Proceedings: Selected Papers [of The] Annual Meeting, Volumen8

National Conference on Social Welfare, 1881

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Página 242 - January, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, the labor of convicts shall not be let out by contract to any person, copartnership, company, or corporation, and the legislature shall, by law, provide for the working of convicts for the benefit of the state.
Página 145 - ... of Elizabeth) shall be declared unlawful, and shall cease, in manner and at periods hereafter specified ; and that all relief afforded in respect of children under the age of 16, shall be considered as afforded to their parents.
Página 170 - Waterbury, who shall be appointed by the mayor by and with the consent of the board of aldermen, who shall hold office for the term of two years.
Página 44 - ... them visited, the method of instruction, government, or management therein pursued, the official conduct of the superintendents or other officers and employes in charge thereof, or connected therewith, the condition of the buildings, grounds, or other property thereunto belonging, and the facts as to all other matters in any manner pertaining to the usefulness and proper management of the institutions, poor-houses, and jails above named.
Página xxvi - I move that a committee of five be appointed by the chair to draft a constitution and by-laws for a society for [here state the object], and that they report at an adjourned meeting of this assembly.
Página 40 - They may make such rules and orders for the regulation of their own proceedings as they may deem necessary. They shall investigate the whole system of public charities and correctional institutions of the state, examine into the condition and management \thereof, especially of...
Página 43 - ... all the charitable and correctional institutions of the state, excepting prisons receiving state aid, and ascertain whether the moneys appropriated for their aid are or have been economically and judiciously expended; whether the objects of the several institutions ar.e accomplished; whether the laws in relation to them are fully complied with; whether all parts of the state are equally benefited...
Página 42 - ... of the same; the condition of the buildings, grounds, and other property connected therewith, and into all other matters pertaining to their usefulness and good management; and for these purposes they shall have free access to the grounds, buildings, and all books and papers relating to said institutions; and all persons now or hereafter connected with the...
Página 145 - ... by the employers of labour — the abuse of the public trust for private or factious purposes, may be corrected; all the other collateral and incidental evils may be remedied; but, if the vital evil of the system, relief to the able-bodied, on terms more eligible than regular industry, be allowed to continue, we are convinced that pauperism, with its train of evils, must steadily advance...

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