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the Members present increased their former Annual Subscriptions, or became Subscribers to the Fund for providing for Disabled Missionaries &c.

The following Resolutions were unanimously adopted : I. That it appearing from the “ Ad- the amount of their Annual Contribudress" which has just been read, as well tions, for the purpose of augmenting its as from the Report of the Committee ap- Permanent Income. pointed Feb. 2, 1829, to review the Ex III. That, adverting to the importance penditure and Finances of the Society of making Provision for Disabled Missiothat its present Income is unequal to the naries, the Widows of Missionaries, and maintenance of its present Expenditure, the Education of Missionaries' Children and it being impracticable to diminish - both with a view to relieve the mind the Home Expenditure beyond what has of the Missionary himself, and to enable been already decided, without serious the Committee to apply as large a por injury to the Society, it is imperative on tion as practicable of the Annual Income the Committee to take immediate and to Missionary Operations—the separate efficient steps, either to reduce its Fo- Fund, which has been opened for the reign Expenditure, or increase its In- object above mentioned, be earnestly recome.

commended to the support of the MemII. That this Meeting, encouraged by bers and Friends of the Society throughthe measure of the Divine Blessing which out the Country. has been already granted to the Society's IV. That Copies of the

Address, Labours, and unwilling to abandon any and of the above Resolutions, with an of its Stations in Heathen Lands without account of the Proceedings of the Day, an appeal to the love of Christians at be transmitted to the Committees of the Home, recommends that a Subscription different Associations; with an earnest be now commenced, to meet the present request, that they will give them as full exigencies of the Society; and affectio effect as possible, in their respective nately invites its Members to increase Neighbourhoods.

GENERAL FUND 17 11:11Mr'sy por las TI,""; do

110 to present

Donations. Ann. Sub. Donations Dj C Ujy te jets --3?11189

--* An. Subscript Gambier, Right Hon. Lord, Cholmondeley, Most Noble the Marquess, V. Poni.....!

Dion Lichfield & Coventry, Hon. & Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, V.P..

5510 Calthorpe, Right Hon. Lord, V.P.

5310 Teignmouth, Right Hon. Lord, V.Pd......................

Rose, Sir G. H., K.G.H. M.P, V.P.
Evans, William, Esq., M.P, V.P..
Ballance, John, Esq
BickerstethRev. E (through Watton Association).......

021 00 Brandram, Rev. A......

Bridges, John, Esq.
Brooks, 1.s, Esq...................
Calcraft, E. H., Eşq...-d. bledondo
Cunningham, Rev. J. W.
Cunningham, Rev. F.
Dugmore, William, Esq.5.1900
Fenn, Rev. Joseph ..........

55 016 31 10 06
Forster, W.M., Esq. (through Percy Chapel Association),zoey ; 92003: 68
Friend, by Ditto..
Gordon, Alexander, Esq.................,
Grane, William, Esq...........
Greenway, Mr. G. C..
Grey, Sir George, Bart......... ANSIJU Uhon 10.10.
Hoare, Samuel, Esq.
Latter, coronel Esquiridottube.coopgedobojstra
Mille, Samuel, Esq....

Rey. G.Tittyneitt
Phipps, Colonel
Pownall, Henry, Esqi oya../

2 2 0 10 100 11,0
Pratt, Rev. J. (through St. Stephen's
Purves, Richardson, Esq.?...


0 14 P119 29.9.24 Raikes, Rev. Henry, pod)... *****!

........ 8 19 sorbitorit Sidebottom, E.V. Esq... Stephen, James, Esq., Fun...110...10.........3:1.00...og momolastici Strachan, J, M., Esq...

35 0 0 Toni Thompson, Rev. W.(through St. Barnabas' Association).. Thornton, John, Esq., Treasurer.

Edward Norton, Esquíszeboro... 21173101-414 01: gutteiz. Woodrooffe, Rev. Thomas..


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52 10 0

0 0 2500

20,0 10 0 0

8 0 0

33 0
4 4.0
5 5 0
3 30

21 00
10 10 0
25 0 0

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26 50

15 15 0
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The difficulty and importance of providing for the wants of the Associations, at their various Anniversaries, have induced the Committee to submit the subject to the attention of the Society's Friends, in the hope that the arrangement which they propose will obtain their cordial sanction.

