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common particularly among the Brah &c. from time immemorial, and there mins; but I felt that there was some they lie useless: indeed, many things honesty about the man. I asked him perish by age. The oldest place or hole how the other Brahmins of his village is already filled, and never opened. thought on the subject: to which he re They say that this cannot be done, as plied, that, after his return home last the Devil has possession of it. Notwithmonth, he had been in our Tinnevelly standing these riches, the Temples still School, and spoken with the Brahmin receive, annually, fresh money from Gowho is Teacher there, whose conversa vernment, for their Feasts &c. These tion about Christianity seems to have riches, of course, serve the Brahmins, pleased him: he had afterward told his and are the source of many quarrels neighbours of these things, and they also

among them. had expressed a desire to have a School. The Coilsegarajealnum (Idol-Tax) has, I gave him some books, with directions at length, been struck off by the Collecto get them read in the village, that the tor from the accounts, and the people people may become well acquainted with are left to pay it or not: so the Native what would be taught in the School, and Christians will be free from it. Thanks then come again with a proper applica- be to God! tion from the village. He took the May 29, 1829-A Moorman came to books, and went away rejoicing. Does day and asked for the Scriptures, and not the Lord send down His light and for such other books as will shew him His truth? Does He not hear Prayer ? the nature of Mahomedanism. He is

David has returned from his tour. At from Pettah, where his son is a scholar Peykoollam he has been enabled to in our School. He expressed himself settle the violent disputes between two much pleased with the good instrucparties of Brahmins in connection with tion which his boy receives there. I our village Aasirvaadapooram, which gave him some books, after I had had consists of the land given by one of a long conversation with him about Mathose parties. The head Brahmin of the homed: he seemed to be not far from other party is the same man who was the Kingdom of Heaven. He is a merguilty in the burning of our Chapel at chant, and appears to have been bene. Peykoollam : he seemed to hear the fited by his boy. admonitions of David with much feeling, May 30—The Catechists assembled : and agreed with the rest of his party to this evening was the Missionary Prayermake us a present of an additional piece Meeting, and we had the pleasure to of land for our Native Christians. This hear of the progress of the Good Cause they gave immediately in writing, by in the country. which our Aasirvaada pooram has been

June 3-We have had to settle two or enlarged, the former piece of land being three cases of discord between the Catetoo small for all the settlers. At Tritch- chists and their Congregations, but none of endoor the Enemy tries hard to keep the a serious nature. Several Congregations Gospel out of the place; but I trust it have increased in number. This evenwill be in vain. They are very much ing we had the Lord's Supper together; opposed to the Establishment of a Tamul after which, the Catechists were disSchool there, fearing that it will happen missed to their respective Stations. The to Tritchendoor as it has to Tinnevelly - Tracts continue to be very useful auxfirst a School, and then Preaching, and iliaries. then a Congregation and a Church. June 6- The Edeiyenkoollam busiDavid was rather afraid to urge the ness has at last been settled, in favour of subject, when he saw the state of mind our people. I felt thankful to the Lord of certain persons: he even feared to for having thus confounded the wicked have à Prayer-Meeting there with a in their machinations. The enemies of few Native Christians that had come our people have certainly spared nothing thither on business; but the Lord en that malice, craft, and money could effect, couraged him remarkably, by the words to pervert justice: but they have failed; which he spoke to St. Paul, Fear not and all their premature boastings have Paul, &c.

been cast to the ground. They are now, These Idol-Temples have amazing I hear, filled with shame and anger, and riches. In each Temple there are three consulting whether they should not aphidden places, where they deposit the peal to the Higher Court, and thus vex various gifts of jewels, rich silk, stuff, our people still more.

