories pleasant things ? A cottah,our Mission Station --Seven or eight conviction of the contrary, a renunciation smaller substantial Chapels have been, of them, a desire to know the Truth, a erected, or are erecting, in entirely Chris... readiness to be instructed therein, are tian Villages belonging to the Mission: absolutely necessary to true conversion :


they are, in fact, the beginning of it, astonished the bye-standers, and made When, therefore, we say that they are them express a wish likewise to die the not yet all true Christians, we chiefly death of the righteous. On the contramean, that they are not yet all high in ry, we have instances, also, of backthe attainment of Christian Knowledge sliders, and others who allow their evil and Experience. Many among them may tempers and habits to be troublesome to also have embraced Christianity, in the the rest. But who has authorised us not first place, merely because their Masters to expect such ? Had not the Apostolic orFriends did so; and others, because they Churches the same ? And can we marsaw the improved condition of the Native vel, that, among those who arise from Christians, and desired to be delivered such a depth of corruption and wickedfrom oppression and wrong.

But even

ness, and from so gross a darkness as among them we have had many instances Hindooism is, there should, now and of their becoming, by degrees, truly en then, appear remainders of the same ? lightened and blameless characters, who From what a labyrinth of false notions would endure any thing for Christ's sake, and evil habits have they to extricate and are an honour to the Christian Church. themselves! With how many temptaIn short, there are many who are really tions are they surrounded ! To what benefited by the change; and exhibit fears and sufferings are they exposed, by the regenerating influence of the Gospel their persecuting enemies, by the false on their souls, by a thorough change of accusations and complaints against them! principle.* We have many instances of If they, then, occasionally fall, by allowpersons enduring the most vexatious, in- ing themselves, perhaps, a lie, or getting jurious, and provoking treatment of the into a passion by provocation, we have Heathen; not, indeed, without tempta- rather to commiserate and help them, tion and pain ; but with a'meekness, and than condemn them, and at once wpropatience, and self-denial, which shew, at nounce them hypocrites. It would fill once, that they are strengthened by a a large volume, were we to enlarge on Higher Power, and that the blessed in this subject; but this is not our present junctions of the Gospel 'have taken hold design. The failings of the Native Chrisof their hearts. We have instances, in tians, or the intrusion of real hypocrites which persons, after their conversion, into the Christian Church, 80 readily have come, of their own accord, and con animadverted upon by some, đo in no fessed their having formerly connived at wise diminish our duty of teaching them cheating the Government, by the Native the Way of Salvation through Jesus Revenue Officers; and their being com

Christ. What they are not now, they pelled by the Gospel not to do so any may become hereafter. A tree wants longer, but to walk honestly. Just now, time to come to maturity, and to yield a person, who has lately requested to be all the fruit we can reasonably expect instructed, is earnestly desirous to pay his due to the Owner of his Village, even

Vindication of the Character and Motives before the time, only in order to cut off

of the Native Christians... every occasion for opposing this step, and But are not all these Christians of the distressing him and his family for it. We Lowest Castes only, the dregs of the peohave many instances of their forgiving ple ?-And suppose it were so, whatrof their enemies for Christ's sake-of their that ? Shall that hinder us in our endealove of truth-of their lively hope of vour to promote, and in rejoicing in, their eternal life. Many have shewn a com conversion ? What, however, are called plete horror when thinking on their for the Low Castes of the people' makes up mer worship of senseless Idols and cruel a very large portion of the Natives: they Devils ; and praise the Grace of God, are the labouring class, without whom the which gave them the Light of the Gospel. rést cannot live. From the neglect and Several have, on their death-beds, exhi- ! contempt in which they have been held bited a confidence and joy in God, which for ages, they are, indeed, very ignorant,

? with very little or no moral restraint on * Such persons only are admitted into fall Com- - their natural passions; without excitemunion of the Church by Baptism : the rest remain Candidates for it. Hitherto, about 500 have been

"ments to appear decent; full of slavish baptized, including Children, Not that there are not fear and blind submission, and therefore many more, among the rest, worthy of the Ordi

