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Conference Proceedings may be ordered of any member of the
Publication Committee, and particularly of Henry C. Prentiss,
M. D., State House, Boston, Mass. A copy will be sent to each
member of the American Social Science Association, and will take
the place of a number of the "Journal of Social Science."
copies remain of the Proceedings of the Conference of 1876, and
but few of the Proceedings of 1877, 1878, or 1880. The price of
each previous year's Proceedings is $1; except for 1880, of
which the price is $1.50. The price of the Proceedings of the
Conference of 1881 is, for single copies, $1.25; ten copies, $10;
25 copies, $15; 50 copies, $28; and any greater number at that
rate. To subscribers there will be a discount from these rates.

NOTE -The order of printing in this volume is, first, to give the minutes or Business of the Conference, including votes passed, and reports of business committees, remarks on deceased members, etc., in the first part of the volume, paged from vii to xlvi in Roman numerals; second, to give the addresses, papers, reports of a general character, and the general debates in the rest of the volume, paged from 1 to 330 in Arabic numerals. errata will be found on page xlv.

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The Eighth Annual Conference of Charities and Correction met in the hall of the House of Representatives, at the State House, in Boston, Massachusetts, Monday, June 25, 1881, and was called to order at 10, A. M., by the President, F. B. Sanborn, of Massachusetts.

On the motion of General Brinkerhoff, of Ohio, it was voted that a committee be appointed to select the place for the next Conference, and to report a list of officers.

On motion of Judge Robinson, of Illinois, it was voted that the committee be appointed by the Chair; and the President appointed as this committee:

Gen. R. Brinkerhoff, of Ohio,

Prof. A. O. Wright, of Wisconsin,

Dr. Charles E. Cadwalader, of Pennsylvania,

Rev. F. H. Wines, of Illinois,

Hon. W. P. Letchworth, of New York.

The President requested all members of the Conference to present their credentials to the Secretaries,-Prof. Wright and Rev. J. L. Milligan,-by whom the roll was made up as follows, with the addition of names presented later in the sessions.



Rev. J. K. Mason, D.D., official Del. of State. Hon. John D. Long, Governor.
Mrs. S. W. Devoll, M.D., official Del. of State. Hon. George Heywood, Councillor.


J P. Bancroft, M.D., Asylum for the Insane,


Hon. M. J. Flatley,

Mrs. Wm. Claflin, official State Del., Newton.
Mrs. H. F. Durant, official State Delegate,

Robert Treat Paine, Jr., official State Dele-
gate, Boston.

S. J. Allen, M.D., Supervisor of the Insane. C.J. Prescott, official State Delegate, Boston.
Mrs. C. E. Miner, Secretary of Home for Dr. Pliny Earle, official State Delegate,
Destitute Children, Burlington.

O. W. Phelps, M.D., Vermont Insane Asylum, Hamilton Andrews Hill, official State Dele-

Col. Julius J. Estey, Trustee, Vermont form School, Brattleborough.

gate, Boston.

Re-Miss G.A.Boutwell, official State Del., Groton. C. G. Fall, official State Delegate, Malden. Mrs. W. G. Fairbank, Matron of the State Ezra Parmenter, M.D., Board of Health, Reform School, Vergennes. Lunacy and Charity, East Cambridge. W. P. Rice, Warden of the State Prison, Charles F. Donnelly, Board of Health, LuWindsor.

nacy and Charity, Boston.

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