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(A Bhugut is one who has devoted him- Mussulman, who requested books : this self to a religious life, and is bound to man knew, at least by name, both Mr. refrain from the use of spirituous liquor, Adlington and Archdeacon Corrie. I gave flesh, &c.) The man replied, “What is him two Persian Gospels, and afterward it to you ? If I were dancing or singingthe History of Saj Khan ; which, as he you would not disturb me: why then do offered, I allowed him to read out, for so when I am hearing the Word of God." the benefit of others. As he proceeded, He continued hearing ; and made some numerous inquiries were made on the objections, which were answered to his different subjects mentioned ; such as, satisfaction. On going away, he took the Birth of Christ of a Virgin ; of His with him two Tracts.

being the Son of God; the necessity of April 2, 1829-A Young Man, whom I a New Birth, &c.: which, of course, afmentioned a few days back, as not far forded matter of much conversation. He from the Kingdom of God, confesses that read part of Abdool Messeeh's Versified he disbelieves in the Hindoo, and be Translation of the Conversation with Nilieves in the Christian Religion ; but codemus. Other Mahomedans joined in that the fear of man prevails, and keeps the discussions; but this man was the chief him back. May the Lord put His fear speaker. He said that he wished that in his heart, and enable him to confess he lived nearer, (he resides at Benares,) Christ before men ! Surely none but that he might inquire more. Trusting God can enable a man to face all that that there was something good in the must in general be faced, if he would man, I gave him a complete Testament; become a Christian ; for Christians in which he promised to read; and to mark this Country, like the Apostles of old, the places which he did not understand, are considered as the filth of the earth, and for further discussion. From what I the offscouring of all things. The lowest have already seen, however, it would not and most disgusting classes of the com surprise me to hear no more of the man. munity would consider themselves Dis This is the first Mela I have had the GRACED by the profession of Chrisianity. opportunity of attending. Though not

April 11-I should like to get a Hindee so numerous as many, the scene was very Girls' School: but it seems that all for lively. There were some stalls equal in mer attempts have failed, the prejudices appearance to those in English Fairs; and of the Natives here being so strong. I numerous sights, shows, and recitations shall see what can be done; but I have of various kinds. Crowds of Mahomedans no encouragement given me. The wife hastened to the old Fakeer's Tomb, the of one of my servants can act as a School. ascent to which is up a flight of steps, mistress : she has been taught to read and and offered, at his shrine, flowers, sweetto work at Gorruckpore: she has two meats, &c. On descending the steps girls to begin with, the sister of her hus- again, they gave cowries (small shells band and another girl.

which pass current, about 128 of which April 16 – After an early breakfast are equal to an English Halfpenny) to this morning, I went to a place called a number of beggars who sat on the steps. the Durgah, near this town, where a I saw a party of three Fakeer Beggars Mela is held. Durgah is a word used, going round to the poor creatures who among other things, for a mosque, shrine, were endeavouring to sell a few wares, &c. : in the present instance, it is applied and demanding money of them. One to a large space of ground, containing man resisted the demand; upon which one or more places of Worship, numerous they became very violent, and two of tombs and ruins, and two very large them pretended to do themselves much tombs with domes over them, where two injury: this was meant to frighten him, Fakeers, a father and son, are buried. since he would then be guilty of shedOpposite one of the places of worship, ing a holy Fakeer's blood. One of under a large tree, we took our station : these wretches stooped down and prewe spread a sithingee on the stones: I tended to drive a sharp instrument into sat on my travelling chair, with the Native his throat: the other, apparently, thrust Brethren near me, and we soon had a an instrument of steel into his head, close crowd of Mussulmans around us. Charles to his eye: this was accompanied with Doss commenced operations, by reading violent gestures ; but I have no doubt to them a Discourse. Our attention was that they took very good care not to next engaged by a man who sat next to hurt themselves. Another man I saw me, a respectable-looking well-behaved with the skin of his head and face slightly (RECORD, March, 1830.]


