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must be stopped ; and the Natives will withhold their aid. Were each Lady or remain in darkness. But we confidently Gentleman to devote but Two Rupees trust it will not come to this, and that our Monthly for this Mission, we should be humble but earnest and urgent call and without apprehension, for a long while to solicitation will reach the hearts of all come; and be able to answer every call the Ladies and Gentlemen of India. for instruction in the Word of Life. They have learnt, from the Gospel, to be Who is sufficient for these things ? exbenevolent: let their love and gratis claimed the Great Apostle, when contude to Christ constrain them. He ex templating the awfully glorious work of pects this sacrifice from them. Let them the Ministry.-Our sufficiency is of God, look to the simple, but immensely impor- He must enable us to fulfil the same, tant, object which we have in view—and and render His Word effectual in the for which alone we have come out to this hearts of sinners. We entreat, therefore, Country--and which alone is worth living that, in addition to pecuniary aid, ferfor in this dreary land : let them reflect vent Prayer to the Giver of all good apon the success, which, by Divine Grace, gifts, also, be offered up, by all who love has already followed the Preaching of the the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, Gospel in these parts : let them view the that He will grant us the needful wisprospect of complete success, because dom, health, and strength, to go on stedwe have the command and promises of fastly, immoveably, and always aboundGod Himself on our side : let them be ing in the work of the Lord ; and to the mindful of the necessity there is of stea- people, the hearing ear and the underdily going on, not.only to ensure that com standing heart, to become duly converted plete success, but also not to lose the to God in Christ, and heirs of everlasting ground which we have already gained: life! May we all work while it is day: - then it will be impossible for them to the night cometh, when no man can work.

CEYLON MISSION. A FULL account of the Society's We intend at the beginning of next Proceedings in Ceylon was given at month, also, to introduce Arithmetic into pp. 172–179 of our present Vo- the Schools. We have never taught it lume. From more recent communi- yet, except at the English School. For cations, we select various details in

a few weeks, we have had the Masters at

Cotta twice a-week, to initiate them into connection with three of the Stations

the method which we think will be most -Cotta, Kandy, and Baddagame.

likely to give the Children a knowledge of COTTA.

the First Principles of Arithmetic. This Of the SCHOOLS, Mr. Selkirk writes

will be all that we shall attempt in this The attendance at our Schools in ge way at present; and it will only be taught neral has improved little since my for to those Boys who are so forward in their mer Letter.

Some of the Masters de- learning as to be able to read the New serve great praise ; for they take much Testament with ease and readiness. pains, and have their Schools filled with The English School has, I think, imChildren whose improvement is satisfac- proved a little during the last two months, tory. It is almost impossible to make since we excluded several of those whose some others among them attend to their attendance had been most irregular. The duty. The numbers are few; the lessons number of names, though reduced to few also, and not well said; and the ave below 20, has now reached 27, with an rage attendance low. Hence it is, that

average attendance of 15 for the last some of them receive, monthly, nearly month. three times as much salary as others. An Edition of the Coinmon-Prayer One School, that has been established

Book in Cingalese some time ago about six years, has been discontinued from the end of last month ; not, however, from passed through the press, and a seany fault in the Master, for he is one of cond has been undertaken: in reour best Teachers, but entirely from the

ference to this, Mr. Selkirk states: fault of the Children's Parents. He is We are proceeding with printing the now building another School, in a vil- Prayer Book': many alterations have lage adjoining ; which will be opened been made in different parts of it; and next month, with between 40 and 50 it will be much more complete than the Children.

former Edition, as it contains the Epistles

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and Gospels in full, and the Psalms and Schools, you will find, in innumerable Articles, which were not in the former. places, the same thing asserted, to the About 40 pages are already printed, truth of which your own consciences and which go as far as the Collect for the your daily experience witness ; viz. that Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.

you are sinners. I will mention a few, Circular Address to the Natives near Cotta. that you may see that what I say is The Missionaries have been ac

really contained in God's Book. In

1 Kings viii. 46, it is said, There is no man customed to send out an Annual Ad

that sinneth not. dress to the Inhabitànts of the Vil- said, Who can say, I have made my heart

In Prov. xx. 9, it is lages in the neighbourhood of Cotta. clean, I am pure from my sin? In Eccles. The Fourth Address was drawn up vii. 20, it is said, There is not a just man by Mr. Selkirk, a copy of which we upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth subjoin, to the Inhabitants of Cotta, not. In Rom. iii. 9—18, it is shewn, that Nawala, Pagoda, Pannikkamulla, Jews and Gentiles are all under sin :

and in ver. 23, it is said, All have sinGangoda, Mirihani, Bewila, Dommeladinya, Nugagoda, Papilyane, In Rom. v. 12, it is said, As by one man

ned, and come short of the glory of God. and Yakbadda.