The Committee of the Church Missio Under this arrangement, the Clerical nary Society are desirous of again calling Secretary will not be required to visit the attention of the Association Commit- the Associations; his undivided time and tees to the difficulty of providing the as attention being called for by the business sistance which has been usually re of the Office. quired for their Annual Sermons and To provide for the lack of service Meetings. This difficulty has been in occasioned by this arrangement, and for creasingly felt from year to year; and, the attendance of a Representative of in order to obviate it, some further the Parent Society at the Association measures are become indispensable. Anniversaries, a Second Clerical Visit

From the solicitude of the Committee ing Secretary will be appointed, whose to comply with the desire frequently ex whole time and attention will be depressed by Associations, that several per voted to the business connected with sons should compose the Deputation from the Associations. Two Visiting Secretathe Parent Committee, they have not ries, together with the Lay Agent already hitherto strictly adhered to the system appointed — whose more peculiar promarked out in the Letter to the Secre vince is, the re-organization and enlargetaries of Associations of Dec. 19th, 1827 : ment of existing Associations, and the (XXVIIIth Report, pp. 138, 139.) The formation of new ones-is, in the opinion position, however, in which the Society of the Committee, the least provision that is now placed, compels the Committee to can be made duly to maintain that interadopt a more decided course than has course with the Associations which is rehitherto been pursued: and, in taking quisite for their efficiency. The Comthis step, they confidently rely on the mittee trust, however, that this arrangeco-operation of the Association Commit

ment may prove sufficient to supply one tees, under the deep impression that the Official Representative at the Annivermeans of maintaining the present ope- saries of the principal Associations, to rations of the Society in its different · furnish correct and detailed information Missions depend, under God, on the of the Society's Proceedings. zeal and energy of the Associations in While, however, the Committee have carrying the intended arrangements into made this arrangement to meet the wants effect.

of the Associations, they desire most earThe Rev. Edward Bickersteth's relin- nestly to impress on their Clerical Friends quishment of his official connection with the importance of their continuing to the Society will deprive the Associations' render voluntary aid, and that on a comof those very valuable and important ser bined and systematic plan, in order to vices which, by his visits to them, he has meet the present exigencies of the Society. during so many years rendered to the The Committee are strongly disinclined Society

to increase the number of their Official Mr. Bickersteth's retirement led to a Agents for Association Purposes; but revision of the arrangements previously unless Local Clerical Assistance be called made for conducting the affairs of the in, and applied on a well-arranged plan Society; and it appeared advisable to within convenient Districts, they are perseparate the business relative to As- 'suaded that it will be impracticable to sociation Anniversaries from that of a maintain that interest in the great objects more general kind. A Successor to ,of the Society which the exertions of its Mr. Bickersteth in the Secretaryship various friends, in past years, have been will not therefore be appointed; but the 'the means of cherishing. The Committee general business of the Society will be earnestly hope, that, within the Districts devolved on the present Secretaries, with that may be formed, such an interchange an additional Clerk.

of pulpits may be arranged, as would,

without inconvenience, be completely ef- ferent Associations, the Plan for visiting fective for the objects of the Society, at the whole of them will be formed, with a a material saving both of time and ex view to general convenience. The Plan, pense: and they would further suggest, thus drawn out, will then be communithat, where this interchange cannot be cated to the parties concerned, and their effected, it is very desirable that the Cle remarks and suggestions obtained. After rical Friends of the Society should plead these have been carefully considered, the its cause in their own pulpits, rather than General Plan will be finally settled : and omit the usual Sermons. They have rea the Committee will deem it unadvisable, son to believe, that, in those cases where subsequently to depart from it, unless on either of the above-mentioned plans has minor points, not affecting the general been adopted, the result has been emi arrangements. In digesting this Plan, nently beneficial.

the convenience of all parties will be The Committee beg, further, to re consulted, to the utmost practicable exmark on this head, that their Clerical tent. It is however manifest, that, in Friends will render aid of a most valua- forming an arrangement so extensive, ble kind, if they will from time to time and which is to be adapted to so many associate themselves with one of the circumstances and local peculiarities, it Society's Representatives, in their visits will not be possible to meet the views to the principal Associations and Districts and wishes of all. In those cases where of the Country. Unless this species of this cannot be accomplished, the Comassistance be afforded, to a considerable mittee confidently rely on the kindness extent, further increase of the Officers of of their friends, to meet the inconvethe Society will be unavoidable.

nience in the best mode that their cirThe Committee cannot take leave of cumstances will permit, that the interthis part of the subject without tender ests of the Society may not suffer. It ing their thanks to those Clergymen who has been the endeavour of the Commithave kindly accompanied the Secretaries tee, for many years, to settle the Plans in their visits to the Associations, and for visiting the different Associations, by who have pleaded the cause of the So a Correspondence carried on all through ciety in many of the most important the Summer, and continued almost up to places in the Kingdom. By the blessing the moment when the Meetings were of God on the labours of these friends, actually to take place; and they have that Missionary Spirit which so happily found it impracticable to accomplish the exists in the Country has been in a great object in a manner satisfactory, either to measure called forth and maintained. themselves or to the Associations. They

