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nection with its North-India Mis “ for Christ's

's sheep that are dispersed sion, left this country in 1814: they abroad, and for His children, who have since been followed by 18 other are in the midst of this naughty Labourers: and there were, accord- world, that they may be saved through ing to the most recent returns, en Christ for ever.” In conformity with gaged in the eleven Stations of the these sentiments, and with the conMission, 4 European Missionaries, stitution of the Society, desirous of all of whom are married; 1 Native adhering to the discipline as well as Missionary; besides105 Native Cate- attached to the doctrines of the chists and Assistants.

Church of England, its Missionaries, The operation of various causes by the Standing Regulations of the has interrupted the PREACHING OF Calcutta Committee, exercise their THE GOSPEL in North India. Within functions under the Bishop's license, the last six years, the Society has, and bear a relation to their Diocesan in the providence of God, been de- in India similar to that which exprived of the active services of 9 ists between the Parochial Clergy Missionaries:-1 of them has re and their respective Diocesans in this linquished his connection with the country. Society; 4 have died; and the same In connection with the Ministry number have been compelled, by the of the Gospel, the department of failure of their health, to return EDUCATION has not been overlooked: home. Notwithstanding these in- though this has, from the causes alterruptions, God has not left Himself ready adverted to, been considerably without witnesses to His power and impeded. In the various Schools, grace; and, at many of the Stations maintained by the Society, there where the Gospel of Jesus Christ were, according to the last Report has been proclaimed, some have been published at Calcutta, 1500 children gathered out of the heathen popula- receiving the benefits of Christian tion, whose character and conduct Instruction. satisfactorily prove, that the servants The important work of Nativeof God have not run in vain, nor Female Education was commenced laboured in vain.

at Calcutta early in 1822, and has It may not be anniss here to re met with much encouragement. A mark, that the establishment of Epi- Ladies' Society has been formed for scopacy in India was hailed with joy the furtherance of this object, and a by the Conductors of the Society. Central School erected at Calcutta. While they gladly bade God speed Female Schools have also been estato those who, differing in sentiment blished at several other Stations. from themselves, were conscientious The PRESS, which is generally ly pursuing one common end--the found to render much valuable aid advancement of their Master's King- to Missionary Labour, has had, in dom—they could not but regard this common with the other departments, event as well calculated to unite and many difficulties to encounter; and strengthen the efforts of those mem the Society has long needed a Prinbers of their own communion who ter, of genuine piety and devotedwere labouring for the spiritual in- ness, to undertake the entire superterests of India; and they looked up intendence of it. Many useful Pubto the Head of that extensive Diocese, lications have been issued from it; not merely as a controlling power and, if circumstances admitted of its over the subjects of his ecclesiastical being placed on an efficient footing, jurisdiction, but, under God, as a th is reason to hope that it would master-spring, imparting vigour as become an engine of extensive good. well as regularity to the efforts of The Printing House, a Chapel, a those who are engaged in seeking School, and the Buildings appropri




Station Pro which is vested in the Society's Re- had read the publication tof the last

ated to the Missionaries' residence, and another in the evening, which is are situated on the premises pur- kindly taken by the Rev. W. Morton, chased by the Society, in 1821, in Missionary of the Incorporated Society Mirzapore, in the midst of the Native for Propagating the Gospel

. There is also Population.

a Service in the same Chapel on Wednes

day Evening, which is attended by the In thuş briefly, sketching the pro- Christians, School Sircars, &c. In the Soceedings of the Society in North ciety''Chapel in Potuldunga, there is reIndia, one circumstance connected gular preaching three times a-week, and with them should not be omitted. occasionaly at other times. The number Bishop Middleton shaving recom- and demeanour of those who attend on mended the establishment of a Mis these occasions are very encouraging.

From the destitute state in which this sion College at Calcutta, for the bene

; it will not be expected fit of the Native Population of India; that

progress can have been made and the Society for the Propagation of during the past year. "Only one person the Gospel'in Foreign Parts, and that has been baptized

in the Society's Chapel for Promoting Christian Knowledge, a

a young woman, who for several months having each contributed the sum of previously had been living in the house 50001. toward this important under- with Mrs. Wilson, and under her instructaking, the Society, in 1820, granted tions : "her state of mind appeared such as

in 1820, granted to warrant trer admission to the privileges an Annual Grant of 1000l. during tians continge connected trith the Mission, the six following years; but the, fe are an employed, either in the Soduced state of the Society's means, ciety's Printing-Omce, tor biy Mrs. Wilsince 1826, has led to its discontinu- son of these two were dismissed for misThe Committee, Wishing to pitice that lively concern for their salva

