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The following instructions were printed on each Book supplied to the candidates for writing their answers in :

*1. Before beginning to answer any questions each candidate must enter legibly on the first page of his book the title of the Examination, the subject of the paper and his number both in figures and words.

2. No loose paper will be provided for scribbling and no paper is to be brought in for this purpose. All work must be done in the book provided, and pages must not be torn out. The book provided must be given up: it cannot be replaced by another; but, if necessary, an additional book will be given. All work intended for the Examiner must be written on the numbered pages, anything written on the other side, or anything crossed through with a pen, will not be examined.

3. When the question paper is divided into Sections, the answers to each Section must be written in a separate book. Candidates, if they have more answer books than one in any Paper or Section of a Paper, must tie them together with string.

4. Nothing is to be written on the question paper or blotting paper.

5. Each answer must be commenced on a fresh page. Should any candidate make any addition to any of his answers, he should indicate the page on which such addition is written.

6. No candidate will be allowed to leave the Hall on any account until half an hour has elapsed from the time when the papers are given out.

7. Candidates in want of anything are to apply to the officials in charge, but are not to leave their seats on this or on any other account, except when they have to leave the Hall. Candidates must give up to the Supervisor, before leaving the Hall, their answer books, whether blank or written in, with their numbers, name of the subject and number of the section duly entered on the first page. Those who are ready with their books before 10 minutes to the hour for giving them up will be allowed to leave the Hall, but after that no Candidate will be allowed to leave till the close of the Examination.

8. If any candidate bring any book, notes or scribbling paper into the Examination Hall, or speak to or communicate in any other way with another candidate while the Paper Examination is going on, he will be instantly expelled, and his name reported.

9. A bell will be rung ten minutes before the close of the Examination when candidates are expected to begin revising their work and getting their answer books ready for delivery; at the second bell the collection of the answer books not previously given up will begin; at the third bell candidates must leave the Hall.

10. Any candidate who is found writing after the second bell has rung will have the number of minutes he is late in giving up his paper marked on his book, so that the Examiners may be able to deduct marks in proportion to the extra time the candidate has taken.

11. Candidates when they have given up their answers are on no account to return to their seats. They must at once leave the Hall quietly without loitering.

University Registrar.

The following was substituted for instruction No. 1 in case of Matriculation candidates :

1. Before beginning to answer any questions each candidate must enter legibly on the first page of his book the title of the Examination, the subject of the paper with his number and name in full.

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