In order to give effect to the contem trust that the course which they now plated arrangements, the Committee are propose to take, though it may involve of opinion, that the Plans of Journeys, for partial inconvenience, will, on the whole, visiting the several Districts and Asso be acceptable to their friends, and beneciations, should be formed very early in ficial to the Society; and preclude that the year; and should be finally com perplexity, confusion, and disappointpleted before the Anniversaries of the ment, which, heretofore, they have not Associations commence, They therefore been able to prevent. In adopting an most earnestly request, that their friends arrangement, however, so materially afwill, if practicable, inform them, in the fecting, in its results, the general welfare course of the month of January next, of the Society, the Committee most earwhat will be the most convenient time nestly solicit the serious attention of all for holding their respective Anniversa its friends, in its different affiliations, to ries; and for what length of time the the measure; considering it to be, under assistance of the Deputation will be re the Divine Blessing, of vital importance quired in each neighbourhood. When to obtain their concurrence and cordial this information is obtained from the dif- ; co-operation in carrying it into effect.

By Order of the Committee,


Church Missionary House,

Dec. 13, 1830.


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Mediterranean Mission.—We regret to some Hymns, which had been translated state that Mr. Jowett's Third Residence in into the New-Zealand Language. He the Mediterranean has been but of short also took with him a Printing Press, and duration. He found his health so much a Lad named Smith to assist him in the debilitated by many years' labour in that

use of it. climate, that, after a residence at Malta The Corresponding Committee, after of a little more than twelve months, he noticing the return of the Rev. S. Marshas been compelled to revisit his Native den from his visit to New Zealand, make Country, and arrived in London on the

the following remarks :3d of December.

The information which we have received Australasia Mission The Society's from our friend Mr. Marsden, of the progress Schooner, the “ Active,” arrived at Port of the work of faith among the New ZealandJackson on June 20th; and, after taking

ers, is cheering. We know it may be said, in some flour and other supplies for the

• What are the few which believe, to the

many in New Zealand.". But we rejoice New-Zealand Mission, sailed, on the

that improvement is manifest—that a very 19th of July, with the Rev. W. Yate, and few are inquiring after the way of holiness. Mr. and Mrs. Chapman, Mr. Yate, The work having begun, the Master of the while at Sydney, had carried through the work will carry it on, for His own Glory, and Press some Portions of Scripture, and

His people's good.

Contribution List.

L. &. d. ASSOCIATIONS IN AND NEAR LONDON. Norfolk and Norwich...

249 5 6 L. 8. d. Northamptonshire.... Percy Chapel : Gentlemen's Committee ... 31 36


50 00
West Glendale..

3 00 St. Antholin's.........:

1 18 0
Nottinghamshire :

3 St. Barnabas' Chapel.......


30 0 0 Wheler Chapel..... ... 45 0 0

Newark and Vicinity..

15 00 Anonymous, by Rev. Edward

45 0 Bickersteth

10 00

Oxford and Vicinity, including 55 00

161. 113. 6d. collected at St. ASSOCIATIONS OUT OF LONDON & VICINITY.

Mary the Virgin, after Ser.

mon by Rev. J. Newman ; Bristol..civ......

......... 100 0 0

31.198. after Sermon at Hamp. Cambridge, Town, County, & University.. 100 0 0

ton Gay, by Rev. J. Hill; and Devonshire...

50 0 0 Exeter Ladies.......

108. for Ind-Fem. Schools.... 7000
32 17 3

15 00
Plymouth and Stonehouse..... 20 0 0
102 178

8500 Durham:

Scotland :
Sunderland, Bishop Wearmouth, &c.c. 40 00 East-Lothian Society

13 14 0 Gloucestershire.

50 00
Warwickshire :

11 Hampshire:


15 0 Jersey

40 00 Westmoreland: Hibernian Auxiliary:

Kirkby Lonsdale.

5276 *** Legacy of Miss A.

Brown of Belfast: 47 8.0

Corsham) Collection after Sermon by
1 46
Rev. W. Shorti.

46 3 6

* Sundries

O 15 10

10 10 0

Richmond, inclòding 357. 48.9d. Huntingdonshire:

46 194

produce of a Ladies' Bazaar.. 43 OO Blustisham ..... ....

53 to Kent:

1 "Ashford. 2.71

COLLECTIONS. Canterbury &c., including 11.18.

