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Balloting List, 142.

Bangor Diocesan Board, 285.

Bangor Memorial to Committee of Council, 199. Bath and Welts Board Report, 60.

Battersea College, 1, 56, 58.

Bedfordshire Board, 115.

Behaviour, 5.

Bell, Mr. William, 227, 260.

Blind, Education for the, 294.

Books on Music and Thirty-nine Articles, 52.
Books for a Pupil-Teacher, 77, 271.
Books for a Teacher in his Study, 15.
Books, sale of by Master, 271.
Boys' Caps, see Caps.

Brookfield, Rev. W. H., on the Catechism, 234.
Bridgend, Harvest Meeting of Teachers at, 314.
Building Grants, 58, 81, 142, 168, 194, 281, 309.
Building Grants, continuance of, 57.

Building Grants of the Committee of Council, 167.

Calculation, Simple Method of, 71. Canterbury Board, 31.

Church-Teacher, History of a, 203, 229, 262, 288,


Church-Teacher in his Recreations, 101.

Church-Teacher in the Parish, 128.

Church-Teacher's Studies, 13, 47, 67, 135, 155, 176.

Circulation of the Paper, 309.

Classification of Pupils, 5.

Collectors, see Local.
Commercial Schools, 32.

Committee of Council

Augmentation for portion of a Year, 257.
Class List-Certificates of Merit, 86.
Class List of Queen's Scholars, 34.
Class List of Registered Teachers, 117.

Certificates in Workhouse-Schools, 63.
Circular to Principals of Training Schools,
174, 256.

Instructions respecting Examinations, 37.
Reply to Durham Memorial, 198.
Scholastic Book-keeping, 93.

Examination Papers, Females, 38.

Examination Papers for Queen's Scholars, 64,

Examination Papers, Males, 7, 149, 200.
Examination, Subjects for, 6, 37.

Minute of 2d June 1856 respecting Queen's
Scholars, 175.

Notice respecting the Examination, 255.
Supply of the Minutes, 24.

Vice-President Bill and Act, 63, 256.

Common Things, 76, 132, 160, 207, 238, 271, 297. Copy-Slips, 104.

Coutts, Miss Burdett, 168.

Crying Evil, 206, 237.

Cube-Root, 210, 239.

Culham, Educational Conference at, 222.

Depository, the Society's, 29.

Canterbury, the Archbishop's Letter to the Bishops, Derby, Educational Conference at, 251.


Capitation Grants, 167, 208, 209.

Caps, where to hang, 269, 296.

Carlisle Society, 254.

Catechetical Series, 104.

Catechism, 16, 234, 236, 269.

Certificate, Diocesan, to Teachers, 114. Chemistry, Works on, 298.

Church History, Work on, 186.

Chester Board, 171.

Church-Music, see Music, 226.

[blocks in formation]

Durham Society, 116.

Durham Training School, 116.


Duties of Churchmen with reference to Education, 322.

Education Bill, the Lord President's, 98.

Employment, Extra by Certificated Teachers, 271.
Essay, Half-Time System, 147.
Etymological Geography, 104.
Evening Schools, 167, 271.

Examination, see Committee of Council.
Examination Papers, Remarks on the, 51.
Exhibitions for Teachers of a humble order, 82.
Exhibitions for Training, 33.

[blocks in formation]

Numeration, 186.


Old Scholars, Keeping up connection with, 75, 161, 275.

Organ, Instructions on the, 104, 271.
Organising, 3, 249.

Organising Secretaries, 58.
Oxford, Diocese of, 222.

Parents of Children, how to deal with, 209, 307. Parish-Schools 150 years ago, 266, 292, 324. Parochial Collections, 311.

Parsing Milton, 74.
Parts of Speech, 131.

Pastoral Letters, 142, 311.

Payments affected by Irregular Attendance, 271. Pension and Relief Fund, see Distressed Teachers. Peterborough Training School, 144.

Petition for Queen's Letter, 111.

Petition for Queen's Letter, Reply to, 113.
Petition, the Society's, to Parliament, 110.

Private Prayers for Children, 239, 270, 271.
Prize-Essay, 124.
Prize-Glees, 274.
Prize-Scheme, 145.

Prizes for Common Things, 168, 195.
Punctuality in Teachers, 248.

Pupil-teachers, Course of Instruction for, 270.
Pupil-teachers, Explanation to Parents, 263.
Pupil-teachers, Instruction of in Writing, 295.
Pupil teachers, Punctuality in, 239.

Pupil-teachers, Qualifications of Candidates for,


[blocks in formation]

Birkenhead and Wirrall, 162, 189, 242, 300.

Birmingham, 241.

Bridgnorth, 28.

Bristol, 301.

Carlisle, 55, 106.

Carnarvonshire, West, 328.

Cheshire, 163, 273.

Cheshire, North, 163, 300.

Chew Decanal, 213.

Cirencester, 242.

Devon and Exeter, 301, 327.

Dorking, 241, 328.

Ely, Isle of, 163.

Forest of Dean, 300.

Frant Deanery, 328.

Glandford Brigg, 189, 212, 327.

Gloucester and Bristol, 27, 330. Grantham, 213, 328.

[blocks in formation]
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THE Meetings of the Committee of this Society have been attended during the last month by the Earl of Romney; the Bishop of St. Asaph; the Rev. Sir Henry Thompson, Bart.; the Dean of St. Paul's; Sir Thomas Phillips; Archdeacons Sinclair and Harrison; and Rev. John Jennings.

The Welsh Education Committee has been attended by Lord Dynevor, Saunders Davies, Esq., C. Alexander Wood, Esq., and others, Members of the Committee of the National Society, included in the above list.

Westminster Institution.


An Examination of Candidates for admission into training will be held on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of January 1856. Applications and Testimonials are to be forwarded to the Matron, Mrs. Barber, 15 Smith Square, Westminster.

Battersea Training College.

The Examination, which commenced on the 10th and terminated on the 20th of December, was superintended by her Majesty's Inspectors, the Rev. F. Temple, and Joshua Ruddock, Esq.

There were 94 resident students, candidates for Certificates and Annual Grants; and 77 pupil-teachers, candidates for Queen's Scholarships. Twelve of the latter were examined at other colleges.

36 masters in charge of schools were also candidates for Certificates, and five were candidates for Grants of Apparatus. 54 resident students are now leaving the Institution to take charge of schools.

The Rev. W. Fry, of Leicester, offered eight prizes for the best examination papers on the English Language and School-Management, four to be given to the Senior Students, and four to the Juniors. The following were the successful candidates:



1st prize, J. Smith, formerly pupil-teacher in St. James's National School, Bradford. St. John's National School, Nottingham.


W. Rogers,

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1st prize, J. Reecock, formerly pupil-teacher in Portman School, Marylebone. 2d prize, J. Gledhill,

St. James's National School, Bradford.

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1st prize, W. A. Greenstreet, formerly pupil-teacher in the Gravesend National School. T. G. Lewis, Carmarthen Nat. School.


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1st prize, J. Cubbin, formerly pupil-teacher in the N.S., Port St. Mary, Isle of Man.

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A. R. Swaine,


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