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66 CALCUTTA AND N.-INDIA MISSION.-WEST-INDIES MISSION. (MARCH, scratched, so that a small quantity of blood Religion: this may have intimidated him. flowed: this fellow was attended by a In answer to the inquiry, he stated, that man with a tolerably good-sized wallet, he did it for no particular purpose, but into which the Fakeer cast whatever he that it was an ancient custom. This we took a fancy to on the neighbouring stalls. could not believe, that he could thus act Behold the degrading and slavish effects without an object. I told him that he of Idolatry!

did it for show; at which, some others April 26, 1829: Sunday - Services as laughed. I asked what that thing was usual. Runjeet agreeably surprised me which I saw in the enclosure ? “God," to-day, with the intelligence, that his replied a Brahmin, who sat on a brazen wife had succeeded in getting a Girls' vessel turned upside down. God!" School, in which are at present 7 girls. I rejoined: why, it is brass.-

Is this April 28—Hearing that a Fakeer had also God ?" pointing to the utensil on been sitting near the river for the last which he was sitting. Yes," he said : two or three days, I went this afternoon, all things are Par Bruhm.” Bakhwhen the sun permitted, to see him: the tower proceeded to shew the absurdity Readers of course accompanied me. of this ; when much conversation ensued, The river is now very low, and we had to in which the Fakeer and some Brahmins pass an immense deal of sand before we took part. Tryloke calmly reasoned came to the deluded object of our visit. with the man ; who said, that he did not We found him sitting on a tiger's-skin, know the Christian Religion ; but that spread on a mound of sand, dressed in the he would make it a subject of inquiry. usual way, with only a piece of rope round After some further conversation, as it his loins, which suspended a narrow piece was getting dark, we left him and the of cloth, and some cotton on his head. crowd which had gathered round. ScarceAt his right hand was a small enclosure, ly had I turned my back, when I heard made with grass and bamboos, which was the sounds of idolatrous worship: what the temple of an Idol, placed in the centre sounds can be more painful to the Chris. of the enclosure. The Idol was a small tian ear! Before this, I had been much image, meant, I believe, for Ram; before pained at seeing two individuals prowhich was placed a stool, on which was strate themselves before the Idol, and a bell and some offerings. In front of repeatedly kiss the sand. I felt almost this rude building, and nearer the river, inclined, at first, to trespass on the sawe saw a small square, denoted by four cred precincts, and to snatch them from fire-places; in the middle of which, at their prostrations, with, Sirs, why do ye noon, the Fakeer sits, with fire burning in these things? We preach unto you that each of the fire-places, and is then exposed, ye should turn from these vanities, unto the at one time, to what is called five fires Living God. the four which have been kindled, and the April 29 — The Fakeer, mentioned sun, which is then exceedingly powerful. yesterday, has decamped. He intended, I took my seat near the man, and asked we understand, to stay here some time; him for what purpose he thus acted. At but, finding that we visited him, and exfirst, he would not give me a direct answer: posed the folly of his conduct and the some of the people around, I am told, absurdities of Hindooism, he thought it said, that there were very strong argu. better to save his credit by going to anoments used by the Christians for their ther place.

WEST-INDIES MISSION. This field of the Society's Labours a Sunday and other Schools at Enmay be considered as connected with glish Harbour, in the Island of Anthat in Western Africa, the object in tigua, the Society, in connection with both being the same-reparation, by a Local Institution, lent considerable the blessings of the Gospel, to Africa aid in the Religious Instruction of and her Children, for those enormous the Young Slaves and Children; and wrongs which they have suffered at subsequently undertook the excluour hands.

sive charge and direction of several The attention of the Society having Sunday and Daily Schools, in which been called, in 1815, to the state of there were, at one period, Two Thou

sand Scholars receiving the benefits availed itself of them, according to of Christian Education. Circum- its means. stances, adverted to in the Society's It is not to be concealed, that the 28th Report, led to a gradual de- withholding the Lord's Day from clension in the number of Scholars : the Slave, to which he is equally till the average attendance not ap- entitled with his Master, is one of pearing to justify the continuance of the most formidable barriers which the expense without an adequate re West-Indian Slavery presents to the turn, the Schools were, in 1829, re entrance of Divine Truth among its linquished.

unhappy victims. So long as the The Society, for several years, Negro is compelled to go to a dismaintained a School for the Negro tance to the Sunday Market, or to and Coloured Population of both toil on that day for his subsistence, sexes in the Island of Barbadoes: the he cannot avail himself of the adBishop, shortly after his arrival, took vantages held out to him by a Misthe School under his own charge. sionary Society, of Sunday Instruc

Attempts were made to extend the tion and Sunday Worship; and it benefit of instruction to the Slave is absolutely necessary, that his Children in St. Vincent's and Domi- right, in this respect, should be renica: the Society, however, did not stored to him, before the labours of succeed in the permanent establish those who desire his spiritual wel ment of Schools in those Islands. fare can be expected to succeed.