Barkston-in-the Vale! for Jamaica

93 19 1

Mrs. Brown.... Chatham and Rochester.

65 11 5

Byard, Miss Mo ........ Cranbrook..

2 2 0 Gravesend........... 26 11 10

1 Hawkhurst........... 6 0 0 Shorne, i................ 15 1914:12

BENEFACTIONS. Sutton Valence, &c. ....... 021129 hoy Brown, Miss, Pentonville..

10 100 Ulcombe.

M.M., per Record Newspaper.

500 4 14 8 West Malling.. Sundries.


obw.clou...(Ann.) 2 2 Leicestershire.

di..... 100 0 0 Lincolnshire


15 0.0 Hoare, Ven. Archdeacon

qocs.go (Anm.)., , 1 *** The Committee thankfully acknowledge the receipt of two Paper Parcels from Mrs. A. Williams ; tand one from Mrs. Crow, of Durham.

Winmill, Miss..??**

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5 10 10

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Armstrong, Mr John, Bird, MS

E93 Cargo ex W.


Athenæus ...;*:

.: 24 Chambers, 249
Asirvadam... 202, 205 Blackiston, sir M. 143 Chamberlain, rev.G.Igney rev.T. 6,7,8,9
Baker. Retford..143 Boyle, Mr R.
Bartholomew,Simón,391 Bührer, rev. T. 152, 153, Corbyn, Dr...

A. B. (Ampton)...192 Battye,Joshua,esq. 264 Bulmer, Mr H1.... 24 Corrie, archd. 25,39,40

A. B. (Jersey). .144 Baxter, Nadir, esq. 120 Burgess,rev.W.119,263 44, 49, 71, 95, 119, 120
A. B..

72 Baylie, Misses....168 Burn, rev. A......215 Corrie, Mrs......19
Absolom .104 Bazely,rev. C.H.B. 119 Burton, Mrs.... 48 Cox, rev. R.......190
Adam, Mr.. 28 Bebbington, Mr H. 24 Bute, marquis of .. 119 Cox, Mrs Lawford, 216
Addison, rev.John, 120

192 Butler, Mr ...... .185 Crausurd, rev.G.W.41
# Adley, rev. W...178 Beckett, rey. G ...143 Buxton, T. F. 117, 191 Crow, Mrs

Adlington, rev. Mr. 40 Bell, Miss L...... 72 Byard,Miss,24,168,288 Crowther, Sanjael, 5, 6
Agallopalos ...104 Bencraft, Miss.... 96 C. C......

72 Crowther, Mrs.... 6
Agapius.... ..107 Bentinck, lady W. 37 C. Miss M........ 96 Cussens, Mr J.... 42
Agnew, Miss M... 168 Betts, rev. W. K. 4,54 Cadell, lieut.-col. G.71 Cunningham,rer.F.263
A. H. G. Miss .240

150, 239 Calcutta, bp.of, 95,119 Cunninghame, William,
Alder, rev: J. E...263 Betts, Mrs J ..264 Calthorpe, lord.... 95 esq

.169 Bevan, rev. F 72 Calvert, Miss E. C. 24' Cureer

Allan, rev. W ....240 Bevan, rev. R.....143 Candler, Mrs......192 C. Y. Y.

Allen, rev. A..... 95 Bexley, lord ......120 Carey, Miss .120 Dacre, Mr.. 82
Allen, Mrs ...168 Bickersteth, rev. E.70 Carne, rev. J......190 Dalby, rev. W ...191
Anderson, Mrs A. 240 96, 143, 166, 167, 168 Carr, rev. T... 47, 95 Davapriyam .139
Andrews, Elias...173 *192, 263, 264, 288 Carr, rev. J...... 94 Davey, rev. C., ...240
Andrassa, bp. of..100 Biddulph, rev. Z.H.264 Carr, rev. S.......119 David, king 158

* 101, 113 Bingham, Miss... 24 Carrington, Miss.. 240 David, rev. C..... 73
Antipater 99 Binns, rev. Mr....142 Carter, MrC.22,68,69 David, Mr.. 20

...108 Bird, W. G. esq...144 Carter, Mr R... .216 Davidson, rev. J.. 94
97 Bird, rey.

rev. W. 192, 264 Davis, rev. C. 181,235

.191 Davis, Mrs... 181, 235
22, 68, 239 Bishop, Greek, 102,104 Cawood,rev.J. Davis, rev. R. 183, 186
Ash, rev.C. 48. Bishop, Mr.

