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When shaking storms annoy thy heart,

His word commands a calm :
When bleeding wounds, to eale thy smart

Thy Husband's blood's the balm.
Trust creatures nor to help thy thrall,

Nor to affwage thy griet;
Ule means, but louk beyond them all,

Tny Husband's thy relief.
If Heav'n prescribe a bitter drug,

Fret not with froward will;
This carriage may thy cure prorogue ;

Thy Husband wants not skill.
He sees the fore, he knows the cure

Will m. ft adapted be ;
'Tis then m ft realonable, sure,

Thy Husband choose for thee.
Friendship is in his chastisements,

And favour in his frowns;
Then judge not then in heavy plaints,

Thy Husband thee disowns.
The deeper his sharp lancet go
: In ripping up thy wound,
The more thy healing shall unto

Thy Husband's praise red und.

SE C T. III. Christ the Believer's wonderful Physician, and

wealtby Friend. K

IND Jesus empties whom he'll fill, ,

Calts down whom he will raile; He quickens whom he leems to kill;

Tny husband thus gets praise.
When awful fods are in his hand,

There's mercy in his mind;
When clouds upon his brow do stand,

Thy Husband's heart is kind.
In various changes to and fro,

He'll ever conltant provę;
Nur can his kindness come and go,

Thy Husband's name is Love.

His friends, in most afflicted lot,

His favour most have felt;
For when they're try'd in furnace hot,

Thy Husband's bowels melt.
When he his bride or wounds or heals,

Heart-kindnels dues him move;
And wraps in frowns as well as smiles

Thy Husband's lasting love.
In's hand no cure could ever fail,

Though of a hopeless state ;
He can in desp'rate cases heal,

Thy Husband's art's so great.
The medicinc he did prepare,

Can't fail to work for good :
O balfam pow'rful, precious, rare,

Thy Husband's sacred blond; Which freely from his broached breast

Gush'd out like pent-up fire.
His cures are belt, his wages least,

Thy Husband takes no hire.
Thou hast no worth, no might, no good;

His favour to procure :
But see his Itore, his pow'r, his blood;

Thy Husband's never poor.
Himself he humbled wond'roufly

Once to the lowest pitch, . That bankrupts through his poverty

Thy Husband might enrich.
His treasure is more excellent

Than hills of Ophir gold:
In telling flores were ages spent,

Thy Husband's can't be told.
All things that Ay on wings of fame,

Compar'd with this, are dross;
Thy searchless riches in his name

Thy Husband doth ingrofs. The great IMMANUEL, God-man,

Includes such store divine; Angels and saints will never scan

Thy Husband's golden mine.


He's full of grace and truth * indeed,

Of Spirit t, merit, might;
Of all the wealth that bankrupts need

Thy Husband's heir by right.
Tho' heav'n's his throne I, he came from thence,

To seek and save the loft; }
Whatever be the vast expence,

Thy Husband's at the cost.
Pleas'd to expend each drop of blood

That fill'd his royal veins,
He frank the sacred victim stood;

Thy Husband spar'd no pains.
His coft immense was in thy place;

Thy freedom cost his thrall; Thy glory cost him deep disgrace, Thy Husband paid for all.

SECT. IV. The Believer's SAFETY under tbe Covert of Christ's

aloning Bloud, and powerful Interceffion, HEN Heav'n proclaim'd hot war and wrath,

And sin increas'd the strife; By rich obedience unto death

Thy Husband bought thy life.
The charges could not be abridg’d,

But on these noble terms;
Which all that prize, are hugg'd amidt

Thy Husband's folded arms.
When law condemns, and justice too

To prison would thee hale;
As fureties kind for bankrupts do,

Thy Husband offers bail.
God on these terms is reconcil'd,

And thou his heart has won;
In Christ thou art his favour'd child,

Thy Husband is his Son.
Vindiêtive wrath is whole appeas’d,

Thou need it not then be mov’d; In Jesus always he's well pleas'd, Thy Husband his Belov'd **, • John i. 14. † John iii. 34. Tsa. Ixvi. 1. + Luke xix. 10.

** Matth. iii. 17.


What can be laid unto thy charge,

When God d es not condemn?
Bills of complaint though foes enlarge,

Thy Husband answers them.
When fear thy guilty mind confounds,

Full ranfuin this may yield;
Thy ransom-bill, with blood and wounds,

Thy Husband kind has seal'd.
His promise is the fair extract

Thou hast at hand to thew; Stern justice can no more exact,

Thy Husband paid its due.
No terms he left thee to fulfil,

No clog to mar thy faith ;
His bond is fign'd, his latter-will

Thy Husband scaild by death.
The great condition of the band

Of promise and of blits,
: Is wrought by him, and brought to hand,

Thy Husband's righteousness.
When therefore press'd in time of need

To fue the promis'd good,
Thou hast no more to do but plead

Thy Husband's sealing blood.
This can thee more to G. id commend,

And cloudy wrath dispel,
Than e'er thy finning could offend;

Thy Husband vanquish'd hell.
When vengeance seems, for broken laws,

To light on thee with dread,
Let Christ be umpire of thy cause;

Thy Husband well can plead.
He pleads his righteousness, that brought

All rents the law could crave;
Whate'er its precepts, threat’nings, fought,

Thy Husband fully gave.
Did holiness in precepts fiand,

And for perfection call,
Justice in threat'nings death demand?

Thy Husband gave it all.

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His blood the fiery law did quench,

Its summons need not scare;
Tho't cite thee to Heav'n's awful bench,

Thy Husband's at the bar.
This Advocate has much to say,

His clients need n it fear;
For God the Father hears him ay,

Thy Husband bath his ear.
A cause fail'd never in his hand,

So strong his pleading is;
His Father grants his whole demand,

Thy Husband's will is his.
Hell-forces all may rendezvous,

Accusers may combine ;
Yet fear thou not who art his spouse,

Thy Husband's cause is thine.
By folemn oath Jehovah did

His priesthood ratify ;
Let earth and hell then counterplead,
Thy Husband gains the plea.

The Believer's Faith and Hope encouraged, even in

tbe dirkest Nigbos of Defertion and Distress.
'HE cunning ferpent may accuse,

But never llall fucceed;
The God of peace will Satan bruise,

Thy Husband broke his head *
Hell furies threaten to devour,

Like lions robb'd of whelps : But, lo! in ev'ry per’lous hour,

Thy Husband always helps.
That feeble faith may never fail,

Thine Advocate has pray'd;
Though winnowing tempests may affail,

Thy Husband's near to aid.
Though grievous trials grow apace,

And put thee to a land ;
Thou may'st rejoice in ev'ry case.
Thy Husband's help at hand.

Rom. xvi. 20.

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