. ' easily made tools of by the Higher Castes, nance; but they are delayed, partly by our carefulness in the matter, and partly by the too-many

- stfor perpetrating their vile purposes: still labourt on our hands.

they are our fellow-men, esteemed equally

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notwithstanding all imperfections this

with us before God, and capable of Rapid Increase of Congregations and the highest cultivation. What a blessing

Schools. will it be to the Country, when all these That Christianity actually rises, and Low Castes will be truly converted to Idolatry falls, in the estimation of all Christ! A great mass of evil will then classes of the Heathen in general, is be removed from this Nation. And shall evidenced, by their desire of having Chriswe not labour for that end? Shall we not tian Schools established in their Villages instruct them, if they desire it? Shall (even Brahmins do not now hesitate doing we not stimulate them to it, if they do 80); by several individuals among them not? We should be perfectly content, making, now and then, presents of lands therefore, if our Congregations consisted to the Mission; and by the steady inonly of these Low People. The value crease of the Congregations. It is this of the soul does not depend on the native increase of Congregations and Schools divisions of Caste, or any outward ad- which increases our expenditure nearly vantage whatever. But the fact is, that every month. The present expenditure only a few Congregations are of these

per month is

Rupees Lowest Castes : the Shanar Caste has For Catechists

350 yielded the most; and several


228 of the common Soodra and Moodeliar

Battas of both, on their journeys &c. 30 Castes.

The Seminary, including Teachers, 200 Still, Do they not become Christians, in Young Men preparing for the order to be freed from taxes, or to de Office of Catechist and Schoolprive others of their lands, &c., by our master, about

33 instrumentality ?—No. These are false This is independently of the occasional accusations, which the enemies of Chris

assistance rendered to the people in buildtianity bring against all these people, ing Chapels, Schools, Catechists' Dwellbecause such cases may have occurred; ings, &c. There is also every prospect though, we are confident, without success:

of greater increase. In fact, several such persons must soon find out their Congregations are not yet provided with mistake, and either leave the Church, or Catechists; and several applications for yield to better feelings and views. These Schools are still to be complied with. is. idle accusations probably originate with persons who have been obliged not to

Call for Enlarged Support. extort from the Christians more than

Now, what Christian is there, who what was right, and to restore to them

does not rejoice at this state of things, what they had unjustly made their own. We could write long histories on this sub- cordially desire, that not only ject: suffice it to say, that the Christians, whole district, but the whole land,'be so far from being freed from taxes, are, brought to the knowledge of the True in not a few instances, obliged to pay God, and to the practice of Christian Vir. even more than they formerly did in

tues ? But is the DESIRE alone sufficient ? their heathen state, by which the Native If one of you say to them, 'Depart in peace, : Officers intend to force them back to

be ye warmed and filled, notwithstanding Heathenism—that the Native Christians ye give them not those things which are do not refuse to pay any taxes, but such needful,' what does it profit? (Jam. ii. 16.) as are not ordered by Government and We therefore call upon all the Christian that they most properly desire to be ex

Community in India, to come to our asempted from all undue exactions which sistance. If the increase of Congregathe Native Officers and Miraskarers

tions and Schools proceeds on the same make to enrich themselves, and from all

scale as hitherto, our present expendidemands for the support of Idolatry. As ture will soon be doubled: the Society of old, so also now, there are many De

at home will not be able to bear it. metriuses, whose craft is in danger; and The Local Contributions, with which we who therefore vent their ill-will by such are annually favoured, will likewise be false accusations, and indulge in styling inadequate to supply the deficiency. the Christians slaves,” senseless Tod Unless, therefore, extraordinary efforts dy-people,' &c. If Moodeliars also be

are made, the re-establishment of the come Christians, then, of course, they Female Seminary will still be protracted; are also without understanding. But all new applications for Catechists and God will, and does, copfound the calum Schoolmasters, and for aid to erect Chaniators. 129. 11-malla mo SIE 9575

pels and School Rooms, must be left unanswered; the progress of the Gospel

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