sin entered into the world, and death by sin, Dear Friends

so death passed upon all men, for that This is written and sent to you by all have sinned. In James iii. 3, it is one who much desires and prays and la said, In many things we offend all. In bours for the salvation of your souls; and 1 John i. 8, it is said, If we say that we have whose chief object in writing it is, to no sin, the truth is not in us: and at ver. prove to you that you are sinners, and 19, The whole world lieth in wickedness. therefore stand 'in need of a Saviour; These passages out of the Word of God and to shew you, that no one is able to are sufficient to prove to you that you save you but Jesus Christ.

and all mankind are sinners. The chief excellence of the Christian

If you want other proof of the same Religion, and that which proves it to be fact from experience, it is very easy to a Revelation from Heaven, is, that it pro- find it. Look at Little Children. You vides a Saviour suitable to the wants of see the beginnings of wickedness in them; all mankind. There are many different which wickedness arises not from their Religions in the world; there are many imitating others, but is the natural prodifferent Religions even in this Island; duce of a wicked heart, and an evil nabut in none of them, except in the Chris- ture, inherent in them all.

Are they tian Religion, is there made known a not fond of cheating you, of quarrelling Saviour for sinners. Were mankind not one with another, of using bad words, of sinners, they woull not require a Sa- telling lies, and of disobeying the just viour, as they would then be able to save and lawful commands of their parents ? themselves; but as it is a truth, which no Again, look at your neighbours, and see man in his senses can deny, that all men the sins which they commit : some are of every caste and of every colour are drunkards, others are profane swearers, sinners, therefore a Saviour is required, others are covetous, others are liars, who is able and willing to save them. I others are quarrelsome, hateful and hatneed only appeal to yourselves, and ask ing one another; and ALL are daily breakyou whether you are not sinners, and ing God's commands. Whence do these you will every one answer

Yes, we

things spring, but from that sinful nature are all sinners; we have lone what is which is in them. wrong;

and have omitted to do what is Besides, what are all the Arrack Taright.' Your own consciences oblige you verns in the Villages around, but places to confess this truth : and by saying set up and opened by wicked men, to that you that you have no ability to save your souls of men ; who are so far led away selves, and that unless you are saved by by their depraved lusts and passions, means of another you must give up all as to give themselves up to the dohope and expectation of salvation, If I minion of the Devil, and to do his work ? refer you to the Sacred Scriptures, They are not places opened for the which are now in the houses of many of accommodation and comfort of travelyou, being brought there by your Child- lers, but where idle people of the vilren, who are taught to read them at the lage collect, to gamble-to lose their

ou are sinners, you,

as it were, say sell poison to ruin both the bodies and


on the sick,

money, which ought to go to the support made this 'search, do you not consiof their families and children, their der yourselves also sinners ? and, therefathers and mothers ; to idle away their fore, do you not think that it is necessary time; to entice others to do the same; to that some great change should take place get drunk; to disturb the quiet and or in your hearts and minds, before you are derly people of the neighbourhood; and prepared, eitherto be acceptable worshipto encourage each other in the disobe pers of the Allwise, Almighty, and Holy dience of all laws, both human and Divine. God in this world, or inhabitants of His Is it not

dent, from such conduct, that holy Temple in heaven? men are sinners ?

On their need of a Saviour, and of What, again, are all the Heathenish Buddhist Temples, that are erected in

the provision made for it, Mr. Selkirk almost every Village around, but places proceeds : opened to cheat poor sinners, led captive As these things, now mentioned to shew by the Devil at his will, of their precious you that you are sinners, also prove to time, their money, their goods, and-what you your need of a Saviour, I will there is of much greater consequence-of their fore now go on to tell you, in a few words, immortal souls ? And what are all the that there is 'a Saviour, Jesus Christ, Feasts that are, at different seasons of the provided by Almighty God for the salvayear, celebrated there, with great pomp

tion of mankind - that this Saviour came and ceremony, but instruments mad into the world for this very purpose-and of by the same wicked spirit, to keep the that He is able to save every one of you, eyes of his votaries fast closed against and every one else who believes in, and the admission of that Heavenly Truth loves, and obeys Him, from the eternal which would shine into their hearts, were punishment of Hell, which is the penalty they to attend those places where the due to their sins. glorious Gospel of the Blessed God 'is Jesus Christ came into this world at proclaimed ? And what are all the the time which had been long before wicked and cruel sports that you indulge appointed by Almighty God, and when in, particularly cock-fighting, but so many all mankind were expecting Him.' At proofs, to your heathen neighbours, and that time, when men knew, by long to all men, that the mild and gentle experience, that, with all their learning Religion of Jesus Christ, which you say and after all the knowledge which they you believe in, is not only disregarded by possessed concerning worldly things, you, but that you have not even learned they could not discover any method for the first principles of it-kindness and delivering men's souls, Jesus Christ compassion, and that you are still

in the appeared in the world for the purpose : gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniqui- and, in order to prove to men that He ty? Does not this, also, shew you that was sent from God to teach them the True men are sinners ?