Visit to some of the Congregations. exhortations to the people, as opportunity June 10, 1829–Last night I left Palam offered. In the evening we had a large cottah, on a tour to the North and West. Congregation together for Prayer, at Wearrived this morning at Pannekoollam, which I expounded to them some parts where Moottoosamy instructs the formerly the First and Second Chapter of the Ist Roman-Catholic Congregation. As we Epistle of St. John : the. Roman-Cathohave not yet any Places of Worship in lic deceits were particularly treated of. these parts, Mr. Stokes was so kind as to It was half-past eleven when we sesend his tent thither; which was not only parated. comfortable, but useful to me, as it served June 11—Early this morning we rode for a Church during my stay there. With to Eilandapooram, abont four miles north a few exceptions, the whole village of this place. Our small Congregation consists of Roman-Catholic Soodras here is still in great difficulties about a about forty families, 28 of whom have Place of Worship; the owner of the joined our Church. In the morning, I village, a Modelliar of Tinnevelly, rehad Prayer with them; when I exhorted fusing even a small piece of land for the them from. Create in me a clean heart, purpose. This man lately bought a horse O God ! &c. Mr. Coombes, who accom for himself, and, in order to pay it, he panies me, was, during the day, busy taxed the people with it: our people with our School there. . They afterward objected to it; but I advised them rather came together in the tent; when I was to pay him something, than to enrage him glad to find several fine boys who had still further : this I hear they liave done. made good progress in Religious Know There was no other place where we ledge. To those who read best, I gave, could assemble, but a small choultry, as a reward, each, a copy of Andrew where the Rope-dancers have taken up Duon, in Tamul; which has lately been their abode lately. The place was filled printed by the Madras Tract Society, and with all sorts of people, including our which arrived just in time for the jour people, Roman Catholics, Heathen, and ney. The Boys chose a book in pre Moormen. I was obliged to give a sharp ference to money. The Miraskaren of address to those Jugglers : these wretched the village, a Heathen Soodra, is almost deceivers think that this is their herea Christian. I had conversations, during ditary business, and that they cannot the day, with various people from other otherwise obtain a livelihood. The Rovillages : among others, Catechist Jacob man Catholics seemed to be impressed came from Eilandapooram, who related, by what they heard. that, in several places hereabout, the Our Congregation here consists of 7 Word of God is well listened to by many Families, of the Ritti or Gentoo Caste; Heathens ; so that there is strong hope or rather, only of 7 men, as most of the of a rich harvest in these parts, after more wives are still very backward to learn seed shall have been sown. At some di- the Way of Salvation ; however they stance, at a place eastward, the Eeloo often hear it, as Jacob is obliged to invers, who are distillers, weavers, and struct them in their houses : some of physicians, have, for some time past, been those men, at least, belong to the excellent in the habit of coming together, to admi- of the earth. After Prayer, we returned nister medicines to sick people, as to Pannikoolam. Here I had again concharity, in obedience to their Shasters versations with various persons. The to obtain heaven thereby; on which oc Eilanda pooram men also came withJacob, casions they read their native stories. and asked for Baptism ; likewise an aged Orice, one of our Eilandapooram People Maraver from a neighbouring village, listened to them; and then told them, that who was converted some time ago, and if they would read the books which the is very diligent in reading the books Catechist in his village has, they would which I gave him once in Palamcottah, profit more. The Headman then imme. both to himself and to others. I was diately wrote to Jacob, requesting him much pleased with him: Christ is all in to send some books, which he accordingly all to him; so He is also to several of did. To-day, Jacob received another the Eilandapooram People. Ramasamy note from the same people, telling him Ritti, in particular, seems to be strong that they were very well pleased with in faith : in' all their troubles and those books, and requesting more, which doings, he refers always to Christ, and he has sent to them. Toward the even waits for His help. Having examined ing, we went about the streets giving them, and satisfied myself as to the state


of their minds, I resolved on baptizing I gave them : they said that one half of those who gave me that satisfaction, to their idolatrous mind was changed, on gether with a few Children of the Panne which account, also, they had not gone koollam People. A large Congregation to the great Feast in Tinnevelly, now assembled in the evening, including Hea- going on there. May God change their then, though it was late. The Heathen hearts entirely! In the evening, the Miraskaren also was present : 4 Adults Congregation was assembled, to whom I and 3 Children were received into the preached on 2 Corinthians, V. 14, 15. Church by Baptism : it was nearly mid- The comforts derived from the death of night when we finished: the Lord was our Saviour are not yet enjoyed by them. with us : a good feeling, it seems, was May the Holy Spirit apply them to spread among all. The Miraskaren ex their hearts, that they may go on their pressed himself much pleased, and said way rejoicing ! that he would always attend Prayer. June 13_We arrived in the morning Whilst I was preparing to leave the at Alankoollam. Here are no Christians; place, after midnight, a cultivator of the only Tracts have been distributed from land, a Maraver, from Vanarapetty, a time to time. During the day, 'Mr. village near Coilpetty, about 20 miles Coombes went out among the people further north, on the road to Madura, with Tracts, accompanied by one of our came, and said that he and his people Native Brethren. · A crowd heard him also wished to become Christians. He read a pretty long Tract on Idolatry; has been here these four days on a visit to but they appeared evidently averse to his relations; and what he has seen and the Truth, and afraid to take Tracts : heard, yesterday and to-day, seems to only one man ventured on one. This have determined him. I told Jacob and place is on the road to Courtallum. Moottoosamy to pay a visit to the place, In the afternoon we proceeded to and then set out.

