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to tell them when they were to say it so very careless about sending their Childonce, and when to repeat it three times. ren, that the Master, after the most

During one part of the service, in the laborious exertion, cannot, on our system little square in the middle of the Banna of payment, realize more than six or seven Madua where they read, there were, dollars a-month; which, as he has a sitting on mats spread on the floor, ten family, and is a native of a distant vilor twelve Priests : of these, four were lage, he finds insufficient for the support reading the Pali Books; and the rest, of his family. Though the School has who knew it by heart, were saying it been established for six years or therewith them. A consecrated cord, or line, abouts, and many young persons during was then drawn from some place where that time have received instruction in it, it is kept ; and a Priest, who sat in one yet it is now, and has been for some corner, took hold of it with his hand time back, so badly attended, that we himself, and also passed it on to his have thought it better that it should be neighbour, who also passed it on, till entirely broken up. they each had hold of a part of it. It Sept. 28 – On Saturday last, a man was held up before them, as if it had came from Talangama, with a petition been a book; and they continued with it that a School might be established in that in this manner for an hour or more. It village, and that we should go to preach was an extraordinary ceremony, and is to the people. I went there this evenused only on extraordinary occasions. ing, and found a little Bungalow built Its intention, in being thus held up be- for my reception. It was very nicely fore their face, was to keep off the Devil. ornamented with the leaves of cocoa

July 8, 1829 — Went this afternoon, nuts, the top covered with white cloth, with the School Visitor and the Yakbadda and the floor covered with mats. There Schoolmaster, to a village adjoining Yak were 25 Children, and about the same badda, to invite the people to send their number of Adults, more than half of Children to the School. The influence whom were Women. I explained to of Caste is as strong as ever among the them the Ten Commandments, and read people who have not been accustomed to a few of the Prayers. I also promised have converse with Missionaries. Some to give the Schoolmaster Books, &c., for of the people, who were very desirous the use of the Children. All the people that their Children should learn good were very attentive; and I know not things, said, that they could not send that I have received so much kindness them to the School at Yakbadda, because from any Congregation of the Natives the Teacher was a man of lower caste before. When I asked them if they than themselves. After talking to them would wish me to come again, and inon the folly and sin of, depriving their struct them more in the Christian ReliChildren of the opportunity of learning gion, the Women, particularly, said, now afforded them, by, 'their obstinacy Yes, Sir, do come again ; we shall be and pride, they at last said, that they very glad indeed to hear more. would send them; though in such a way, Oct. 1 = I was called upon, this eventhat we concluded that they merely said ing, by a Buddhist Priest; who has lately so that we might say no more to them. begun to be in great sorrow, according Others were glad of the privilege thus to his own account, from finding it imgiven them, and at once agreed to send possible to observe many of the precepts their Children.

which, in his religion, are prescribed as One man, with whom I conversed, had necessary to be observed by all Priests. not been at a Place of Worship, As there is no forgiveness, according to heard a word about Christianity, which them, every time they transgress a comhe said 'he professed, for more than mand of Buddhu, or do any thing which twenty-one years. Nor is this a solitary they know to be wrong, they have noinstance of the indifference to Religion thing before them but the prospect of that prevails among these people. I have suffering in Hell, for a certain period of met with several persons who have con time mentioned in their books. As the fessed to me the same thing:

precepts which relate to the Priests are Aug. 10—Went this evening to 'a vil very different from those laid upon the Lage near which we intend to esta common people, a person may be a good blish a School, in lieu of one that we Buddhist, and be quite incapable of being shall be obliged, at the end of the month, a Priest. I endeavoured to weaken bis to give-up. The Parents have become faith in Buddhism, by shewing him that


a person could not be very' wise, nor I mentioned to him many passages of know very much of harman nature, who Scripture, which I thonght might teach: would introduce into his religion a set of him how to act, and shew him to whom precepts utterly impossible for men tó we are to look for help in the hour of observe. If Buddhism were true, what temptation. He said, he felt the neces a melancholy prospect has every Priest sity of being decided, but was not inbefore him: every day that he lives, he structed enouglı yet to say what he should only accumulates his sins, and tengthens do. He is afraid to come here, lest the his punishment in Helly. I talked to him other Priests should know it; and dares a long time about the Creation of the not take any books to the Temple with World, and the existence of a Supreme him, for fear they should see them. May Almighty God: but, as he said that he he be under better teaching than that of would come to me again, I did not say man! much to him about the way to obtain Nov. 2-The Priest, mentioned before, pardon, according to our system'; because has been to visit me. He continues to! a person who is not thoroughly convinced inquire into Christianity; and says, that, that there is a God holy and righteous whether he embraces Christianity or not, and true, who has given men commands he is determined to cast off his robes. to keep and laws to observe, and that He much wishes that we should take him man has broken these laws--a person among us here, and put him into some wlio is not convinced that he has done situation in which he might sapport him wrong against a Being whom he ought self. This, however, we have no intennot only to believe in, but to love and i tion of doing, as it would give the people adore-will feel little disposed to ask fort room to say that he had thrown off his pardon. I trust he will continue in his Priesthood for the purpose of being empresent inquiring state of mind, till her ployed by the Missionaries.'ri finds out, to his comfort, that Saviour who Nov, 10 - The Priest has not been is able to forgive sins, and to save sinnersut here since the 2d ; and I hardly expected