Religion, He had the power working Again-What are all the offerings miracles; that is, of healing which the people of this Country make cleansing the lepers, giving hearing to at the Temples; the ablutions which they the deaf and sight to the blind, and even practise ; the pilgrimages which they un raising the dead to life. And that He dertake'; the tortures which they inflict did perform all these miracles, is evident'; on themselves; the money which they as it is recorded, not only in our Christian spend ; and the pains which they take Books, but in the Books of many Ancient in fulfilling vows, but so many strong Writers, many of whom were enemies to proofs that THEY CONSIDER THEMSELVES Cliristianity, and therefore would not SINNERS, and are in ignorance of the way have inserted such things had they not in which their sins may be pardoned? been so assured of the truth of them as not Let me entreat you all, who read these to be able to deny them. In the Chriswords, to reflect upon them; and then to tian Books alone then, are we to look say, whether you do not consider those to for the true way in which the souls of be sinners, who practise such things. And men‘are to be saved; and that true way, let me entrèat you further, instead of say of which I am now going to speak to you, ing that the sins here enumerated belong is by a firm and stedfast faith in Christ to others and not to yourselves, particu- Jesus, and a life of devoted obedience to larly to look into your own hearts, where His commands. you will find the root of all the sins which I have shewn you, that you are sinhave now been mentioned. After having hers, and, as such, deserving of punish

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ment. Though this be true, yet Almighty to you, and that nothing may be wanting God, who is abundantly gracious and to your salvation, He has given you merciful, does not wish to punish you, own most Holy Word, in which is made but rather that you would turn from known all His will, and all your duty. your wickedness, and live. And, in order This, if you procure it and read, will be a to cause you. to turn from your wicked- light to enlighten your path, and to comness, He has had so much compassion fort your bearts in this dark and wieked on you, that He has sent His Son into world. In it you are fully shewn the the world to take human nature 'op Way of Life: and God has promised, that Him, and in that nature to fulfil the He will give His Holy Spirit, to enlighten holy and righteous Law of God; and, the minds of those who ask Him, and to moreover, to offer Himself up to a shame cause them not only to understand anight ful and painful death upon the Cross, the doctrines that are therein contained, there to make a full, perfect, and suf- but to make them obey its directions, to ficient atonement and satisfaction, not avoid the things that are there taught to for your sins only, but for the sins of the be wrong, and to practise the things whole world. Those, therefore, that be- which they are there told to be right and lieve on Him will receive benefit from well-pleasing to God and beneficial to Him; that is, their sins will be blotted man. Now, can any man require more out, and they shall not perish, but have from God than this ? He has not even eternal life. Jesus Christ came into the spared His own Son, but given Him up for world to save sinners-to ransom them us all: and, by His death, every Believer from destruction and eternal death: He obtains those two things which are absohas laid down His own life, and given lutely necessary for every one to possess mp Himself to death. And when He had before he can be admitted into heaven, suffered death upon the Cross, and had that is, pardon of sin, and holiness. These been buried, He rose the third day from two things, great and valuable and bethe dead; by which act He shewed, that neficial as they are, are the gift, the free sin was atoned for, and that the Kingdom gift of God, through our Lord Jesus of Heaven was now opened to all Be- Christ. Without pardon of sin you canlievers. He afterwards ascended up not be holy, and without holiness you caninto heaven, in the sight of His Disciples not see God, or go to heaven. Through and Apostles; and there He now sits and the merits of Jesus Christ sin is pardoned; reigns, and administers the affairs of the and by the influence of God's Holy world, and particularly of His Church and Spirit the heart is made boly: and no People. He is exalted to be a Prince, und man can enjoy peace of mind here, or Saviour, to give repentance and forgiveness fan die with comfort and hope, who does of sins to sinners. He is able to save to not possess these two things. They the pettermost all that come to God by Him, cannot be obtained from any but God. as He ever liveth to make intercession for They are not given by God to any one them. He is the Mediator between Gad else than to the sinner, who, despairing and man; through Him the prayers of His of salvation from himself or his own works, people ascend to God; and through Him casts himself entirely on the mercy of the blessings which God gives to men are God, and desires salvation from Him. bestowed. Though He is now removed When a child has offended his father, he from the sight of our bodily eyes, yet is not happy, till he has obtained forgiveHe is present with us in Spirit; and will ness., Now, every one of you has ofbe so always, byen unto the end of the fended God, your Holy Father--not once, world. All things are given into His but innumerable times; and if you know band. He has all power in heaven and the state of your own heart aright, and earth. He is King of kings and Lord of believe that Almighty God has power Lorde. He is Head over all things to His to, punish those that break His comChurch. And thus, having a Name that mands, as long as you live without imis above every name, and having power ploring and obtaining forgiveness from greater than that of any creature, He Him you are in a state of misery and will reign, till all His enemjes are put under danger, and you can enjoy no peace, His feet, and till His Religion is spread, Why? Because there is no peace to the and His Name is known and loved and vicked, saith the Word of God; and the adored, from one end of the earth to the wicked are like the troubled sea, whose waters ather. VONOY 3118

