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per cent.

according to law. In 1876, the number not attending was 42, show- by very satisfactory results ; but in others, carelessness or false ing a decrease of nine.

notions of economy, have resisted my endeavours. Total number, average attendance and percentage of pupils at- The names of the schools whose standing, during the year, has tending school in :

been above the average, are as follows :-
Α. Α.

Niagara Township, Nos. 4, 5, 8; Grantham, Nos. 1, 2, 5; Mer1874 3,906 1,497


riton, Port Dalhousie, Louth, Nos. 1, 2, 4, No. 2, No. 6 ; Clinton, 1875 3,818 1,556


Nos. 1, 3, 4, 5 6 ; Grimsby, Nos. 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, No.7 ; Gainsboro, 1876 4,019 1,664


Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 11; Caistor, Nos. 5, 6, 7. In reference to this apparently low percentage a word of explana- In order to create a healthy rivalry between the different schools, tion is necessary. In rural schools there are, generally speaking, a report was printed after my regular official visits, and 350 copies two sets of scholars which may be described as summer and winter distributed throughout the County, giving the standing of each pupils. There are, also, some poor sections in which the school is school, and showing the causes that promote or 'hinder advancekept open only from six to eight months during the year. It is ment. The effect I find to be beneficial in stimulating the schools gratifying, however, to see that the percentage is steadily increas- to maintain or improve their standing each year, and in directing ing.

the attention of Trustees to the evil effects of cheap teaching, Amount paid for teachers' salaries in :

irregularity of attendance, and frequent changes of teachers. Highest Salaries.

Prizes are distributed annual in many schools, though not by 1874 $14,385.00 $450

means of a merit-card system, but by means of a system of mark1875 $16,259.31 $500

ing, that answers the same purpose fully. 1876 $15,774.46 $500

On the whole, I am glad to be able to assert that there has been This item also shows a yearly increase.

substantial progress and improvement in educational matters in Amount paid for all public school purposes in :

this County during the past year, though I am fully sensible of the 1874..

$24,083,90 urgent need that yet exists for improvement in many respects. 1875. 28,791.71

J. B. SOMERSET, 1876... 28,115.25

Inspector, Co. Lincoln. There is yet one very important particular in which satisfactory improvement is not being made. I refer to the small number of

City of St. Catharines. Third-class Teachers who succeed in obtaining a highest grade of certificate. While it is true, that for the most part they are doing their

January 23rd, 1877.—There are now twenty-three Teachers work well, it is, nevertheless, true that third-class work, no matter employed, each in charge of a separate division. In addition to how well done, is not such as is required in the majority of our

these we have a Drawing Teacher, who is employed to give lessons schools.

to the pupils of the Central Schools only. We have no doubt but the various amendments of the School

There are five Primary Schools where the subjects of the 1st Law will, adopted, have a tendency to increase the number of

and 2nd classes are taught, and the pupils are promoted to the those holding Provincial Certificates, and, at the same time, provide Central School on examinations held just before the midsummer a way by which teachers just entering the profession may be better

vacation. Our teachers are performing their duties with zeal able to qualify themselves for the proper discharge of the practical and ability, and the efficiency and thoroughness of their work duties of the school-room.

is shown to be satisfactory in the results of the various examinaROBERT KINNEY,

tions. As it takes a pupil about a year to complete the subInspector, No. 2 Leeds.

jects in each class of the Public Schools, I think it would be a better arrangement to have the entrance examinations to High

Schools held only once a year, say at the midsummer vacation. County of Ontario.

J. H COMFORT, M.D., February 26th, 1877.- Ample School Accommodation. -A revo

Inspector, St. Catharines. lution has been gradually and voluntarily effected in this matter. Old things have passed away and all things have become new.

County of Grey, South. Eleven out of fourteen municipalities have risen up to the high and 27th February, 1877.—There were 104 teachers employed. Of intelligent standard of the law. The new school-houses erected are, these, 4 held old County Board certificates, permanent while the indeed, the people's colleges, and monuments to their intelligence holders remain in this county ; 89 of the lowest, or third class

, and liberality.