Oct. 11, 1829-Preached this morning he would come any more, as he has been in Nawala ; where the Congregation was disappointed in his object of getting em much larger than usual, and much atten-6 ployment under us. His determination, tion was paid to the Sermon. The peo- however, is still to throw off his robes ple of this village have lately attended Deo. 21-Since the last date, and for very well, and always listen with great some time even previous to that, I was eagerness to the Sermon. In the afterze prevented, by ill-health, from attending noont, I went to Nagagoda, where I had to my Missionary Duties in the manner & School full of Children. I also intendede I could wish. I consulted a medical to go to Pannikkamulla, but was presi man in Colombo, and after having been vented by the rain. Etire ! n under his care for some time, he advised

Oet 19- About & fortnight since, at me to go to some other part of the Island, Priest, residing at the Temple, came to for change of air. By his advice, theretalk to me about Religion. He teamet fore, and with the sanction of the Broagain to-night, and remained with me thren, I left Cotta this morning, with two hours. The subject of our conver.) Mrs. Selkirk, who is also not well, and sation was The necessity of an atonement my two Children, for Baddagame, to see for sin ; which I endeavoured to prove toi oor Brethren Trimnell and Faught. . him, both from the circumstance of alp Dec. 23 - Arrived at Baddagame to ancient Nations having been accustomed day, much fatigued with the journey. to offer sacrifices, which presupposed à Had not much opportunity of distributing charge of guilt áñd a conviction of sin in the Tracts which I brought with me; ** the offerers; and, also, from the case of we travelled most part by night. y...!? many modern Natiotis practising various i Dec. 29-After baptizing a Child ben ablutions, inflicting divets tortures on longing to a Servant connected withione their bodies undertaking pilgrimages, &c.; of the Mission Families, and of whom and from what is said in our Scriptores both the Brethren have good hope that on that interesting and important point. he is one of God's People, I preached He says, the only thing that prevents him from Luke ii. 46-14, to a good Congresi from throwing off his robes now is, that gations o The Lord's Supper was afterif he does, he has no meang of support, wards administered to about 14, half and he will have to undergo much per: whom were Cingalese. "1 os! 04.11! o, secution, particularly from the Priests 30 Dec 27. In the afternoon, I want to

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one of the Schools with Br. Faught; where ih more than twenty-four hours. She
I read Prayers, and preached to a Con- had attended the Girl's School here fori ,
gregation of about 20, besides the Child- some time; and was esteemed and be
ren belonging to the School. Great at- loved for her kind and amiable disposiz?
tention was paid by all; and I found, tion, and her attention to her learning,
by asking questions afterwards, that a by both the Brethren and Sisters here;
great part of what had been said was. and on this account her funeral was at
well understood by them.

tended by a great number of persons. Dec. 31, 1829_Went out with one of One thing struck me much, as being a the Boys belonging to our Institution at proof of the simplicity of Eastern ManCotta, whose Parents reside here, and ners, as well as an illustration of some who has come to spend a few weeks with passages of Scripture. The way from them. I met with a man with whom I had the house of the Moodeliar to the Church, a long conversation, on the Education of which is about a quarter-of-a-mile, was Children; the advantages which these Vil- covered with white cloth, for us and the lages enjoy in that respect; and the ob Bearers to walk upon. The Service was ligation which they are under, both to God, read by Br. Trimnell: and, as we thought who has put it into the hearts of the an opportunity of this kind ought not to People of England to send Teachers to be allowed to pass unimproved, I adthem, and to the Teachers themselves, who dressed the people at the grave-side.' have come to reside among them, on pur- All the Girls belonging to the School pose to teach them the knowledge of Sale were present, and many of them were vation. He acknowledged the truth of all much affected. I was glad, also, to see that I said, and was more communicativet the attention and reverence manifested than many that I have met with, thought by all who were assembled,' many of ignorant of many things he ought to know, whom had never been present on a simifrom having lived so many years in a vil- lar occasion; as sometimes it is very diflage where the Gospel has been faithfully ficult to preserve order and decorum. út preached. We read to him, and to two' Feb. 7 Have been out more freothers who came to us while we stood quently among the people than before ; in an old dilapidated Government School, and have made a point of speaking the Tract on Idolatry, which was printed closely to those with whom I have conat Cotta some time ago. He requested versed on the particular doctrines of the one for his Child, who had been taught to Christian Religion---the lost state of man, read at one of the Schools.