Among other objects which en On the establishment of Episcogaged its attention, the Society en pacy in the West-Indian Colonies deavoured to promote the religious a measure from which permanent welfare of His Majesty's Settlement benefits to the population may be at Honduras, with especial reference anticipated--the Society's Catechists to the Slaves and Disbanded Soldiers were placed under the authority of of the 4th West-India Regiment in the the Bishop in whose Diocese they Colony, and to the Native Indians reside, and from whom they receive in the interior and on the Mosquito a licence to prosecute their labours. Shore; but circumstances prevented A grant, from the Society's funds, the accomplishment of its designs. of 2001. was made to the Bishop of

In 1825, two Catechists and their Jamaica, to be employed for the spiriWives were, on the invitation of the tual benefit of the Negroes, accordProprietor, sent out to Jamaica, to ing to his Lordship's discretion. reside on his Estates, for the purpose of imparting religious instruction to

Jamaica the Negroes. Every facility has

COLEY, ST. THOMAS'S IN THE EAST. been afforded for the attainment of this object, by providing suitable

Mr. Joshua Wood gives, in DeBuildings for the purposes of Wor-cember, the following account of ship and Instruction, and by the ap

his Station:

From the 1st of October till now, the propriation of a week-day to the Slaves for obtaining their support, been as follows. On Sunday,45; Tuesday and thus leaving the Sunday at their and Thursday, 40; but the infants, for disposal, not as a day of marketing those days, are included. On five days or labour, but of rest and spiritual in the week, we have Infant School ; about improvement. Similar measures,

20 attend : we have teaching morning and with the concurrence and co-opera- evening. On Sunday, we have the two tion of the Proprietors, have been

Services, Cat and a School for any

one who will learn to read. adopted on Estates in Jamaica and

continues from December till part of May: Essequibo; and, recently, other

while this lasts, the people will probably not openings having presented them- attend so well. Several of the infants can selves in Jamaica, the Society has repeat many parts of the Church Catechism.

The crop


A girl, who had been ill some time preST. MATTHEW'S PARISH.

vious to our departure, has since died. The Rev. L. Strong having left She was, when at school, very careless and St. Mary's Parish, and been ap- inattentive, and was one of the last from pointed to that of St. Matthew, Mr. whom we should have expected any fruit. Charles Carter,who has been for some

But in this we were mistaken: though she time employed under his superin- appeared to rank

with the way-side hearer, tendence, removed with him to his yet, it appears, the wicked one did not catch

away the seed. The Almighty Husbandman new sphere of labour. Of this, Mr.

broke up the fallow-ground, by His Spirit, Strong, in a Letter written soon in due season: the seed fellin, and produced after his entrance on it, gives the fruit, to His glory. Some time before her following account:

death, she unexpectedly began to recal the Every encouragement is given by the

instruction which she had received in the Planters and Managers to the Sunday school, bewailing her sins, and fixing her School and attendance of the Negroes.

eyes on Jesus. But she was not contented There is a great manifestation of eager

with thus earnestly seeking Christ for herness to learn, and, I trust, to follow the self, and turning to Him with all her heart: Truth. The first day we arrived in our

she sent for her relations, and for some of new residence, the Negroes came in num

her school-fellows: she told them to take bers to our Family Prayers : the second warning by her narrow escape to fly to night, they came in such crowds, that they Christ now: she spoke to them, in a filled my house, sitting on the floor: Í very feeling manner, on the fleeting vanity 'have, in consequence, adjourned our

of this life ; shewing them that she was Evening Prayers to a large outhouse, dying, and that they must die—that all or shed, 60 feet by 40, where we have an

that the world could do for them, was to attentive Congregation, every evening, of bury them at last. She was continually about 100 people, or more.

calling on her Saviour, and exhorting those Of Mr. Carter and his occupa

who attended : she died happy, calling tions, he writes:

upon Jesus: her last word was, ' Christ. I have built Mr. Carter a room, 20 feet

On this Mr. Strong remarksby 15, an upper story, very airy, in which

This is a rich cordial just sent us, an he sleeps: as before, he boards with us :

earnest that God is with us of a truth, to his room is not more than thirty feet from

stimulate and encourage us to work, and at the house. On the ground-floor of this

the same time to call forth our praises to His building is our Sunday - School Room, glorious Name, which is fast gathering, and promises great

Essequibo. things. We had together yesterday about

UNION AND ALLIANCE PLANTATION. 160 Girls and Boys. It was the fourth

Mr. John Armstrong, the SocieSunday I have preached to the Negroes here and taught the Children, but the first ty's Catechist, gives the following on which we have opened our temporary

account of his labours among the Church ; and I have preached to Free and adult part of his charge: Slaves together. Mr. Çarter has an Adult Many of the Negroes are old Africans, School of Negroes, almost every evening,

and decrease very fast : except I had an as well as Sunday Night. He is also open- opportunity of having them in the week, ing a School weekly, as in St. Mary's; in