"conduct; and though few of the remainder perpetuate the memory

ory of their re

tion which it would be desirable to see in garded Bishop Heber, directéd, in 1826, the appropriation of a sufficient ton appearing the Lord's Sapper was sum for the foundation in Bishop's administered to 18 Native Christians on College of two Theological Scholar- Easter Sunday, 29igon brite's ships, to bear the name of Bishop

SCHOOLS—Mr. Latham, on being left Heber's Church

Missionary Scholar, without a fellow-tabourer, was obliged to ships," the pepétual nomination to si

relinquish the English School, which he

he might thimself more at Calcutta, From the Sixth Annual Report of those other calls of Missionary duty which the Calcutta Auxiliary, we now pro- thus devolved on' him, 29 A suitable Assistceed to give an account of the Misant, however, hàving been found, the sionary Labours at each of the Socie- English School: Kas been re-opened.

The Native Schools are under the care ty's Stations. "Vse of 993biTo's si buCALCUTTalds"

of the Calcutta Church Missionary Asso

ciation; but the Superintendant of them is In consequence of the went of Labourers, the "Rev. John Latham, besides the care of the Schools, he assists,

supported by the Auxiliary Society; and, has been the only Missionary, for de Mr. Latham direçts, in other Missiosome time, staționed at Calcutta;-. j nary operations. otu, and, on becoming sufficiently, ac The Society has been enabled to renew quainted with the language, he re- a connection with Dum Dum, which has newed the Services, which had been count of the distance and consequent diffi

than once 'been relinquished on acdiscontinued, in the Society's Cha

culty of superintendence. The present pel, and also at Pótuldunga. Of this Chaplain of that Station states the dispoStation, the Committee thus report:- sition of the Natives around as much

MINISTRY OF THE WORD-The regu- . changed in reference to their wish for lar Services are as follows: two every Schools, and the field of exertion as daily Sunday in the Society's Chapel at Mirza- becoming wider: he writes pore-one in the morning by Mr. Latham, I have been solicited by the inhabitants of



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ready a daily attendance we have al- last year, closed three of the four separate tians and Hindoos; of which all, from 30 to 50 the Baug-Bazar School,

to s

several villages near this place to establish

Church Missionary Society. That Schools: a small piece of ground in the village of Coee Callee has been obtained for Report statesthat purpose, and a School House is now The Central School opened with 58 building; and I have received earnest appli- Scholars; and Mrs. Wilson, after seven cation for the admission of about 100 Boys, years' painful experience of the very slow as soon as it is ready. The same feeling progress made in the various detached exists in most of the neighbouring

villages Schools, used every exertion to draw the and, in two others, I am treating for

ground Children of all the Schools to this spot. for that purpose. At Coee Callee; we have obtained the use of a small house till the She therefore, in addition to those shut up School House is of 19' Boys'; and

o mentioned in the last Report, should have many more, could the house leaving only the Baug-Bazar School, on the contain them. At the Hindee School at the Station, we have daily from 35 to 40 Boys, bank of the river. The distance of this all of whom are not merely instructed in spot from the Central School is too great reading the Scripture, but have what they to admit of the children's daily attendance. read explained to them.

Mrs. Wilson visits it as often as she can; PRESS— The Publications in the Native and makes the head classes attend weekly Languages, which have issued from the at the Central Sehool, to be examined. Society's Press during the past year, have The Society'sı Sehools in Calcutta have, consisted chiefly of Tracts and Sermons, therefore, been reduced to three; one on in Hinduwee, for the use of Native Chris- the Church-Mission Premises, containing

Girls 40,800 copies have been struck 0.t, and

Látham; hoe ons in Bengalee : and, with a view to containing from 40 to 60; and the Cen as well as the information of Mahomedans, weather, the number amounted daily to 500 copies of tliat portion of Jones on the 200; in the hot weather, it averages Trinity,” which treats of our Lord's Divi- rabotut (050.1, 't ottobre nity, has been printed in Hindostanee.