and only 11 holding Provincial certificates, all second-class. The Teachers. There are 145 certificated teachers ; seven first and only teacher in any district holding a first-class certificate, being the thirty-eight second class Provincial, twelve Old County Board, master of the Durham (town) Public Schools. eighty-five third-class New County Board ;—that is to say, about Many of these third-class teachers display tact, and manifest an two-thirds of the teachers are third-class. The machinery of our ardent desire to excel ; yet from the constant influx of young pereducation system possesses a very high degree of perfection, but we sons barely 16 or 18 years of age, who have never enjoyed any stand in sore need of trained, experienced and skilful men to run special preparation for the successful prosecution of the teachers' the machine so as to accomplish the grand object for which the profession, it will not be a matter of surprise that in some quarters system was founded. Without training, experience or adaptation, regret is freely expressed that the better grades of teachers have many embark in the profession, and, having neither compass nor been supplanted, induced to adopt other professions, or have left rudder to guide them, they steer for no particular harbour ; or, in for other parts where larger salaries might be obtained. other words, they have no rational end in view, and use no means Prejudice. In a few sections there exists a strong prejudice to attain such an end.

against instruction in any other than the three Rs.-reading, This leakage can only be stopped by paying teachers an adequate 'riting, and 'rithmetic; the teaching of grammar, geography, price for their time, talents and experience. I am more than glad etc.

, being by some strongly opposed. Intelligent instruction in the Honourable Minister for Education is about to remedy this these and other subjects, however, will in due time remove the gigantic evil by establishing Teachers' Institutes.

opposition, and render the studies objected to, a pleasure, as well as Salaries

. The average salaries paid to male teachers was only an indispensable privilege. In this department of school work, the $407. Any one except the avaricious can see at a glance that this trained, the intellectual instructor, has a decided advantage over amount is inadequte to support a man with a family, and therefore the merely mechanical teacher. The one draws out and develops men of talent are continually quitting the profession.

the ideas, enabling them to grasp and appropriate the actual instrucJAMES McBRIEN, tion given ; the other is satisfied with the bare memorizing of words. Inspector, Ontario.

Object teaching is far too much neglected. For instance, it is no

uncommon fact that only the minority of the pupils in some of the County of Lincoln.

schools, have an adequate idea of degrees of longitude or latitude,

the horizon, the cube, or even a square inch. I am happy to observe, March 2nd, 1877.—I have the honour to state that the results of however, that these remarks are not of general application. the frequent changes of teachers, the employment of inexperienced Penmanship and Elocution. — Increased attention is also given both teachers on account of their apparent cheapness, and the irregular to penmanship and to elocution, or the natural and easy method of attendance of pupils, are painfully evident in the case of such vocal reading. These are admittedly, accomplishments, the possesschools as have been subject to their influence. I have, during sion of which has been by too many either disparaged, or idly imagthe year, made every possible effort to draw the attention of trustees ined to be within the reach of only a very few. to the existence of these evils, and to urge them to active efforts

'W. FERGUSON, for their removal. These efforts, in many cases, have been followed

Inspector, South Grey.


County of Essex.

they will be able to learn the standing of each pupil during the

year, or period of attending school. District No. 1.-I feel much gratified in being able to state,

The “Pupils weekly report " has been in use since the latter part that many of the School sections, mentioned below, which, owing to of the year, and the good influence has been apparent. There has some previous difficulties, had not yet complied with the regulations not been, practically, any lack of accommodation. Nothing more in regard to school accommodations, leave now nothing to be de- than this is meant. The answer in full may be inferred, when it sired. Through the energy of their Trustees, good school-houses is stated that there are other than Public Schools. There are Sepahave been built in School Sections, Nos. 3 and 4 Sandwich West; rate and Private, as well as Public ones. No. 5, Sandwich East; Nos. 2, 4 and 6 Maidstone, and Nos. 2, 7

There is desk accommodation for 1140 in the Public Schools and 8 Tilbury West. All these Schools are provided with comfor- allowing 9 square feet for each pupil, there is accommodation for table seats, some of them with patented ones. I am pleased to say, 1090 ; allowing 10 cubic feet for each pupil, there is accommodation that the school-houses which have been erected these last two years, for 1248. greatly surpass those built formerly. The increase in the average attendance of pupils on 1875, has number of children in Chatham between the ages of 5 and 16, was

According to the census taken by the Board according to law, the been during the first six months of 1876, 100, and during the

1946. last term of the same year, 172. The number of children in my

The area attached to the Central School was enlarged last year Inspectorate, who have attended school in the course of a year, is by the addition of an adjacent lot, of about 555 square yards. 4,643, of whom 890 between 7 and 12, have attended less than four

Nine pupils were admitted to the High school from the Chatham months or 80 days, and 105 of the same age have not attended any Central School, during the year 1876. school. There is a general complaint made by the Teachers

All the teachers who were in the service of the Board during the of the irregular attendance of the pupils at school. However, latter part of 1876, have been secured for another term. I must admit, that we are fast gaining on that subject every year.