Kanabadinadinour, where is old Catechist June 12, 1829_We arrived early at Rayappen : this is about ten miles from Ookramkotei. Here is a Congregation Courtallum. The season is cool, and, at of the Tanjore Mission : they were for- nights, often cold: but the wind is, as merly Pallers and Roman Catholics; but usual in these months, very high and disthey have now a good deal of knowledge agreeable. The Congregation here inof the Word of God, and abide stedfast creases slowly; and has to encounter in it, notwithstanding many troubles. much opposition from the Headmen, by Their little Chapel was soon filled on which others are deterred from joining my arrival, when I spoke to them on the Congregation. In the evening 10 Isaiah xli. 10: their answers, on the men and 7 women, besides children and whole, pleased me; only they did not Heathen People, came together, to whom yet seem to understand the peculiar I delivered a short discourse about our privilege of the Gospel, viz. that Christ love to God and our neighbours. Their can save to the uttermost all that come to hearts seem to be engaged in the matter; God by Him; that He is a daily Saviour: but they acknowledged that they are still for they meant, that He would indeed far from practising that love. Before forgive their sins many times, but not this, I had a conversation with a group until the end; and as they daily fail of Heathen under Palmyras, who seemed short of holiness, they thought that, after to treat Religion lightly. In a conversaall, they should perish. I endeavoured tion with a little Boy of the School, to give them a clearer understanding on Rayappin's Son, I had much pleasure to the subject. In the afternoon, 3 Roman perceive that he is thoughtful about himCatholics came, and asked leave to join self, and that the father is diligent in early the Congregation, as they could no longer instilling Religious Truths into the minds abide in the Roman Church. One of of his children. them is the aged father of Michael, our June 14- After Morning Prayer, the Catechist, who will greatly rejoice at this people assembled at noon for Divine news : a Heathen Soodra also made a Worship: many Heathen were present, similar request : two other Heathens who shewed much hardness of heart : asked for books.

some, however, admitted the Truth, and Toward evening I paid a visit to the there is hope that the Congregation will Soodra Village, and had an interesting increase. Toward evening, I went about conversation with the people on Religious in this and the neighbouring villages, Subjects: they were glad of the Tracts and exhorted the Headmen and others to

repentance. In the evening, the Congre- of Pandiyan. Their wives do not attend gation was addressed to be faithful unto to the instructions at all: they fear to be death; and comforted by the promise, Be despised of the Heathen. All is but at hold! I will bring it health and cure. The the beginning here : it is a populous high winds here, together with the noise place, and we may hope to have a rich of the Palmyra-leaves over our head, harvest. Toward evening, I rode about make preaching and bearing rather diffi- in the village, and made several adcult.

dresses to large crowds of people. The An aged Heathen man here, the father Shanar inhabitants alone are about 1000 in-law of one of our people, has often souls. I was just going to visit the been exhorted, by his daughter and the Soodra part, when rain drove me back : rest, to leave his Idols and to turn to the one of the Preparandi, who is with me, Living God; but he was stout in refusing told me that he had been among the and even opposed the Christians. Lat. Soodras; who had said, that if I but alterly, he has been trying his Swamy, lowed them to smear holy ashes on their whether he is really a Swamy or not; foreheads they would come to be insetting various eatables before him; and structed. In the evening, late, the Concharging him to eat; and to give him an gregation came again together, and, after answer by means of the lizard, to various conversations about their present whose voice most Hindoos pay very state, I exhorted them from 1 Peter ii. 10. superstitious regard. He fixed on eight Five new persons had come forward to days for the trial, during which time he subscribe their names; but we deferred often went to hear; but the Swamy did it till to-morrow. May the Lord be neither eat nor speak : so he has threat pleased to touch the hearts of all with ened to leave him, and become a Chris- His powerful grace, that they may betian. The people here are poor, and hold His Glory, and find salvation in must labour hard for their livelihood. Him!

June 15, 1829 — Early this morning June 16 - This morning, rode over we arrived at Kadeiyam, the place where to Kaliyanipooram, where old Ignatius our people have for many months been has the care of a small Congregation, very much ill-treated by Pandiyan Talei- whose members are scattered in diffeven: Michael Pilley is labouring here. rent Hamlets: they lie in a large valley In the morning, I had Prayer with them formed by mountains. In this season at their former Idol-Temple; before which it is pleasant and romantic ; but at other they have erected a Pandal, where times it must be tremendously hot. I Michael keeps school also. The two do not wonder that none of our Cateprincipal Idols of clay are still standing chists from other quarters can endure in their place. As our people are few, here: even the inhabitants themselves and rather unsettled, they have refrained are greatly troubled with sickness. The from destroying them, as the interested Congregation consists of several RomanHeathen might raise a clamour against Catholic Families, and a few Heathen. it: but even the Heathen do not worship They have no Prayer-House yet. I them now. I advised them by all means stayed at the Headman's house, who is to let them stand, until they are all sick, and probably not far from his end: agreed *. In the forenoon, some of our however, he could attend the Meeting. people assembled for examination: many They had not much advanced in Divine Heathen were present: I found the Knowledge; there may, possibly, be people better than the report of the Cate more faith in them than appears to our chist led me to expect. Two of them view. I exhorted them on the way of knew nothing of the Catechism; but most Peace and Salvation, through faith in of them had made progress in it: one Christ Crucified; and made some arman, in particular, seems to have his rangements about their assembling togewhole heart engaged in the Truth of God. ther on Sundays. On our return, I The Headman knew nearly nothing: but stopped for a time in the Soodra Street I must make some allowance for him and of Kadeiyam, where a Brahmin would the rest, because of the troubles they nearly maintain that the Brahmins were have been in: the former was several the gods of the other people—an old tale, months in prison, through the wickedness which is now seldom heard ; but the by