r and the ability of Jesus Christ to save Jan. 3, 1830—Preached in the Church us. They have all acknowledged them-ı this morning, and in the afternoon ati selves as sinners, but with that sama2 one of the Schools. In returning from indifference with which they would tell the School, met with a poor man who has me that I was an Englishman, or that had a disease from which he suffered they were Cingalese. Hell seems to great pain for the last five years. He have few terrors for them, and Heaven told me, that it came upon him on ac- few attractions : they are still uncon! count of something that he had done cerned. - However, it is the duty of amiss in a former birth. I tried to re Christian Missionaries to go about doing move this notion; and to shew him, good, like their Divine Master. I shall, that the disease which had come upon if God give me health, be more assihim, and that all diseases which came duous in my visits among them than I upon others, are sent by God, to teach I have been for some time back. In conman that he is not an independent of sequence of my visits, many more than solitary being, but under the governance usual attended, both on Thursday Mornof a superior; and that it will be a great ing last and on Friday Evening. Toblessing to those who feel the weight of day the Congregations have been small. bodily diseases, if, by them, they are led Feb. 25 This evening, the Priest to think upon those greater and more came to visit me. He also came last dreadful diseases which afflict their souls,' evening, but I was then out in the village. and which entail much greater pain than I had heard that he was about to leave any that come only on the body. I the village, and sent for him to have

Jan. 13+Went, this morning to attend some conversation with him before he the funeral of a little daughter of the left. He leaves because the people will Moodeliar who lives in this villages her not support him. He says, that they deatla was very sudden, as she was not are so poor and 80 wicked, that, first.

and attention to their Religion than be

they are unable, if willing; and, se sible that we should know the motives condly, they are unwilling, even if able, for which God permits evil, or the grounds to maintain the Priests. I wish it could on which He acts. His ways are not our be attributed to a better motive; that is, ways. This, however, had little effect to their dislike of Idolatry, and their love upon him, though it probably gave him to Christianity: but nothing of the kind ideas which he never had before. On is yet visible. When he first came to his leaving me, I gave him a copy of the reside here, the ground which he was to Acts of the Apostles, and of the Epistle occupy was a complete jungle. This he to the Romans. I believe he will read cleared a little, and built a hut:- I cannot them; for though he is not a learned call it a house, for it is a far more man, he has a great respect for books wretched-looking place than even the that form a part of our Religious Writpoorest of the Natives live in.' As there ings. When I told him, that, a short had formerly been a Temple on the time ago, I had given a small book to a ground, he took it into his head to have Priest, who had torne it, he said it was the whole place cleared. This was done, very bad, and that every one ought to and the foundation of a large old building reverence Religious Books. was discovered; which he caused to be Jan. 18, 1830-Arrived at Cotta, this dug up, in order that he might obtain the morning, from Baddagame. In coming on stones for building a new Temple. This the road from Galle, I distributed many he actually begun, on a very large scale; Tracts, both in Tamul and Cingalese. and the walls, built of mud and stone, At one village, I visited a Buddhu are now about four feet high : this is the Temple lately built, the inner part state in which they have been for the of which was not yet finished. The last year and a half. He began to build, images at the entrance-room were not and was not able to finish; his workmen put into shape, nor painted : those in growing slack, and not deeming it so the inner part they were then painting. meritorious an act to bụild a Temple for The Image of Buddhu, in a reclining posBuddhu as he would have them think. ture, with his head upon a pillow about The ground, being Temple-ground, can, 18 inches in diameter and 4 feet long, not be appropriated to common use ; nor is 27 feet long. There were others in his house, which he has left, be inhabited various postures, sitting &c., in different by any buţ Priests : hence, he has left both parts of the building. The Priests, and to the Temple here. He tells me that he the Gooroonansee--for this is a name not thinks there are in the Island about 1000 only given to Schoolmasters, but to the Temples, and 5000 Priests ; that he does person who instructs the Painters-seeing not believe their Religion is spreading, that I had some Books with me, and though new Temples have been built in finding that none were offered, requested different parts; that he thinks the offer to see one. They did not know that I ings now made to the Temples are not was a Missionary, as I had not hitherto so splendid, nor so costly, as formerly ; said a word which would lead them to upon the whole, the people pay suppose it. They asked me a second

times and, in an apparently unwilling fore. This I know is the case in villages manner and places where Missionaries have been read, the A word to the Budstationed for some time. Our conversa dhists,