cast up nurg, and dirt. The remembrance J-And, as a further proof of God's love of your sins will be like

a great weight [RECORD, Dec. 1830.]

2 N

to you.

fastened to you, and, unless repented things, and try to understand them. of and forgiven, will bring you to de. They are very important for you to unstruction, both of body and soul, in Hell, derstand and to know : they are not vain

I trust that you will receive in good part, things, or unprofitable to you. Your and pay great attention to, the few

admo- present happiness and your eternal nitions that are contained in this paper. blessedness depend on your right conIt is because I desire your eternal good ceptions of the two things that have here that they are written and given to you. been briefly brought before your eyes; If, from what has been said, the Christian namely, your condition as sinners, and Religion appears to you suitable to your the power of Jesus Christ to save you. circumstances as sinners, and if the Sa- Endeavour to recollect these two things. viour of sinners that I have now told you May Almighty God, of His great goodabout is worthy of your acceptance, de ness, lead you to a complete knowledge termine to receive that Religion, and to of your own sinfulness, and of the power believe in and love that Saviour, let the and willingness of Jesus Christ our Lord consequences be what they may. Be not to save you ! afraid, if you really repent of your sins, and are really persuaded that none but Jesus Christ can save you, to acknow

Extracts from the Journal of the Rev. ledge that, whatever men may say or do

J. Selkirk. Your wicked neighbours or July 1, 1829–Went this evening, acformer evil companions might, perhaps, companied by Br. Lambrick, to the Budderide you ; but what are the scoffs and dhist Temple : it had been a high day derision of man, who is but a worm, com among them, and more ceremonies were pared with the favour and blessing of to take place, Soon after we arrived, a Almighty God, who has power not only multitude of people, who had marched to kill the body but to destroy both body in procession through the village, came and soul in hell ? You are all hastening up, preceded by banners, and men very fast towards the grave. One year dressed like soldiers, with swords and passes on very quickly after another; caps and guns, and accompanied by and soon, perhaps sooner than many of tomtoms, dạncers, &c. Having come to you may think, you may be called by the Compound before the Temple, the Almighty God, to leave this world, and dancing commenced, and lasted for some to go into eternity. After death is the time; during which, every now and then, Judgment; when God will call every one the soldiers fired their guns, and fire, of you before His Judgment-seat, and con works were exhibited. A sort of large sign you, either to a place of endless hap- Image, which was brought before the piness in Heaven, or to a place of endless procession, was carried into the Banna misery in Hell. Now is the accepted time ; Madua, and laid down very carefully. now is the day of salvation : while your The Banna Madua is the place where time is mercifully lengthened out to you,

the Priests, read the Banna: it is very begin to consider the things that relate capacious, and was nearly filled with to the salvation of your souls, before they women and children ; the males being are for ever hid from your eyes. This all on the outside, witnessing the danclife is short and uncertain : but though ing, &c. The reading of the Banna soon it is so, on the use you make of it de- commenced; four Priests taking it in pends your eternal state of misery or turns. It would continue till day-light happiness. Be wise, then, in time ; and of the following morning, without interput not off inquiring about Religion and ruption, except the shouts of the people the Way of Salvation, till you are lying on crying Sadu! Sadu !"__" Glorious ! a sick-bed, or are going to die. Inquire Glorious !” We stayed very late among about these things now, while you are in them, but had no opportunity of speakhealth ; in order that, when you are in ing to the Priests. Nearly 200 Tracts sickness or at the point of death, you were distributed among the people, by may have nothing of this kind to distress some of our Schoolmasters. The Banna

read by the Priests was in Pali; of Dear friends, I wish you to consider course, quite unintelligible to all the these things carefully. Talk of them to people ; and it was not interpreted, as it your neighbours, your wives, your child- usually is. When it was time for the ren, your relations, or to your friends. people to call out, ' Şadu,” the Priests Make inquiries one of another about these were obliged to remind them of it, and

your mind.

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