The Alpha Series

AuthorHouse, 2006 - 200 páginas
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being sinful and worthless and 10 being absolutely perfect and righteous, how do you rate yourself, really? On that same scale, how does God rate you? The Alpha Series is a systematic study of all that God has done to make you a 10 and a course on how you can begin to see yourself the way God sees you.

Knowing what God thinks about us gives us a choice in what we are going to believe about ourselves. Believing what God says he made us to be allows us the hope we need to cope with life. The joyful, confident expectation about our own future gives us the liberty to care about others.

The Alpha Series may be used as a counseling model, a discipleship course, a faith based recovery tool, and a training curriculum. Along with the companion workbook it is suitable as basic curricula for all types of study groups and recovery programs.

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As a teacher of the Alpha Series material, I witness first hand how this curriculum changes lives. We teach the series to addicts in recovery through a regeneration program at Faith Farm Ministries. God has inspired the author, John Glenn, with an understanding of Grace and has gifted him with words and illustrations so easy to understand. I am blessed to call him friend and counselor, and it is an honor to review and endorse this book. ~ Judy Walters, Project Manager at Faith Farm Ministries and volunteer teacher at South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary 

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Grace! Grace! Grace! That's the main theme here - what God has done for us that we could not do for ourselvs and what He's doing through us to love and benefit others.
If the reader is unable to
accept the concept that he or she, in some ways, experiences a dysfunctional life style and has maybe a few life-controlling issues, and the only way out is the gospel of Jesus Christ, this book would probably provide little benefit. The Alpha Series reflects a practical application of the Gospel to issues we all face from time to time, and consists of three main parts.
The first four chapters (1-4) describe the the manner in which we all suffer from the effects of inherant sin within the human race, and serve to identify the underlying causes of our personal and relational problems.
The following five chapters (5-9) describe the glorious message - the good news - of being made new in Christ that enables us to experience the abundant life that He promised. It is by faith in who God has made us to be that we may truly experience hope concerning ourselves and others.
The final chapters (9-12) describe the crowning glory of God's grace in allowing us to love others as Christ did. No recovery from a dysfunctional life or life-controlling issues is ever complete until we are able to share God's love with those around us. It is through our personal relationships with others that we display the reality of the gospel in our daily lives.
Albert E.

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