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would not always be great; but
still there would be a Difference.

I said thinking Men, for, as to
the unthinking Herd, whatever was
the Creed of their Father, or Tu-
tor, that will be theirs, from their
Infancy, to their Lives End; and
accordingly, whatever Country you
go into, let the Religion be what
it will, the unthinking Part there-
of are always the reputed Ortho-

An Uniformity of Profession may
indeed be both practicable and use-
ful; and feems in some degree to
be necessary, not only for the Pre-
servation of Peace, but also for the
general Good and Welfare of So-
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ciety :

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ciety: Since I do not conceive how any Society or Commonwealth can subsist, unless some form of Religion or other be established therein ; as well with regard to Points of Doctrine as Discipline; which however ought to be as plain, few, and fundamental, as possible. And as no established Form of Religion can fubfift, unless that Form be publicly made known, and the Teachers thereof are laid under some Obligation, either by Subscription or otherwise, of complying with that Form, and of not preaching, or publicly teaching, any Doctrine contrary thereto ; so, I own, I do not see any Manner of Impropriety in the Legislative Power of any Society insisting upon such a kind of


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Subscription, as is only required to be made for Peace-sake, and the Preservation of the outward Forms of Society: Since a Man under these Circumstances may, for prudential Reasons, honestly subscribe and submit to the Use of one eftablished Form, though he, in his own private Opinion, may think another to be better; provided that he is not obliged to subscribe any thing sinful; or so diametrically opposite to Truth, as that he cannot possibly put any other Construction upon it.

The first Subscription, that I know of, was set on foot at the Council of Nice, when the famous Contest about the Trinity was de


termined in Favour of the consubftantial Doctrine, by a Majority of near Twenty to One: To which the Emperor required all the Bishops then present to fubscribe. But then he allowed every one to put their own Senfe upon the Word Consubftantial, and not the Sense that was intended by the Compilers of the Creed: And accordingly, Eusebia's Bishop of Cæfares, though he at. first refufed subscribing, yet when he was allowed to interpret the Word Confubftantial, as meaning only, that the Son was not of the fame Substance with the Creatures that were made by him; he then subscribed it, and so, in a little Time after, did Arius.


· Peace was what the Emperor wanted, and therefore he was content with Peace: But from the Time that Power was put into the Hands of the Church of Rome, implicit Faith and Obedience to her infallible Determinations being what she required ; unless Subscriptions were then to be understood as made according to the Sense of the Compilers of the Articles, the Recusants were anathematised, and Fire and Faggot was the Word.

But as I apprehend that the Church of Ireland doth not set up for Infallibility, I do not think that she requireth any other Kind of Subscription than such as is necef


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