The Professor of Music has also been retained. Education is better appreciated by our rural population. Teachers

There was no addition made to the Library in 1876, but I am command greater respect and receive better salaries. The time happy to say, that at its last meeting, the Board voted a sum for when they were considered (by a certain class of people) as on a par that purpose. with labourers, has now passed.

A. McCOLL, The Teachers' Convention which was held in Sandwich last fall,

Inspector, Chatham. and which was honoured by the presence of the Honourable Minister of Education, and attended by a large number of our best citizens, did a great deal of good in our community, The wise remarks

IV. Departmental Notice . made by the Minister in his address, the good advice which he gave to Teachers and friends of education, along with words of encour

1. DISCONTINUANCE OF THE JOURNAL OF EDUagement, were highly prized, for they have had a good effect in the

CATION. whole County.

From the official notice published on page 97 of this Journal, Some years ago, the number of qualified Teachers able to teach both French and English in those schools situated among the our readers will see that our editorial labours of thirty years French population of this County, was limited. Now, I am pleased to say, that the number of our Teachers, in general, is increasing cease with this number. every year, and that those who did not deserve the name, or obsti- The Journal of Education for Upper Canadawas started as nately followed the old routine in their method of teaching, are replaced by better ones. I feel satisfied, and do not fear to say, an educational venture by the late indefatigable Chief Superinthat with respect to education, the County of Essex is not behind tendent of Education, the Rev. Dr. Ryerson, in January, 1848. most of our other counties.

Town of Sandwich. —There are three Schools in this Town, one For some years Dr. Ryerson incurred the entire pecuniary risk for the Protestant community, one for the Catholic, and the other of the publication of the Journal. It was ultimately constituted for the coloured population. The two former have two departments, each of them with assistants. 298 children of school age the official organ of the Department by the Government. attend these Schools in the course of the year ; none between 7 and For about 25 years the Journal has been gratuitously sent to 12 years have been deprived of that benefit.

These Schools have never been in a more flourishing condition, every School Corporation, and Local Superintendent of Schools or better attended than they are at present. Their management by in the Province. It has, we humbly believe, been a powerful lever Trustees and Teachers is all that can be desired.

Town of Amherstburgh. — The Roman Catholic Separate School of in the hands of the Department in disseminating large and corthis Town, which is under my supervision, continues to be partly rect views on popular education, and in constantly stimulating under the management of the good Sisters of J. M. J., who spare no pains for the advancement of the pupils entrusted to their care.

1 local effort for the upbuilding of our school system. It has cannot but repeat what I have said before : the Roman Catholics afforded the best information available in regard to the advanof Amherstburgh must feel gratified in having such devoted Teachers among them. The Senior department (boys), is conducted by an tages of Free Schools, thorough supervision and improvement in efficient male Teacher.

In conclusion, I will mention that if so much has been done for modes of teaching the schools ; necessity of higher qualifications education in Essex, it is due to the hearty concurrence I have on the part of our teachers; improved school architecture and always received from the Trustees, Teachers and friends of educa- ventilation of school rooms; kind and judicious discipline in the tion in general.


school room; and the liberal and generous treatment of the Inspector, No. 1 Essex.

teacher in regard to salary, material comforts, vacation and

holidays. Nor have we lost sight of the æsthetic culture of our Town of Chatham. February 6th, 1877.---The state of the schools, is upon the whole people in their rural homes ; their school houses and school preas satisfactory as could be expected under the circumstances. mises, and the neat and appropriate adornment of the school The attendance was more than usually affected by sickness. Diph, room, their supply with school maps, apparatus, library and theria was very prevalent during the latter part of the year, and even still is. There is

, however, no doubt, but much of the irregu- prize books: These and other kindred subjects, affecting largely larity of attendance is owing to the want of due care and attention the growth and prosperity of our schools, and the upbuilding of on the part of parents themselves, who exact services from their children during school hours. The absence of children from school, our school system, have been the steady aim of the Journal to is, however, a matter often of necessity ; but the evil effects on

promote. The result has been most gratifying; and every patriotic themselves, and others, are not the less real.