187, 189
Ashford, H. esq...119. Blackbourn, Mr.:: 60 Chambers, rev. Mr.
. .:111 Blackman,rev. C. 22,72 Chapman, Mr Thos, 22 Davy, Mr 31

97 Blackman, Mrs, 22,72 Chapman, Mrs.... 2.2 Davy, Mrs.........6
Atkinson, rey. Mr.: 95 Blomfield, sir 1.218 Cheap, rev. A.....191 Dawson, Mrs.

Attarra, 1, 6, 9, 58,162 Bochari, Hanna, 164 Chester

, bp. 09120,-263 Deacon, J. esql... 96
Austen, rear-adm..263 Boutflower, rev. 4, 167 Chippendale, Dealtry, rev. Dr...

Austin, W. esq;..

..263 Borlase, J. esq 78.240 Church, general.u103 Da Alvis, Nicholas, 173
Babington, rev. J..143 Boston, Mr Edmund, 5 Chum, W... 127, 131 Dean, captain
Babington, T. esq.. 143

6, 7,191 Clarke, Pr. 102, 124 Deerr, rev. W. 39, 2017
Bagnall,Mrs Sarah, 120. Bowen, Mrs James, 120 Clarke, MG, 182, 183 Deerr, Mrs. 39
Bailey, rev. Mr....143. Bawley, rov. W.25,29 184, 185, 232, 236, 237Dell, Miss.

Baboo Lal Duncan,127 30, 40, 47, 59, 60, ôl Clarke, captain Demogerontes
Bailly, Dr.....

102 62, 63, 121, 134, 245 Clarke, Mrs .182 Demosthenes vuelo(99
Bailey rev.Mr. 212,260 Boy, a Little....., 72 Clay, W. esq?203198 Deo Lill, rajah of Jur-

144 Clayton, W: esq...144 rowtah.

nego. 281 Clayton, Miss. 23 Dewasagayam, ... 253
,213, 214, 259, 260 Brenton,sir Jahleel,167 Clinton, rev. F....240° Dietschy.moos 152, 153
Baker, Mr. 183,233,239

Mr ... 99 Close, rev. F... ... 70 Dikes, rev. T....142
v 238 Bridges, rev. Cost.263 Coates, Mr D....263 Ditcher;rev.J. 119,120
Baker, Mrs.165,166,258 Bright, MrsB?.... 72 Cock, H. esq. ..119 Dixon,rey: J.22,47,143
Bakir Mirza Yusuf, 41 Briscoe,

D. L...
Legge 168 Cockburn, lieut: gen.

Ball, Miss K..... 24 Brown, captain

22 sir William.. 48 Dodd, rev. J... 95
Ballance,John, esq.264. Brown, John, esquxq 24 Cockburn, lady W. 48 Dodwell, Mr. .104
Barker, Mr. 163 Brown, Miss A....288 Cockran, rey. W...83. Doran, rev. J. W. 212
Bannister, Mr, 28,71,82 Brown, Miss... .288

144, 281--284 213, 229, 257, 259, 260
Bannister, Mrs....228 1 Brown,"Mrs. ..288 Cockran, Mrs....282 Doss, Charles, 29,60
Baptist, Mr J..... Brownjsrev. Au N, 2181 Collins, Mr E.

2122*** 62, 64, 121, 126, 129
Barbadoes, bp. of... 67

.. w. 14° 235 Collison, rev. W..


Barbut, rev. 8..95, 191 Brown; Mrs'181, 236) Condariettis :100 Doss, Daniel, 124, 126
Bardgett, W: esq: 120 · Browning, rev. T..175 Constantine of Russia, Drama, pacha of..103
Bärenbruck, rev. Gubit

176, 279

.158. Drary, Miss...96, 240
Bärenbruck, Mrs. 195, Buchanan, Dr C.10,8
81, 194, 252 Beyan, rey. G...119 Conybeare; rev:W.119. Duekham, Mr A. 216

$ 120, 168 Dussap, Dr. 12
Barnes, rev. H.... 70 Buck, Miss...... 120 Cooke, F. esg. :144 Ducarel, P. J. esq. 70

* 72 Dusautoy, Miss E.. 168
Barth, W.
..263. Budures, BasiliV. 2002 Coombes, Mr,91,92,203 E. A.

Bartholomew, Jos. 56 Bugg, rev, G......143 0.0 ní 207, 210, 211 East, rev. Sohn ...119

53 Eccles, MrJ. 48
Bartlett, rev. T;95,119 Batt;

167 Cornelius :253 Eteson, rev. R. 25, 28
Batavia, David .. 47 Bell, rev. Jett 120Corpus Christi College ca 29330, 39, 59, 127, 240
Bates, Mrs G. F... 48 Buller, Y. esq. ....190 Master

[RECORD, Dec. 1830.]

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