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At fundry times and divers ways,

To suit thy various frames, Hast seen, like rising golden rays,

Thy Husband's various names.
When guilty conscience ghastly star'd,

The Lord thy righteousness appear’d,

Thy Husband in thy view.
When in thy ftraits or wants extreme,

Help fail'd on ev'ry side,
EHOVAH JIREN † was his name,

Thy Husband did provide.
When thy long absent Lord did moan, .

And to his courts repair ;
Then was JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH I known,

Thy Husband present there.
When thy assaulting foes appear’d

In robes of terror clad,
JEHOVAI.NISSI f then was rear'd,

Thy Husband's banner spread.
When furies arm'd with frightning guilt,

Dunn'd war without furcease;
JEHOV A II-SHALMON ** then was built,

Thy Husband sent thee peace. When thy diseases death proclaim’d,

And creature-balsams fail'd,
JEHOVAH-ROPHI ft then was fam’d,

Thy Husband kindly heal'd.
Thus, as thy various needs require,

In various modes like these,
The help that suits thy heart's desire

Thy Husband's name conveys.
To th’ little flock ff, as cases vary,

The great Jehovah Mews Himself a little sanctuary to

Thy Huband gives the views.

• Jer. xxiii. 6.
+ Exod. xvä. 15.
# Luke xii. 32.

Gen. xxii. 14. Ezek. xlvii. 35.
** Judges vi. 24. ft Exod. xv. 26.
++ Ezek. xi. 16.

SECT. VII. The Believer's Experience of Christ's comfortable PreSence, or of former Comforts, to be improved for bis Ene couragement and Support, under Darkness and Hidings. DOST mind the place, the spot of land,

Where Jesus did thee meet?
And how he got thy heart and hand ?

Thy Husband then was sweet.
Doft mind the garden, chamber, bank,

A vale of vision feeni'd ?
Thy joy. was full, thy heart was frank,

Thy Husband much esteem'd.
Let thy experience sweet declare,

If able to remind :
A Bochim here, a Bethel there,

Thy Husband made thee find.
Was such a corner, such a place,

A paradise to thee,
A Peniel, where face to face

Thy Husband fair didst see.
There he did clear thy cloudy cause,

Thy doubts and fears destroy ;
And on thy spirit seal'd he was ?

Thy Husband with great joy?
Couldst thou have said it boldly then,

And seal'd it with thy blood ?
Yea, welcome death with pleasure, when

Thy Husband by thee ftood ?
That earth again should thee insnare,

O how thy heart was pain'd!
For all its fading glory there

Thy Husband's beauty Nain'd. The thoughts of living more in fin

Were then like hell to thee; The life of heav'n did thus begin,

Thy Husband set thee free. Whate'er thou foundit him at thy best,

He's at thy worst the same; And in bis love will ever reft, Thy Husband holds his claim.

+ K

Let faith these visits keep in store,

Though sense the pleasure miss;
The God of Bethel, as before,

Thy Husband always is.
In's meas’ring his approaches kind,

And timing his descents;
In free and lov'reign ways thoul't find

Thy Husband thee prevents.
Prescribe not to him in thy heart;

He's infinitely wise.
How oft he throws his loving dart,

Thy Husband does surprise.
Perhaps a sudden gale thee bleft,

While walking in thy road; Or on a journey, ere thou wilt,

Thy Husband look'd thee broad. Thus was the eunuch fam'd (his stage

A riding on the way,
As he revolv'd the sacred page †)

Thy Husband's happy prey.
In hearing, reading, singing, pray'r,

When darkness compast thee,
Thou found'ft, or e'er thou wast aware,

Thy Husband's light’ning free. Of heav'nly gales don't meanly think :

For, though thy soul complains, They're but a short and paffing blink;

Thy Husband's love remains. Think not, though breezes haste away,

Thou dost his favour lose ; But learn to know his fou'reign way,

Thy Husband comes and goes. Don't say he's gone for ever, though

His visits he adjourn ;
For yet a little while, and lo!

Thy Husband will return.
In worship, focial or retir’d,

Dost thou his absence wail ?
Wait at his shore, and be not fear'd,
Thy Husband's fhip’s a-fail,

of Acts viii. 277-39

may miss


Yea, though in duties sense

Thy foul's beloved One ;
Yet do not faint, for never is

Thy Husband wholly gone.
Though Satan, sin, earth, hell at once,

Would thee of joy bereave;
· Mind what he said, he won't renounce,

Thy Husband will not leave.
Though foes affail, and friendship fail,

Thou hast a friend at court;
The gates of hell shall ne'er prevail,
Thy Husband is thy fort.

Comfort to Believers from the Stability of the Promise,

notwithstanding beavy Cbastisements for Sin.
"AKE well howe'er kind Wisdom may

Dispose thy present lot ;
Though heav'n and earth should pass away,

Thy Husband's love will not.
All needful help he will afford,

Thou hast his yow and oath ;
And once to violate his word

Thy Husband will be loth.
To fire and floods with thee he'll down,

His promise this insures,
Whose credit cannot burn nor drown:

Thy Husband's truth endures.
Dost thou no more his word believe,

Than mortal man's, forfooth ?
O do not thus his Spirit grieve,

Thy Husband is the Truth.
Though thou both wicked art and weak,

His word he'll never rue;
Though heav'n and earth should bend and break,

Thy Husband will be true.
I'll never leave thee *, is his vow;

If Truth has said the word,
While truth is truth, this word is true,
Thy Husband is the Lord.
* Heb. xüi. 5.


Thy covenant of duties may

Prove daily more unsure :
His covenant of grace for ay

Thy Husband does secure.
Dolt thou to him thy promise break,

And fear he break to thee?
Nay, not thy thousand crimes can make

Thy Husband once to lie.
He visit will tby fins with forokes Ť,

And lift his heavy hand;
But never once his word revokes,

Thy Husband's truth will land. Then dream not be is chang'd in love,

When thou art chang'd in frame: Thou mayst by turns undumber'd move,

Tny Husband's ay the same. He for thy follies may thee bind

With cords of great distress; To make thee moan thy fins, and mind

Thy Husband's holiness.
By wounds he makes thee seek his cure,

By frowns his favour prize ;
By falls affrighting, stand more fure,

Thy Husband is so wise.
Proud Peter in the dirt of vice

Fell down exceeding low;
His tow'ring pride, by tumbling thrice,

Thy Husband cured fo.
Before he suffer pride that swells,

He'll drag thee through the mire
Oi fins, temptations, little hells ;

Thy Husband faves by fire. He in affliction's mortér may

Squeeze out old Adam's joice, Till thou return to him, and say,

Thy Husband is thy choice.
Fierce billows niay thy vessel toss,

And crosses curses seem;
But that the curse has fled the cross,
Thy Husband bids thee deem.

of Psalm lxxxix. 32.

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