ts, and others who frequent Buddhu tion, which was for about two hours, was and Heathen Temples"; and, chiefly on the Origin of Evil, vand the saying a word, gave it to the Gooroocauses, why our God, if He is 'so great nansee: he read the title and the first and good a Being as we say He is, per- sentence, and stood perfectly astonished. mits it to remain in the world. I en Before this, they had been very commudeavoured to draw his mind to Jesus nicative, and had answered every quesChrist, who has come to redeem us from tion which I had asked them about the all iniquity, and to cure the evil which Images, Temple, &c.; but now they would we see and know exists in no small de- say no more. On ''coming away, the gree in us all. I tried also to impress Priest called out after me, that he would on him the greatness and unsearchable tear the book; which he did, as soon as ness of God's wisdom; and if we, poor, I was a little way off from him. I gave short-sighted creatures, cannot know the Tracts to the other Priests whom we met reason of a thousand different things that on the road; some of whom received we every day meet with, how is it post them, and began to read them; while

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others refused to receive them, or, having tance of attention to True Religion on received them, began to tear them. The the minds of his Relatives; and the approcommon people, to whom I gave Cinga- priate style and composition of his Letter, lese and Tamul Tracts, received them made a very favourable impression on my very readily, and were very thankful for mind, both as to the piety and talent of them.

the writer. I advised him to follow up his Letter by earnest prayer to God, for

the conversion of his Relatives. May it State of the Congregations.

please God to raise up this Young Man Mr. Browning writes, in refe- for usefulness in the Mission! And may rence to this subject, in April: the Grace of God, which now appears in

Our Congregations continue small: a him, be confirmed and increased abunfew, however, hear the Word with marked dantly! attention; and it may be hoped that General State of the Inhabitants. such will not hear in vain. Some of the

On this subject, he remarks :Communicants in the Portuguese Con

The Buddhists, Gentoos, and Mahogregation having expressed a wish to re

medans remain prejudiced, and bigoted ceive the Lord's Supper at Easter, I

to their systems of error; the Roman told them, that their conduct at Christ

Catholics continue stedfast in their permas, in absenting themselves from the Lord's Table, had much distressed me;

version of the Scriptures, and adherence

to vain superstitions ; and the great and that I had purposed not to give them majority of Protestant Christians, both another invitation, till they themselves

Europeans and Natives, are lamentably mapifested a desire to partake of the Ordinance. I obtained the names of circumstances, faith and prayer are

indifferent to vital godliness. . In such those who intended to communicate, and

our best resource ; diligence and perwished them to be at the Church on

severing labour our plain duty; and Sunday the 4th ; when I read to them

the promises of God our main support. the Exhortation that is appointed when the Minister sees the people negligent

Though the general state of things here be thus" discouraging,

there appear, to come to the Holy Communion; and from time to time, small glimpses of preached on the necessity of Self-Exami

brighter days, 'which yield a present nation, previous to the participation of gratification, and afford grounds to hope the Ordinance, from 1 Cor. xi. 28. Nine

that the darkness of superstition, idolapersons of the Portuguese Congregation

try, and vice, will, in due time, be sucpartook of the Lord's Supper with me

ceeded by the clear light of Gospel on Good Friday, and eight in the Cinga

Truth. Trusting in the Lord, we take lese Congregation yesterday. May God

courage ; and believe that our labour is confirm them in the Faith, give them en

not in vain in the Lord.
lightened views of His Holy Word, and
lead them in the way of holiness ! s

Native Assistant in the Mission."{4!.

Mr. Trimnell thus details the fol-
Mr. Browning makes the follow- lowing
ing pleasing mention of an Indivi-

Conversation with a Buddhist-Christian, vidual whom he has engaged to The conyersation which I bad this assist him in the Mission;to: PR afternoon, with a man whom I met

Joseph Fernando came to me, wishing while going to call on the people in to read a Letter which he had written to their houses, shews how these poor, his Brother; designed also for the ins people deceive themselves, and are destruction of his Mother, and other mem ceived. I asked him, “Of what Religion bers of his Family, I was indeed gratis are you ?”. A Buddhist, and a Chris, fied by hearing him read it. His ac tian.” (A very common reply; meaning, quaintance with the Scriptures, particu: that they are Buddhists, but have relarly the Gospel of St. Matthew, from ceived Christian Baptism from the Gowhich he made very many quotations; vernment Proponents.) I asked him, the simplicity with which he described if he ever thought of a future state, or of his own feelings, and the change that has what would become of him after death? taken place in his views since he has He said, that he did, a little." How been employed in the Mission ;-the ear do you expect to be sayed? Are you seeknestness with which he urged the impor- ing salvation?". "If I have a true faith,

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