I cannot do much with them. I walk which I hope to have many Slave-children, through the Negro-yardonce

a-week, chiefly under age for work,

on a Sunday Morning. I go into their Mr. Carter, after speaking of the houses, talk with them, and the old tell me employment which is opening be- that they will come on a Sunday ; but very

Some of the fore him in the Sunday and Week- few keep their promise. day Schools, adds

young people attend regularly ; but all my Things look so favourably at present, twice on Sunday.

persuasion will not prevail on them to come that we have every hope of establishing

My manner of instruction to them is some Infants' Schools on the Estates.

varied. On a Sunday Morning, when Mr. Strong thus notices the

they come, it is generally between 11 and Hopeful Death of a Female Scholar. 12 o'clock. I begin with singing a Hymn,

We have just heard a most pleasing and Prayer: afterward, I read a Chapter account of one of our School Girls at Bee- in the Old or New Testament, but chiefly hive Sunday-School, in St. Mary's Parish, from the New, it being the most plain on

the great truths of the Gospel. Some of on Sundays, he would have a Congregathem seem to be full of pity, when I tell tion of 200 and upward. · These people them of what Christ suffered for us to have great influence with the Indians, to bring us to God; but they are wedded to whom access might be gained by means of dancing and their former habits.

them. They are an intelligent race, but In December, he writes :

surrounded with vice, and nothing to counThe people, in general, are indifferent in teract it; subject to the fraudulent dispothe affairs of the soul : they almost turn a sition of the Whites, without knowing whedeaf ear to all entreaties. On the Estate ther they are cheated or not. But this to which I am sent to labour, I have not is very little, comparatively nothing, to more than 12 who have attended regu their awful condition, as accountable beings larly the first year. I have had, it is to God. It would cost very little to true, in general 30, and sometimes 40, maintain a Missionary in that place, from the Union Estate ; some coming at clothing excepted. one time, and some another. From other The place which I would fix on for a Estates I have sometimes 5 or 6, or house, is on an elevated piece of land at the more, but none that attend regularly. junction, where the Essequibo is divided

Mr. Armstrong's attention has into two parts: the other is called Massabeen turned toward the Native In roony, about seventy miles up the Essedians and the Coloured Population,

quibo. The Coloured People extend from and he is anxious that an effort should

this junction, about twenty miles up the

river. The people speak the Creole Dutch, be made for their spiritual benefit. like the Negroes. On this head he writes :

Mr. Carter, after paying a visit to I have inquired up the river Essequibo,

Mr. Armstrong, thus expresses his among the Coloured People of Indian and

sentiments in reference to this subNegro origin, how they would like a person going among them, to give them instruc- ject:tion, and to teach them to read the Bible ? I accompanied Mr. Armstrong several They said that they should be very glad of times in his visits, and was greatly dethat, and would do what they could to- lighted in finding that the Indians maniward building him a house: they would fested such a willingness and desire for catch him fish, give him vegetables, wash learning. They are a degraded people, his clothes, and do what he wanted about who call for the compassion, prayers, and his house. I might have sat down among

exertions of Christians : the obstacles in them at once, had I been authorised. I the way, comparatively speaking, are very was really pleased to see the eagerness with few. May He, who has all hearts in His which they listened to my inquiries. A hands, lead you, not only to consider their person stationed there would have nearly state, but enable you to do something in a hundred children under daily instruction :

their behalf!




Ireland — The Rev. George HazleTHE Anniversary Sermon will be preach- wood, the Assistant Secretary of the Hied on Monday Evening, the 3d of May, bernian Auxiliary, has visited Assoat the Parish Church of St. Bride, Fleet

ciations, or preached on behalf of the Street, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Society, at the following places :-Feb. Salisbury. Divine Service to commence

19: Meeting at Athboy, in the Morning, at Half-past-Six o'Clock.

for the formation of an Association; Rev. The Annual Meeting will be held at

Mr. Chambers in the Chair: Col. 11. Also Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street,

a Meeting in the Evening at Rathmolion, on Tuesday, the 4th of May. The Chair for a similar purpose ; Rev. S. Magee in to be taken at Eleven o'clock precisely. the Chair-Feb. 21, Sunday: Sermon by The Arrangements for Admission to the

Mr. Hazlewood at Edenderry: Col. 21.Meeting will be the same as in former

Feb. 22: Meeting at Portarlington in the years.

Morning ; Rev. Mr. Jelly, Chairman: Col. 51. 12s. 7 d. The Rev. J. Gregg had preached at this place on the 18th, when

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