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5 By hills and mountains, all

In grateful concert join'd;
By cedars stately tall,
“And trees for fruit design'd;

By every beast,
And creeping thing,
And fowl of wing,

His name be blest. 6 Let all of highest birth,

With those of humbler name,
And judges of the earth,
His matchless praise proclaim:

In this design,
Let youths with maids,
And hoary heads

With children, join. 7 United zeal be shown

His wondrous fame to raise,
Whose glorious Name alone
Deserves our endless praise:

Earth's utmost ends
His power obey;
His glorious sway

The sky transcends. 8 His chosen saints to grace,

He sets them up on high;
And favors Israel's race,
Who still to him are nigh:

O therefore raise
Your grateful voice,
And still rejoice

The LORD to praise !

PSALM 123. IV. 1.

From the cxlix. Psalm of David.
1 O PRAISE ve the LORD,

Prepare your glad voice
His praise in the great

Assembly to sing :
In their great Creator

Let Israel rejoice;
And children of Sion

Be glad in their King.
2 Let them his great Name

Extol in their songs,
With hearts well attuned

His praises express ;
Who always takes pleasure

To hear their glad tongues,
And waits with salvation

The humble to bless.

3 With glory adorn'd,

His people shall sing
To God, who their heads

With safety doth shield;
Such honor and triumph

His favor shall bring:
O therefore, for ever
All praise to him yield !
PSALM 124. L. M.

From the cl. Psalm of David.
1 O PRAISE the Lord in that blest place

From whence his goodness largely flows; Praise him in heaven, where he his face,

Unveil'd, in perfect glory shows. 2 Praise him for all the mighty acts

Which he in our behalf has done; His kindness this return exacts,

With which our praise should equal run. 3 Let the shrill trumpet's warlike voice

Make rocks and hills his praise rebound: Praise him with harp's melodious noise

And gentle psalt’ry's silver sound.
4 Let them who joyful hymns compose,

To cymbals set their songs of praise;
To well-tuned cyınbals, and to those

That loudly sound on solemn days. 5 Let all, that vital breath enjoy,

The breath he does to them afford In just returns of praise employ:

Let every creature praise the LORD!



N. B. The metre marks, affixed to the preceding psalms and hymns, have reference to a
division of the metres, founded on the nature of the verse, into four classes, marked -I. II.
Class I. includes common, long, and short metres, marked - C. M., L. M., S. M.
Class 11. includes the other lambic metres, eight in number, marked - II. 1, II. 2, II. 3,

II. 4, &c., which may be named; Two, one; Two, luo; Two, three, fc.
Class III. includes the Trochaic metres, being five in number, marked - III. 1, 111. 2,

III. 3, &c., which may be named; Three, one ; Three, two, &c.
Class IV. includes the metres consisting chiefly of triplets, being five in number, marked -

IV. I, IV. 2, IV. 3, &c., and may be named; Four, one; Four, two, gram


TO FATHER, Son, and Holy GHOST,

The God, whom we adore,
Be glory as it was, is now,
And shall be evermore:

L. M.
TO FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God whom earth and heaven adore,
Be glory, as it was of old,
Is now, and shall be evermore.

S. M.

And SPIRIT, glory be,
As 't was, and is, and shall be so

To all eternity.


II. 1.
The God whom heaven's triumphant host

And saints on earth adore;
Be glory, as in ages past,
As now it is, and so shall last

When time shall be no more,

II. 2.
TO FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The God whom heaven's triumphant host

And suff'ring saints on earth adore;
Be glory, as in ages past,
As now it is, and so shall last

When time itself shall be no more.

II. 3.
TO God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One,
Be glory in the highest given,
By all on earth, and all in heaven;
As was through ages heretofore,
Is now, and shall be evermore.

II. 4.
TO God the FATHER, Son,

And SPIRIT, ever bless'd,
Eternal Three in One,

All worship be address'd;
As heretofore

It was, is now,
And shall be so
For evermore.

11. 5. TO God the Father, and to God the SON, To God the HOLY SPIRIT, Three in One, Be praise from all on earth and all in heaven, As was, and is, and ever shall be given.

II. 6.
ETERNAL praise be givent,

And songs of highest worth,
By all the hosts of heaven,

And all the saints on earth,
To God, supreme confessed,

To Christ, his only Son,
And to the Spirit blessed,

Eternal Three in One.

II. 9.
TO FATHER, Son, and Spirit bless'd

Supreme o’er earth and heaven,
Eternal Three in One confess'd,

Be highest glory given,
As was through ages heretofore,
Is now, and shall be evermore,
By all in earth and heaven.

11. 8.
BY all on earth and all in heaven,
Be everlasting glory given

To God the FATHER, God the Son
And God the Spirit; equal Three
In undivided Unity,

Ere time had yet its course begun :
As was, and is, be highest praise,
As still shall be through endless days.


IIl. 1.
Holy Spirit, Three in One!
Glory, as of old, to thee,
Now, and evermore shall be !

III. 2.
PRAISE the name of God most high,
Praise him all below the sky,
Praise him all ye heavenly host,
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;
As through countless ages past,
Evermore his praise shall last,

III, 3.
PRAISE the Father, earth and heaven,

Praise the Son, the Spirit praisc,
As it was, and is, be given
Glory through eternal days.

III. 4.
TO the FATHER, throned in heaven,

To the Saviour, Christ, his Son,
To the Spirit, praise be given,

Everlasting Three in One:
As of old, the Trinity
Still is worshipp'd, still shall be.

III. 5.
GREAT JEHOVAH! we adore thee,

God the FATHER, God the Son,
God the SPIRIT, join'd in glory

On the same eternal throne: Endless praises

TO JEHOVAH, Three in One.


IV. 1.
BY angels in heaven

Of every degree,
And saints upon earth,

All praise be address'd
To God in three persons,

One God ever bless'd;
As it has been, now is,
And ever shall be,

IV. 2.
ALL praise to the FATHER, the Son,

And Spirit, thrice holy and bless'd,
Th' eternal, supreme Three in One,

Was, is, and shall still be address’d.

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