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annd reflexions, which I believed would neither be unpleafing nor unprofitable; and, for that reason, I soon determined to communicate them to the world. And I own, not without some hope of supplying even the light and libertine, reader with matter of information and entertainment, if not of real improvement; and, at the same time, avoiding all imputation of offence and demerit with the serious, the learned, the reasonable, and the religious.

IN this work I freely own, I served myself as well as I could, of all the labours of the learned (that came in my way) upon the fubjeSt; but without a servile adherence to their judgments or Jentiments, and without tying myself down to tbe painful drudgery of retailing their particidar opinions and observations. My business, I thought,



N 0 TV, in truths the hijlory I am going to present to the reader; is not so properly the history of David, as the hijlory of the divine Providence, during the life and reign of that prince, and within that scene os aSlion. And this, methinks, is matter of refined and uncom?non curiosty. Here thz reader will fee the prudence and passons of men, operating in their ordinary course, and producing their common effe&s; and at the fame time, the wisdom of God interposng, superintending, swaying, and conducting them all to the purposes of his adorable Providence.

HERE he will fee, not only the ordinary occurrences, revolutions, a?id events, which pass before a common eye, upon this stage of the world; but


IF it please GOD that such reflexions make him wiser and better, his end will be answered, and so will mine.

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