Toward the latter part of the year, the giving of cards was dis- Canadian points to-day with pleasure and pride to the educacontinued, as it was found that they were not carefully preserved, tional position which thus far Ontario has so honourably wou. A record is, however, kept of the standing of pupils during each week; such as; who were deemed worthy of merit cards; how many were awarded, and for what? If the Board determine to give prizes, Toronto, August 12th, 1877.


$0 60 0 55 0 80 0 80

0 80 0 22 0 55 1 40 0 90 0 47 0 80 1 85

0 80 1 00 0 20 0 12


0 80 0 55 1 30 0 60 1 10 0 55



040 0 53 0 80


Elementary Statics, by J. Hamblin Smith, M. A.
The sets of Examination Papers used in the Normal School Elementary Hydrostatics, by J. Hamblin Smith, M.A.
during the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th sessions can be sent Kirkland's Elementary Statics.....

Magnus' First Lessons in Mechanics
free of postage on receipt of 30 cents each. Those of the 25th, Scripture Lessons, Old and New Testament (National)
26th, 27th, 28th, 31st, 33rd, 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st, 42nd, and
44th sessions, at 40 cents each, and those of the 45th, 47th,

Books recommended for Teachers' use :
48th, 49th, 50th, 51st and 54th sessions, at 50 cents each. Abbotts' How to Parse ..

The entire sets of Examination Papers for First, Second and Swinton's Language Lessons
Third Class Teachers for July, 1873, December

, 1873, or July, Green's Short History of the English People

Progressive Grammar
1875 or July 1876, neatly stitched, can be sent free of postage, Elementary Physiology, by Prof. Huxley
on receipt of 55 cents per set. Those used at the County Ex- Health in the House, by Catharine M. Buckton.
amination for Second and Third Class Teachers for July, 1871, Goodeve’s Principles of Mechanics...
July, 1872, or December, 1873, can be sent, free of postage, Twisden's Elementary Principles of Mechanics
on receipt of 50 cents per set.

Series of Drawing Lessons, by Arthur M. Smith :
The High School Entrance Examination Papers for the follow- Primary Manual....
ing years can be supplied, free of postage, at 15 cents per

Intermediate Manual.
-Autumn 1873, January, 1874, June, 1874, December, Drawing Books (advanced), each

(intermediate), each
1874, June, 1875, December, 1875, or June 1876 ; also the In-
termediate Examination Papers for June 1876.


AT THE DEPOSITORY BRANCH OF THE EDUCATION Fish's Arithmetical Problems oral and written

Dalton's Rules and Examples in Arithmetic..
(For Official List, see page 101.)

Sanford's Higher Analytical Arithmetic ...
Key to Smith and McMurchy's Elementary Arithmetic..

Advanced Arithmetic..
Canadian National Series of Reading Books.

Smith's, Barnard, Exercises in Arithmetic
First Reader, Part I.

$0 04

Examination Papers in Arithmetic, with do Part II.

007 Second Reader,

0 16

Wentworth's Arithmetical Problems ..
Third Reader

O 25 McLellan & Kirkland's Exam. Questions in Arithmetic
Fourth Reader.

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Atlases, Geography, dc.
Fifth Reader


Nelson's Junior Atlas

0 40 Advanced Reader


0 20
Companion to Readers
Lewis' How to Read

0 60 Johnson's General “
English Grammar (Primer), by Rev. R. Morris.


Physical "
Mason's English Grammar

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Elementary Atlas
Fleming's Analysis of the English Language.

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Miller's Analytical and Practical English Grammar
English Grammar for Junior Classes, by Rev. Dr. Davies... 0 20

Junior College

Philip's Atlas for beginners

Young Scholars' Atlas.....

Select Atlas ...
Advanced Arithmetic for Canadian Schools, by Barnard
Smith, M. A., and A. McMurchy, M. A.


Scripture Atlas..

Elementary Arithmetic for Canadian Schools, by Barnard

School Atlas Physical Geography
Smith, M.A., and A. McMurchy, M.A..

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Grove's Primer of Geography .
Hamblin Smith's Arithmetic

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Loudon's Algebra for Beginners

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Bible Text Books.
Todhunter's Algebra for Beginners..

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Elementary Geometry.

0 72 Cruden's Concordance... Potts' Geometry ::

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Easy Lessons in do


Campbell's Geography

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Great Events of History, by Collier

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Right Lines in right places
Lovell's History of Canada and other British Provinces of


's Drawing Cards, No. I., and Guide by Miss North America

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Collier's School History of the British Empire.

