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The Matter, Manner, Time, and Effects of it.

By the Reverend


Late Minister in London, and Author of the Discourse
on the New-birth, and Religious Letters.

// is God that jujllfieth. Rom. viii. 33.



Printed by William Smith,

For Archibald Coubrough, Bookseller; and
Sold at his Shop, above the Cross.

M D C C L X X V I I I.


THE scripture doctrine of the free justification of guilty finners, thro' the meritorious obedience and imputed righteousness of the adorable Redeemer, received by faith, as it is of the utmost importance in itself, so it has ever been one of the received articles of all the reformed churches, and is still held, by all true protestants, as one of the most essential doctrines of Christianity. It has always been the ^delightful theme of every orthodox and evangelical minister; and constantly yields the most solid comfort to every fincere Christian.

Though there have been many useful and elaborate Treatises written upon the point, by divines of distinguished abilities, there is yet room for more, as the subject is inexhaustible. —The small tract now offered to the public, needs no recommendation: the worthy author of it was well known; and the performance, when read, will sussiciently recommend itself, and has already done so, to such as have perused it.

'The author's plan in the discourse is shortly ^iis;—To consider the doctrine of the justification of a sinner, in the sight of God, in the Matter of it, viz. the complete obedience of Jesus Christ, exclusive of all works of the creature;—in the Manner of it, as, with respect to God, it is by imputation, and with respect to ourselves, by faith;—in the Tjme of it, as it respects the whole body of the elett, and every individual person of God's chosen;— and in the Effects of it, with respect to the Soul, as it regards its peace, its state, and its obedience.

In this edition, the Treatise is divided into distinct Sections, agreeable to the above plan; and to each Section there is prefixed a scripture text, suitable to the respective branches of the discourse. "With a preface and introduction, giving some account of the author, and. the work.

The editor makes no apology for the present publication: he has been warmly importuned to it; and the scarceness of the book, with the easy terms on which it is now offered, (not being the one half of the former price); the interesting nature of the subject; and the clear and distinct manner in which it is handled, will, he hopes, sussiciently excuse the attempt.



AMONG the many peculiar and interesting OS *" doctrines in the Christian system, necejfary to be properly understood, there is none of greater importance than the doctrine of the justification of guilty sinners. As right notions of this important point, is of the utmost consequences to fallen men; so the scriptures of truth exhibit the most full and distinct view thereof: there we are told that guilty men are only justified in the fight of God, by hav. ing the finished righteousness of the blessed Jesus, consisting in his active and passive obedience, freely imputed, exclusive of all good works of the creature, and received by faith.

This is not only the scripture doctrine of justification, but also the doctrine of all our reformed churches; and was of such great account wish our protestant reformers, that Luther said of it, 'that the church either stood or fell, as this 1 doctrine was maintained, or rejected'

The Rev. Mr. Dutton, author of the following Treatise^ on the important doctrine of Justification, was also the author of some other Trails. We havf.seen his discourse concerning the New Bir Th, and his Letters on religious fubjects. In these he has given uncontested proofs of,his pious disposition, and thorough acquaintance with the inspired

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