The advantages of this plan are The Scripture Doctrine, on the subject is thus noticed i ar there set forth in the most striking manner, ! All these children, it should be recolfor the conviction of such as own the Pi- lected, without, the present provision for vine Authority of the Christian Scriptures. their instruction, would be left, not only Seven hundred copies of a Translation into without mental culture,

but to the opera Hindostanee of a short Tract on the tion of numberless perverse and evil haEvidences of the Truth of the Bible is bits

, arising out of the circumstances in nearly through the PressdtA masterly which they are placed. The taking them, Abstract of Dr. Wardlaw,s Work, on the therefore, out of the street or highway, and Divinity of Christ, and translated by the aceustoming them to sit quietly, to go same hand, is also in progress. These through their exercises with regularity and attention to these points which was ex. authority, has a tendency to civilize their cited in the course of the journeys made habits, and to correct or restrain many by the Rev. Mr. Wilkinson, last cold sea- evils of their nature. Thus much the son; and, in these. Tracts, whilst the establishment of the Central School may Christian Doctrine is plainly asserted and

be considered to have accomplished, in a proved, all allusion to opposing systems is considerable degree, beyond what could abstained from. "Iyob)

have been effected by the continuation of Before we pass on to the other a number of detached Schools. From the Stations occupied by the Society, continual presence of Mrs. Wilson, and we beg to lay before our readers the her unwearying attentioh to the children, following Extracts from the Report ledge of the lessons which they learn;

they also acquire a more distinct knowof the Ladies' Society for promoting and become more effectually supplied with NATIVE-FEMALE EDUCATION; closely the means of improving themselves, if so connected, as its proceedings are, disposed, after they leave School. with those of the Church Missionary "A general Examination of the Society. It has, from its commence Schools was held, December 17th, ment, been aided by an Annual in the presence of Lady William Grant of 5001. from the Funds of the Bentinck, the Patroness, and a large

and respectable assembly. The fol- penses of the year; leaving the surlowing account is given of the pro- plus, arising last year from the Conceedings on this occasion :

tributions from England, to meet Five Classes were examined, amounting future exigencies.,. On this subject to upward of 100 Scholars and Monitors, they remarkThey read in their respective books with It must at the same time be borne in great fluency: many questions were put mind, that considerable reductions have by Gentlemen present, to elicit their know

been made in the expenditure, and that ledge of the books which they read; and

increased supplies would enable the Comtheir ready and intelligent answers left a mittee to extend their labours. very general impression, that the labours of

They further addthis Society are progressively successful, and

How small a number of the Female that there is every reasonable encouragement to persevering and increased exer

Population of this city have, as yet, come

under the influence of this or similar Intions in behalf of Native-Female Education in this country. There was a class of stitutions, whilst the benefits intended to

be conveyed are of a kind which all must Teachers or Monitors, consisting of 25 Native Females. These have all been

pronounce to be inestimable! That they

should learn to adorn themselves with educated in the Schools of this Society, shamefacedness and sobriety —-learn in siand are pow exercising and improving

lence with all subjectionbe sober, discreet, their little stock of knowledge by communicating it to their countrywomen. Some

'chaste, keepers at home, obedient to their

their of the children wrote on slates, with great husbands, love their husbands, love

children. accuracy, from dictation. The whole was

That, as servants, they be sub. gratifying to the friends of the Society.

ject to their masters with all fear, not only

to the good and gentle, but also to the froAt the end of April, Mrs. Wilson

ward that they be obedient, and please gives this brief account of her la them well in all things, not answering bours:

again, not purloining. To effect this, they Of 300 Children, 100 are reading in must be dealt with as moral, as well as Books; -40, comprising the three Upper intellectual Beings.; and those truths Classes, read the Bible, the Gospel of St. must be inculcated, which tend to affect Matthew, and Geography; and 40 others the heart, as well as to inform the mind. read the Bible History and other prepa Amidst such a variety of discordant feelratory works; and most of the others spell ings and mistaken apprehensions as society on Cards.

in this country presents, it is not easy to In the Ladies' Report, it is fur accomplish even a small portion of what ther stated

might be done under more favourable cirAt a recent Examination, it was found

cumstances; but the attempts, which have that they read with facility the portions and there can be no doubt as to the final

been made already, have not been vain; assigned to them; and the First Class, in result. The work of Education has been addition to the usual Reading Lessons, repeated with accuracy the first twelve les

well compared to the labours of Husbansons in Pearce's Geography. It should be dry; and the Teachers and Patrons of known, too, that the 25 Monitors, referred

Schools have need to learn, like the Husto in the account of the Examination in

bandman, to labour in hope, waiting for December, are almost all, young as they who orders the times and the seasons, dis

the early and the latter rain; nor will He, are, Widows, or deserted by their Husbands. In their destitution, they resorted appoint His servants of their hope. to the friend of their youth, who thus turns

