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line be divided into any two parts, th e line is equal to the squares on the tw twice the rectangle contained by the tw joi onil odl

lines in a circle are equally distant from ose which are equally distant from the ne another.

uilateral and equiangular pentagon in

escribed on one of the sides of a triangl res described on the other two sides, the hese two sides is a right angle.

angle in a semicircle is a right angle egment greater than a semicircle is less and the angle in a segment less than r than a right angle.

ircle describe a triangle equiangular to a

e which shall touch a given straight line a given point.

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I-XI, and Conic Sections. parallelograms of the same altitude are ir bases.

ual bases are to one another as their

t lines meeting one another be parallel eet one another and are not in the same wo, the first two and the other two shall

angled triangle, any rectilineal figure debtending the right angle is equal to the described figures on the sides containing al and ovo

rpendicular to each of two me plane.

tersection of two parabola

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