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The duty on malt from July 5, 1785, to the same period in 1786, amounted to the amazing sum of one million and a half of money,

The following is the quantity of Strong Beer brewed in London, by the twelve principal houses, between the 5th July, 1805, and the 5th July, 1806. Barrels.

Barrels. Meux 187,349 F. Calvert

64,475 Barclay

182,529 * Brown and Parry 57,104 Haabury 125,820 Elliott

45,943 Whitbread 101,311 J. Calvert

36,444 Shum 75,111 Clowes

35,058 Goodwin 73,335 Biley

31,175 Returning to Aldermanbury, the perambulator arrives at the parish church of


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THE first foundation of St. Mary's church is uncertain ; but we are informed by Stow, that Sir William Estfield, knight of the Bath, and lord mayor of London, in 1437, was a great benefactor to that fabric,

• Owing to repairs and improvements going on, and which are not yet compleated, this house has brewed but little more than half the



He also built the steeple, re-cast the bells, and gave 1001. towards completing other works of that church.

The structure was nearly rebuilt by parochial contribua tion in 1633; but being demolished in 1666, the present was reconstructed in 1677.

It is a stone building, with a tower and turret. The roof within is camerated, covered with lead, and supported by twelve pillars of the Composite order; and paved with stone. The floor of the chancel is higher than that of the body of the church; and the apertures for the windows are well placed.

At the east end, fronting Aldermanbury, is a large cor. nice and triangular pediment; also two large cartouches, and pine-apples of carved stone.

The inside of the roof is adorned with arches of fret. work, and the columns with an entablament, and cantaliver cornice.

The church is wainscotted and pewed with oak; the pulpit is of the same kind of timber, with enrichments and cherubims.

The altar-piece is adorned with two fluted pilasters, entablature, and open circular pediment. Here is also a fine painting of the Last Supper, by Old Franks, the gift of Mr. Whitchurch, clerk to the Brewer's Company.

The dimensions are, length seventy-two feet, breadth forty-five, altitude thirty-eight, and that of the steeple, consisting of a tower and turret, about ninety feet.

Buried in the old church, according to Stow, Sir William Estfield.

Sir William Brown, mayor, 1507.
Ralph Woodcock, grocer, sheriff, 1580.
Dame Mary Gresham, wife to Sir John Gresham.

Thomas Digges, Esq. an excellent mathematician, and general scholar,

Sir Tho. Hayés, knight bachelor, lord mayor of London, 1614.

MONUMENTS in the present church. A neat white marble monument, adorned with an urn between two cherubins,


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