BURDWAN & CULNA. their early acquirements to the general The want of Labourers has been good, and, by an allowance barely enough severely felt at these Stations; which, to supply food and their scanty raiment, from this circumstance, are under preserves them from wretchedness and, the charge of one Missionary, whose probably, from guilt. The Ladies' Committee state, that laborious duties.

health appears scarcely equal to his

Of the two StaContributions of every kind, arising 'tions, the Calcutta Committee make from Subscriptions, Donations, and the following Report :the sale of Fancy Articles, have

At Burdwan, during the last year, five served just to meet the current ex adults have been added to the Church by

Baptism, and six at Culna: the number Girls, being the first Class of each School, of adult Converts at both places is 33, be- read in St. Matthew's Gospel ; of the resides several of their children. When Mr. mainder, 16 had each a copy of Watts's Corrie visited Burdwan in November last, Catechism or the Dialogue between a Mothe Christians of both Stations assembled on ther and her Daughter, and each of the the Society's Premises; and two days were others had a Bengalee Spelling-Book. passed in inquiries into their state, and in The first Class read fairly; and some of examining the Schools. Most of the Con- them explained readily the Parable of the verts are intelligent men, and well aware Sower. The seed was the Gospel : the of the importance of the profession which different classes of hearers were accurately they have made. One of them first heard defined ; and, on being asked how Satan of Jesus Christ, and was led to inquire fur- employed himself to counteract the Gospel, ther into the subject, from some Missiona one girl said, with great simplicity, “ He ries who preached in Culna three years says, Take care, or you will become Chrisago. Another is a Brahmin of the highest tians.” class, who first became acquainted with

BUXAR. the Gospel from teaching it in one of the Of this Station, the Committee reSociety's Schools, and has been revolving

port-, the subject of Baptism in his mind these

Kurrum Messeeh continues his useful two years. In 14 Schools were found 860 labours. He has a School of Native Boys Scholars, of whom 437 were reading the Scriptures ; and of these, 305 were capable teaching

those adult Christians to read who

in the Bazar; and employs himself in of reading with ease in the portions, res

desire to learn, and in ministering to his spectively assigned them. They were examined in the usual manner : the First sited the Station in January, examined

little Congregation. A friend, who vi-, Class in Arithmetic, Geography, Ellerton's and catechized about 25 wives and widows, Dialogues, the Four Gospels, and in Romans of the European Invalids, and expressed to the 8th chapter. A large proportion of himself much gratified with the knowledge them were well acquainted with the whole of Ellerton's Dialogues. Their examina

which they displayed, and with the evident tion, in St. Luke's Gospel and in the Epi- them. This friend states, that Kurrum

piety of a considerable number among stle to the Romans, was peculiarly grati- Messeeh appears particularly well adapted fying, even to nice points in Divinity, for the situation which he holds: he is much which a few answered with great preci esteemed by his little flock, and seems very sion. In six Schools at Culna, there are 510 Boys, of whom 218 are reading the

happy in his work.

Gospels; but these Schools are said by,
Mr. Deerr to be in a less-efficient state

The Rev. Ralph Eteson, with Mrs. than those in Burdwan, from their enjoy- Eteson, took charge of this Station, ing less of his personal inspection. It is in December. Simon Bartholomew, with no small reluctance that the Commit one of the Youths brought up in the tee have been obliged to reduce the num- Society's Hindostanee School, is ember of Schools at Burdwan to six : the ployed by him as a Moonshee; and, strength of Mr. Deerr being considerably both in respect of personal piety and impaired by the climate, and the want of of the duties in which he is emefficient aid, have imposed this necessity,

There are four" FEMALE SCHOOLS ployed, Mr. Eteson speaks of him in supported by the Society for pro terms of approbation. moting Native-Female Education; Archdeacon Corrie visited Benares in which Mrs. Deerr states, that there in December, and gave

the following are 134 Girls, of whom 58 read the account of the Services and CongreGospels, and the remainder are gation; acquiring the elementary parts of

The number who attend Divine Service education.

An Examination of the regularly, in the Hindostanee Chapel, is Schools took place on the 11th of all descendants of Christians, except a

about 50, and sometimes 70: these are November; of which the Ladies' few; the greater part of half-European, Committee give the following ac English, or Portuguese descent, who uncount, communicated by a friend: derstand the Hindostanee perfectly, and

At 11 o'clock, the Girls of four Female English but imperfectly: the remainder, Schools attended for Examination : 20 of native origin, have been baptized in

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