0 40 Bartholomew's Drawing Cards, No. II., and Guide by Miss


Bartholomew's Drawing Cards, No. III., and Guide by Miss How Plants Grow, by Asa Gray, M.D.

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Oliver's Lessons on Elementary Botany.

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Chemistry (Science Primer), by H. E. Roscoe..

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First Lesson in Agriculture, by Rev. Dr. Ryerson.

0 40 Bell's Standard Elocutionist....
Physical Geography (Science Primer), by A. Geikie, LL.D... 0 22 Routledge's Modern Speaker and Reciter.
Introductory Text Book of Physical Geography, by David Ewing's Principles of Elocution..
Page, F.R.S.E. (for Advanced Classes)..

0 50 Hartley's English Elocutionist..

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0 35 0 73 2 75 2 75 1 10 2 75 0 84 0 60 0 55 0 55 1 60 0 35 1 25 2 40 0 22 0 22 1 00 0 50 0 40

1 81 0 67 2 68 1 03

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0 50

0 50


0 50

0 75 0 67 0 67 0 76

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$1 43 1 43 1 65 2 31 072

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Elocution made easy, Hartley .
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English Dictionaries.
Chambers's Etymological English Dictionary
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(half Russia). Chambers's Pronouncing and Etymological Dictionary Sheltons' Dictionary of Everyday Difficulties

English Language.
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Non pariel Series
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(Primer). Earle's

of English Tongue Hales' Longer English Poems Scott's Lady of the Lake, (Black)


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0 22

1 20 0 80 0 80 0 50 0 80 040 0 86 0 55 0 80 0 67 0 70

of Germany

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0 15 Preparatory School. -Jas. H. Wilson. Prov. Cert. (Edipus Tyrannus

0 15

Classes are always organized for pass and honour University Aeschylus' Prometheus Vinctus

0 15 Matriculation and for Teachers' certificates of the first and second Aeschylus' Eumenides

0 15 classes. In June last Six Students of this Institute matriculated at Choephorae

0 15 Toronto University, obtaining Seven Honours. One gained FIRST Supplices.

0 15 Scholarship at Trinity College Toronto. At the recent Teachers Septem. Contra Thebas

0 15 Examinations Two' obtained FIRST Class, and TWENTY, SECOND Persae

0 15 Class certificates. Prospectus containing full information will be Agamemnon..

0 15 sent on application to the Head Master. Euripidis Alcestis.

0 15 Phoenissae

0 15


0 15

0 15 Hecuba.

0 15 Hippolytus

0 15 Demosthenes' De Coronea

0 30

ONE HUNDRED PER CENT. Æschines in Ctesiphon ....

0 30

On all remittances over $5 sent to it. LATIN AND GREEK CLASSICAL Texts.—(Paper Covers.)

FOR PRIZE OR LIBRARY BOOKS. Cicero de Officiis, Zumpt’s Texts......

0 30 Do. Pro Muraena..

0 15 The price charged the Schools for the Books is at the rate of 18 Titi Macci Plauti Trinummus.

O 15 cents on the 1s. sterling of retail cost, being nearly 35 per cent. Cicero pro Milone...

0 15 lower than the current retail prices of these Books. Caesar de Bello Gallico

0 20

Catalogues sent on application. Virgil's Georgics..

020 *** If Library and Prize Books be ordered, in addition to Plutarch's Lives

0 30 Maps and Apparatus, it will BE NECESSARY FOR THE TRUSTEES Taciti Agricola ...

0 15

TO SEND NOT LESS THAN five dollars additional for each class of

15 Cicero pro Plancio.

0 13 books, &c., with the proper forms of application for each class. Do. de Amicitia... Ciceronis Philippica.

0 15

SCHOOL HOUSE ARCHITECTURE. Demosthenis Orationes Selectae.

0 20 Do. Adversus Septinem.

0 15

Just Published, the Second Edition (revised and greatly improved) of

0 25 Platonis Phaedrus..

Excerpta E Luciano...

0 35
Its Architecture, External and Internal Arrangements, with 400 Illus-

Edited by Dr. HODGINS, Deputy Minister of Education. Price
Platonis Phaedrus
The Philoctetes of Sophocles.

0 30 $2, free of Postage. The School Law can also be supplied.
47 Front Street, Toronto.

COPP, CLARK & CO. Sophocles Edipus Tyrannus..

0 35 Æ ehylus Eumenides...



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0 20 trations.

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