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Trust, though, when in desertion dark,

No twinkling star by night,
No ray appear, no glimm'ring spark;

Thy Husband is thy light.
His beams anon the clouds can rent,

And through the vapours run;
For of the brightest firmament

Thy Husband is the fun. Without the sun who mourning go,

And scarce the way can find, He brings, through paths they do not know *;

Thy Husband leads the blind.
Through fire and water he with skill

Brings to a wealthy land;
Rude flames and roaring waves be still,

Thy Husband can command.
When fin disorders heavy brings,

That press thy soul with weight;
Then mind how many crooked things

Thy Husband has made straight.
Still look to him with longing eyes,
::: Though both thine eyes should fail ;
Cry, and at length, though not thy cries,

Thy Husband fall prevail.
Still hope for favour at his hand,

Though favour don't appear : When help feenis moft aloof to stand;

Thy Husband's then most near.
In cases hopeless-like, faint hopes

May fail, and fears annoy;
But most when stript of earthly props,

Thy Husband thou'lt enjoy.
If providence the promise thwart,

And yet'thy humbled mind
Gainst hope believes in hope †, thou art

Thy Husband's dearest friend.
Art thou a weakling, poor and faint,

In jeopardy, each hour?
Let not thy weakness move thy plaint,
Thy Husband has the pow'r.

Isa. xlii. 16. of Róin, iv, 18.

Dread not thy foes that foil'd thee long,

Will ruin thee at length:
When thou art weak then art thou strong,

Thy Husband is thy strength.
When foes are mighty, many too,

Don't fear, nor quit the field ; 'Tis not with thee they have to do,

Thy Husband is thy fhield.
'Tis hard to strive against an host,

Or strive against the stream;
But, lo! when all seems to be lost,

Thy Husband will redeem.

Bescrits accruing to Believers, from the Ofices, Nemes,

Natures, and Sufferings of Christ.
RT thou by lufts a captive led,

Which breeds thy deepest grief?
To ransom captives is his trade,

Thy Husband's thy relief.
His precious name is Jesus, why?

Because he faves from fin *;
Redemption's right he won't deny,

Thy Husband's near of kin.
His wounds have fav'd thee once from woes,

His blood from vengeance screen’d;
When heav'n, and earth, and hell were foes,

Thy Husband was a friend :
And will thy Captain now look on,

And see thee trampled down?
When, lo! thy Champion has the throne,

Thy Husband wears the crowo.
Yield not, though cuoning Satan bribe,

Or like a lion roar;
The Lion strong of Judah's tribe,

Thy Husband's to the fore.

Matth. i. 34.

And that he never will forsake *,

His credit fair he pawn'd;
In hottest broils, then, courage take,

Thy Husband's at thy hand.
No storm needs drive the to a strait,

Who doft his aid invoke :
Fierce winds may blow, proud waves may beat ;

Thy Husband is the rock. Renounce thine own ability,

Lean to his promis'd might; The strength of Isra'l cannot lie,

Thy Husband's pow'r is plight.
An awful truth does here present,

Whoever think it odd;
In him thou art omnipotent,

Thy Hulband is a God.
JEHOVAH's strength is in thy Head,

Which faith may boldly scan;
God in thy nature does relide,

Thy Husband is a man.
Thy flesh is his, his Spirit thine ;

And that you both are one,
One body, fpirit, temple, vine,

Thy Husband deigns to own.
Kind, he assum'd thy flelh and blood

This union to pursue ;
And without shame his brotherhood

Thy Husband does avow.
He bore the cross thy crown to win,

His blood he freely spilt:
The holy One assuming fin,

Thy Husband bore the guilt.
Lo! what a bless'd exchange is this?

What wisdom shines therein ?
That thou might'st be made righteousness,

Thy Husband was made fint.
The God of joy a man of grief,

Thy sorrows to discuss ;
Pure Innocence hang'd as a thief;
Thy Husband lov'd thee thus.
* Heb. xiii. 5o

of 2 Cor. V. 21.

Bright Beauty had his visage marr'd,

His comely form abas'd :
True Rest was from all rest debarr'd,

Thy Husband's heel was bruis’d.
The God of blessings was a curse,

The Lord of lords a drudge ;
The Heir of all things poor in purse:

Thy Husband did not grudge.
The Judge of all condenined was

The God immortal lain :
No favour, in the woful cause,

Thy Husband did obtain.

SECT. VII. Christ's Sufferings furiber improved; and Believers

called to live by faith, borb when they bave and want sensible influences. LOUD praises fing, without surcease,

To him that frankly came,
And gave his foul a sacrifice;

Thy Husband was the Lamb.
What waken'd vengeance could denounce,

All round him did befet ;
And never left his soul, till once

Thy Husband paid the debt.
And though new debt thou still contract,

And run in deep arrears ;
Yet all thy burdens on his back

Thy Husband always bears.
Thy Judge will ne'er demand of thee

Two payments for one debt;'
Thee with one victim wholly free

Thy Husband kindly set.
That no grim vengeance might thee meet,

Thy Husband met with all;
And, that thy soul might drink the sweet,

Thy Husband drank ihe gall.
Full brealts of joy he lov'd t'extend,

Like to a kindly nurse;
And, that thy bliss mighe full be gain’d,

Thy Husband was a curse.

Thy sins he glu'd unto the tree,

His blood this virtue hath ;
For, that thy heart to fin might die,

Thy Husband suffer'd death.
To purchase fully all thy good,

All evil him befel; To win thy heav'n with fireams of blood,

Thy Husband quenched hell. That this kind Days-man, in one band,

Might God and man betroth, He on both parties lays his hand;

Thy Husband pleases both.
The blood that could stern justice please,

And law-demands fulfil,
Can also guilty conscience ease;

Thy Husband clears the bill.
Thy highest glory is obtain'd

By his abasement deep;
And; that thy tears might all be drain'd,

Thy Husband chose to weep.
His bondage all thy freedom brought,

He stoop'd so lowly down;
He grappling all thy grandeur brought,

Thy Husband's cross thy crown.
'Tis by his shoke thy fceptre fways,

His warfare ends thy strife; His poverty thy wealth conveys,

Thy Husband's death thy life. Do mortal damps invade thy heart,

And deadness feize thee fore?
Rejoice in this, that life t’impart

Thy Husband has in store.
And when new life imparted feems

Establish'd as a rock,
Boast in the fountain, not the streams;

Thy Husband is thy stock.
The streams may take a various turn,

The fountain never moves :
Cease then o'er failing streams to mourn,

Thy Husband thus thee proves.

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