standing Soodras heartily laughed at him. * These Idols have since been destroyed.

In the evening, the Congregation was

once more together; and, with them, was waiting for me, (though it was half15 householders, who requested to join past 10 o'clock, and the wind was high,) them, and to give their signatures. I in order to hear still a few words of ex. expected some, but not so many; and, hortation. The husband was this noon therefore, was the more gratified. I ex in Kadeiyam, but his wife could not amined them minutely as to their mo come so far; and therefore they retives, and found reason to believe that quested the interview. We sat down they are excited to it, if not altogether, under a tree in the street, the moon yet in a great measure, by a desire to shining pleasantly upon us, and spent walk in the true road to Heaven. I half-an-hour in conversation and prayer, think the discourse this noon, about the particularly for this large place, in cure and health of the soul, has been which, as far as I know, only this one blessed to them. Having once more ex family serves God. The woman seemed plained to them the Gospel, and advised greatly to feel the blessing of the Gothem by all means still to wait with their spel, and to rejoice in it. She knew a signatures if they are not yet fully re portion of the Catechism, as did also her solved in the matter or have other mo little girl. They were formerly Roman tives than they ought to have, I took Catholics, and not in poor circumstances, their signatures, and they made them though the husband is afflicted with sickcheerfully: afterward we prayed, when ness. I was much pleased with the inthey were recommended, together with terview, and went on my way rejoicing. the rest, to the gracious keeping of our The road was very rocky and troubleCovenant-God. The most promising dis some. At last, coming to a river, we found position seemed to prevail. There are it so much filled with fresh water from now, therefore, 25 Families, among the the mountains, that it was dangerous to 100 Shanar Families, professing Chris pass: we waited, therefore, till daytianity in this place.

light. Ambasamuttiram is on one side, Immediately after this, I set out for and Kalladeikooritchy on the other side Kalladeikooritchy. On the road, I stop of this river: both are large towns. ped at Pallavasel, or Pottelpultur, where

(To be continued.) a Family belonging to our Congregation



AT a Meeting of the Committee, held at the Society's House on the 1st instant, The Rev. James Haldane Stewart the Hon. and Rev. G. T. Noel in the kindly accompanied the Society's Chair, the Instructions of the Committee

representatives on the Northernmost were delivered to the Rev. Joseph Marsh, on occasion of his departure to Journey, and assisted at the AnniMadras. Mr. Marsh has been appointed versary Meetings of the various Asto the charge of the Seminary, formerly un- sociations. der the care of the Rev. William Sawyer. Durham-March 14 : Sermon by Rev.B. The Committee trust that, under the Ward, at Barnard Castle: Coll. 51. 4s. 3d. blessing of God, this Establishment may - March 18: Meeting at Barnard Casbe the means of preparing the more tle; Rev. J. Davidson, Chairman : Coll. advanced and promising Native Students 61. 12s. 5d. - March 19: Meeting at to become Missionaries to their Country- Darlington; Rev. J. Carr, Chairman :

A few words of counsel and en Coll. 121. 11s. 8d.—March 21 : Sermons couragement were addressed to Mr. by Rev. J. H. Stewart, at Durham; Marsh by Mr. Noel; and he was com Morning, at St. Oswald's, Coll. 51.3s. 7d.; mended in prayer to the favour and pro- Evening, at St. Nicolas', Coll. 51. 6s. 5d.: tection of Almighty God, by the Rev. by the Rev. B. Ward in the Evening, at Daniel Wilson. Mr. Marsh proceeded Sunderland Chapel; Coll. 61, 12s. 11d. : to Portsmouth on the 20th instant, to em by Rev. N. Hollingsworth, Morning, at bark on board the “Lord William Ben- Monk - Wearmouth; Coll. 51, 6s. 2d. : tinck,” Capt. Hutchinson.

by Rev. T. Woodrooffe, Morning, at


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