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Conclude not he in wrath disowns,

When trouble thee surrounds;
These are his favourable frowns,

Thy Husband's healing wounds.
Yea, when he gives the deepest lash,

Love leads the wounding hand :
His ftroke, when fin has got a dash,

Thy Husband will remand.

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Comfort to Believers, in Christ's Rlations, in bis

dying Love, bis Glory in Heaven, 10 which be will lead
them tbrougb Dearb, and Supply with necessaries by tbe
BEHOLD the patrimony broad

In him thou art an heir of God,

Thy Husband's Father's thine.
He is of relatives a store,

Thy Friend will help in thrall;
Thy Brother much, thy Father more,

Thy Husband most of all.
All these he does amass and share,

In ways that most excell;
Mong all the husband's ever were,

Thy Husband bears the bell.
Whence run the streams of all thy good,

But from his pierced fide ?
With liquid gold of precious blood

Thy Husband bought his bride.
His blood abundant value bore,

To make his purchase broad;
'Twas fair divinity in gore,

Thy Husband is thy God.
Who purchas'd ac the highest price,

Be crown'd with highest praise ;
For in the highest paradise

Thy Husband wears the bays.

He is of heav'n the comely rose,

His beauty makes it fair ; Heav'n were but hell, couldst thou suppose

Thy Husband were not there. He thither did in pomp afcend,

His spouse along to bring ; That hallelujahs without end

Thy Husband's bride may fing.
Ev'n there with him for ever fix'd

His glory shalt thou see ;
And nought but death is now betwixt

Thy Husband's throne and thee.
He'll order death, that porter rude,

the gates of brass ;
For, lo! with characters of blood

Thy Husband wrote thy pass. At Jordan deep then be not scar’d,

Though dismal-like and broad ; Thy fun will guide, thy shield will guard,

Thy Husband pav'd the road.
He'll lead thee safe, and bring theé home,

And still let blessings fall
Of grace while here, till glory come :

Thy Husband's bound for all.
His store can answer ev'ry bill,

Thy food and raiment's bought ; Be at his will, thou’lt have thy fill,

Thy Husband wants for nought. What can thy soul conceive it lacks?

His store, his pow'r is thine ; His lib'ral heart to'lib'ral acts

Thy Husband does incline. Though on thy hand, that has no might,

He should no talk enlarge ; Nor work, nor warfare, needs thee fright,

Thy Husband bears the charge.
Thou wouldft (if left) thyself undo,

So apt to fall and stray :
But he uplifts, and leads the too;

Thy Husband knows the way.

SECT. X. Comfort to Believers from the text, Thy Maker is thy

Husband, inderted thus, Thy Husband is thy Maker; and the conclusion of ibis subject. OF light and life, of grace and glore,

In Cbrift thou art partaker.
Rejoice in him for evermore,

Thy Husband is thy Maker.
He made thee, yea, made thee his bride,

Nor heeds thine ugly patch;
To what he made he'll still abide,

Thy Husband made the match.
He made all, yea, he made all thine,

All to thee shall be giv'n.
Who can thy kingbom undermine?

Thy Husband made the heav'n.
What earthly thing can thee annoy?

He made the earth to be ; The waters cannot thee destroy,

Thy Husband made the sea.
Don't fear the flaming element

Thee hurt with burning ire,
Or that the scorching heat torment:

Thy Husband made the fire.
Infectious ftreams shall ne'er destroy,

While he is pleas'd to spare ;
Thou shalt thy vital breath enjoy,

Thy Husband made the air.
The sun that guides the golden day,

The moon that rules the night,
The starry frame, the milky way,

Thy Husband made for light.
The bird that wings its airy path,

The fifh that cuts the flood,
The creeping croud that swarms beneath,

Thy Husband made for good.
The grazing herd, the beasts of prey,

The creatures great and small,
For thy behoof their tribute pay;

Thy Husband made them all.

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Thine's Paul, Apollos, life and death,

Things present, things to be ;
And ev'ry thing that being hath,

Thy Husband made for thee.
In Tophet where the damn'd refort,

Thy soul shall never dwell,
Nor needs from thence imagine hurt;

Thy Husband formed hell.
Satan with instruments of his

May rage, yet dread no evil; So far as he a creature is,

Thy Husband made the devil.
His black temptations may affiet,

His fiery darts annoy;
But all his works, and hellish trick,

Thy Husband will destroy.
Let armies strong of earthly gods

Combine with hellish ghosts,
They live, or languilh, at his nods;

Thy Husband's Lord of hosts.
What can thee hurt? whom dost thou fear?

All things are at his call.
Thy Maker is thy Husband dear,

Thy Husband all in all.
What doft thou feek? what dost thou want?

He'll thy desires fulfil;
He gave himself, what won't he grant ?

Thy Husband's at thy will.
The more thou dost of him desire,

The more he loves to give :
High let thy mounting aims aspire,

Thy Husband gives thee leave.
The less thou seek'st, the less thou dost

His bounty fet on high ;
But highest seekers here do most

Thy husband glorify,
Wouldst thou have grace? Well; but 'tis meet

He should more glory gain.
Would it thou have Father, Son, and Sp’rit

Thy Husband says, AMEN.

He'll kindly act the lib'ral God,

Devising lib'ral things;
With his subjects load :

Thy Husband's King of kings.
No earthly monarch have such store
- As thou hast evin in hand;
But, o how infinitely more

Thy Husband gives on band !
Thou hast indeed the better part,
The part

will fail thee never : Thy Husband's hand, thy Husband's heart, Thy Husband's all for ever.




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Shewing the Use and Design of the RIDDLE. READER, the following enigmatic Song Does not to wisest nat'ralists belong : Their wisdom is but folly on this head; They here may ruminate, but cannot read. For though they glance the words, the meaning chokes; They read the lines, but not the paradox. The subject will, howe'er the phrase be blunt, Their most acute intelligence surmount, If with their nat'ral and acquired sight They share not divine evangelic light.

Great wits may rouse their fancies, rack their brains, And after all their labour lose their pains : Their wiseft comments were but witless chat, Unapt to frame an explication pat. No unregen’rate mortal's best engines Can right unriddle these few rugged lines;

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